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Supplement to Chapter 39 - The Weeping Banshee

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True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
A bolt of thunder danced across the sky of Sylvania as Amadeus Valda walked away from where he had met Lesa. Something about the vampress still lingered on in his mind, but he could not quite put his finger on what it was. She unsettled him immensely and he was pretty certain they had met in a past lifetime. As he approached The Forgotten, all clad in black robes, he shook the thought from his mind and began to address them.

"It has become apparent this councils arrogance is exceeded only by their..." Before he could finish the words, he noticed something incredibly wrong. There were six black robes infront of him. Had Akamantis not been with him when he had spoken to Lesa moments earlier. He knew she was good but she was not that good. As if hearing his thoughts, the ghostly apparition of Akamantis appeared next to Valda, looking equally concerned at the extra robed figure. The others finally took note and moved away from the figure who was clearly not one of theirs. Taking offense to another attempting to blend in with his cabal, Valda addressed the additional robed figure, authority booming through in his voice.

"Who are you to come and try and spy on my forgotten warriors?" As he waited for a reply, none came and Valda felt an immense cold wash over him. Another flash of lighting filled the sky as he nodded to Ra'en to unmask the interloper. Nodding in return Ra'en grabbed the hood of the mystery person and lifted it back. Much to everyones surprise, the hooded figure was a woman, and she was sobbing her heart out, into her hands. Even Valda was taken aback by this. Assessing the woman, she was clearly no older than twenty years of age and of a frail disposition. A plague victim perhaps, thought Valda. Not a threat as such, but a curiosity now.

"Pray tell young maiden, why do you wish to associate with the aristocracy of the night?" The tone in Valda's voice was a careful one. He had idea what could happen next. Still, even as he asked the question, the woman continued to sob. As she spoke, the words continued to be broken up by her tears.

"I...I...I was brought here by terrible magicks." She sniffed "The man in black, he told me..." She coughed a little, still sobbing "The man in black, he told me, he told me about you Amadeus Valda. He told me you was a bad man, that you burned it down." Everyone looked equally confused at this statement. "My poor children...so small...aww shush, don't worry children, mommy is going to get those monsters out from under your bed. Mommy ain't scared of no monsters. The man in black..." The sobbing slowed as the woman raised her head from her tear soaked hands "Oh, that man in black, he said to me 'You're going to find Amadeus and his forgotten, you'll find 'em for me, and you'll kill 'em, and your children won't cry anymore. He promised me, and he left me a gift, oh such a wonderful gift. He left it inside of me." As the womans face became fully revealed, it appeared that she was pregnant. As her face finally showed itself, Valda wondered how the woman had been crying, she had no eyes.

"You...what, are you? Who is the man in black." Valda's surprise could not be hidden. She sniffed slightly and answered.
"He said 'I can't tell you that. Wait, no, he had a funny voice to him. He spoke like a stupid man. He said 'Ar kan't tell you that ma'dear'. He said you'd know though." As the words escaped the womans mouth, Amadeus then noticed her mouth had been sewn shut. She had spoken perfectly though. Drawing his sword, Valda grimaced. This was something new, something utterly contemptible. This was a true preview of the everlasting kingdom of undeath that Nagash would bestow on the world and it made Valda sick. The woman still had something to say though.

"So, I am doing this for my children, so their nightmares go away, and with them, MY nightmares go away. You're a bad man Amadeus, and bad men have bad things happen to them." As she said the final word, Klimpt, Heinemann, Berkerach and Rakmanoff were flung into each other with dazzling speed. All three were quite clearly knocked out. Ra'en unsheathed his sword and spun on the spot, aiming for the womans throat. Some hitherto unseen force stopped him before he could actually get the womans throat. Paralysed, Ra'en watched as the woman sluggishly stepped to the side of where his sword was and looked at him. Tilting her head to the left slightly, she let out a left handed uppercut that sword Ra'en become airborne. Valda watched as Ra'en travelled an immense distance away. The womans eyeless stare turned back to Valda.

"The man in black did say one more thing Amadeus. He told me 'When I reigns, you pours.' Strange thing to say, don'tcha think?"

Snarling furiously, Valda leapt at the woman and bounced off some sort protective barrier around the woman. She was clearly some priestess or another in a past life and necromancy had given her beautiful corrupt shields and warding. Picking his face up from the dirt, Valda spat out a chunk of mud. It was then that Valda noticed what Akamantis was doing to try and stop the deranged woman. The ghostly member of the forgotten had changed her appearance to that of a child.

"Momma, is that you?" The woman turned to the ghostly child and stopped.

"Oh ma baby, you have returned to me when I make your nightmares go away."

Grabbing the ghostly child, the woman could not have noticed as Akamantis smiled and slowly melted herself into the woman. As she did, a scream ripped through the night more than any thunder could. Valda smiled. No shield could save her from Akamantis. The ghost was so good, Valda betted she would be able to get through the magic safes in the Empire. As the scream faded, Valda noticed all the stitching round the womans mouth had ripped. There was nothing wrong with her mouth now aside from a few scars where stitches had been. Thankfully, Akamantis voice spoke through the woman.

"I see now why she was so troubled. She has led a terrible life. The man in black was Arkhan and he did do this..." Akamantis gestured to the pregnant stomach of the woman "To her."

"What does it mean though. Surely babies are not in Nagashs scheme. Hmmm, Akamtnis, keep this woman under your sway, we need to see what she will give birth to because it is clearly some new and terrible ploy of Arkhans." Valda had began to muse and rant instead of staying coherent.

"Theres more Amadeus. Drakenhof has been sent presents. Wraiths, customised by Nagash to destroy the council. They are there even now."

Looking around, Valda mused some more, in his head this time though. Arkhan had gone out of his way to send this woman, meaning Nagash had not deemed them a threat enough to send wraiths after. Did that mean Nagash thought Valda was on their side? No, it was something more. Arkhan had requested this personally. The more he thought about it, the more Valda was sure of it. For now, he would keep Arkhans woman and her gift, for if Valda knew anything, it would be that Arkhan expected him to find a way around her, and whatever was growing in her was sure to be more diabolic than anything he had seen yet. As a final coil of lightning tore up the sky, Valda looked towards Drakenhof, certain that the Council would prevail against the wraiths of Nagash.
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