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Tactica on Daemon Lords of Slaanesh


Grave Guard
Sep 12, 2007

First off: all written in here is strictly IMO.

Welcome to my humble place in this world. I hear you've come seeking info on the Daemons of the God of Pleasure.
Allow me to enlighten you in this matter.

The Lords in the Daemonic Legion and in the Pure Daemon army are the same.
You can choose a Daemon Prince or a Keeper of Secrets.

The Daemon Prince; can choose several gifts to enhance his or hers abilities.
Here comes a run-down of the gifts of Slaanesh

Soporific Musk.
This gift halves your enemies Weapon Skill and Initiative, however if odd numbers occur you round them up.
Let's say you are in base contact with a Tomb Prince with WS5, he would have 2.5 WS after the halving, but after the rounding up, he will have 3.

Aura of Slaanesh.
When in base contact, your enemy loses 1 LD. So should you be facing an Oldblood with LD8, he would have LD7 after your interference.

Gaze of Acquiescence.
With this gift, one of your enemies models must take a LD test before he can attack you, you decide who. However should the enemy be immune to psychology, there’s no test possible.
Here comes the Aura of Slaanesh in handy.
With the -1ld and a forced LD test, you are really unlucky if he hits you.

If you combine all of Slaaneshs gifts, you will have a tough character in CC but weak anywhere else.
You would have one that halves the enemies WS and I, gives -1 to LD and the enemy must take a LD test to hit you.

The Keeper of Secrets can't receive any Daemonic Gifts, because he starts with some.
He or she starts with Soporific musk and Aura of Slaanesh.

The Daemon Princes can also choose among the Undivided Daemonic Gifts, just as any other Daemonic Character (except Greater Daemons) can do.
Here comes a run-down of the undivided gifts:

Chaos Disruption.
This gift makes your character harder to shoot at, by giving the enemy a -1 to hit against it.

Blade of the Ether.
Here comes the can opener.
Your Prince ignores armorsaves and can easily kill anything as they got no AS against his or her attacks.

Radiance of Dark glory
Should your daemons lose the Combat, let's say by 3 and they roll 8 on the instability roll, they only lose 1 wound, instead of 2.
This affects any daemonic unit within 6"

Soul Hunger.
With this, you may reroll the attacks that miss in the first round of combat.

Spell Breaker.
Counts as a Dispel Scroll

Diabolic Splendour
In a Daemonic Legion it gives a 4+ Ward save.
In the Pure Daemon horde, it gives a permanent Ward save for the daemon and the unit it enters.

Master of mortals.
This is worthless in a DL and a pure Daemon horde, as it makes mortals core units.
It’s only good in the DL if you got 5pts to spare... but I wouldn't do it.

That was the gifts.

The gifts that I normally use are Soporific Musk, Diabolic Splendour and Blade of the ether.
Thereby giving me and Daemon with 4+ Ward save, halving of the enemy WS and I as well as ignoring Armour saves.

Some people argue that the Daemon Prince is a waste and that you should take the Keeper of Secrets instead.

Let’s compare shall we?

A Keeper of Secrets costs 625pts
A fully tooled Daemon Prince costs 585pts

The 40pts are the price of no flight, no ignore AS, a 5+ Ward save, US 6, +1ws +1S +1T +2 Wounds +2 Initiative +1 Attack and the KoS is a large target. Many would say that these are good reasons to take the Keeper.
But here comes my argument:

The Keeper of secrets cannot fly, so cannot be where you need it to be, they are both terror causing, but the Keeper has no real benefit from it, as it only got M8 whereas the Prince got M20 due to “fly”. The M8 might make it seem as fast, but a quick player can marchblok the keeper and stay out of its chargezone.
The keeper can dish out a lot of attacks, but is in need of a flanking regiment or a Daemon of some kind (either DP or ED) to bring chaos and panic to the ranks. Should you have enough pts I would take the KoS in 3k and above, not in 2k as the keeper costs too much and it’s a large target and would be killed way to easy.

As I said, this is all IMHO.


The Devil in Pale Moonlight
True Blood
Aug 19, 2007
All in all, yes I agree. However I think soul-hunger is more useful that an improved ward. It is a real blessing to have especially since you will hit everything on 3s therefor you will nearly always hit 4 of your 5 attacks(often all of them). Soul-hunger + Ethe blade really makes all the difference IMO.



Sep 1, 2007
Grave guard and or Black knights are a must IMO against a demonic horde, items like wight blades cancel out the demonic save (unless of course they are using the SOC lists) and banner of the barrows makes demonic gifts like soporic musk pretty irrelevant (and means you hit on 3's rather than 5's)

I use my lizardman list more for this kind of army as even with soporic musk my old blood has a nasty set of items which ignores his ward and doubles up unsaved wounds.


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 16, 2007
I would bor with grave guard against daemons, after all who is going to use a none daenomic legion daemon list, personally i find daemon princes a massive waste of points, i find a khorne exalted daemon does the job for alot less points (about 200pts less).

Personally i think you best option for slaanesh daemon is

soul hunger
Diabolic Splendour (only in legion list however)

I would then use him as a mage, art, archers hunter spreading terror around the ranks, with the always strike first and rerolling misses he has a pretty good chance if someone gets a lucky charge on him.