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T9A Lamia Army

Nov 1, 2016
Anyone had any luck making a Lamia bloodline army at 4.5K points? I was trying to find the best way to use Commandment. I tried it in a big skeleton unit but they have awful Strength. Are Barrow Guard my best bet?

Anyone else got any good ideas that work with this bloodline?

Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
Staff member
True Blood
Apr 2, 2011
I'd say that there are three basic paths for Lamia.
  1. Commandment. Works best with a nice big units of Barrow Guard with Halberds. Throw in a Cadaver Wagon next to them and they'll be hitting a lot of things on 2+. Quite nasty.
  2. Court of the Damned. A build I like is to give the Count the Eternal Ring and no armour. You will still have 4+ Ward Save thanks to the court, and the Ring ensures that no pesky cannon ball will ruin your life. No armour gives you Distracting so you should be quite safe in combat too. Only weakness is the lack of armour save, so watch out for archers and stuff. The rest 100 pts of magic items could be spent on nasty weapons and/or enchanted items. I guess it would be possible to build it quite nasty on a Courtier as well.
  3. The Fear bomb. Take just as many options as you can to decrease the Ld of the enemy. Innocence Lost is a given on at least one vampire, but Mesmerizing Gaze is also good if you have several vampires. Take Mainly Path of Evocation as that can give you an Extra Whispers of the Veil.
These approaches can be combined somewhat. Since #2 doesn't use a specific power it could quite easily be combined with #3, though you might run out of character allowance quite fast.
Aug 31, 2014
I'd still take the court in #1, but don't put anyone on it. Bat swarms are handy too if you need to clip them in on the second turn for that final WS adjustment.