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Templates and multi-wound models.


Vampire Count
Apr 10, 2013
In a recent game, a stone thrower landed a hit on my Vargheists, hitting three of them. The centre Vargheist took the "under the hole" hit at S9 (or 10, or whatever) while the other two took a hit each. The model under the hole suffered two wounds, while the others took only a single wound between them. The unit had suffered three wounds in total, which would be enough to remove an entire model.

However, two separate models had been wounded, at different strength values.

We played it as the models hit were the ones who took the wounds, so that one Varg took one wound, and another took two wounds. Was this correct?


Mar 7, 2013
Wounds are applied to the unit, the only time it would be applied to a specific model is if that model was the champion or a character.

so in your example you would have just removed one model
Feb 16, 2012
What if one model are affected by d6 multiple wounds, is it possible to lose more than the maximum wounds on the single model? E.g. One crypt horror suffers 6 multiple wounds, do you remove the model, or do you remove two?


Lord of RAW
Staff member
True Blood
Dec 29, 2010
A model cannot suffer more than it's total number of wounds (outside of a challenge) so say a unit of 3 varghiests were hit by a cannon, earning the multiple wounds of 5, 6 and 2. As each varghiest only has three wounds to lose, the unit would suffer 8 wounds, leaving 1 vargheist on 1 wound.