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Tales of the Court

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Lisette ran into the room as Nicoletto was sent reeling by Dieter's sword's hilt smashing into his face.

"Stop the match!" she screamed "Stop!"

It was too late as the tip of Dieter's blade nicked the Lahmian.

The crowd reacted with confusion but only a few people reacted. She saw Vlad stand from his obsidian throne, Akarin ran down the steps towards the arena with his sword already in hand, Alfonso leapt over the cord parting the participants from the spectators, the huge man was roaring Necromantic incantations of mending and strengthening.

Dieter dropped his greatsword looking horrified as he backed away from his former opponent. Grandmaster Thomas von Carstein grabbed the Count's Guard captain and shoved him to his knees.

Lisette pushed her way through the crowd, most of the court was in uproar as they clearly had no idea what was happening but here and there were a few calm and collected members watching the events, the handmaiden noticed a few edging away from the arena.

"Stop the children of Oswald!" she yelled over the noise "Don't let them escape!"

Hardly anyone seemed to hear her except Akarin who stood at the Cord, he locked eyes with her and raised a hand above his head.

Two vampires made a break for the door, a man and woman.

Two arrows crashed into their backs, piercing their hearts and killing them. Lisette turned to see two men in loose fitting black clothes with longbows in their hands, Akarin turned and pointed at these men.
"Jaegar! Maximilian! Lock down the room!" he roared at the archers who immediately set about locking the doors whilst Drakenhof Templars and Blood Knights including Hans Hector assisted them.

Vlad was still standing in front of his throne glaring angrily down at the vampires in the room.

"Detain them all!" he roared "I want every single member of this Court questioned!"

Vlad transferred his gaze to his own children sitting closest to them "All of them! See to it Akarin! Alfonso go fetch a real Necromancer before you kill him, Simon keep him alive until then."

Akarin bowed deeply and set about giving orders to the knights and his own plainly dressed men. Simon took over the spellcasting for the Estalian swordsman who ran out the doors which where swiftly shut behind him.

Vlad took his wife's hand, which seemed to calm him slightly, and the two descended the steps and crossed the room. "Lisette come with me!" the Count boomed.

Vlad, Isabella and Lisette all left through a small side entrance guarded by Jaegar and Maximilian.


The vampires eventually reached a richly decorated room near the Count's quarters, one of his parlour Lisette recognised after a moment.

The Count and Countess took a seat, Vlad waved to a seat opposite for the vampiress to sit down.

"Thank you Maximilian, please close the door and wait there." Vlad said looking back to the door.

Lisette's head snapped round to see one of the archers standing at the entrance. This one was looked middle-aged with short dark hair and was cleans shaved. Very handsome except for a rather mocking smirk that seemed to be permanently stuck on his face. More disturbing was that she had not noticed him following them.

With a bow the archer shut the door.

"Start from the beginning my Lady." he said kindly "Tell me what you know. How is Oswald involved?"

Lisette licked her lips nervously as she tried to gather her thoughts whilst her siress smiled encouragingly at her. "It's alright my dear." she said.

So Lisette began at the beginning with following the two vampires down the corridor, being jumped and defending themselves before proceeding to the catacombs. Then what Egbert had said before he attacked them and that her champion had remained behind to defend them.

She paused, how had she forgotten?

"Karek!" she exclaimed standing "He could be dead!"

Vlad held up a hand "Calm down. The catacombs?"

Lisette nodded and the Count looked over to Maximilian "Go there now, if he is wounded find a Necromancer to heal him." The archer nodded and left the room silently.

Lisette sat back down and Vlad nodded. "Continue my dear."

So she did, she told him how she had ran back to try and warn them but Egbert had stopped her before Damek had saved her at which point Vlad stopped her.

"Damek? You mean Mannfred's disciple?" when Lisette nodded he let out a sigh of relief. "Then it's highly unlikely that Mannfred is involved." Vlad paused for a moment and frowned "And you say he came out of no where and just stabbed Egbert without waiting for an explanation? Did he kill him or just wound him."

"I...I don't know. I just ran my Lord."
she replied unsure.

Isabella suddenly leapt from her chair and ran over to Lisette, roughly grabbing her and pushing her head down causing her to double over. The handmaiden let out a hiss of pain as Isabella give a cry of horror. "My love she's burnt! Her entire back is black!"

Lisette carefully pried the Countesses hands of her and straightened up. "I'm quite alright my L...Mother." she said with a smile remember how the Countess liked to be addressed by her in private.

Vlad looked annoyed for a moment although whether at himself or one of the vampiresses she didn't know.

"We'll see to that as soon as we can." Vlad promised "But I need to find out of Egbert is alive, I shall summon someone to-" he began but cut off as the door opened.

"No need."
the newcomer said.

Lisette turned to see a robed man, he had spoken with a flat and completely accentless tone.

He shut the door behind him and walked over to the others, he was of average height and slim. He pulled his hood down revealing an utterly unremarkable face of a man of middling age.

"I have him in custody my Lord, I found Damek in the hallways and requested he bring the man to the dungeons and watch over him until I could question him myself."

Vlad frowned "You let Damek see you?"

The newcomer laughed which, like the rest of him, was utterly common. "Am I an amateur my Lord? I sent one of Akarin's friends to take care of it."

Vlad sighed and seeing Lisette still staring at the newcomer he cleared his voice "Lisette I must ask you not to disclose your meeting of this man, he takes care off....the quieter side of my rule which can be quite delicate."

Lisette let out a small gasp "The Lord of Mysteries." she whispered, she had thought it a rumour.

Vlad glared at his spymaster "See what you've done! I told you not to use that stupid name."

The Lord of Mysteries grinned "I'm not the one who started telling her about "the quieter side of rule" my most subtle master. Plus you have to admit, it's an amusing name."

Vlad snorted and shook his head with a rueful smile. "Fool."

Lisette observed the exchange with surprise, she had never seen Vlad speak with someone in such an easy manner...perhaps this man knew something of the mysterious Count's origins?

Vlad stood up. "No matter we must deal with Oswald, he was always the most foolish...the most arrogant...I've no idea why I sired the old idiot. It will be more that just his gets and their brood but we'll dig them out and teach our most loving subjects why one does not cross the Lord of Sylvania."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Akarin is head of the early Assassin Order.

This nameless fellow is in charge of anything to do with the cloak and dagger affairs.

Mostly this is giving advice to Vlad on how to use Spys and Assassins as well as diplomatic decisions but to facilitate this he also has his own spy network.

The early version of the assassin Order is nothing like the later TVC era one, it's a bunch of well trained killers with a basic infrastructure (which will be the focus of the later stories hopefully)

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Children of the Countess
Drakenhof Castle
Winter – 1962 IC

Lisette walked down the hallway deep in thought ignoring those who bowed and nodded to her. She had been pleased to find that Karek had only been wounded in his duel and was well on the mend.

But now she had new worries, the Count himself had summoned her to attend a meeting in secret with the command to tell no one.

As she began to walk up the west tower's staircase the vampiress pondered what it could be about. So far little had happened in the days since the fencing tournament was cancelled. Dieter had been released as an unknowing pawn in Oswald's traitorous acts, Nicoletto was resting underguard still to regain conciousness but at least was not dead. Any vampire who had been sired by Oswald or any of his line had been arrested and where being held in an unknown location, for all Lisette knew they had been killed.

Reaching the top of the staircase the handmaiden opened the door, she had never came to this part of the Keep and as she opened the door she realised why. It was a musty sitting room with an unlit fire with a half wall that looked like it was about to collapse outwards. Clearly not a very popular location.

With a sigh Lisette strode into the room trying to discern which chair was the least filthy.

"They invited you? Vlad must be desperate." a soft voice noted from behind her.

Lisette spun around to see a formerly unnoticed figure standing in the corner, she frowned as she recognised him.

"Why are you here? I thought this was important." she replied with a sneer.

Jäger Holtzmann, the Huntsman of Drakenhof, stepped forward wearing his usual long sleeved green linen shirt covered by a plain brown leather tunic and from his shoulders hung his strange mottled colour cloak that almost made him seem to vanish partially as it shifted over his small frame.

The vampire and vampiress glared at each other before Lisette let out a delighted laugh and threw her arms around the short man. "It's so good to see you again Jäger! You're always so busy!"

Jäger laughed and stepped back with a smile. "And you sister, it's been too long since we've been able to just speak."

"What's this? A family reunion?"
a newcomer said sounding amused.

Huntsman and Handmaiden turned to see Simon von Carstein step into the room, the blonde poet grinned as he embraced Jäger "You need to spend more time at Drakenhof brother." he said as they parted.

"I do miss Sylvania." Jäger commented with a chuckle "Although it seems I returned just in time for the excitment."

Lisette and Simon regarded each other, the former with a frown whilst the later smirked.

"Simon." she said stiffly.

"Lisette." he replied easily although he failed to hide the tone of concern in his voice.

Jäger frowned "So...what's this I hear about our sister kicking your ass Simon?"

The two vampires stared at the archer in shock before Simon spluttered an answer "That's not what happened!"

Lisette coughed "Well...I did win our little scrap" she said gently.

"It was my sword that struck the finishing blow!"
Simon argued.

"That was Nicoletto! You were on the ground crying!"
she shot back.

"I wasn't crying! I was bloody blinded!"

"Thus I won."

Jäger snickered and threw his arms around the two "Oh what I would have given to see that."

Simon glared at the smaller man "She'd have knocked you down a peg!"

"Pfft like that's difficult."
Jäger replied dismissively.

After a moment Lisette replied "He'd have left me to die if not for Nicoletto though."

Jäger looked at her both she refused to meet his eyes.

"You can't really believe that?"

Lisette blinked in surprise as she looked up at Simon who was frowning. "I heard you...after the fight through the pain. You argued against it with him."

Simon sighed. "How long have we known each other Lisette?" he said with a shake of his head sounding annoyed "I knew Nicoletto would beg to save you, I've been studying him since his days as Uncle Karl's fencing master. He's a weakness for mercy, especially beautiful women."

Lisette frowned...she had heard the same and it was just like Simon to make that sort of manipulative gamble.

"You risked my life on that?" she asked unsure.

"Bah!" Simon exclaimed throwing his arms in the air "It's my sword isn't it? The damnable thing hurts with a shallow cut, hurts like the being slapped by a magical flame but such a light wound wouldn't have killed you."

"You lied?"
Lisette asked in surprise.

Jäger snorted "Have you met Simon?" he said walking away from the others to drop into a seat.

Simon smiled again at Lisette and this time she returned it grateful for the explanation, his betrayal had hurt but this made it better. The gets of Isabella had always been close and it was horrible to think that one of the few von Carsteins she trusted had turned on her.

The tall and beautiful man and woman took their seats to either side of their elder brother and both started competing over telling Jäger the latest gossip at court since his last visit.
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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
Oh, so Simon was just rubbishing earlier then? Not entirely surprising. And yes, I suppose it would have been on to see him down on the floor blinded.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Children of the Countess
Part 2

Drakenhof Castle - Western Tower

Winter – 1962 IC

The three siblings spoke for over an hour before the door swung open and the hooded form of the Lord of Mysteries stepped through followed by Akarin who shut the door behind them.

"Sorry for our lateness but I thought you would like some time to catch up." the mysterious vampire said.

Lisette glanced at her brothers and saw neither where surprised or curious about Vlad's secretive spymaster.

"Am I the only one who didn't know?" she thought with annoyance.

Akarin and the hooded vampire took seats before the Lord of Mysteries spoke again "I have gathered you here to deal with a grave threat against our Count's rule." he said which caught their attention swiftly enough "Akarin and I have investigated Oswald, he has barricaded himself in his Castle but we managed to get an agent inside and what he saw was...disturbing." he paused and looked at the Archer "Jäger."

The elder son of Isabella nodded "I found evidence that Oswald wasn't working alone, deep inside his fortress I found...strange shrines and symbols I did not recognise as well as unusual foreign mortal servants but when I returned Akarin was able to identify what it was from my reports."

Akarin said with disgust "Oswald has aligned himself with the ruinous powers, more than that he has not only converted the local peasantry into mindless fanatics but he also managed to get a small garrison of Norsemen who are 'blessed' by their dark Gods no doubt as a sign of faith from whatever alliance he made in the North."

Isabella hissed, she knew little of Chaos but it could be considered the antithesis of the undead, mutating and constant change where as the living dead existed in a stage of eternal stillness. The idea that they had not only gained a foothold in Sylvania but had secured an alliance with one of Vlad's very children? It was terrifying.

"What do we do?" Simon asked sounding a little shaken.

Akarin nodded "We need a...team, a squad of combat capable vampires to infiltrate the keep and either capture Oswald or rid us of his diseased presence on our Land."

Jäger frowned at his master "Ah...why don't we just send our brothers?" he asked but Akarin shook his head.

"No we believe that the Traitor has eyes at Court but we haven't been able to find out who yet as such we need to send those who won't be noticed. We know he's watching the Templar Order, the Regent's Guard and our brothers so that leaves members of Court."

"But who to trust?"
The Lord of Mysteries interjected "That is the question Akarin came to me with, too many opportunists and power-hungry fools to simply choose those who "seem" loyal. Instead I proposed a simple idea, use the Children of the least ambitious of Vlad's gets. The Countess does not bother with politics and is..ahh...unfocused in daily affairs of our kind and as such her children, you, don't have the usual sibling rivalry we see in the von Carstein family...as there's simply no point vying for her affection. She simply loves you all in a very unvampirelike way, it's practically the love a human mother has for her young."

Akarin nodded. "It was also fortunate that quite a number of her children are skilled...you Lady Lisette are a member of the Drakenhof Templar's inner circle and as such not only a skilled warrior but mage also. Jäger, I have overseen your training in many areas but above that you are the best Archer to share our blood having once been Otto's Huntsman. And Simon...your poems don't always make me want to weep." he said, adding a last with a grin but before the blonde vampire could say anything he added "You are also a talented swordsman and mage."

Lisette considered this before speaking "But what of our other siblings? They are as trustworthy as us."

The Lord of Mysteries looked annoyed "I do agree but it would be too suspicious for all of you to vanish together and more to the point the others are busy with their usual assignments, for example to pull Meyerling away from his military role would raise too many eyebrows."

Simon made a sound of disbelief "You want only the three of us to go?" to which the Spymaster chuckled.

"No of course not. It would have been nice to send Nicoletto but he's still at the edge of death, we're not even sure if he'll survive, but we have managed to find others. The Estalian fencing master Alfonso is willing to go and seems quite furious over the attempted assassination of his new friend." he said with a tight smile before continuing "Maximillian will be going as well, another archer from Akarin's men and Mannfred's son Damek."

Akarin grimaced "These are the vast majority of the Court who we know, without a doubt, are not involved. We're also sending a small group to another location where we believe some of Oswald's children are hiding."

The Lord of Mysteries stood and the red-eyed vampire followed. "You will leave in a day so I recommend you prepare...and I must tell you to tell no one, not even the Count."

Simon and his sister stared in shock at that, Lisette recovered first "Vlad doesn't know what we're planning?"

The Lord of Mysteries and Akarin shared a look before the former spoke. "The Count has a weakness for his children and I am not sure he would authorise a killing of his own son but more than that we have to make sure no public figure at Court is aware of anything so the unknown spies don't notice anything amiss." he said before leaving the room.

Akarin lingered for a moment before speaking "Sometimes we must work unknown from the shadows to serve.
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The Dread King

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True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
Could Oswald be a foreshadowing of what is to come in TVC II? I wonder how his relationship with the chaos powers works!

another archer from Akarin's men

And who shall this be? My bet's on Meta.

Edit: excellent preference for a mission BTW, what with the small group and the mystery surrounding Oswald's followers.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Could Oswald be a foreshadowing of what is to come in TVC II? I wonder how his relationship with the chaos powers works!

And who shall this be? My bet's on Meta.
Gonna explore some relationships between the non-von Carstein vamps.

Edit: excellent preference for a mission BTW, what with the small group and the mystery surrounding Oswald's followers.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Children of the Countess
Part 2

Drakenhof Castle

Winter – 1962 IC

Lisette sat beside the coffin.

"We'll be back in a few days." she promised the inhabitant "That bastard will pay for what he's done."

After a few moments of silence she continued.

"You'll be alright, Akarin said his man had a look and that you just needed a few nights rest. You'll likely be up and about before we get back."

Again there was a few minutes of silence. Lisette looked at the peaceful face of the coffin's inhabitant, Nicoletto hadn't moved since the incident and truth be told she'd thought him dead if not for the fact he wasn't ash.

"I'm sorry." she whispered. "I failed to stop them but I'll still pay you back...even if Simon was playing you." she said with a feeble smile. "You still showed mercy to me...that I won't forget."

Behind her she heard the door opened.

"It's time." Akarin said.

Taking a shuddering breath, which she certainly didn't need, Lisette stood and nodded to the other vampire.

"You said he'll be fine right?"

Akarin smirked. "You're awfully worried about our Tilean friend. Yes he will be fine, Azrel is very good at his job."

Rolling her eyes at his behaviour before striding past him. "I'll go prepare then."

After she left Akarin's amused expression vanished and with a concerned glance at the unconscious Lahmian he left the room.


Simon kissed Sariah before gently pulling away. "I'll return soon my love."

The immortal poet transferred his gaze to the Baroness "You'll take care of her?"

Emilie smiled kindly "Don't worry Simon. Karl feels like returning to Teufhof after the travesty of that tournament. He's demanding Vlad allow him to bring Nicoletto back to the Barony for safety I've...I've never seen him so furious at the Count, I think even Vlad was shocked."

The Baroness shook her head "No matter. Sariah will come stay with me."

Sariah smiled at that and looked at Simon. "I would like that my love."

Simon nodded with a smile of his own. "Then I shall go prepare for my departure." he paused to give his mate another parting kiss before bowing politely to Emilie and leaving to ready himself.


Jäger and Maximillian stepped out from the hidden passage into the hallway, behind them the exit shimmered and became a mirror once more. Both men were dressed in loose plain clothing of subdued colours with their mottled grey and green hooded cloaks which were designed to help them on stealth missions.

In their hands were their black longbows and a quiver of black arrows. The only gear they had which appeared different was their blades, Maximillian had a scimitar hanging at his waist where as Jäger had a pair of long wicked knives.

The two archers made their way towards the meeting point in silence.


Alfonso waved the servant away, he was finally fitted in his armour and had his long montante in hand which was leaning against his shoulder.

The Estalian fencer pondered if this was the best idea before sighing, he had no choice really. The man who had harmed Nicoletto and embarrassed Vlad had to be dealt with.

With a shake of his head Alfonso left to meet the others.


Damek was dressed in his set of armour that Mannfred had purchased him, the sorcerer frowned slightly at how perfect the armour looked.

"It's obvious I've never used this thing in a fight." he thought to himself with annoyance.

Grabbing his sword belt he fixed it on correctly before pulling the sabre loose from it's scabbard and give it a few quick swings.

"I have no idea what I'm doing...why did I volunteer for this?"

"I'm such an idiot." he muttered.

"I agree." a voice replied sounding amused.

Damek spun around to see Mannfred standing in the doorway with his arms folded.

"Father! I mean my Lord...I can explain."

Mannfred made a dismissive gesture. "Akarin told me. Don't worry I agree. Oswald needs dealt with now and father would take too long. I came to give you a gift."

The taller vampire stepped into the room properly and Damek noticed he had a staff in one hand.

"Here." Mannfred said handing the staff to Damek.

Once the stave made contact with his flesh the younger vampire gasped, even inactive he could feel a breeze of power flowing into him from the artefact.

"This is..." Damek began.

"Rare." The Son of Vlad said "So keep it safe...I give you this to remind you that whilst you should learn how to use that blade and protect yourself in that armour do not forget your strengths. You're a talented wizard my boy, rely on that strength."

Damek bowed deeply. "Thank you my Lord."

Mannfred chuckled. "Yes, yes enough formality. Now get going."


Lisette was now dressed in her Templar armour with her sword at her side as she rode out of Drakenhof. She felt unhappy at having to leave Karek behind, her champion was fully healed but Akarin had told her to leave him out of it.

Her childe had not liked that at all but he had finally agreed to stay in the castle until her return.

After half an hour of riding she pulled up at the side of the road and walked her steed through the trees and eventually came across a clearing.

There stood three archers dressed in a similar fashion although one had a different type of bow. It was this different man who stepped forward. "You got here quickly Lisette." he said "I am Meta the Bowman, an associate of Akarin." as he spoke his mottled cloaked blew around him causing the optical illusion that parts of him seemed to vanish.

"I believe you've met my men."

As one stepped forward and lowered his hood she was displeased to see that it was the smirking man Maximillian however she knew who the second was before he spoke.

"Jäger." she said happily hugging him.

Meta looked out at the darkness. "Now we wait for the others."

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
Damek gets his staff...and the repercussions of the plot. Interesting. And I can see what Akarin's referring to with Lisette + Nicoletto.:)

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Was just reading through and noticed you referred to Mircea. Except he didn't' gain that name until after the first war. He should be called Meyerling Fausing at this point in time.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Damek was the last to enter the clearing there were a number of other vampires. Three similarly dressed archers holding longbows stood near each other, next to them was Lisette in her elegant armour of swooping curves marking her out as one of the Drakenhof Templars with a longsword hanging at her waist. Standing a little apart these vampires was a huge warrior in plate amour carrying a greatsword about as tall as a man and next to him was Simon wearing a long cloak and a shirt of mail with his infamous rapier sheathed at his hip.

"Damek." Lisette said with a smile at the newcomer.

Damek returned the friendly gesture, truth be told he only knew Lisette from court but she had always been graceful and respectful towards him besides she had risen through the von Carstein ranks with stunning speed and was one of the highest ranked knights under Vlad's reign.

Damek recognised the archers as Akarin's accomplice Meta, Jäger Holtzmann who was one of Isabella's eldest children and his friend Maximillian. Simon and the giant man walked forward, the poet had a look of slight distaste on his face, Damek and he had never got along.

The armoured warrior removed his helmet to reveal his ridiculously handsome face, Damek recognised him immediately as one of the Court's most prominent Fencing Instructors.

"So we're all here." Meta said to the group.

"We'll make our way to Oswald's fortress, we should be able to get in easily enough but once inside we'll have to be careful. We have no idea how many guards they have or of what calibre. However we have to remember that Oswald is our ultimate goal, his capture or his destruction."

Damek cleared his throat. "What of his servants? Do we only kill them if we have to."

Jäger shook his head. "There are Norsemen mercenaries, cultists, vampires and not to mention undead guards but they're not our concern. We should only deal with those that we must."

Meta nodded. "We believe most of Oswald's brood have fled to another hideout which Akarin will take care off but some are likely still in his keep. So hopefully there aren't many of our kind present."

Simon give a heavy sigh. "It sounds like the seven of us are going to have to deal with the entire bloody castle..." he muttered.

Meta smiled. "Not necessarily. Vlad has a group of Akarin's blades and a squadron Templars ready to strike as soon as I send word. We need to open the doors first and then they can attack, we'll deal with Oswald and leave the rest to them."

Lisette nodded. "Let's get moving then boys...whilst the night is young."


The seven figures stood in the abandoned village outside of Oswald's keep.

The intimidating fortifications loomed over them giving the utter appearance of impenetrability.

"How do we get in there?" Damek muttered.

Jäger gestured to the east side of the Keep. "There's a small Postern Gate around the side. I can get it open from the inside."

Meta frowned "I could do it faster."

The other archer smiled "No doubt that are the more silent sir but I've already been inside. I know my way, it will only take half an hour at most."

Meta cursed in an unusual display of frustration "Fine...hurry up." he growled.

Jäger grinned and handed his superior his longbow, before taking off his quiver and handing it to Max "I'll see you soon."

The small vampire took off, vanishing into the night.