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The 6th Edition Archive

Master Vampire

Master Necromancer
True Blood
Jul 12, 2007
Welcome to the the 6th Edition Archive of the Vampire Counts tactical discussions and all what is related to it. The discussions you find in here, are by nature ones from a 6th edition viewpoint. It has been necessary to move these topics into a forum Archive because we didn't want to mix up 7th and 6th edition discussions.

This way, there will be no confusion. Of course, it can happen that some topics could relate to the 7th edition of the Vampire Counts, but we did have to choose a deadline between what's 7th edition and what's 6th edition. Because of that, we chose to move topics before March 2008 (the release date of the present day Vampire Counts) to this Archive.

So the topics included in here reach from 2007 till March 2008. The divide was made by looking at the last post date of the topic, and not the topic start date.

In this archive, you'll find Tactics, Army Lists, Rules Questions and Battle Reports.

So if you ever want to play a game with VC in 6th edition, there will be a place where you can look for tactical information.

Though, I have to mention this forum is an archive, which means you can't post new threads nor reply to posts.