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Tales of New Eden OOC

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Player Profiles:

Player: Spineyrequiem
True Name: Naoko Itsumi/Omo
Handle: Puppet Girl
Existence: Human schoolgirl mindslave/cloth sorcerer hand puppet
Main Mojo: Eldritch Lightning
Ally Ex Machina: Ehime Girls' High Burning and Pillaging Society
Cult Beef: Cult members are trying to collect back taxes.
Anecdote: The entirety of Ehime High are on an Canadian exchange as part of an elaborate tax avoidance scheme.

Player: Harland
True Name: Edwin Vile
Handle: The Inspector
Existence: Informed mortal human; Disgraced now-private detective obsessed with tracking down the demonic puppeteer Mogen.
Main Mojo: Crime-scene analysis
Cult Beef: Supposed connections with Mogen
Ally Ex Machina: N/A
Anecdote: Was exiled from the police force due to drawing connections between the local senator and a demon from the 5th level of hell. Allergic to Werewolves.

Player: Get of Wsoran
True Name: Matsumoto Akimitsu (Rarely uses his Family Name)
Handle: Akky
Existence: Informed Mortal Human: Ki Adept Swordmaster and Assassin
Main Mojo: Sociopathic Swordsman
Ally ex machina: Shizuka Corp
Cult Beef: Orders from employer.
Anecdote: Full-time Assassin working for the Multinational Shizuka Corporation and an avid comic book collector. Has been sent by CEO Mr. Shizuka to deal with the cult.

Player: Mello
True Name: Harmony Melodia
Handle: Harm
Existence: Bored destructive teenager with too much money
Main Mojo: Limitless energy (until sleepy times) and a hailstorm of bullets/knives/lethal things/exploding things
Ally ex Machina: Hyper-rich shady parents and their corporation "Corp-Corp."
Cult Beef: "Boring people" aka sensible/thoughtful people
Anecdote: Lives on an adrenaline rush of destruction, if not able to actually kill things likes to live the good life with card games, bar games and partying to metal.

Inactive Player Profiles:

Player: Lynks
True Name: Ignacious Haulding
Handle: Iggy the Claw
Existance: Cursed human-> merfolk, Fake pirate/pact-bound goon
Main Mojo: Hook hand skills
Ally ex Machina: The Collected Consortium of Pirate Pretenders
Cult Beef: The cult is sullying Urbrect's lake
Anecdote: Once a fake pirate with a fake hook, now a fake pirate with a real hook and fish skin after entering into a pact with a being he thought more capable than it turned out to be.

Player: Count Darvaleth
True Name: Daniel Archer Reginald Visigold Yateson
Handle: Darvy
Existence: Uninformed Human Lawyer
Main Mojo: Top Attorney
Ally ex Machina: Noctem and Carpe Partnership
Cult Beef: His firm gave him a case - he'll see it done
Anecdote: Once managed to convince a plaintiff that they preferred their hotel burnt down, and got them to settle with his client before trial - ruthless litigant, but has a code.

NPC Profiles:
Player: NPC (The Archivist)
True Name: Paris Vera Normal Smith
Handle: Para
Existence: Informed Vanilla Mortal Pizza Shop Owner and Diplomat
Main Mojo: Sharp Mind
Ally ex Machina: Guild of Neutral Landowners
Cult Beef: Disrupting Business and Delivery Routes
Anecdote: Manages to stay sane juggling orders from everyone and keeping uninformed mortals freaking out on first contact with the truly weird.

Player:NPC (The Archivist)
True Name: Sasuki Denden Nikowa Nyasen
Handle: Nyasuki
Existence: Catgirl Pizza Shop Waitress
Main Mojo: Cat Senses
Ally ex Machina: Nyasen Clan
Cult Beef: Angered Para
Anecdote: Is on an American exchange with a Satyr, pulling in her job at Para's as pocket change.

Player:NPC (The Archivist)
True Name: Berkmunster James McAndrew
Handle: Munster
Existance: Trogladyte Pizza Shop Delivery Man and Seer
Main Mojo: Future-Seeing Third Eye
Ally ex Machina: Oracle Self-help Hotline
Random Beef: Failure to pay for pizza next Friday
Anecdote: In order to avoid going mad, he fled Ireland to forego his tribe's demands and uses his Foresight only for pizzas and certain special circumstances.

Player:NPC (The Archivist)
True Name: Scott Evelyn MacArthur
Handle: Great Scott
Existance: Informed Vanilla Mortal Entertainer and Swordmaster
Main Mojo: Furiously Fit
Ally ex Machina: The Shieldwall
Supernatural Beef: Part of a borderline vanilla mortal protection organization.
Anecdote: Despite his place in The Shieldwall, he's attached himself to Para's Normal Pizza as an observer to assess the effectiveness of her methods.
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The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
I like the characters already: we have a straight lawyer, a laid-back assassin and an odd duo. Now we just need the half-mer and the detective.
Man... Japanese and Google Translate do not play nicely together... I have a feeling that even if it is vaguely understandable, most of what I'm saying's going to be WAY too formal.

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Don't forget I'm GMing from a phone. I know a few basics of Japanese, and until Nyasuki returns I don't need to translate, but I may ask you to provide easy translation at some points.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Man... Japanese and Google Translate do not play nicely together... I have a feeling that even if it is vaguely understandable, most of what I'm saying's going to be WAY too formal.
If Akky decides to start speaking his mother tongue it will be filled with Googles poor translating of the language :tongue: Fear not, you shall not be alone!

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Darvy and Lynks still need to post... if they don't at least comment in the OOC thread over the next day or so I'll assume they've fainted and got nothing to say respectively and we'll process as normal.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
The crazy assassin is going to cause a scene if he has to sit around waiting much longer!

He should have brought his comic books from the car :(