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The Battle of Chaloux - VC vs. WoC 2400pts (narrative report)

Jul 15, 2011
So let’s make this a little bit different, let’s set the scene and you can work out the results of the battles from the story woven before you…

The night had closed in around the town of Chaloux, little did those sleeping silently know that a short distance on the other side of the forest two dark and malevolent forces were about to clash…sparing the town.

Lady Serene gazed across here amassed troops, the dead did not rest easy in these lands and after Malloubade had made his attempt for the throne the entire kingdom had been cast into turmoil. Lady Serene generally did not mind but there had been a summons, a gathering of the dark sisters called her north towards the Silver Pinnacle…the Queen was moving. Departing the shattered keep that was her home, Serene rode at alongside her beloved Blood Knights, all former sons of Brettonia who once set out to slay her, now served with honour and pride at her side. The army was not rushed, she was a daughter of this land and favoured its knights above all else and even in undeath carried the same taste. Beyond her a column of long dead men at arms, defenders of the keep she called home, carried themselves forward on skeletal limbs with the proud and often blood crazed Konrad De’Luce leading the way. He was a prize of her army, a great paladin who had dared cross into her private chamber and who had proved a deadly foe…she could and would not let someone of such talent sleep away into the dark embraced of death. Now he was but a whirlwind on the battlefield and her personal champion. To their side rode another prize of Serene’s, clad in armour of the empire and riding upon long dead steeds rode the Brotherhood of the Moon. Knights who once swore an oath to rid the Empire of the evils that lurk in the dark and where now turned to ones cause. Casting an eye across the path she almost forgot the lumbering giant to the rear, Alcadi the Great, a colossus from a bygone age that Serene had delivered to these lands a long time ago, stolen from its rightful home in Khemri. Alongside the giant walked another of Serene’s servants, a gladiator with a huge great sword pressed to his shoulder, turned to the world of undeath. Hashak the Red, he had arrived with the colossus and swore fealty to the Lady for he said that he had been guided to her side after following the empire caravan that had taken the colossus from Khemri and how it had gone unstopped by the denizens of that land.

Look towards the construct of bone and armour, Serene sensed something in the distance, a disturbance in the winds of magic…a dark presence was near, one that was considerably more malevolent than her and at the same time seducing. Pressing into a clearing it was clear exactly what this presence was, an armour of steel and swords was making its way across a farm, the building burning in their wake. The forces of the dark Gods had encroached on the lands and now barred the way forward.
With a shrill cry a hooded figure stood dead centre of the army and howled a challenge to the approaching dead, although she was some distance off she could feel the sorcerers presence and the power coursing through him. Not one to be outdone Serene reached out with her mind, probing the landscape around her. Her mind wandered the dark tree broken paths searching for aid, it did not take her long to find it, the lands of Brettonia have been long filled with the dead of ages past. A few moments passed and deep in the forest the ground rumbled, a mound rose steadily out of the dirt and the barrow was uncovered. Bursting from within a group of wailing spirits ushered forth rush to their new masters side. In their wake came the sound of hooves, deep within the barrow a group of Skeletal Horsemen rode forth holding still just outside the barrows entrance, from behind a second set of horse spurred forward cutting through the very earth itself with spectral forms for these were the hex wraiths, the chosen warriors of the leader that lay within this barrow. A glowing light brought the final inhabitants of the disturbed tomb. Dire Wolves, loping forward with braying howls from lungs that had not for an age felt air lead the way as once more as Prince Marik the Hunterlord walked the land of the living. With an unspoken command he moved for to greet his new mistress.


As the two forces closed within reach of one another the chaos army moved forward, a block of red armoured warriors at its centre lea the push and the purple tainted warriors at their flank stood perfectly still as the now cackling sorcerer created a swirling ball of fire above his head. Serene felt the wizard tense as he sent the ball hurtling towards her line and the Blood knights standing at its fore, with a flick of her wrist she cast a dark cloud to engulf the flames but the force was too much as it burst from within the blackness and surrounded the Knights, luckily though she had done enough to deflect the damage it would cause and not one fell before the attack. As the smoke began to clear Serene saw the rest of the sorcerers forces, careening behind the warriors to chariots of blood red and being pulled by huge beasts circled to the flanks and coming either side of the men on foot, huge armoured Knights moved towards her each matching the regiments on foot. though eager to exact revenge Serene commanded that the Blood Knights to not engage till the enemy drew closer and she could bring her superior numbers to bare. That was the order for her glorious blood knights however she had no such qualms with the Brotherhood of the Moon, with a glance to her side the Knights spurred forward and rode hard across the fields in front, likewise to the other side her newly risen hex wraiths spurred the spectral mounts onwards with cackles and pain, crashing headlong into the other knights. Their spectral forms, she thought, would prove tough to extinguish and delay the attack. With another flick of her wrist Serene reached to the fields the warriors were crossing a summoned the slain souls of the farmsteads workers and family, bringing them to unlife as zombies, they would prove a distraction to the northern warriors.

As her forces moved onwards the Knights and hex Wraiths clashed with their opponents, ethereal light bathing both forces. With a keen eye Serene so a mountain of a warrior and clearly a being of great power rode forth into her oncoming knights bellowing a foul challenge calling forth his dark gods. The Templar at the head of the Knights of the Moon rode head on to meet him but was swiftly cut down. Her eyes followed the combat and though the northmen fought with barely contained fury, strike furiously at her knights who could not keep their ground. As the last knight steered clear of a sweeping blow from a chaos knight he drove his lance straight into the chest of one of the armoured brutes and his life was extinguished. Serene could not help as she felt the magic that gathered and animated the Knights ebbed and flowed away and she could do nothing for her remaining knight, magic gave way leaving their banner falling to the ground. Something had gone wrong, the magic on the wind turned. The power she felt coursing through her began to dissipate and Serene could but give a scream of anger as the she turned to see the last of the hex wraiths cut down by a glowing swords in the hands of the knights, the dark gods had favoured these men.

The Knights thundered forward and the chariots followed suit, the one on her left was stopped in its tracks by a swarm of spirits who clawed and hacked at the crewmen slowing the beast to a halt but they could not destroy the creature. And likewise, from beneath the trees and with an unspoken command, giant spiders rushed forth and crashed into the flank of the knights. The fact these beast were already dead meant little to her, she need to delay her attackers. With ease the warrior cut down the farmhands once more, banishing their souls to another realm and they carried their charge forwards. The sorcerer cried a blasphemous curse and the weapons of the Knights who had absorbed the Black Knights assault began to glow red hot with flame. With a smile Serene reached out and with a flick of her wrist snuffed out these flames before locking seductive eyes with the enraged sorcerer. Konrad De’Luce marched his skeletons forward but it was the council of Hashak that spoke the loudest to Serene, she could not hope to win this fight, the momentum had stalled and the huge armoured warriors would barrel though her army, it would be better for her to fall into the shadows and find an alternative route. She was of no use to the queen if she fell here. Though angered by her loses and the cursed chaos warriors she had to concede he was right, turning what remained of her forces she began the march to the forests edge. The sorcerer seeing her change in heart called his attack to continue but with a thought Serene left them with a parting shot. Her Blood knights rushed forward directly into the Chaos Knights, they would fight bravely and for their mistress giving her time to leave. The Colossus also roared a challenge as it crashed headlong into the warriors of the blood god, joined by what remained of the Dire Wolves and Giant Spiders.

Serene did not see what remained of the battle for truth be told it had been lost with the blunting of her Knights attack, but she was heartened by the fact that several hours later, the trees parted before her and her great colossus stumbled through the opening although battered and parts broken, with the guiding hand of Hashak leading its way. Of the Blood Knights he could not say as they had drawn the Chaos knights deeper into the woods in their fight. The Chaos scum would pa for this insult…for neither a son nor daughter of Brettonia forgets such slights easily.

(so…now that I got that all done, I’ll break it down into its simplest terms….We had the standard bearer/general game. I had 2 standards and a general and after the Black knights hit the brick wall that was the Khorne Knights I lost the game…on turn one…we continued to fight and I conceded on turn 3 after I rolled a 3 for winds of magic and the Khorne knights crashed into and slaughtered by Blood Knights after the sorcerer successfully got off the stupid flaming sword spell..i also forget Chaos Knighs have enscrolled weapons and the hexwraths suffered for it)

Its alright though because Serene would seek vengeance and absolutely decimate an orge force that lurked in the mountains she need to cross. 