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Tactics Change

Jan 29, 2008
Hi to all! it's my first thread here (of many i hope!) and just wanted to get a feel for my fellow denizens in walking death!
Tell me about ur armies, what you like to use, what dirty tricks u like to employ!
How do you feel about the new book?

I have 40x Ghouls always take a banshee or 2 and try to use magic as hammer buy using it aggressively, eg. lots of necros using death magic.
with a vamp to do the raising etc.

Really loving the new models and rules. Been lucky enough to read a goodly portion of the book and am very pleased with the filth I can hurl at my opponents now!

So please elaborate!


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Sep 17, 2007
Hello and welcome! Thats an intersting army set up you have lots of ghouls, hmm.....

If you want to see my army updated look at my sig (link) its has 40 dark elf skeles (20 painted) 5 dire wolves (all painted) 5 undead Cold one knights, 2 necromantic sorcerers (one is a male out cast) and one 'Dread knight' (fluff in blog, i made this up before i saw the upgrade 'dread knight!). Soon,soon i will have 2000pts (birthday in a month yay!).


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 26, 2007
The new VC are just a Pandora's Box of tactics and playing styles, everyone will find something they like within.
Aug 20, 2007
I'm thinking the Black Knights could be very effective given their "new" ethereal movement - combined with dire wolves, fell bats, bat swarms, a Vargulf, and the new wraith rules, it should be possible to field a very mobile and flexiable army, still with some now very cheap Zombie speed bumps.

I'm using the Zvezda undead Roman cavalry - 3 boxes of them gives me 24 Black Knights for the cost of about 6 GW minis


Wight King
Feb 17, 2008
New vamps are FAST. Black Knights with Always March banner, or a Vargulf nearby lets them cross terrain faster than almost any other unit (8" ethereal move, with lots of marching if you're not charging).

A tactic i'm going to try next is 2 Vargulfs. One on each flank, with a unit of dire wolves. They will help my solid infantry core in one of two ways:

Tying up the enemy flanking units, as they will likely not ignore the Terror casusing vargulf.

Help hammer enemy units to a bloody pulp. If my opponent can't keep my 2 vargulfs and 10 wolves bussy, they will take out his warmachines, and help flank charge units engaged with my infantry blocks.

This is a single tactic of a dozen I want to try out, so many fun things to do.