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[T9A] Strength stacking Skeleton Warriors

Jul 31, 2015
Hi guys,

I'm just reading the 9th ed. rules now for the first time. I downloaded the Battlescribe data for it and started making a list. I wanted to ask a question before trying this out as this will be my first game using VC in 8th or 9th.

Having played Beastmen in 8th I love the idea of buffing cheap troops (Gor). Do you think arming Skeleton Warriors with Halberds (+1 STR) in conjunction with The Curse of the Dead Spell (+1 STR, 5+ Regen) would be a good way to go for cheap STR 5 troops.

On the other hand, do you think Skeletons lack the ability to be used in such an offensive way, as opposed to a tarpit role or something more utility like that?

I'm limited by my models, but I was planning on using the Warriors to set up flank charges with Bat Swarms as well, to help give the Skeletons more durability (-1 to hit from the Bat's 'Swarm of Wings' rule).

Although this strategy depends on getting Necromancy's 6th spell, a Master Necromancer at level 4 has a reasonable chance at rolling that.

Any thoughts, suggestions and/or discussion appreciated. Cheers :)

Mad 'At

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Apr 2, 2011
This would go in The Teachings of Abhorash, since it is a tactical discussion rather than a rule question. I took the liberty of moving it there.

On topic. It sounds like a decent tactics. It is a bit risky to bet so much on a single spell though. You could try using Strigoi so that you can cast Beast Within on them instead, its the signature so you could have multiples of it.

Another downside with this tactics is that Skeletons are still only WS2, so even at high strength you won't hit that much. This could be solved by brining a Cadaver Wagon to give them Lightning Reflexes for that juicy +1 To Hit. That would however require Path of Necromancy spells to trigger, so Strigoi with Path of Wilderness might not be the best combo for that. Another option is to run a Lahmia Countess with Commandment in the unit to bring them up to WS5.
Jul 31, 2015
Thanks for correcting the thread location, as well as the tips - I didn't realize other vampire bloodlines got different lores so I'm glad I asked - it's difficult to get started with a new army book!
Jun 10, 2014
I'm taking a similar approach, using the Von Karnstein bloodline. I'll have a big block of barrow guard, skeletons, and zombies with a stormcaller lord equipped with the teeth magic item. He'll go in the Skeletons who will have Halberds but will also get the benefit of party, -1 to hit for incoming shooting attacks, a one-time auto-buff of lightening attacks and lightening reflexes. A court of the damned behind will give everyone +1 weapon skill and the necromancer on the cadaver wagon will do fun things too.


Grave Guard
Jul 17, 2014
The amount of points you're spending buffing skeletons I would probably just take GG. I't could work but it seems like a lot of extra effort to get what is essentially a GG with lower weapon skill and no KB.