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Tales of New Eden IC RP

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Para's Normal Pizza was fairly unassuming despite being a large three-storey five-sided building with a large asphalt carpark and being placed between heavy conifers, pleasant semidetached homes and the ugly concrete blocks of flats.
Open all day, every day, the stone construction drew people from the other side of Vancouver, and today was no different.
As the brief winter sun set behind the snow covered trees, cars pulled carefully into and out of the ice free carpark and patrons flocked through all ten doors.
The roof and underground entrances were just as busy, spirits and goblins mingling with gnomes and valkyries. The servers and waiters shuttled around like ants, carefully seating newcomers in areas most suited to their paranormal awareness.
The pizza bikes were just as busy buzzing away with pizzas into Vancouver's streets or into the opening to Faerie. The kitchens, spanning all five floors in a great central column, had all hands on deck.
Para strode amongst it all, checking the settings of the unglamour enchantments, fixing the servers' uniforms and supervising access to the rarer ingredients in stock.
She paused at the north corner, as she always did on a Friday, and surveyed the ground floor. Para's Normal Pizza sold normal pizzas, but it was a selling point that nothing else was - the servers were dressed as paranormal beings, the walls and columns were decorated with mystic symbols and pictures of all the famous hoaxes, and costumes were encouraged amongst the patrons.
Para caught a nearby catgirl's eye and gestured to her hairband. The server adjusted it closer to her ears, the unglamour spread through the building making them look fake, like delightful ornaments to her costume.
By the nearest entry to the kitchen a woad-covered Pict put on a display of cutting pizzas with a broadsword to the delight of a nearby teenage birthday party. As he wrapped up and spooled out the slices, Para caught his eye.
"I'm meeting some interesting parties in the bunker," she murmured to him. "Mind heading down to provide security?"
With a nod, the brawny man headed towards the stairs.
Para circled each floor once more before heading down into the second basement where the atmosphere was more subdued and entering the meeting room to wait.

She didn't have to wait long. The first to arrive at the doors, greeted by the catgirl, was...

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
"Charlie. Charlie Booker," said Darvy, turning behind him and waving on his driver. The sleek black Aston Martin made its way back toward the road, and off into the distance. Darvy turned back, unconsciously straightening his royal blue-coloured tie. His hair was black and cut short at the fringe, and he was wearing a crisp navy Savile Row suit with a white shirt, holding a briefcase in his left hand. Not exactly dressed for the location.

"I believe I'm expected by a Mrs Smith? I'm from Norton and Becks, there's just a few forms she needs to fill out, nothing serious," said Darvy, indicating the briefcase and smiling. "If you'd be so kind as to take me to her, that'd be marvellous."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Akimitsu pulled up into the closet parking lot in a black Porsche Panamera, grabbing his sword which rested inside a simple nylon sword bag.

Giving himself a last check in the mirror he ran a hand over his slicked back hair and grinned at his own reflection.

Stepping out of the car the lean man glanced around, he wore an expensively tailored black suit although the white shirt hung out messily and he had long ago forsaken wearing a tie.

Throwing the bag over his shoulder the assassin strode over to the pizzeria before throwing the door open and calling out happily.

"Akky has arrived!"

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
"Certainly sir," the waitress replied. "If you'll just follow me."
She led the smartly dressed man through to the elevator and took him down to the second basement.

As they walked the short distance to the meeting hall, the cat girl scratched an unglamoured ear.

"Just in past Scotty there," she said, gesturing to the hulking Pict, who glared back at her. "Now if you'll just excuse me, I hear a mouse- er... mousse needs serving..."
She scarpered off towards the kitchen as Scott inclined his head and opened the door.
"Miss Para awaits, sir."

The cat girl hastened to the south door.
"Hello Mr Akky. If you'd just follow Justine here down the stairs to the meeting room..."
A loose hair sprung from her head band as someone else she was supposed to greet arrived on the north eastern entrance...
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A little purple tongue of electricity crept around the door. It raised itself up and the crackling tip quested from side to side, almost like a dog sniffing the air. It was joined by another, then another, until the floor was sparking with electrical potential. A trio suddenly arced up to wrap around the door handle and pull it open. Behind it was a small Japanese girl with a bright smile on her face and a cloth puppet on her wrist. With her free hand, she waved enthusiastically at the catgirl. She opened her mouth and scintillating fire played across her crooked white teeth.

'Konnichiwa! Sore wa watashi ga...' she squinted at the menu at the back of the room, 'Sore wa watashi ga, 'Veggiterryanu supremmu' no piza to remonēdo o motte iru kanōsei ga aru koto wa kanōdesu ka?' She smiled hopefully at the catgirl.

'I'll have a double whiskey on the rocks,' The puppet's voice was like the girl's, but lower, and harsher; like she was trying to sound like an old man with a terrible smoking habit. 'The kid wants a lemonade, and we'll have a medium half and half vegetarian supreme and meat feast.'

'Watashi o eigo, Omo o hanashi dekiru koto o shiranakatta!'

'Well, there's a lot of things you don't know about me, kiddo.'

The catgirl cast a pleading look to her employer. Sensing no help available, she fell back on an easy way to get rid of them. 'Do you have ID?'

'Sure I have ID!' The puppet's cloth arm flailed wildly. 'Naoko, get my wallet out.'

'Hai!' The girl reached into her canvas school satchel, plastered with brightly-coloured badges of flowers and furry animals, and pulled out a battered old leather wallet. Even here, Naoko had left her mark, with a huge flower sticker carefully stuck on to the front. She opened it up and, after some flipping through it, found a driver's licence card. Sure enough, the puppet's picture was in the top right, and the birthdate said 1786.

'Now, are you gonna serve us or not? We'd quite like to sit down!'

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
"Hai, hai! I mean, yes!"
The catgirl's eye twitched twice, her hackles raising as she swore she heard another buzzer.
"Munster!" she called as she took a moment to lead the duo around a table of card playing teen mages.
"I'm busy cooking the orders for the next fifteen minutes!" came a harried reply from the kitchen hatch.
"Fine!" she practically hissed. She ushered the strangely familiar girl and puppet to the elevator and pressed the button for the bottom floor.
"On your right, in the room with the Pict outside! You can't miss him!"
She leapt back out, narrowly pulling her tail out of the way of the doors as they closed.
She patted her hair down quickly before darting round a fellow server towards the next expected arrival...

Meanwhile, Para looked up as the lawyer was admitted. She picked herself up and shook his hand.
"Hello, I'm Para, the proprietor. Now it wasn't clear in the email if you were aware of the extent of our clientele...?"

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Darvy took the elevator down with the waitress, wondering what was so important that the meeting had to take place in a basement. His suspicions were further raised when he saw the hulking man actually guarding the door - what was this, James Bond?

He gave the waitress a quick word of thanks and nodded to Scotty, walking around him and through the doorway. A woman stood up and greeted him - Darvy assumed this was Mrs Smith. He pulled the door shut behind him, and shook her hand.

"I'm Daniel Yateson - pleased to finally meet you face to face Mrs Smith," he said, warmly. Darvy sat down at the table, putting his briefcase in front of him. "I'm afraid I have some pressing concerns, and the esoteric costumes of your customers aren't high on my list." Darvy opened the briefcase and spun it round to face Para - it was empty apart from a blank notepad.

"The problem is, I don't even have a list. In fact, I know nothing about this case except that I had to meet you in person, which is why I gave a false name and firm at the door, and why my driver will call the police if I don't contact him every half hour with one of twenty passwords," Darvy held up his phone for emphasis. "Mrs Smith, I need you to tell me everything if I'm going to be able to help you." It was a tougher line than he'd normally take to begin with, but Carpe was hiding something from him, and he didn't like it.

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Para smiled.
"Most of our clientele don't wear costumes, Mr Yateson. Nonetheless, the primary reason I requested a successful lawyer was that a group of associates are endeavoring to remove a gang from Vancouver's streets: I'm sure you're familiar with the Motorcycle Mayhem case and the recent rash of animal attacks? The Cult of Chaotic Armageddon in New Eden has claimed responsibility for both and more, and our efforts will require a way to put them away for as long as possible. Keeping the associates out of the slammer would be nice too."

Para leaned back in her chair and gripped a small remote.
"Let me just disable the unglamour in the room and I can show you some important facts relevant to this case, assuming you're not already dropping it and ruining your unsullied case record."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"As you say kitty." Akky replied happily as he turned to follow Justine. The Japanese man followed humming the song Gold to himself as they walked down the stairs.

This really is a fun looking place he thought to himself making a note to visit at some point when he was free before flying back to Japan.

They finally arrived at a door with a huge man standing before it.

"WOW! You're a huge one aren't you?" Akky exclaimed looking at the guard.

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Scott inclined his head.
After his statement, Justine lifted the fake unicorn horn to tidy her hair with a dreamy expression. She turned to Akky and nodded before heading to take the orders of a nearby table of molemen. Scott opened the door to let Akky in.

Inside Para let the beeping of magitech fade and greeted the newcomer with a nod. "Glad Mr Shizuki decided to send you after all: he seemed uncertain when we had our video conference."
"Mr Yateson, this is one of the associates I was talking about, Mr Akky. Mr Akky, meet Mr Yateson, our prospective lawyer for this venture."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Akky chuckled at Scott, he liked this one.

After Para spoke Akky grinned and give an elaborate bow, one hand resting on his chest with the other behind his back.

"Glad to meet you both!" he said in a poor attempt at formality and he raised an eyebrow at Yateson "A lawyer eh? I'll probably need one at some point during my visit."

The assassin pulled his bag from his shoulder and stood, head bowed, looking into it.

"Where is it?" he muttered sounding annoyed as he pulled the Katana resting in a black scabbard out of the bag and tucked it under his arm.

"Ah!" he exclaimed pulling out a crumpled paper file and with a grin stepped forward to hand it to Para.

"The boss said to give you this." he said giving the woman the file that contained some personal details on Akimitsu as well as a few notes such as "Effective but unpredictable" although the assassin wasn't to know that.

As he stepped back and zipped up the bag, throwing it over his shoulder he noticeably kept the sword tucked under his left arm.

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Darvy sat and listened, his mind storing every scrap of information it could. A lot so far didn't add up, and this Cult business wasn't the sort of thing he could evaluate with so little knowledge. And "unglamour" - what did that mean?

Before he could ask any questions, a newcomer entered the room. One of the client's associates, and things were already getting stranger - he even seemed to have a sword, of all things. Darvy remained professional and kept his cool, extending his hand to shake Akky's.

"Greetings, Mr Akky," he said, a grin crossing his face as he motioned down at the sword, "I'm afraid I can't promise to keep you out of jail if you hit me with that thing - not a fashion I'm familiar with, gotta say." Darvy turned back to Para, taking his seat again and focussing on the facts.

"Mrs Smith, I'm not seeing the issue here. You want me to put away this Cult group, but you say they've taken responsibility for Motorcycle Mayhem and these animal attacks - if they've admitted their guilt, there's nothing for me to do. Mrs Smith, I'm not a cop, I'm an attorney - I fight in court, not in the streets." Darvy almost chuckled at his last point, given the guard outside and the blatant weapon in the room.

"Unless there's something else you believe they've done that they haven't admitted to, there's little I can do about them short of hauling them in myself. Defending your associates is a separate matter, but I have to know what it is they've been accused of to start building a defence." Darvy closed his briefcase, leaving it shut on the table, and folded his arms, facing Para.
A confused and vaguely hurt expression crossed Naoko's face as she was bundled into the lift. She looked around her with big, fearful eyes as it descended into the bowels of the building. The lift stopped with jarring suddenness and she jumped with a small shriek. Omo gave an exasperated sigh and the hand holding him lashed out to open the doors. Naoko walked out and looked around her with apprehension, until the puppet snapped at her to get moving.

The huge pict loomed in front of her. 'Konnichiwa! Watashi Itsumi Nao...'

'Keep moving kid, he ain't who we're here to see.'

With an apologetic smile, Naoko sidled past him and through the door to the main meeting room. She gave an enthusiastic wave to the little assembly

'Konnichiwa! Watashi Itsumi Naoko desu! Koko de watashi no yūjin wa Omo desu! Watashi wa issho ni takusan no tanoshimi o motsu koto ga dekiru koto o negatte imasu!'

Omo raised a clothy hand in a self-deprecating wave. 'Hey. I'm Omo. The kid here's Naoko. Let's hope we can work together.'

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Para leaned forward.
"The problem, Mr Yateson, is twofold: firstly, the Cult's declaration of responsibility for the crimes was not made to the general public, and the identitys of the members of the cult are unknown. Assembling a watertight case will require evidence admissible in court that is beyond the reach of normal police procedure. One of the aims of the gathering is to retrieve it for you."

She gestured to Akky.
"As to the nature of the crimes that might require a defense, I'm sure Mr Akky could provide some in short order while retrieving your evidence."

She turned to the newcomers and nodded a welcome.
"Glad to see you could make it away from your schooling, Mr Omo and Miss Naoko. Please take a seat while I introduce you to Mr Akky and Mr Yateson."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Akky rested his thumb on the Tsuba of his sword, pushing the blade slightly out of the sheath and then pushing it back in. He repeated the action continuously causing a rhythmic clicking noise.

"You don't fight? As in ever? Doesn't that get awfully boring?" he asked the Lawyer with a grin "Ain't ever gonna become a superhero like that!"

He opened his mouth to continue his pointless commentary when the door opened, turning he saw the kid and puppet enter the room.

"Ah looky, looky! More members of our newly forming team has arrived!"

Tilting his head as he listened to Para the assassin let our a short laugh as he stopped playing with the Katana "Should the need arise I would love to provide some sharp defense of our Master of Law here...even when it isn't so needed eh?" he added with a satisfied smirk as he imagined the possible conflict ahead.


The Colonel
True Blood
The bedraggled man watched the catgirl with interest from beneath his wide-brimmed hat as she showed another visitor to the elevator door at the back.

“I have to admit, it’s genius,” he said to the slightly overweight man eating his pizza next to him. The man didn’t reply, but rather glanced wide-eyed around the room as if calling for help. “How better to hide it all from us than shove it right in our faces!” He waved his hand, gesturing vaguely to the iconography on the walls and the costumed staff. “You see, if they tried to hide it, people would start asking questions. They’d sense something was up – there’s far too much of it to keep it all under wraps, y’know?” He chuckled lightly and shook his head. “But no – display it for all to see and everyone laughs it off as a joke. Or, even more hilariously, embraces it as a way of life.” His eyes wandered to the gathering of robe-wearing teenagers. Then, he turned back to his companion, who was nervously continuing to eat his pizza. “The name’s Edwin Vile, private eye. Sadly not at your service, as I have a date with Miss Para.” He winked at the man, who barely managed to suppress a squeal of fear. “Though she doesn’t know it yet...” he continued under his breath.

Edwin waited until the catgirl had returned to the front entrance, then surreptitiously crept over to the elevator door. It opened, and he slipped inside.
The elevator dinged as the doors opened in the lowermost basement, and immediately Edwin Vile realised a problem.

Across the corridor, inebriated detective and enormous sword-wielding pict met eyes.

This will be a tough nut to crack, Edwin thought to himself. He cleared his throat, and strode over, holding the man’s gaze all the while. The Scott simply raised an eyebrow, and opened the door as the detective approached. Edwin Smirked. He knows what’s good for him. Smart man. He cracked his neck, and strode through the door.

Show time.

“GOOD EVENING LADIE’S AND GENTLEMEN!” he exclaimed, performing a mock bow. “My sincerest apologies for crashing your little party! I presume my appearance is somewhat of a surprise – did you really think you could hide from me? Did you think you could outwit Edwin Vile?” He laughed. “Well, your agent probably thought the same thing. You know, the one you sent to off me? Ha, he talked like the cactus by the time I was done with him! He won’t be making that mistake again....”
The detective pulled up a chair and sat down, resting his feet on the table. “Well, you failed to get rid of me, and here I am. Shall we get down to business?”

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Para looked up with a smirk as the inspector 'snuck' into the meeting.

"Yes, yes, quite a surprise Inspector. Mr Yateson, I'm sure you've heard of Vile's unfortunate run in with the Senator, especially since I believe you were hired to be his defense council... And Inspector, this is Mr Akky, Mr Omo and Miss Naoko."

Para took out a notepad as pizzas and drinks were delivered, jotting everyone's order down just before they were served. She passed it to Scott to pass on to Munster, then sat down with a plate of Hawaiian pizza.
"Please eat while we're waiting for the last of our group."

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
If nothing else, Darvy was a professional. He would do almost anything to win a case - but already it was looking like he would have to cross lines he wouldn't normally cross, and maybe even ones he would refuse to cross. Prepare a defence against an accusation that hadn't been made yet, because the actual crime, self-admitted in advance, hadn't yet happened? That was downright illegal. He turned back to the questions.

"Mrs Smith, if the admissions weren't made to the general public, who were they made to? And if the identities of the Cult members are unknown, what do you know about them? I will of course perform my own research but anything you have so far would get me up to speed." He then took a deep breath.

"As your attorney, I have to tell you that to defend your associates for future crimes with the knowledge that these crimes will be committed is illegal - if you make me party to them. Mrs Smith, I won't break the law." He paused, before grinning, "but you can be damned sure I'll use it as best I can to protect you and your associates."

A strange girl came in with a puppet - she was doing some excellent ventriloquism, almost unnervingly good. Darvy laughed when Mrs Smith introduced the puppet as well, in spite of himself, and nodded to the girl. He turned back to Mr Akky.

"No, Mr Akky, I fight in the courtroom. I usually prefer to fight before the courtroom and get the best settlement for my client, but never with a sword." Darvy smiled, the whole experience starting to feel surreal. And then who should come in but Edwin Vile.

Darvy stood up, a guarded expression on his face, facing the newcomer as he appealed to Para. "Mrs Smith, this man sued senator Blackburn for "being hellspawn", he provided a laughable argument, no evidence, and represented himself in court. This cannot be the right man for the job."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
When Darvy responded to him the assassin nodded looking interested

"So you fight with your fists or guns in the courtrooms?" he asked seemingly serious making it hard to tell whether the odd man was pulling the lawyers leg or not.

He looked at the newcomer and grinned.
"This one is fun!" he announced to the others before turning back to the detective "Welcome to the party!"

Suddenly the Assassin got sidetracked as he saw the Pizza and deciding he was hungry took a slice and ate away happily giving an appreciative look towards Para.

"Good food!"
'Siddown, kid.'

Naoko shuffled around the group, smiling awkwardly, until she found an empty seat. Seeing Akky turn to look at her, she giggled and gave a short, bobbing bow before sitting down, her face burning with embarrassment. Omo did as much as he could to avoid looking like he was with her while still being on the end of her arm. The two remained silent for the moment, Omo watching attentively as Naoko bit her lip and stared into the distance.

'GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!' Naoko let out a small squeak, leapt six inches into the air and fell off her chair. Fortunately, the stranger kept talking as she picked herself up and looked around, hoping no-one had seen. She sorted herself out just in time to be introduced by Para, and the two gave quick bows when indicated.

When the pizza came in, Omo gave Naoko a quick poke with a lightning bolt and she jumped up to get the one they'd ordered. 'AND the drinks!' he reminded her, forcing her to try and balance the two cups on the edges of the plate. 'Feed me the half with the meat on.'

Naoko tore off a slice and put it into the puppet's mouth. He bit off a chunk, chewed and swallowed with apparent enjoyment as Naoko dug into her own pizza. 'Hey there!' he said, 'Yateson, right?' a tendril of lightning lifted up his whiskey glass and Omo took a quick sip. 'You were asking about who the cult are. One thing I can tell you, they're far-reaching. We know for a fact they've got guys in the Japanese government at least; enough that they can appropriate tax funds for themselves. I'll bet you the rest of my pizza,' Naoko, her face smeared with tomato sauce, looked up indignantly at this, 'that they've got some in the Canadian government too. '

'Tabun, shikashi karera wa mada watashitachi ni kazei shiyou to shite inai.' said Naoko, with the air of one making an unopposable point

'Quiet, kid. I don't think they need to know about that.'

Naoko pouted.


The Colonel
True Blood
Edwin's eyes lit up as he recognised Yateson.

"Your memory does you a disservice!" he exclaimed, reaching across the table to wave a finger in the lawyer's face. "I accused him only of association with hellspawn! Only a half-wit could be blind to the demonic inroads being made into our venerated political system." He leant back slightly. "But that fiasco is in the past - after all, we are here to address another facet of Mogen's empire, are we not?"

The detective unintentionally let out a belch as the pizza was brought in. Without delay, he reached into the nearest box and scoop out a huge slice of dill-pickle-and-oyster. "Ectoplasm free, I hope?"
He sat back to enjoy his feast, but in doing so he leaned too far-

Edwin gave out a yelp as he toppled over backwards and landed in a heap. After a few seconds he belched again.
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Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Darvy had put up with the strange girl and the puppet. Hell, he even put up with her "feeding" it. But when it picked up a glass of whiskey without touching it, he'd had enough. Darvy stood up, reaching around in the air above the glass for the string holding it up. He couldn't find any. Meanwhile, Edwin had been babbling on, before falling over. Darvy had had enough.

"Ok, Mrs Smith, you'd better tell me what's going on right now." Darvy was irritated. "You ring up my firm, bring me in here, into a basement, hire these actors and some weird special effects and tell me to bring in a "cult" in control of the Japanese and Canadian governments." Darvy faced Para across the table. "Is this some sort of joke?"

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"Actors?" Akimitsu said softly, turning to look at Darvy for the first time with his smile gone, indeed his usual animated features were now oddly still.

"Do I look like an actor to you friend?" he asked quietly stepping up to the lawyer, he pushed the Tsuba with his thumb revealing several inches of sharp steel.

The assassin place his hand gently on the handle of the katana and the viewable part of the blade began to radiate a barely viewable soft golden glow.

Suddenly Akky shoved the sword back into it's sheath and grinned at the other man, his friendly manner returning as swiftly as it left.

"It's time to open your eyes friend, you could get a real valuable education here if you could find a little patience."

The assassin spun away for second before turning back balancing a plate in his right hand with a view slices of Pepperoni Pizza.

"Pizza?" he asked looking amused.

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Para took a moment to appreciate Mr Yateson's alarm before getting down to business.

"Mr Yateson, I am giving you an opportunity few accept. There is a large proportion of the population unable to go to the court because of abnormalities that would get them laughed out of court."
"Inspector Vile is already successful in solving many of these abnormal cases, but as you are aware his awareness of where the borders of acceptable evidence is not as sound as it might be."
"We, and by we I mean the community as a whole, need someone with integrity and knowledge of how to address our cases."
"So let me make this clear: you are by no means obliged to accept the weirder parts of this business, but if you do you'll help many, secure a previously unclaimed vital role as your own and learn plenty that many have no idea about."

Para paused, letting the words sink in.

"So whether or not you accept it, you can still help us. But this is the truth..."

The removal of the unglamour completed just as the piece of magitech Para had been twiddling in her fingers switched on. The remote hovered out of her hands, did a quick 360 and revealed the glowing runes carved into the underside.

"...the paranormal is as real as pizza."

Para took the opportunity to let Yateson take this how he would and turned to the others.

"Mr Akky, please don't flash steel on the premises. Only entertainers are allowed to carry unsheathed weapons: this is neutral territory."
"Mr Omo, could you help the good Inspector up off the floor?"
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Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Akky grinned at Para, placing the pizza plate on the table as he dropped his sword, catching it on his foot.
The odd man balanced on one leg, holding the weapon on his other foot before kicking the weapon into the air. The katana spun as it descended and Akky, with the practice that obviously comes with being easily bored, caught the weapon on his finger balancing it's from the tip on the sheath.
He balanced it there for a few moments with a look of intense concentration before flicking his finger and sending the weapon sailing into the air one last time.
The assassin whipped the bag from his shoulder and held it out before him catching the weapon neatly into the container.

Akky grinned as he zipped up the bag and dropped lazily into a seat near the young girl and puppet.

"Watashi wa geinōjinde wanai kamo shirenaiga, watashi wa omoshiroidesu" he chuckled.
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