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TVC II OOC Tabletop rules


True Blood
what's your characters build on the Tabletop and tactics discussion

Strigoi Ghoul King
Vampiric Powers
Curse of the Reverent
Fear Incarnate
Master Strike
Magic Items
Giant Blade
Potion of Toughness


Lord of RAW
Staff member
I think the intention was that the characters are game legal without using custom rules right Ghoulking?

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
Yeah, I think ghouly meant to make legal versions of our characters. Back during TVC1 there was another thread with homebrew rules for our own characters. Here's mine:

Kenshiro - Vampire Lord

Vampiric Powers:
Master Strike(You're already dead)

Armor of Destiny(MANLY SAVE)
Sword of Might(Huge Biceps)
Obsidian Amulter(Too manly for your magic!)

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Ah ok, gotcha. In that case:

Kraskor Banespike - Vampire Lord
- Red Fury, Quickblood, Dread Knight [Blood Dragon goodies]
- Level 2 Wizard [Nehklior's Training]
- Heavy Armour, Power Stone [Zacharias' Soulgem]
- Zombie Dragon [Bloodclaw]

He doesn't really have an impressive weapon or much in the way of magical items (the Soulgem doesn't really do all that much for him) at the moment. He stole a Skaven sword in the battle but it dissipated soon after; the reason it was strong was because it was a short-term weapon. Candle burning twice as bright for half as long.


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True Blood
This thread is pretty old but I figure it's still valid. :)

These would be my fluffy official tabletop rules for Helena.

Helena von Carstein - Vampire Lord
- Flying Horror, Beguile (shapeshifting and her speed/small size/beguiling appearance and manners)
- Talisman of Preservation, Rod of Flaming Death, Charmed Shield (defensive agility, lore of fire, lucky charm)
- Heavy Armour
- Level 3 Wizard (LoV)

And if I were to bulk up the in-game build I would add Quickblood and Aura of Dark Majesty, make her a lvl 4 wizard and give her an additional hand weapon.

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
Okay, here's Niklaus.

Level 4 Loremaster Shadow (Master of Shadows)
Flying Horror (Living Shadow)
Talisman of Preservation (Living Shadow, he shadow-merges when you try to hit him)
Quickblood (Lahmian)
Hatred Vampiric models (He really, really hates what he is)


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True Blood
An alternative approach for Helena would be to have her as a Master Necromancer instead, although it really downplays the physical stats.

Helena von Carstein - Master Necromancer
-Arabyan Carpet, Talisman of Preservation, Rod of Flaming Death (if not Arabyan Carpet)
-Hellsteed (if not Arabyan Carpet)
-Level 3 Wizard (LoV)

Much cheaper but way less interesting.


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True Blood
Agreed. A mix of the two would be the fluffiest, I think, but if I have to choose one or the other then it'll be the Vampire Lord.