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The background of your Count


Master Vampire
True Blood
All right let’s get the ball rolling, a; credit goes to Jack-of-Blades for the idea of this thread.

Name: Mircea von Carstein
Title: Marshal of Slyvania ‘’Voivode’’
Origin: Waldenhof, Slyvania
Age: over seven hundred years old.
Sire: Isabella
Current Location: Castle Mitternacht, Ravenhof, Slyvania
Associates: Luke von Carstein: one of his get, an aristocratic vampire who is skilled at generalship and necromancy, indulges in women and other things that his sire disapproves of, argues alt with his brother Jan.

Jan von Carstein: a rogue coarse butcher of men who swears like a sailor and makes no secret of his low origins, much to the embarrassment of his older brother Luke who wants desperately to be a noble. Is despised in the courts of Sylvania as an ass who disrespects everyone, especially nobility.

Sophia von Carstein: His only female get, he loved her like a daughter, she was recently killed by a vampire hunter and is interred in a Black Coach regenerating, not much is know about her otherwise.

Appearance: A tall man with long black hair and red eyes, his face usually transforms into a demonic mask if stressed in battle. He has fine, aristocratic cheekbones and hawkish features. His skin is as pale as marble. He rarely smiles.

He wears an ornate suit of ridged armor sculpted to resemble bat wings. He wears a massive wolf-skin cloak around his shoulders and he carries an ornate enchanted sword that screams in the air.

When away from war he wears a black cloak and elegant clothes of a traveling noble of an important family.

Mentality: Mircea is concerned with temporal power; he is very conquest minded and has little time for the feasts and plotting of other vampires. He was and still is a military man. He can infiltrate the human aristocratic class of lords and ladies if necessary, although he does with much distaste. He is offers his enemies the choice that Vlad did, serve him in life or serve him in death. He always keeps his word like Vlad. He can be very cruel, impaling prisoners on stakes after battles and resurrecting them as zombies.

As a ruler he is distant and apathetic, finding little time for base ruling, so he usually appoints a magistrate or town headman that he trusts to rule and sent him the Blood Tax. He cares for his people as a farmer would a flock of chickens. He however is a firm believer is harsh punishment to those who deserve and any criminal who breaks the law can be expected to become his next meal. Thus there is actually a low amount of crime in Ravenhof, out of fear and low taxes.

He has a brooding personality and prefers to be by himself at his Castle at Mitternacht, brooding and keeping to himself. He is an elegant monster who bewitches women, makes men nervous and warriors uneasy. He however does not pursue women beyond as a meal, seeing little point in loving someone as they will pass away like mayflies due to his immortality, and he doubts that any of the undead would love him. By contrast he enjoys battle, seeing a different situation each time he fights and is a brilliant military strategist who enjoys fighting intelligent tacticians to test his mind against in a game of military strategy.

Because he is one of the first of the vampire aristocracy of Sylvania he has a massive superiority complex and he destests other younger vampire nobles as ‘’trash vampires’’, he sees Vlad as the archetypical vampire and aspires to be like him. Make no mistake, he does not despise his undead condition but instead revels in being a creature of darkness. His calling however is being an immortal general rather than a decadent fop.

Background: He was a minor nobleman in the Sylvania army called Meyerling Faulsing that was invited to meet the new count and his wife right after Isabella had been mysteriously cured of her illness. When he met them he spotted an assassin emerging from the crowed. He leapt in front of Vlad and took the blade for himself, not knowing that as a vampire Vlad was immune to poison, but the new count was impressed by the audacity of the nobleman and had Isabella sire him.

He served Vlad loyally as a military commander, not desiring any more than that, after Vlad’s death he retrieved the vampire count’s sword and fled to distant lands. When he returned he sported an accent similar to Vlad’s and a new name. Mircea. He slaughtered the human noble that had taken his lands after the defeat of the vampire counts and reinstated himself as a ruler, swearing allegiance to Mannfred, acting as the new vampire count’s military commander as he did with Vlad.

Current Location: In western Sylvania engaged in several conflicts with a nearby imperial army and bands of marauding Chaos worshipers from the Storm of Chaos.

Views on the other bloodlines.

Blood Dragons: A worthy military force, but too focused on a particular task and useful as allies.

Lahmians: Manipulative, untrustworthy whores, Mircea has a bad history with Lahmians.

Strigoi: Vermin, but dangerous vermin, Mircea holds then in contempt but is very respectful of their strength and combat skills.

Necarch: Insane, he believes that while potent wizards all are irrevocably insane.
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Magneqrox
Title: The Juggernaut, Herald of the Draconids
Age: 2375

Origin: The coast of south-western Norsca and north-western Southlands, near the first river.
Sire: Thraak'ann. Thraak'ann is a Heavens-magic practitioneer, having learnt it by unknown means. He's a patient, calculating individual that prefers to enhance the efforts of others rather than stand at the front. He has also made an art out of using lightning to kill his foes.

Current Location: The Petrified Forest, Naggaroth. He's on his way to intercept Dark Elf raiding fleets sailing to Ulthuan, not because of his liking for the High Elves, but because the Dark Elves torture Dragons.

Associates: Wight King Igor, who carries his personal standard to battle. Igor was his rival in life, but Magneqrox had taken a liking to his respectful behavior. The banner is enchanted with Magneqrox's passionate protection of Dragons. Many foes have stood dumbstruck as Magneqrox drags out a lance out of his chest, grabs his enemy by the hair and impales his throat with the lance, thanks to the enchanted Banner, proudly carried by Igor (Drakenhof Banner). This combines with his Crown, and makes him and Magneqrox seem nigh invincible to some, thus earning Magneqrox the name 'The Juggernaut'. Magneqrox could not have made it far without the expertise and counsel of Igor.

Thraak'ann, his sire and the one who manages the keep, slaves and everything else that falls under his interest (this has been known to include the occasional human experiment). He is ruthless, efficient, merciless, cold and not given much to company, prefering instead to study his magic. On the occasion that he comes out of his chamber, hidden underground, it is usually to reveal that a raiding party is on its way in the viccinity or gather more odds and ends for his experiments. He frequently uses the Ghouls as subjects for these experiments, which has resulted in many odd mutations and severe, mental disturbings in many of them.

Finelle the Glutton: His countess, that can be summed up in six words: Greedy, Gluttonous, Self-Indulgent, Huge and Beguiling. However, she lets no one touch her except Magneqrox. Her head is adorned with a grey crown, that has a single purple diamond in it, which keeps her pitch-black hair in a mane that goes a little below her shoulders. Even in her mortal life, she had grew up in luxury in one of Sylvania's richest families, the Von Fhoten's. She soon learned that there were no laws that restricted her, and upon reaching adulthood, began treating the local villages as mere toys to her will. Soon, she deemed all those lower than her to exist merely for her self-indulgence. This has not changed in unlife, and few can match her desperation for power, food and objects of worth and beauty. Her size is certainly huge.

The actual background

Physique: His black eyes contain yellow pupils are slit-shaped and vertical. He is both strong and tall which lends him a mildly scary appearance, even for a Vampire. His features are largely draconic, as he has over the years taken on more and more of their shape. He has no wings, but this doesn't concern him as he is most comfortable leading his regiment of Ghouls accompanied by Igor, and has no real need for them otherwise. This lack of wings has caused many to laugh at him when he says that he is the Herald of the Draconids, and at his associates for being so pathetic as to follow such a creature that assumes itself to be the Herald of the Draconids. This always ends in their slow dismemberment (Igor), the extremely slow, luxurious devouring of them while they're still alive (Finelle), ending up as the freshest specimen for testing how one can best inflict pain (Thraak'ann) or being hanged on the gate of Taint River Keep, with waste and filth thrown onto them by Ghouls, until Magneqrox find a new one that laughed, while in the meantime the subject is kept alive by re-vitalising potions of Thraak'ann to hang there, for a very long time... (Magneqrox).

His head is without hair, for he is practically a Dragon walking on two feet without wings now, and his body is muscular and big, however he is not fat. His height is 3.62 Metres, and his weight is 324 KG. His head and a line down his back, as well as the upper part of his tail, his right hand and feet are constantly on fire. He can however, choose to who and what this fire should harm. His left hand resembles a Manta (including a tail), and has the ability to paralyze and unleash extreme amounts of electricity into the target.

Mentality: Occasionally, the life of a commander will be spared. This is so that he once again seeks up Magneqrox, fails again and continues until he has no resources left. At that point, they are usually driven to insanity by the number of lives they have wasted, at which point Magneqrox turns them into slaves for Finelle. He delights in breaking the will and devotion of mortals, and spends much time manipulating different nobles against eachother. This culminates at the times he uses Thraak'anns abilities to advice them through the mind, when their grip on sanity starts to falter. He will lead them and their armies into a most unwelcoming region, watch the armies butcher eachother and then start harassing the winning side with some spells, to make the amusement last longer.

When one side finally wins, he will descend from his hiding place, accompanied by Igor and a regiment of Ghouls. There, he will convince the general of the surviving army that the only wise action now, is to flee in a given direction. He also lies about a second army being mere minutes from here and that they need to flee... flee to the direction of Taint River Keep, that is. The few that realise they are being tricked have a tendency to make no difference, as the rest are in such a hopeless situation from having little sleep, little food and drink and little energy, that they ignore them. As they reach the Keep, the gates are already opened, with welcoming nourishment presented inside it, which Magneqrox promises them from the moment they start the trek. When they are all inside, the gates close and Finelle emerges from a heavy door. She will grin and eat all the food in a moment, cackling at the dumbstruck army. Magneqrox warns that resisting will merely make the process more painful, and they are then led to Countess Finelle's parlour, where they are to be feasted upon by her.

Regardless of his strength and size, Magneqrox is very fond of trickery, cunning and studying to defeat his foes. He has a powerful mind and keen senses, most of all the eyes. He also worships Dragons, and his easy-going, relaxed and jolly nature can easily be exchanged for his relentless, smart and cunning nature, especially when desperate or when a Dragon is threatened.

He has integrated some Dark Elves into his keep. The reason, they said, was seeing the folly of opposing him, and he treats them well in return. These he employ as scouts, raiders and such roles, for he is loathe to waste the souls of his following.

He delights most of these things, in this particular order: Outwitting, tricking and fooling his foes, feeding/loving Finelle and manipulation.

Simon von Carstein

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True Blood
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Simon von Carstein.
Title: Scourge of Morr/The Poetic Fiend.
Origin: Eastern Sylvania.
Age: 616.
Sire: Isabella.
Current Location: Nexeturnus in the Border Princes.
Associates: Nar-Zuul: the Wraith who who began his training in Necromancy.

Mircea von Carstein: Simon's older brother in death friendly rivals friendship strained due to Mircea serving Mannfred and Simon trying to usurp him.

Sariah von Carstein: Simon's Get/Lover. (see the background of your countess)

Aurelius von Carstein: Simon's protege a vampiric warrior wizard who serves as second in command in Simon's faction not much is known about him.

Lucius, Marius and Maximilian von Carstein: Simon's Grandgets they each govern part of Simon's territory and march to war with glee.

Appearance: roughly six foot tall with with short blond hair Simon was sired at the age of twenty six and continues to look this age except for his eyes which reflect the six centuries he has lived. Simon's appearance has tended to change over the centuries. In his younger days during his exile he dressed to resemble a member of the working class after he sired Sariah he started to revert back to clothes that reflected the minor nobleman he was. In battle he wore standard armour until shortly after the death of Konrad when he discovered a Hauberk that may have belonged to Wallach Harkon not far from Grim Moor he tends to wear this now as it is superior to his old armour. He carries a magical blade called Animessor once wielded by a vampire hunter it works just as well on mortals too. In complete contradiction to his brother Simon is always smiling as he enjoys the life that he leads and sees it as a fascinating game.

Mentality: Simon is trying to forge his own version of Vlad's dream desiring to create his own empire of living and Dead where all vampires save those descended from him have been exterminated. He has already begun by capturing his own princedom in the Border Princes which he has ruled for over two hundred years however with his victories over chaos and Khemrians his forces have grown immeasurably and its only a matter of time before he tries to forcibly unite the the Border Princedoms into one nation under his rule.

As a ruler he is generally popular with his subjects for keeping crime and taxes low and being sparing with their lives he encourages them to worship him as a demi god and father figure who watches over them he generally feeds off criminals and slaves captured from neighbouring lands and has forbidden his family from hunting their own people under pain of death he enjoys playing the part of benevolent noble though he shows no mercy to any invaders of his lands some he kills but others like goblins and skaven he condemns to work in the haunted mines of Nexeternus they rarely last long as they're either frightened to death or just vanish and Simon has considered using dwarf slaves in the hope they might last longer.

Simon's long term goals is to be better to eclipse all other vampires especially Mannfred and become the most powerful one of all so he has taken to feeding off his own kind to increase his powers believing that by doing this he will become a god on the mortal coil. Despite his love of battle and combat Simon is not an outstanding military man as at heart he is a scholar and a collector of rare artifacts and clocks he has secretly financed several expeditions to Lustria to recover ancient Slann Lore. The pride of his collection is a painting of a future world of the dead painted by Melchior himself.

Background: A minor nobleman and famous sylvanian poet Simon was sired by Isabella so that he could compose poems for her forever. Simon was exiled by Vlad for antagonising everyone as becoming a vampire had radically altered his personality. He was reconciled with his grandsire forty years later and grew to greatly respect him Vlad was the only vampire Simon ever acknowledged as his Lord as he refused to serve Herman Posner, Konrad and Mannfred instead striking out on his own to forge his own destiny.

Vampire Lord
Red Fury
Dark Accolyte
Lord of the Dead
Animessor the sword of von Kronos (Sword of Kings)
Wallachs Bloody Hauberk
Sceptre de Noirot

For more information see The Scourge of Morr summarised by the order of Morr in the story writing section.


Mortarch of Salt
True Blood
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Baron Havelock von Ruthven
Title: Lord Regent of Templehof, Master of the Order of the Black Cross
Origin: deliberately obscured. It's doubtful that even Havelock knows any more.
Age: again, deliberately obscured.
Sire: possibly Vlad von Carstein, but unlikely.
Current Location: Castle Templehof
- Carmilla von Ruthven and Varnard 'Varney' von Wellmitz - Havelock's get and subordinate generals.
- Rosenkratz and Guildenstern - a pair of eternally bickering Necromancers both working on a way to breach the Dwarf wards on Castle Templehof and raise the entire Order of the Black Cross, not just a score or so at a time.
- Emmanuelle von Carstein - the former Lady Baroness of Templehof, and Havelock's lover during the first reign of Mannfred. Currently impermanently deceased and confined to a Black Coach.

Appearance: Havelock is a stocky man of somewhat roguish mien, with a hook nose, longish black hair, a goatee and a missing right eye that his minions pretend not to notice. Typically wears a Sylvanian commander's uniform, demonstrating his lordship of both the Order and the town they reside in: purple and black frilled tunic and breeches, riding boots, a high-collared cape and a variety of enchanted breastplates, greaves and gauntlets. His hunting armour is deep purple, almost black, trimmed with gold, and serves to protect him against arrow, bolt and bullet: his ceremonial armour as Master of the Order is lacquered purple.

Mentality: In a word, 'vengeful'. The delusions of the various von Carsteins have cost Havelock the woman of his dreams, not to mention his entire command and his right eye: had it not been for the bloody ravages of Konrad, the dwarfs may not have descended to fight alongside the Empire, and may not have laid siege to Templehof after the Battle of Hel Fenn. Had it not been for Mannfred's call to arms, he would have been present at Emmanuelle's side during the siege, not riding frantically in the wake of the dwarf army. Havelock's loathing of the Counts of Sylvania is matched only by his contempt of the skaven currently invading his lands.

In his less hate-crazed moments, though, Havelock remembers why he originally pledged his sword to the von Carsteins: Vlad's dream of an Empire of the Dead, in which human ingenuity would be led by an undying aristocracy safe from the assassin's blade or the ravages of time, and defended by an army of the walking dead so no human life need be squandered in war. In the long run, this is still Havelock's dream: he works to undo the dwarfen wards on his castle so he can resurrect every Knight of the Order, with a little magic left over to bring back his Emmanuelle.

Background: the Regent of Templehof seems to delight in his status as an enigma. Who sired him, who he was in life, whether he's really a Baron and, for that matter, where in the world Ruthven is all remain hidden from his minions and allies. The only certainties are that he knew Vlad in the years before the von Carsteins claimed Sylvania, but was not a member of Vlad's court at the time Pieter von Carstein sired Emmanuelle. The best guess anyone can come up with is that he's an ally of Vlad's rather than a von Carstein by blood, and that he was sent to Templehof by Vlad in order to corrupt the Knights of the Black Cross, eventually turning them into the wights and vampires they are today.

Vital Stats: Vampire Lord with Dark Acolyte, Infinite Hatred and Summon Creatures of the Night.
Magic item configurations vary: the Nefarious is Armour of Night, Wristbands of Black Gold and Helm of Commandment, while the Noble is the Blood Drinker and Walach's Bloody Hauberk (and, occasionally, an Abyssal Terror).

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Milosh Cromwell
Title: Used to be known as the Damned, now is known as the Wraithlord
Origin: Altdorf
Age: 1632
Sire: Unknown
Current Location: Searching through the Border Princes.
Mistress Lesa (see the Background of your Countess) his vampiric wife.
Rowhaine (Get) A vampire that has devolved to a more bestial state due his mind the constant attempt by Milosh to take over his body. He has been stopped from turning into a Vargulf thanks to a magic amulet fashioned by Milosh and Lesa
Rayla (Lesa's Get) Magic protege of Lesa she is quiet and subservient to her masters requests whether that be in magically or sexually.
Vankar - Lesa's pet necromancer he was mesmerised by her looks many years ago and and has followed her loyally since. His second greatest wish is to become a vampire, his first is to experience the pleasure that only Lesa can give. Usually given the dirty work of finding and raising dead bodies.

Appearance / Personality.
Before his accident Milosh was a reasonably handsome man, standing just under 6ft he was slim though muscular, dark almost black eyes and his hair long, tied back, whilst shaved at the sides as was the style of the men in his family from before they can remember.He was born in a comfortable merchant family and dressed to match the lifestyle he had, his one main problem was his distaste for the upper classes. he feels no man is better than him and hates been looked down upon. Magically adept and as sexually adventurous as his wife they make a perfect couple.

Milosh grew up normally in the merchant lifestyle and as eldest would have taken over his fathers business. Unknown to many around him Milosh had a dark seed inside, his hate for the upper classes combined with his iron will strove him to seek to break free from the bounds of his class. He was his own worse enemy though, his rampant sexual appetite breed rumours, most of which concealed a grain of truth, these held him back and ruined any chances he ever had. Knowing in this lifetime he could never fix the mistakes he had made Milosh vowed to live until all who remembered him was dead and he could start anew. Through difficult means he managed to find an old necromantic grimoire. Whilst there was a few setbacks that nearly killed him due to the coding in the books he slowly expanded his knowledge and power. Power attracts power and one dark night Milosh was visited by a stranger offering immortality and the all the power it brought. He didn't think twice readily accepting the offer, unlike may others Milosh wanted the vampiric lifestyle and has never regretted it. When he awoke he slowly learned of the control his sire had over him and found this unacceptable however he did have one advantage over his master, his control of necromancy. Using this to his full advantage he turned the vampires own personal guard of Wights him, whilst the master managed to kill many eventually one of them managed to strike a killing blow with the enchanted Wight Blade freeing Milosh. Since then Milosh has wiped all knowledge of his master and no one know what family he belongs to.

Current Status
Milosh has always wanted to expand his already great magical abilities, upon hearing there was a magical artifact supposedly created by Nagash being taken to the colleges of magic he decided to infiltrate and steal it. However when he got there he found someone else had the same idea - Mistress Lesa. It was love at first sight with their similar tastes and drives. However years later disaster struck, Miosh was attempting to increase his powers again and he has an unusual miscast which resulted in is corporeal body being destroyed. Lesa manged to bind his body to this plane as a vampiric wraithlord, they now both search for a way to him to have flesh and blood again - he has currently heard of a rumour of a magic item in the Border Princes and is searching through them attended by his bodyguard of Wraiths.

Vampire Lord
Spectral Horror
Dark Acolyte
Avatar of Death (to get Great Weapon)
Is always in a unit of 4+ Cairn Wraiths

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
RE: The background of your Count.

Disciple of Nagash - your vampire is in the border princes looking for an artifact. My vampire lives in the border princes and is a collector of artifacts should I expect a visit soon?

Disciple of Nagash

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RE: The background of your Count.

Simon - sounds like a good idea for the next step of my Lord, he finds out that the artefact that could possibly ressurect his body has already been found and is in the hands of Simon von Carstein.........
RE: The background of your Count.

Name:Heinrich von Carstein
Title: Lord of Templehof
Origin: Unknown, presumably Ancient Nehekara
Age: Unknown. It is certain that he comes from ancient Lahmia but when he was sired is uncertain. Presumably he is about 3500 years old
Sire: Unknown, probably Vashanesh but could have been a get of a get sired by Vashanesh
Current Location: Castle Templehof, Sylvania

Associates: Audrey von Carstein: the "Wife" of heinrich, presumably his get. She is a very beautiful woman with striking pale features and long, curly raven like hair.

Konrad von Carstein: Raised back to life by Heinrich after Heinrich spent 200 years finding all his scattered bones and ashes. He is Heinrich's current champion and is not as crazy as he was at the end of dominion because of extensive "magic therapy" and the fact that when he was raised back to life Heinrich did not restore the entire part of the soul and tried to leave out the part of him that was a complete psycho.

Kurt Posner(the grandson of Herman Posner) also known as Willhelm Shwartzkoph to the villager's of Stirland and "Raargh-woor-Arghh" to the many ghoul tribes of Hunger wood. Kurt is Heinrich's link to the ghoul tribe "Red Claw". Kurt was travelling on one of the many roads in Hunger wood when suddenly he was attacked by the ghoul tribe, the alpha male (a potent varghulf, Morghul the Savage) challenged Kurt and after an entire night of fighting kurt came out on top and effectively became the "red claw" ghoul tribe's leader.

Vlad von Carstein: When vlad travelled to the empire Heinrich joined him and they became close Companions. When Vlad attacked Altdorf Heinrich was there and witnessed the undead loss. There really isn't that much to say, i mean, vlad already has a hefty piece of backgroud.

Appearance:.......... still working on that..... sorry.

Background: ......sort of still working on that too. Although; he is a brooding 'man' who bides his time to when mannfred returns and attacks the empire. He is a very good magic user.
I haven't really decided if i'm gonna have him as a beastialle vamp(winged vamp) or a more aristocratic vamp(vlad model)

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Vekarin Banespike
Title: The Dark Bladed, Lord of the Scarred Rose, General of the Legion
Origin: Lahmia
Age: 4057
Sire: Captain Abhorash the Great of Lahmia
Current Location: The Violet Keep, deep in the dread land of Sylvania
Associates:Aggredias Glorybane, Lieutenant of the Scarred Rose
Barrow Lord Feremini Mors
Zosz the Forsaken

Appearance: Although he rarely shows his face, the Dark Bladed is remarkable comely. His long, raven black hair falls about his muscular shoulders, surrounding a strong face with eyes that glow of unholy balefire. Vekarin is tall and heavily muscled, stronger than most vampires, and maintaining his strength through unknown means. Although he could easily fit into human society, the Lord of the Scarred Rose dismissed humans as
shortlived, cowardly and untrustworthy. Instead, Vekarin wears a suit of enormous, austere armor inlaid with glowing runes of power and protection. Upon his head he wears a death mask in the terrifying visage of a grinning skull. He hides his face believing that his handsome features are not suited for the terror he displays in battle.

Background: Vekarin was once one of the greatest lieutenants of the great Abhorash, captian of the Lahmian guard. As a result, Vekarin was one of the first to be vampirized by the captain at Neferata's order. He fought alongside his commander for many years against the armies of the Priest Kings and later escaping with him from the doomed city of Lahmia. Vekarin, like Abhorash, did not answer Nagash's call to fight, instead learning from his master as Abhorash killed the great, red Dragon and became the first of the Blood Dragons. Learning from his commander's victory, Vekarin gathered about him a cabal of loyal Lahmian guards and undead servants and sought an enemy worthy of his tactical and physical abilities. Many armies he destroyed, his legion growing all the more. Any general that proved his tactical skill and honor in combat was given the Blood Kiss be Vekarin, other were not shown the same mercy. After hundreds of years of battle, Vekarin stumbled across the Chaos Warband of Kekarsarn, the self proclaimed Herald of Tzeentch. While this Chaos Lord may not have been a threat on his own, and in a fair single combat Vekarin could have bested him easily, this commander used never before encountered by the Blood Dragon, drawing Vekarin's soldiers into elaborately crafted traps, before engulfing them in flames of red and purple. As his armies crumbled about him, Vekarin risked all in a desparate charge with his Banespike Gaurd at Kekarsarun and his Chaos Dragon. As the fight raged on, Vekarin fought like a madman to get at Kekarsarun himself, who cast his sorcerour magic against Vekarin. As his strength waned, Vekarin saw his hope fade, but pushed himself enough to throw his body upon the enemy commander. The two fought for what seemed like hours, but in the end Vekarin impaled Kekarsarun's throat with his magical lance. Filled with the thrill of victory and the rush of the kill, Vekarin drunk deeply upon the magicly tainted lifeblood of his enemy, sucking the Chaos champion's body dry, his death slaying his mount. Having defeated one whom had almost bested him, Vekarin was freed from Neferata's curse, and his army set off to seek those who would destroy his kind.

Personality: Vekarin beleives that the only true Vampires are those who ride before their legions upon the winds of magic. He despises those who hide in the shadows or consort with those of the darkness such as ghouls. As a result, Vekarin will not associate himself with Vampires of the Lahmian or Strigoi bloodlines. He also despises enemies such as Skaven or Wood Elves, beleiving them to be without honor or the thought of glory. Vekarin's legions are comprimised mostly of the warriors of old, his Banespike Gaurd of Garve Gaurd and the Riders of the Scarred Rose, Blood Knighrs that followed him from Lahmia.

Vampire Lord
The Banespike (Dreadlance)
Plate of Kekarsarun (Flayed Hauberk)
Fromach, Steed of Fire (Abyssal Terror)
Red Fury
Walking Death
RE: The background of your Count.

Hmmmm might as well get my two counts....

Natharidock the Clean
Titles: The colorfull Alchemist, Light of Darkness, The shifting Wanderer
Sire: None
Current Location: Mountains near Blackwater with Bortus Franz

Appearance: Unknown, tends to change depending of both his mood and the situation he is placed under.

Background: In the time before the fall of Lahmia Natharidock was one of the many servants of Neferata who had toiled night and day in an attempt to recreate Nagash's Elixer of Life. When the flawed elixer was created Nathridock and his compatriotes were to be killed so that thier secrets to the creation of the Elixer would be forever destroyed. Fortuanatly Natharidock was able to survive due to the fact that he had been able to drink from the elixer himself. After freeing himself he fledfrom Lahmia and, after much difficulty, time, and training, learned the secrets of both necromancy and magic. For thousands of years Natharidock wandered the old world. Gleaning the information of the ages and learning from those whose lives were bound to the mortal plane. Yet Natharidock was troubled. Like any creator the flaw of vampirism chewed at his mind. For years he puzzled over finding a cure to the bloodthirst which consumed both him and all other vampires. Due to his seperation from vampiric society he had yet to learn of the achievements of Captain Aborash. It would be due to another vampire that a cure would be found.

Bortus Franz
Titles: The Emperor (jokingly), The red knight, Champion of the Red Throne
Sire: Unknown
Current Location: Mountains near Blackwater with Natharidock the Clean

Appearance: Unknown, tends to change depending of both his mood and the situation he is placed under.


Master Vampire
True Blood
RE: The background of your Count.

Good idea Veskarin.

But Heinrich did'nt Vlad start the von Carstein name? If he was not sired by Vlad then why would an ancient vampire use his name? If he is from Lahima then why is he using an Imperial name? Plus he is appreantly about a hundred years older then Nerferata herself!
RE: The background of your Count.

Hmmmm might as well get my two counts....

Natharidock the Clean
Titles: The colorfull Alchemist, Light of Darkness, The shifting Wanderer
Sire: None
Current Location: Mountains near Blackwater with Bortus Franz

Appearance: Unknown, tends to change depending of both his mood and the situation he is placed under. All that is known is that his appearance is always male and has the typical vampiric fangs...

Background: In the time before the fall of Lahmia Natharidock was one of the many servants of Neferata who had toiled night and day in an attempt to recreate Nagash's Elixer of Life. When the flawed elixer was created Nathridock and his compatriotes were to be killed so that thier secrets to the creation of the Elixer would be forever destroyed. Fortuanatly Natharidock was able to survive due to the fact that he had been able to drink from the elixer himself. After freeing himself he fledfrom Lahmia and, after much difficulty, time, and training, learned the secrets of both necromancy and magic. For thousands of years Natharidock wandered the old world. Gleaning the information of the ages and learning from those whose lives were bound to the mortal plane. Yet Natharidock was troubled. Like any creator the flaw of vampirism chewed at his mind. For years he puzzled over finding a cure to the bloodthirst which consumed both him and all other vampires. Due to his seperation from vampiric society he had yet to learn of the achievements of Captain Aborash. It would be due to another vampire that his quest for a cure would be found.

Personality: Natharidock is very naive and ignorant to the world around him. When he becomes foccused on a task not much can distract him from it. He holds a strong hatred towards most vampires who he sees as crude and stupid.

Bortus Franz
Titles: The Emperor (jokingly), The red knight, Champion of the Red Throne
Sire: Unknown
Current Location: Mountains near Blackwater with Natharidock the Clean

Appearance: Bald armoured man. He is adorned in an ancient runic armur that covers all but his head. He also wears a cloak on top of this in order to mask his face more.

Background: Before his conversion Botus was a member of the Riekland nobility. During the first of the Carstien wars Bortus proved himself as a strong and capable swordsman leading his forces into battle agaisnt the forces of Vlad. But he met his fate during Vlads rampage across the Middenland where he led a force in an attempt to defeat Vlad and was ultimatly defeated. Yet this was not his end. Bortus would awaken years later after Vlad was defeated as a vampire. Driven by the agony of what he had become he fled into the mountains, emerging only to quench his thirst for blood. There he trained himself spending many years perfecting the art of death in combat.

Eventually it would be the Chaos incursion into the old world that would stir Bortus out of hiding. Determined not to see the Empire fall he gathered together a large group of necromancers and a one or two vampires under his command and founded the Order of the Red Throne. Leading his forces north he learned of the recent defection of a powerfull Empire general to the forces of chaos and decided to set up an ambush to eliminate the threat that man was. For days he waited until his scouts reported the coming of a small undead force. Believing that it may be the general he prepared his forces. When the force entered the valley he sprang his trap. Caught unprepared the commander of the force was sent fleeing back. Eager to destroy the man Bortus gave chase and in turn fell into a trap of his own. Bortus and his host found themselves ambushed by a massive undead force whihc, according to the necromancers under Bortus, had been hastily summoned in defense. For a week and a day the two fought, the ground becoming littered with the dead. These corpses would soon return to life however as the dark magic of both sides urged them to fight on. In the end no side was victorious. Bortus' necromancers were drained and tired after the fighting and on the other side of the valley, Natharidock alone also was drained from fighting the forces of Bortus. THe two sides decided to open negotiations. It was in the middle of these discussion between Bortus and Natharidock that the rogue general attacked and sealed a mighty alliance. In the following battle Nathridock found Bortus to be a charismatic and skilled leader ofmen and Botus came to find Natharidock a skilled teacher and informed man. After defeating the chaos general the two sides decided to reconcile thier differences and set out to help protect the Empire.

Personality: Bortus is a fierce and proud warrior who still believes he serves the Empire. He is a strong upholder of honour and tradition. He has a small group of necromancers who help him summon great amies to command.

For much time the two vampires travelled and, after learning about the accomplishments of Aborash, Natharidock convinced Bortus to begin thier search for a dragon that they would kill in order to discover a cure for the blood thirst. They found it. After a few months of searching they came upon a mighty High Elf dragon wandering about in the wilderness, its rider lying dead on its back. the two vampire fought and killed the beast and after cured their thirst for blood with that of the dragons. Knowing that a cure was within his grasp Natharidock ressurected the dragon to life and, with Bortus, flew to the mountains around Blackwater where he now works around the clock trying to "fix" the Elixir he had helped make so many years ago.
RE: The background of your Count.

Former Name: Vladislav de Bylorhof
Pre Siring Title: Grand Duke of the Principality of Bylorhof
Former Title(s): Vladislav von Carstein
Current Title: Incognito
Age: Unknown
Sire: Vladimir von Carstein
Current Location: Bylorhof Keep overlooking the Ruins of Bylorhof
- Sofia von Carstein: A beautiful woman by the human standards and immaculate as a Vampire, She committed suicide when Vladislav was killed unwilling to go live on into eternity without her husband, by jumping from Bylorhof’s highest tower, the tower of Ravens and into the flowing Draken River 100’s of meters below. Since her fall Vladislav has managed to retrieve her remains, however he has yet to regenerate her from her current state.
- Vulf von Carstein: The Bloodthirsty son of Vladislav and Sofia born to them whilst they were still mortal, Vulf is a highly competent Tactician who is prone to bursts of rage, whilst Vladislav himself is more reserved and calm in nature.
- Radu von Carstein: Vladislav’s former brother, when Vladislav and Radu were sent as tribute to Vladimir von Carstein during his early years of reign, Radu became more accustomed to their ways and teachings, forsaking those of his father. Vladislav was the opposite completely rejecting von Carstein, and staying true to his father. Radu never became a vampire he was slain by Vladislav soon after his resurrection, impaled on a stake outside of Bylorhof Keep.
- More to come, Vladislav’s background is still in its early stages.
Appearance: Vladislav, a tall man with long flowing raven black hair and bottomless black eyes. When fighting Vladislav’s face remains generally with its same usually undaunted expression, however when forced to the ends of his power Vladislav’s face become unrecognisable as he lets his inner beast gain control.
Vladislav is usually seen wearing his dark travelling cloak and his infamous leather boots, hidden beneath his cloak he carries an ornate two-handed sword passed down from through his family for many a generation, its hilt is shaped as a Raven.
Mentality: Vladislav, is not highly concerned with carving his own Empire, but more with his own personal influence and ability regarding the use of the winds of magic towards Necromancy, and Amethyst Magic.

Whilst other Vampires may view there current state of being as a virtue, Vladislav despises how it makes him weak and with each passing moment how he is losing more and more of his humanity.

As ruler of an Independent Principality Vladislav is highly regarded as one of the most successful in Bylorhof’s colourful and often bloody history. Admired by his people above all else in past years Vladislav has been revered for his efforts in ensuring a good harvest for his citizens and the border protection of the Principality from mainly Stirland and on occasion Stirland.

Regarding the use of his own citizens when they have died as reanimated soliders Vladislav sees this as highly immoral in most situations, however he will not hesitate to use the fallen of the enemy against them.
In recent times there has been a change in Vladislav’s character and he has become more reclusive and less calm, many would question him to wether he will remain as the Prince of Bylorhof for much longer.

Background: You can get an idea from the information in his Associates, subject to change.

Work in progress conversation between Vladislav, High Sigmarite Priest of Bylorhof, and Radu:
(Vladislav, currently being held at Sword Point by Radu, in the Chapel of Sigmar on the outskirts of the town of Pfaffbac.)

Radu: “Why aren’t you afraid, why aren’t you begging for your life like any other man!”

Priest: “Because he isn’t like any other man! And I know it from the moment he was delivered onto this world, Sigmar save me if I had one moment alone with youu I would of strangled you in your crib.

Vladislav: “You!, You murdered my father!”

Priest: “Because if your father was unable to pay von Carsteins ransom...”

Vladislav: “I’d be put to death…”

Priest: For Sigmar has said through the prophets that an antichrist would arrive who would promise peace but deliver all apocalypse!”

Vladislav: “My fight, my fight was never with god it was with you all of you!”

Priest: “And that is why you are doomed Vlad because you fight all of us,
You fight your own blood,
Your own people,
And your own Church,
Because you are the Antichrist, and you are doomed!”

(After this Vladislav was stabbed through the heart by his brother Radu, and was to be taken to Vlad who was to personally decapitate him, however on the eve before Vladislav’s body was to be taken, his coffin in the Church was found empty and the High Priest of Sigmar dead, apparently he had died of a heart attack.)

More to be Edited Soon, this is subject to change and is very WIP.
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Drake Von Carstein
Title: Heir to the Ring, Scourge of Mordhiem, The Exile
Origin: Unknown, somewhere within the Empire
Age: around 492 years old
Sire: Vlad & Isabella Von Carstein
Current Location: Von Carstein Manor, Mordhiem
Associates: Non, Drake hates most of his vampire breathren for exiling him from his homeland. Currently his only companion, is a Wight King of unknown orgins.

Brief history -
It was his first death at the hands of the knights of the White Wolf that first prompted Vlad Von Carstein to name an heir to the throne of Sylvania, should the unthinkable occur and his ring fail him.
However, not even the mighty Manfred was able to meet Vlad and Isabella’s criteria. They wanted someone pure of blood and free of the political infighting that was rife in the realm of Sylvania.
Vlad was forced to look outside his deathly realm, and so he dispatched his most able Necromancers to scour the lands of the Empire for newborn babies that had a natural ability of harness the powers of magic. Hundreds were tested but only a handful proved suitable. These children of Sigmar were stolen from their mother in the dead of night and returned to Drakenhof for further testing by Vlad himself.
Out of the handful of children only four were believed to be strong enough to carry out the Von Carstein legacy, for eighteen years they were trained in the arts of necromancy and combat.
Of the four selected only two survived the training, a female by the name of Miriya and a male by the name of Drake. Finally, the Lord of Undeath was ready to name his heir.
The two candidates were forced to fight each other, using all of their newfound abilities and their own initiative. After a four day contested that nearly cost the lives’ of both Miriya and Drake, a victor was decided, Drake.
No one knows exactly what happened next, but records suggest, that sometime during the Imperial year 2049 Drake received the blood kiss from both Vlad and Isabella simultaneously, finally becoming the true heir to the Von Carstein bloodline.
As Vlad made his final preparations of the siege of Altdorf, Drake Von Carstein was sent to the dammed city of Mordhiem to oversee warpstone collections, where he stayed for two years.
After Vlad and Isabella’s death in 2051, Drake returned to Drakenhof to claim his throne, but his leadership was opposed by every other Von Carstein, they claimed that without the Von Carstein Ring there was no legitimacy to his leadership. Drake was exiled from Sylvania until such time when he processes the ring.
It is not know if Drake every recovered the ring, but one thing is certain he has never returned to claim is throne.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
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RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Aurelius von Carstein
Title: The Dark Apprentice
Origin: unknown
Age: 485
Sire: Simon von Carstein
Current Location: Altdorf
Associates: Sariah von Carstein: Aurelius's sister in death(see the background of your countess)

Lucius, Marius and Maximillian: nephews in death

Balthazar von Pestise: fallen amephyst wizard now serves as high priest in vampire worshipping cult the Order of Vashanesh.

Appearance and Bio: Slightly shorter than Simon with long dark hair tends to dress as a Dandy or noble Fop however he is neither of these and is probably Simon's most dangerous servant unlike his master Aurelius was only able to master a tiny part of necromancy however he has made up for this by mastering the lore of fire which he taught himself after much experimentation. He is now an accomplished Pyromancer. During the first war of the vampire counts Simon and Sariah were very thorough wiping out entire towns and raising the corpses then finally Aurelius would destroy the town with fire he is also an excellent fighter and his loyalty to Simon's new order is without question making him Simon's heir should the need arise.

He does not hide himself like other vampires and often attends parties in Altdorf as he is a superbly skilled violinist he is very popular amongst the nobility sometimes he attends with Simon and Sariah who are introduced as Aurelius's sister and Brother in Law.

Secretly he is the Leader of the Order of Vashanesh founded by Simon centuries before and controls a network of agents through the cult who keep an eye on the royal court and other cults such as the Purple Hand. Like Simon he has the ability to speak through Ravens and Bats and this is how he keeps in constant communication with his Sire on a regular basis.


Master Vampire
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RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Luke/Jan von Carstein
Title: The von Carstein brothers
Origin: Stirland
Age: Luke-252 Jan-250
Sire: Mircea
Current Location: Castle Mitternacht, Slyvania

Associates: Mircea Von Carstein
Vanulf von Carstein
Konrad Sibrand

Appearance: Luke is a very handsome man with aristocratic features and long blonde hair with red eyes. Jan is a rougher, predatory-looking man with ruddy skin and short black hair.

With wear suits of heavy armor in war, both suits are decorated with leering bat faces and wings and Jan had a cloak of living bats.

Mentality: Luke and Jan are as different as night and day. Luke has aristocratic tendencies and speaks in a reikland accent and is very intelligent and refined as any noble.

Jan is a brute who delights in killing people and mindless violence. He enjoys taunting opponents and using crude language. He lives for the next scrap and doesn’t care much for nobles. He does not respect authority at all.

He even named his army ‘’The Jan murder squad’’ and he often converses with skeletons and zombies. Typically they make poor conversationalists.

Both brothers are very arrogant and seek new challenges.

Background: Born Luke and Jan von Valens both were former nobility that had lost their lands when they where young and so they spent most of their lives in the service of their cousins. The Wittenberg’s.

After the Wittenberg’s were killed in a fire they wandered homeless when they encountered Mircea who vampirzed them after Jan insulted Mircea and challenged him to a fight, even after he learned he was a vampire. The vampire lord sired both because he saw spirit in them.

Currently they serve Mircea as his lieutenants.

Current Location: In western Sylvania engaged in several conflicts with a nearby imperial army and bands of marauding Chaos worshipers from the Storm of Chaos.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
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RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Lucius, Marius and Maximillian von Carstein
Title: The Brethren
Origin: Southern empire and Border princes
Age: Lucius is 342 Marius and Maximillian are both 221
Sire: Sariah von Carstein
Current location: Border princes

Appearance and Background: Lucius wears a witchhunters outfit possibly the one he wore when he was a witchhunter due to facial disfigurements he keeps his face covered either by a cloth tied around his lower jaw or a mask. He is generally the leader of the three. Unlike his sire who is insane Lucius seems to be too sane he was a skilled torturer in life and learned eastern torture methods from a visitor from Cathay. He carries two swords and is skilled with both.

Marius and Maximillian continue to wear the armour they wore when they were young mercenary captains Marius is tall and bearded Maximillian is shorter and clean shaven with long hair tied back. Marius wields his great hammer with great strength though this slows him down. Maximillian uses a sword and shield and relies on his speed and agility for victory. Unlike Lucius Marius and Maximillian willingly gave up they're mortal lives to become vampires.

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
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RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Aggredias Glorybane, Lieutenant of the Scarred Rose
Origin: The Violet Keep
Age: 797
Sire: Vekarin Banespike, The Dark Blade
Current Location: The Violet Keep, deep in the dread land of Sylvania
Associates: Vekarin Banespike

Glorybane was a captain under Kekarsarun that Vekarin defeated in the battle of the Scarred Rose. Glorybane fought like a madman, crushing Vekarin's undead by the dozen. Vekarin saw the young warrior's skill and battle rage and decided that he could easily use it to his advantage. As Aggredias cut through the ranks of Vekarin's meagre skeletons, he came face to face with the Vampire Lord. The young Aspiring Champion of Chaos was no match for the unliving commander, but he fought with a fury that impressed Vekarin. Even as Vekarin brought Glorybane to his knees, the champion screamed praise to Tzeentch and apologized for his failure. Instead, Vekarin knocked the champion unconsious.

Aggredias awoke in a tent beyond the battle. However, the battle had been won as Kekarsarun was struck down by Vekarin. As the unliving general entered Glorybane's tent, the Chaos champion saw one last chance to slay Vekarin and make a name for himself. Again, however, Vekarin defeated Glorybane and bestowed unto him the Blood Kiss, slaving Aggredias to his will. As the centuries passed, Aggredias renounced his allegiance to the Changer of Ways and Vekarin's hold on his mind began to weaken. However, by this point the Vampire was solely devoted to his Sire, and would not betray him.

Glorybane's the guy on my Avatar! :lol:
RE: The background of your Count.

Name:count falcor
sire: Vlad von carstein
Title:Scourge of the living
location:castle peakhoef on the fanged island (west of Albion)
associates:countess Babarossa and Traqunica a wight king.
appearance: he was sired at 24 when he was 7 foot and has now grown up to 8 feet!He has beautiful physique for a vampire with deep blue eyes and a long mane of black hair.
background:Falcor was sired when at a unknown battle took a poisoned blade.As he laid dying Vlad granted him the blood kiss and gave him a unit of grave guard to command,so effective was he in battle that within 50 years he commanded 30,000 zombies,skeletons and vampires.

A 100 years passed but when one of Vlad's sire's lost a battle and blamed it on him he went on a rant and killed 40 vampires and necromancers, he then fled the land with his army and his countess and sons and daugthers (sire's).He travelled for a century until he came to a remote island full of kislevs that has ran away from the mainland, they accepted Falcor as their leader where he rules there to this day...
RE: The background of your Count.

Fantastic idea this thread!

Name: Luthair Lorentz
Titles: Nethirsalis, the Pale Snake
Age: Depends on the time period during which you are asking.
Sire: Unknown, potentially Harridas: the 'Battle Necrarch', plausibly Elixir born.
Current Location: Most commonly the Misty City: a massive fortress of dubious location.

Nethirsalis, once the wayward Luthair Lorentz, stands at 6'1" and is darkly handsome with flowing black hair to his shoulders. Greying temples and solid, worldly, stance mark an age upon ascension that is belied by his ageless pale skin. Though whilst at war he takes on the aspect of a raging Daemon, at peace his demeanor always seems almost pleasant, if slightly aloof. One glance into his eyes would reveal an insanity bested only by his intelligence.

Luthair Lorentz was born in Brettonia, son of Duke Eamon Lorentz and brother to Richmond. Whilst his brother sought service with the king, Luthair fought in mercenary during the Imperial crusades in Araby, Fighting first for one side, then the other, before finally pestering both with skirmishes. During Luthair's absence, Eamon succeeded in building the family home in the grey mountains: the massive fortress Ridgeguard.
Whilst in Araby, Luthair came into acquisition of a mercenary sorcerer Shaldul Hal. He began his magical training.

When the feared banner of the white snake returned to Brettonia, no rest could be found. Eamon had named himself King of his estates and had revealed the presence of an undead army under his command. The elder brother, Richmond, had been appointed the new count of Eamon's estates and had thusly inherited those ridgeguard who fled the fortress and estates. However, Luthair was appointed general of the force sent to lay siege to Ridgeguard. Before the first assault however Richmond took command of the army against Luthair's appointment. Defying his brother's battle plans, Luthair took one of his three remaining banners and assaulted the fortress from the goat-track, a small disused road leading to the rear of the fortress. Eamon was slain by Luthair only uppon the arrival of a furious Richmond, Eamon's famed magical helm falling from the battlements. Luthair fought Richmond and won, but before he could deliver the killing blow, he fled from Richmond's approaching guards. Before leaping from the battlements to an impossible fall Luthair spoke only for Richmond's ear

'I'll be back for you, brother'

No great deal is known about what happened following, nor at what point Luthair ceased to be mortal and became a vampire. The Lorentz family fell into ill repute and Richmond and his spawn were all but one murdered upon the day of Nethirsalis' return. Rumor spoke of a monster in the south. the 'Daemon' Nethirsalis rode forth, in a lightning campaign to take back his territories, upon the back of the once great dragon Krakengrom. The banner of the pale snake clashed with the Ridgeguard under the command of Roland Lorentz. The defenders were overwhelmed within an hour and the following day a third army set forward to take Ridgeguard fortress, this time with the intention of razing it to the ground.

The third taking of Ridgeguard was less bloody, if no less dramatic. Having broken the outer wall without meeting defense, the attackers filed into the centre courtyard which stood before the Tower Keep (now named Helm's Fall or Helmsfel) to find themselves faced with the ghostly visage of the ridgeguard ressurected from the first and second falling, and with three banners of half dead specters beneath the pale snake banner. As the attackers charged the undead horde, every last grisly defender turned to mist before blades could strike. Within the keep Nethirsalis made one speech to his opponent before himself turning to mist before his opponent's blade. It is not known what was said within the courtroom of Helmsfel. Ridgeguard was flattened once more into the mountainsides.

The Misty City: Often, when acres of mist hide the earth and the light of the chaos moon shines in full, the spires of Ridgeguard stand tall against the mountainside. Wherever dark magic is rife and the feel of nearby death sinks deep into the bones of men, the tall spires of the Misty City may be seen over treetops, distant and ringing with the sound of bells calling through the mist.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: V'azrin the Eternal.
Title: Heir of W’soran, The Second Apprentice, Weaver of Death
Origin: Lahmia.
Age: Believed to be around 3,500 to 4,000 years old, sired at a time when even all the master vampires had not yet been turned.
Sire: W’soran.
Current Location: Unknown
Associates: Reshorn-Apprentice and V’azrin’s first and only surviving get, sired during the reign of the Vampires in Lahmia.

Sired when he was around 23-26 there is nothing remaining of his form that would point to this. Standing at around 5”9 foot when he is slightly hunched over, he looks much like the undead he commands, much of his flesh rotten he resembles the commonly held image of a Necrarch. Usually dressed in black robes and carrying a staff in his hand with a strange sacrificial blade kept under his robes. From the waist of his robes hang many strange arcane items, from old scrolls to rune-covered skulls to minor items of power.

Mentality: Like most Necrarchs the realm of the dead seem much more real than the living world to V’azrin which, to his eyes, seems to be painted in dull greys compared to the vibrant range of colours of the dead. V’azrin has been known to lie, cheat, steal and murder for the smallest scrap of knowledge which he sees as important above almost all else. He is known to have been a great supporter of W’soran and his anger for even the living pales in comparison to that which he has for Melkhior. He is also said to be capable of great arrogance as he knows he was sired before almost all the surviving vampires of Today and his magical knowledge and power is far superior to any other being he has met bar a distinct few including his sire and the Great Necromancer himself.
Despite his great magical strength in skill he dislikes battle and if he is unsure of his chances of victory he will happily flee the combat.

Few know anything about V’azrins origins, he was once a scholar of Lahmia with a particular interest in the darker side of magic however despite his great innate magical talent he was lazy and didn’t achieve as was predicated. One of the advisors of the Queen saw this, this man was an scholar also by the name of W’soran, this academic man was actually one of the first vampires, he had only just sired his first get when he realised that making this young scholar into a lord of the dead may actually help not only lend Lahmia his magic power for eternity but bring him under his sway enough to encourage V’azrin to work harder. Soon after this thought occurred to the First Necrarch V’azrin was administered the blood kiss, over the next few months the young mans form withered until he was little more than a corpse, at the start he was dismayed but W’soran was always at hand to reassure him, he spent most of his time in training under the tutelage of his master or sorting through the great libraries of the city.
He served Lahmia for a great many years; during this time he sired a man who had been his friend during mortal life, Reshorn, with permission from his sire. He remained in Lahmia till the city’s fall and then followed W’soran until after the Great Necromancers defeat before leaving with W’soran and his few chosen mortal apprentices. He left his master with his new students to start his own studies.
What happened after this is a much argued point some say he merely went into study or that he went into some kind of stupor. It is heavily suggested that he fought with Nagash against Sigmar and he also had something to do with Strigos. He also is said to of helped Mannfred in his learning of the necromantic arts at times even visiting Sylvania numerous times, however his feelings towards this particular Von Carstein have recently become extremely hostile, reasons for which are unknown.

Current Status: Unknown exactly, likely in contact with whatever followers remain of Nagash, still studying the necromantic arts and gathering any arcane knowledge or artefacts that he can lay his hands on.
Believed to be in some sort of contact with Zacharias.
Rumoured to be searching for some sort of method to bring back the Father of Vampires, W’soran, there are even a few mad rumours that the Necrarch is somehow in contact with his ancient sire.

Personal Views Of the Bloodlines:

Blood Dragons: Brutes with little capability for subtlety and limited by too many foolish concepts of honour. However they are incredibly effective tools when guided right, he remembers Abhorash’s defence of Lahmia with much approval.

Lahmians: Women filled with foolishness and arrogance, he despises the queen and sees her to blame for the fall of their realm also he has a sneaking suspicion that they were behind the fall of Strigos but he has never proven it.

A disappointment, once a rather interesting house of vampires they have now lost that which made them valuable…their minds. Their short-lived kingdom however was a pleasant vision…if only for a while.

Von Carstein: Believe to be descendants of Vashanesh a vampire that V’azrin sees to be at fault for the vampiric forces of Nagash failing their master. One fact of the Von Carsteins that the Necrarch finds horrid is the fact that they seem to hold little restraint when it comes to siring others making their bloodline too common weakening the powers of both the sire and the thralls.
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Maxim de Danesti
Title: Voivode of the Principality of Bylorhof (Former), Seeker of Retribution (Current)
Origin: Principality of Bylorhof, now part of Sylvania under the Authority of Stirland
Age: 743 Approximately
Sire: Unknown
Current Location: The Ruins of Bylorhof Keep
Associates: Sofia de Danesti (Wife/Thrall), Vulf de Danesti, numerous Necromancers, and Wight Kings.

Background: As the last survivour of a bloodly line Maxim seeks to bring justice to those who through their greed and curroption brought ruin to the once fiercly independent principality of Bylorhof.

The Principality of Bylorhof was founded in 1607 when Basarab the Black fought against the tyranny of the Von Drak government and after a series of heroic victories gained Independence for his land. The most decisive of these victories being the battle know only today as Ambush of Ghoul Wood, where the forces of Von Drak where annihilated by cavalry charges from all sides by the Bylorhofien Boyar cavalry.

Through the remainder of his rein as Prince Basarab cemented a strong relationship with the County of Stirland, and in doing so protected his young, vulnerable Principality from Sylvanian attack.

200 Years later, and the once great Principality that Basarab had created had fallen into anarchy. The ruling class of Boyars through their lust for riches, siezed power and assassinated Maxim's father Vladislav II and forced Maxim and his younger brother Radu de la Afunati into solitary confinement for many a year.

Radu's spirit was broken far more easily then Maxim's and within 10 years Radu was appointed the Voivode of Bylorhof, the now puppet of the Boyars everywish.

At the same time Maxim was set free by his captors but was banished and sent north with only a horse and supplies. For many a day Maxim traveled finally arriving in the Capital of Stirland, Wurtbad. Where Maxim had council with the Count who gave Maxim support to regain his place as the rightful Voivode of Bylorhof.

Current Status: TBD

Personal View of other Bloodlines:

Von Carstein: Maxim has a seething hatred of all aristocrats as they brought about the ruin of his own land and sees them as being weak blooded and narrow minded.

Lahmia: Arrogant and Vein women, not to be trusted.

Strigoi: Unkown

Necrarch: Unknown

Blood Dragon: Unknown

As you can probably see this Character is WIP and Subject to Change! I will probably update sometime soon as I am sick and unable to go to School for the next whole week.