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The Battles of Count Olaf

Aug 15, 2007
So I'm dragging this over from the old site, to keep it simple I will only take the actual BR's over as some members might have changed names here etc.
Anyway please feel free to comment and look out for the 4K battle report and the beginning of our Mighty Empires campaign, both taking longer than expected to write, hopefully this wknd...
Aug 15, 2007
Right, as promised the battle report of my first battle against Dark Elves. I will post this in stages over the course of today, so please dont post anything till it's all down.
This is my first attempt at doing a BR so let me know what you think, what could be done better etc, and whether or not you wanna see more.
A few things to point out is my army the VC is half way through painting, so you'll see things like a half built Coach and only bases instead of bats etc.
And the DE general is painting his Dwarf army at the moment (6K !!) so none of his DE stuff is painted, also he does not have riders on his horses or cold ones.
But I do have some nice scenery with much more to come, I have made a huge jungle board complete with temple and fort and statues, so there will be a LM BR coming soon.
Right then I'll crack on with the lists, I'll have to edit in the dark elf list tomorrow because he went home with it and he is at a funeral today and I cant contact him.
Aug 15, 2007
Vampire Count List

Count Olaf Von Carstein
Lvl 2 Vampire count
Great Weapon
Von Carstein Ring

Torst Von Carstein
Wolf form
Great Weapon
Flayed Hauberk

Wight Lord
Heavy armour / shield
Sword of kings
Gem of blood

Dieter Von Dem Reishall
Lvl 2 Necro
Book of Arkham
Dispel scroll

Core Units

6 Dire wolves (lead by Torst)

12 Ghouls

10 Ghouls

19 Zombies (lead by Olaf)

10 Skeletons (lead by Dieter)
Standard / Light Armour

Special Units

20 Grave Guard (lead by Wight Lord)
Full Command
Banner of Barrows

3 Fell Bats (The Dambusters)

3 Spirit Host


Black Coach

Total Points: 1996
Power Dice: 6 + 1 bound item
Dispel Dice: 4 + 1 scroll

I went magic light for this list, a bit of a risk against the magic of the DE but one I wanted to try. My opponent had never seen a Thrall in wolf form before so I knew this would rattle him, I would put Torst and his gang on a flank and try to tear up anything put in their way, Hopefully breaking out on the far side of the table and taking out any RBT's that would no doubt be lurking behind his lines. Olaf and his Necro Dieter would simply try to boost the size of their bodyguard armies and then plow them into combat, with Olaf's ring I was confident he could take on any DE General. I knew he would take 2 lvl 2 mages so I reckoned he would only have one other hero as a general. With this in mind Olaf summoned a long dead assasin, the wight lord and he was going to lead the Grave guard into battle against anything with the Lord kitted out for a nasty suprise for any brave DE challengers, but he would also be on the lookout for any lost DE mages.
The Dammbusters would fly towards the first RBT they saw, They would get shot at but this would give the wolves time to close them down.
Lastly the hosts would head towards anything really nasty, witch elves or a hydra or a dragon.
With those tactics I was confident (so long as I could survive his magic) of victory after all Count Olaf was unbeaten in combat (apart from a rather nasty meeting with some Night Goblins but we never talk about it) and his rather insane Thrall Torst was rather partial to the blood of the purple ones!
That was the plan :tongue:h43r:

Dark Elf List

Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloack
Crimson Death
Crown of Black Iron
Seal of Ghrond
Cold one

Lvl 2 Sorceress
Seal of Ghrond (illegal I know, he only just gave me list and he did not know that rule, he DOES now!)

Lvl 2 Sorceress
Dark Star Cloack

Core Units

20 Warriors
Standard, musician

20 Corsiars

6 Dark Riders
Repeating Crossbows

Special Units

12 Shades

20 Witch Elves
Standard, musician

5 Cold One Knights
Standard, musician

1 Cold One Chariot

Rare Units

2 RBT's

Total Points: 1997
Power Dice: 7
Dispel Dice: 6 (should be 5)

And there we go, apart from the illegal magic item, seems an alright list, (dont know much about Druchii) But I would have tried to have 2 chariots instead on just 1.
Aug 15, 2007
The Set Up:

I set the board up myself, designing a ideal location for the Dark Elves, I wanted a challenge, I made a woodland board surrounded by hedges and trees with a valley in the middle of one side of the board, ideal for RBT deployment. I knew he would pick that side of the board if he won the toss. I was going to let him have it either way. The only real cover on the other side of the board was two copses of trees either side of the valley, these would afford some protection for the inital deployment of skirmishers and bats in case i did not have turn one.

We rolled and he won, he of course picked the valley side, he also won the roll to place first and elected to do so.

First we rolled for spells.
Olaf got GON and Curse of the years, I knew I needed ION and actually swapped Curse for ION.
Dieter also rolled Curse and then got Danse Macabre, I again swapped Curse for ION, but with having Danse and the book he now had 2 chances to get that spell off each turn, I really wanted to get my Coach in the thick of things as soon as poss. Terror behind enemy lines is a beautiful thing to behold.

Then it was his turn, he had 2 Lvl 2 mages as predicted, this is where I got nervous. His first mage (in the spearmen unit) rolled Chillwind and Dominion, I was sort of relieved even thought I knew what mischief Dominion could cause.

However his second mage (in the corsair unit) fared better and rolled Soul Stealer and the Dreaded :yuck: Black Horror, I did not want either of those spells heading the way of my GG. I vowed to take this mage out as quickly as possible whilst praying to the Dice Gods (tm) to cause his mage a Lethal Miscast as quickly as possible

We then started to place out units.

On the DE side, he of course placed his RBT's each side of the valley and filled the centre with his units of Spearmen, Witch Elves and Cold one Riders.
On his right flank he placed his Dark Riders and on his left he placed his unit of Corsairs and his brand new Cold one chariot (he had just bought the model). His shades appeared behind the trees in an advance position on his Left flank.

On the VC side, hidden by the trees on the photo, I placed the Wolves lead by Torst on my left flank ready to take on the Dark Riders and then his RBT's. Just next to them behind the Copse of trees, lay the Bats (The Damm Busters) ready to fly straight towards his RBT's but safe for now from any bolts.
The photo here shows the middle of my army.

I placed my Big unit of GG in the centre of the board ready to take on all comers, to their right was the General and his Zombies with the Necro and Skeles right behind, Dieter's roll was more of a support role and I did not really want him in combat especially with only 10 skeles to protect him. In front of the GG I placed the Hosts ready to take on the Witch Elves and to protect the GG from RBt fire (I had forgot that on a hill they could see over units :angry: ), the Ghouls to their left were going to race the Hosts to the Witches and try to flank them.
On my right I aimed the Coach directly at the Corsairs (and the really loaded Mage) and placed the smaller unit of Ghouls behind the trees.

We rolled off and he won (with a 12+1) and elected to go first, not what I wanted but I was still confident.
Aug 15, 2007
If the Count had had a heart He would have checked it was still beating such was his palpable exitement. The Army of Count Olaf Von Carstein was growing in numbers and in notoriety. He had swept down through his former home Sylvania and the Moot with ruthless efficiency only sparing the most promising subjects. With these few the option of eternal life and servitude was offered, most refused. For these mortals who had snubbed such an offer only at the hands of Olaf's ghouls, would they meet their grisly end. The few who had accepted and become one of his chosen Thralls, only one had survived this far, the fighting had been numerous and casualties high and only Torst had survived this long. This was down to the fact that Torst was insane, a manic giggling savage for whom the change to vampire had only increased his inane love of violence, such was his savagery that only with the wolves did he truly bond with in battle, many of Olaf's own troops had fallen to Torst's Blade in his blind battle lust, only the wolves seemed to escape harm. Was it kinship or simply the wolves cunning that kept them safe, the count cared not, so long as he and Dieter his faithful necromancer, did not have to keep re-raising the friendly casualties of Torst, he would be happy.
So here he found himself looking across a misty field at the enemy ahead. They had reached the coast of the Border Princes and stumbled across a Druchii slaving expedition. They had set up camp up from the coast and had been well prepared for any visitors. But the Dark Elves had not expected any opposition of the dead variety and Olaf could sense the apprehension in the air. However he knew the Druchii to be vicious fighters and cunning at that. This would be no easy feat, especially when Dieter pointed out the glowing outlines of two Druchii sorceresses, he knew their magic to be powerful and dangerous. They would have to be taken out quickly for the battle to be won. The Count gave his orders and watched as Torst overcome with lust and laughter, sheathed his great sword, hunched over and took up the form of a giant wolf, great teeth stuck out of his snout, saliva dripping to the ground.
With that the horns blared and the battle began.
Aug 15, 2007

The Cold one Chariot failed it's stupidity and did not move, the rider cursing it's steeds as the Black Coack loomed from the mist.

The Dark Riders marched forwards at their full distance finishing up only a few inches away from the Wolves (I was genuinely puzzled by this one :wacko: )

Torst can hardly believe his luck!

The Witch Elves, Spearmen, Cold one riders and Corsiars all simply marched full pelt forwards (No messing around here)
The Shades moved into the woods so that they could get LOS on the small unit of Ghouls.

The Mage in the spearman unit cast Chillwind on the Hosts (I decided to let it through to save my DD for the other mage) only causing one wound (phew!) but then to my dismay also cast Dominion on them with irresistable force, stopping them from moving towards the frenzied witch elves. (This could prove to be a problem)
The other mage used all her dice to try to cast the dreaded Black Horror :yuck: on my GG, luckily she failed.

With that the shades cocked there RBT's and let loose a volley of bolts at the Ghouls, 3 were felled and of course they panicked and ran off the board (1-0 DE) this could be a problem, they could prove annoying.
Both RBT's shot at the General's unit of Zombies (at this point I realised the Host could not protect the GG from his fire but he still did not shoot them :huh: ) only killing 4.
The Dark Riders cunning plan turned out to be that he was going to try and shoot them all to death B4 my counter charge, this plan failed however with only the death of 2 of them. Torst could hardly contain himself!

Down Boy!
Aug 15, 2007

With a Scream of delight Torst and his wolves charged the Riders who passed there fear test and elected to hold. (He did not want to risk getting caught even with a 4 inch head start)
My Black Coach was also in range of his Corsairs and it charged head on, they duly failed their terror test and fled, he coach caught them and killed the lot of them (2-1VC) goodbye Big unit of corsairs and RIP mage with Black Horror (this was a result! :tongue: )

Happeeee Days!!!!

With this early boost, Olaf joined the fray and charged the unit of Cold one riders with his Zombies. (I was confident at this point)

Charges over, the Grave Guard who were stuck behind the immobilised Spirit Hosts turned right to face the left flank, Dieter and his skele unit also turned and moved towards the Shades on the left flank ( I was also by doing this in range of the Coach, to try and Danse Macabre it into the stupid Cold One chariot).
The Ghouls moved out of the charge range of the approaching witch elves, they moved into the trees on their left ready to help the wolves (like they needed it) or to try and flank the Witches.

The Dammbusters (Fell bats) revved up their engines and flew over the Darkriders and right next to the RBT on the right flank.

Chocks Away!

With this the magic phase begins I was relishing the chance to charge the coach and build up my two units.
Olaf tried to cast ION on his own unit of zombies and rolled MISCAST :angry:
A S4 hit (no damage) and the magic phase was over.
That hurt, still at least he was one mage down!

In combat Olaf challenged the DE general and he accepted, Game On!
Olaf only managed one wound on the Druchii and his ward save prevailed.
He then did a staggering 4 wounds back to Olaf, with the ring's powers only saving two. This was bad, I was down to one wound already and the DE dice rolling was good. I looked upto the Dice Gods (tm) and said a small prayer.

Not quite going the way I had hoped

Torst and his wolves tore apart the Dark Riders, the remaining two fleeing and being caught, bringing them right into RBT charge range! Better.
The Cold one riders killed 2 zombies and they did no damage back, they lost the CR and lost another 2.

The Battlefield end of turn 1
Aug 15, 2007

The Cold one chariot passes it's stupidity and charges the Coach, also passing it's terror test.
The shades move round the trees aiming at the Skele unit.
The Witch Elves and the Spearmen(elf) moves forwards, thew witch elves not having anything yet within range to attack.

His remaining mage casts chillwind again on the spirit hosts.
I cried out to the Dice gods (tm) 'lets have a miscast please!' (not very sporting I know ;) ) and sure enough he rolls a MISCAST.... He was not a happy bunny.
Luckily for him he only suffers a wound and the magic phase ends. ( I was a little bit disapointed but at least now I got VP's for his remaining mage)

He opened up the shooting with a volley from the shades against the small skele unit, he manages to kill 3.
Both the RBt's sensing the threat of the DammBusters let rip and down two bats, expected to be honest but at least they stopped the GG getting shot.
One Bat left, and with the wolves in range, He was not confident of the crew's survival chances next turn.
In Combat the chariot did 4 impact hits on the coach, none wounding, at this point he reads the stats and powers of the coach and starts to grumble a bit, I point out the points and tha fact that's it's rare and he perks up a bit. Not my fault that he does not have naything S7 on the board :D
No more hits from the crew but my Wraith rider wounds it once and it passes it's break test.

Back to the clash of the Titans and with the Druchii having a higher I than me (Iwas shocked at that one), he swung first, this made me very nervous, he only managed one wound and I rolled for my regeneration, a 3, oh dear, I rolled for my ward and got a six, he swore and I thanked the Dice Gods (tm) (again)
I then wounded him back and he did not save it, one down two to go.
The cold ones only managed to kill one zombie and the CR was a draw.
Now I just needed to heal Olaf and kill the general.
Aug 15, 2007

My remaining Bat and Torst and his wolves both charged the left RBT who passed their Fear test and held.
The Spirt Host free of their hold charged the Witch elves head on, I just needed to kill 4 a turn to avoid Neg CR, even if I did not I had enough wounds there to keep those witches where I wanted them.

Free at last!

The GG free to move now turned to face the oncoming spearmen(elf) and the Skele unit turned to face the Shades.

My ghouls moved up behind the wall ready to flank charge the witch elves

Magic phase and Olaf was not doing well, 1 wound left, I had 2 chances to heal him, hopefull the first one working so I can summon some much needed zombies for his unit.
Dieter tries first to heal his master and rolls 14 not bad, He uses all his 4 dispel dice and gets 22, damm!
But at least now he has no dice left (i am hoping he does not have a scroll at this point)
Olaf casts ION and he has no scroll, 2 wound regained, I am happy, my opponent puts his head into his hands and mutters something about 'all that hard work' and '@!*%#& Undead!' :D That made me very happy....

Onto combat and the combined efforts of the Bat and Torst only managed to kill one of the RBT crew, however the other one did nothing in return and ran. He was promptly eaten by my Fat Fell Bat!

My spirit hosts only killed 3 witch elves and lost 2 wounds in return in CR, I was confident they would get more.

The Chariot and Coach did nothing, a predictable draw, onw which we suspected might go on for some time.

The Druchii General inflicted another 3 wounds on Olaf but I regenerated them all, he mutters again.... However his bloody cold one actually does wound me and I'm back down to 2 wounds.
In return Olaf wounds him twice, his ward only saving 1.
2 down 1 to go, shame it was taking so long.
The Coldones kill 4 more zombies and the unit is now down to a paltry two after CR, I desperately need to summon some more but it's his turn next, I need some severe overkill on his general.
Aug 15, 2007

His unit of spearmen charge the flank of my spirit host adding their extra rank to the depleted Witch Elf CR.

This now gives my GG the delicious prospect of rear charging his spearmen :tongue: , he had thought long and hard about which unit to charge but he really wanted to keep his witch elves alive so he risked it.

He had nothing else to move apart from the Shades but he kept them still and shot down another 5 Skeles from Dieters now tiny unit. He could now be hit next turn unless he got some more skeles , there not being anywhere really he could hide even if he left the unit.

In the magic phase, he tried to protect the rear of his spear unit by casting Dominion on my GG, rolled high and I was not taking any risks with this one and used my one and only dispel scroll.

In combat my spirits focused all their attacks on the witch elves but managed only to kill 2, I lost 4 wounds in CR and was down to 2 bases. But I did have the ghouls ready to flank attack and was confident of holding on.

The coach and the chariot did a wound a piece, another draw but I at least got my wound back.

The Druchii general carried on rolling well and wounded me twice, the ring only saving one, back down to one wound again. Olaf does only 1 wound in return and it's not saved, the Druchii general falls at Olaf's feet. Hurrah! :D

However the rest of his unit does not fare as well and the last two zombies fell. At this point I realised with horror that Olaf was in fact part of this unit (we had spent so long just fighting in the challenge that I had forgot) and the CR was awful and only Olaf remained to absorb the 4 wounds, with no save allowed. My opponent had not realised and was ecstatic when I announced the Count's passing. :(

Both Generals were dead but at least his were not about to start crumbling, however the LD was high in my most important units so I was confident of surviving long enough to triumph.
I made the crumble rolls and it was not too bad, Torst lost his remaining 3 wolves, I lost only one GG but did lose another Host base, not so good and I still had to roll all over again start of next turn.
Aug 15, 2007

I rolled again for the crumble, my Bat lost 1 wound and the Hosts blinked out of existence, I then rolled for Torst, I said 'only a 9 or above will kill him'. The Dice Gods (tm) smiled and I rolled a 9. :angry:
Me and my big mouth, I had lost howling mad Torst, I was not happy (he'll be back).
So fully expecting everything to crumble next turn, I went for points.
My GG now charged the in sight Cold ones riders, the Ghouls charged the flank of the witch elves, and my last Bat charged the other RBT.


Death from above!

My skele unit was too small to charge the Shades, so they stayed put and I hoped Dieter would roll well on his ION.

Dieter managed to cast ION and raised six new skeletons, I formed a single file wall to block the LOS of the Shades, I the used the book to move Dieter out of the unit placing the wall between him and the shades.

In combat my Bat killed one of the crew, the other fled and was caught, my fat bat fed again.

The coach v chariot bore-a-thon was yet another draw

My wight lord lead the charge on the cold ones and rolled 3 killing blows, the rest missed. They fled but I elected not to pursue, wanting to try and get the spear unit next turn.


My ghouls layed into the witch elves, I had 4 models v 3, I was confident my 8 poison attacks would hit home.
NOT ONE! No wounds at all, my opponent then picked up 9 dice, I had forgotten they had two weapons as well as frenzy, 9 attacks hit home killing 2, I lost the Cr by 3 and they ran and were caught and butchered by the mad Druchii women.
Aug 15, 2007

He did not charge anything but managed to rally the 2 Cold one Knights.

He turned his Spear unit to face my lone Necro, he had exposed his flank to my GG but he was confident of stopping them with Dominion.

His mage now cast Chillwind on Dieter (she now had LOS), he rolled an 8 and I was not taking any chances, I used 3 dice yest only rolled 7, luckily he only did one wound, Dieter was still alive but he would get half VP unless he healed himself. He would have to survive the crumble first.

He then cast Dominion on Dieter stopping me from using Danse to get the GG into their flank, I could not dispel and I sensed disaster.

His Shades then shot again at the skele wall, killing two

The Coach finally wounded the chariot and it fled, but the Coach was an inch short and did not catch it.
Aug 15, 2007

Only the Bat fell victim to the crumble (Too Fat!)

The Coach charged the chariot which fled off the board. Finally!

The GG turned to face the flank of the Spear unit

For some reason even though they were in range I had not charged the Shades with my skeles so I simply moved them right up close and they made obscene hand gestures at them instead.

My magic phase was a non event due to Dominion.

And there was no CC...
Aug 15, 2007

His two rallied Cold one Knights charged the Flank of my GG unit. Now this was annoying because If I did not win this turn I would not be able to charge his Spear unit next turn. However since his US was only 4, he did not negate my rank bonus, so I was confident of victory.

His Witches who had been dragged over the wall and past the woods on the left were so far away now they just moved toward the centre of the board, they would play no further part in this battle.

The Spear unit turned to face the GG and the mage moved out to take Dieter on in a magic one on one.

She cast Chillwind, only rolling a 7.
I used all four dice confident but wanting to make sure I dispelled this, surely with 4 dice I can beat a 7???
The Dice Gods (tm) looked down from up above and gave me the proverbial finger and I rolled FOUR ONES!

5 hits

Dieter Von Dem Reishall............ :rip:

However the Druchii mage then tried to cast Dominion on the GG unit just in case they won their battle and were able to charge.
She rolled 3 dice and got a MISCAST.
One successful S2 hit later, she joined Dieter face down in the mud.
The Dice Gods (tm) split their sides with laughter.

The shades shot down another 3 skeles, only leaving 2 left.

The Cold Ones managed to only kill one GG and lost on CR but they passed their break test.


Only the Skeles succumbed to crumble but with only 2 of them they would not have had much chance against the Shades anyway.

The Coach turned round and moved to get the Shades in it's charge arc.

The Cold ones struck first hitting nothing, but neither did my GG, static CR won the day however and they failed their break test and fled again. The GG did not pursue, concentrating on the battle ahead with the spear unit.


The Cold ones rallied, saving him valuable VP's.

The shades were within 6 of the coach (something I had not thought of) but passed their Terror test. :(
They then moved back into the woods, keeping LOS but staying out of it's charge arc.

They then shot it and got 15 hits!
But only managed two wounds and 1 was saved. It was still on it's starting wounds of 5 so I was happy it's VP's were safe.


Luckily there was no crumble so the GG charged the Spear unit.
They passed their fear test and held.
The GG killed 3 (thanks mainly to the Wight Lord) and suffered none in return, the Druchii had a -2 CR and broke, they only rolled double one.

Dice Gods (tm) :D

The GG of course caught them and killed them all.

And that was it, end of turn 6, end of battle, we started to add up the VP.
I had won by 223 VP but it was only a draw, I needed another 77 pts to get a Minor Victory. If only the Shades had failed their terror test?
Still we both had enjoyed ourselves and agreed it had been one of our best battles so far.


Well what did I learn from that battle? Firstly I must stop forgetting things, If I had charged the shades the turn b4 with the skeles for example.
Also from now on I put my General in a unit that can actually win a combat, GG from now on, leave the zombie units for the necro's.
I loved the Thrall in the wolves and will carry on using Torst in future battles.

Man of the match: Wight Lord (for only ever having 6 attacks and rolling killing blow for them all)
Aug 15, 2007
The Wight Lord slowly bent down and retrieved the body of the Count, he hoisted it over his shoulder and turned away from the battle field, the screams and whoops of the druchii witches could be heard in the distance but he gave them no heed. His unit of Grave Guard slowly moved with him as they moved back into the mists. The Druchii will meet us again thought the Wight but there were more important things at hand. The Count needed his rest, to get strong, to lead them to glory once again.
The hand of the count slipped out from under his cloak, trailing against the back of the armoured wight. The ring on his finger started to glow............
Aug 15, 2007
Fought my 3rd battle today against the DE yesterday.
So far it has been one draw and one SV to me.
This time he used the COS list for some added spice ;)
The biggest problem facing these guys is that nearly all of them have the mark of slannesh, giving them immune to psychology, which takes our Fear out of the game.
Luckily I knew beforehand what I was facing, so I tried to make as competetive a list as pos. I tried to ask advice in the tactics forum, but no response :(
I knew he had to have a lvl 4 sorceress in charge armed with slannesh magic, this was good news as this magic does not scare me at all. I knew then he would prob only have one other lvl 2 mage with dark magic.
So I thought I would risk it and go all out combat, magic light, risky stuff :cool:
But then again, I knew he would prob waste points going for anti magic stuff, seal, scrolls etc. So it could work out well.

Anyway here is list I used:

Count Olaf V C
V C Ring
Nightmare, Barding

Torst V C
Wolf form
Flayed Hauberk

Henrik V C
Talon of Death
HA, Lance
Nightmare, Barding


5 Dire wolves

5 Dire wolves

5 Dire wolves

5 Dire wolves

10 Ghouls

40 Zombies
Musician / Standard


The DamBusters
3 Fell Bats

3 Spirit host

5 Black Knights (Olaf in this)
Banner of Barrows
Barding, standard
Hell Knight

5 Black Knights (Henrik in this)
Banner of Dead legion
Barding, standard
Hell Knight


4 Leadbelchers (mercenary B*£%^ds!)

I dont have a copy of his list but roughly it was

Lvl 4 sorceress
Dark star robe
seal of ghrond
Dispel scroll
cold one

Lvl 2 sorceress

Chaos champion

2 spawn of chaos

5 slanesh riders

20 demonettes

16 marauders

20 chosen of slanesh


5 cold one knights

Highlights and lowlights:

Deployment phase, I placed the four units of wolves along the deployment phase, every quarter table. This freaked him out, and by the time I had placed under 300 pts of troops, he had placed his whole army.
Gave me such great freedom in placing my own troops.

spawn, RBT, RBT, Marauders, Riders, Spawn
Demonettes, Chosen, Knights

wolves, bats, ghouls, wolves, spirit host, wolves, zombies, wolves
Ogres, BK, BK

the spirt host and BK were on top of a hill, general in that unit.
The right RBt was on the cusp of a hill, a wood was inbetween the bats and the ghouls, and also between the zombies and the far side wolves.

With hindsight, it was not the best deployment, I was so paranoid about his RBT's shooting the Crap out of my ogres that I put them behind my ghouls, elaving a very small gap for them and the BK to get through. There was a huge hole to the right of the zombies that would have been better if not exposed to RBT fire.
And can you see my really bad mistake? :(

Turns 1-2
My bats held up the spawn for 2 turns, two wolf units tried and failed to take out the amzing crew of the Hill RBT, the other wolves on the far flank lead by Torst slugged it out with the other spawn. My Host was grabbed by slannesh magic, making them frenzied but taking D6S3 hits a turn, plus they were also drawn towards the demmonettes, the only unit that could hurt them, I blocked off there approach with my ghouls who were then charged by said demons.
My unit of Zombies swelled to 55 with an irresistable ION, but then were taken down to 39 with a black horror. They marched forwards towards his general and her cold one knights, I was confident my huge numbers could turn them.
The two units of Bk could not do much as they were blocked in.
The ogres marched up behind the ghouls.
The ghouls lost the combat with the demonnetes and fled, also to my horror panicking the Ogres.

Turns 3-4
The Ogres and Ghouls both failed to rally and ran off the board, a great debut for my new mercs! :angry:

The BK lead by Henrik and the last remaining host charged the demonnetes and won the combat, they failed their instabilty and popped off to demon heaven, my Bk overran into his RBT. The last remaining wolf finally killed the crew of the other RBT. My Wolves on the right flank lead by Torst the insane, killed the spawn but lost CR due to the riders joining the battle. Torst Crumbled.

The zombies beat the Knights and they fled, But not before the general met her end at the hands of Zombies! :D

Olaf charged the unit of chosen of slanesh with his BK and after two rounds of close combat, my armour saving the day, the unit broke and fled into the jaws of my waiting wolves. The Cold one Knights rallied but were flank charged by Henrik and his BK who had made short work of the RBT. The cold one Knights were massacred and the battle was won.

I had won by 732 VP's and it was a total massacre.
It had been close at times and the loss of my cowardly Ogres did not help matters but it was a fun game with my first non magic VC list.
I highly reccomend giving it a go.
Next up is a Giant 4K battle, me and my friend using the our new empire army, using the new list (next Tuesday) against a 4K DE/Slannesh army.
This should be fun and challenging, we have never used empire before, let alone the new army. And 4K of slannesh/DE magic and demons should rather frightening.
Aug 15, 2007
Well my last Battle was a disaster!
I was in the middle of the battle field with 1700 surrounded by 750 of Bret and 750 of Empire.
The Bret army simply consisted of one uit of KOTR and one of GK with a damsel, I used various trees and walls to give him no option but to charge my big unit of skellies and a big unit of Zombies.
The Empire player on the other side had a Gunline basically led by a priest and a Mage.
I put all my fast stuff facing him, Bats, DW, Ghouls, Spirit host and Banshee, they were bricking it....However!

1) My zombie unit facing his Grail Knights moved to give him no option but to charge them, however my small unit of BK that supported them, were moved by me for some god beknownst reason 2 inches enabling him to just charge them instead and ignore the zombies completely, who were now out of the game.
He massacred my BK even thought my Wight lord killed his BSB paladin in a challenge, small compensation, expensive unit dead and a standard lost.

On the other hand my Skellie unit completely tar pitted his KOTR unit complete with Damsel and after a small unit of DW charged their rear in the 2 nd turn, they fled and were killed. The Bret player looked worried! ( He need'nt have :( )

2) My 5 DW charged his mortar crew who over two turns actually lost the battle, to 2 poxy crewmen.

3) My Hosts threatened his gunner unit with his mage in, they were going to be mince meat, however I had moved them just a bit too close to his Priest lead unit of sworsmen, he first prayed and I rolled two ones to try and dispel his soulfire which wiped out half the host, followed by a charge from a huge block of Swordsmen, the static CR did the rest. Now his wizard was free to cast away.

4) 4 miscasts in a row, even when I knew I was losing I had a chance in the last 2 magic phases but no the Dice Gods (tm) looked down on me and urinated on that dream. These mis casts wounded both my necros and also ended the crucial magic phases I so needed!

I was left with my 2 necros and a unit of zombies, seeing the game was up, Dieter and his apprentice legged it to fight another day, an awful massacre to the joint forces of 'good' and the first defeat for my VC for a very long time.
Something so simple as two stupid un-needed moves spelled out my downfall.
Aug 15, 2007
Yep this Friday is the Surrounded Empire battle, 1700 Empire vs 750 VC and now 750 Dwarf. The Dwarf player is going to go gunline and I am going to go with a quick mobile force concentrating on spirit host and Banshee leading the way to take out his inevitable gun lines....

So the battle has been fought, it was an excellent battle and lasted 6 turns.

The Empire deployed in the middle amongst some heavy terrain. The Empire player deployed well using some great tactics, it looked bad for the VC/Dwarf coalition at the start. I was not confident!

The Dwarf army consisted of 3 units of 10 Thunderers, 2 Grudge Throwers and a Engineer, they simply lined up along the hill. The Empire in turn lined up to face the Dwarf Gunline with his own Gunline, Gunners, a Fire Wizard and 2 Cannons. Also A big Unit of Swordsman led by a warrior priest would march towards them as well, confident of success if it got into CC.

The VC deployed behind the Trees, aiming to send the Wolves down one flank and the Ghouls down the other. When it became clear that his Hammer units were coming my way I decided to deploy mt Spirit Hosts and Banshees in the middle and plow them through the Terrain and ignore the other units and head for the line facing the Dwarves. Hoping somehow my wolves, ghouls and small zombie units could take on 2 Units of Knights, 1 unit of Stubborn Greatswords and 1 unit of unbreakable Flagellants. Count Olaf's main Necro Dieter was in trouble!

This unit of 7 Knights was going to cause me problems! Or were they? :tongue:h43r:

Turns 1-2

The Empire player won the toss and went first.

He moved his Knights slowly forwards on the left with the Flagellants bringing up the rear. On the right his knights were more confident, marching fowards bringing their horses up to the tree line. The Greatswords resplendant in their plate armour marched behind, a wizard of light leading them, only one thing was in this mages mind, that of killing the Evil Hosts and Bashee. However this turn he had no LOS leaving the Fire mage to take out a crew member of a Grudge Thrower.
The shooting opened up and the cannons fired at the Throwers as well, destroying one, several Thunderers fell from each unit as well from gunner fire. This was not going well.
The VC/Dwarf turn saw my wolves move into baiting positons and the ghouls run to hug the trees, the hosts moved towards the hedge and the banshee went with them. The dwarves opened fire on the empire killing half the gunner unit standing in the open and a cannon crew member. The remaining Grudge thrower hit the wizard unit hiding behind the wall, actually getting a driect hit on the Fire mage himself, a gunner bravely saved him and took a boulder to his head as thanks, 4 gunners met Morr that turn from that unit. My Necro unit of Zombies swelled by 6 in the magic phase but they needed more to stand a chance against the incoming cavalry.
In the Empire turn, the swordsman closed the gap between them and the central unit of Thunderers. The left flank unit of Knights moved upto the tree line, facing the dilemma of which wolf unit to charge next. The Flagellants came up behind again, whipping themselves into a frenzy with the prospect of facing the undead.

The Knights on the right turned to face the ghouls.
In his shooting phase, luckily both his cannons missed and the gunners only did light damage, killing 2 Thunderers. His magic phase resulted in a Grudge thrower member dying.
In Our second turn, I moved my ghouls to face the knights behind them and plowed on with the Hosts, getting closer to the gunner and wizard unit, he would have to turn round to deal with me , giving the Dwarves less to worry about.
I edged the Banshee close to the Edge of the woods so that the Flaggellants could not charge her and then in the shooting phase I let rip at the niggest unit of Knights on the left flank. Normally against LD7-8 units I have had maybe 50% success rate with her in the the past but never like this.. I rolled a 12! that with the plus 2 was enough to wipe out the entire unit, the Empire player looked like he had been punched in the stomach, what was looking very very grim for the VC player (and the dwarves) was now looking hopefull. However I could not rest on my laurels as there was the small matter of the other knight unit right in my mists to worry about. The Dwarves focused their attention on the cannons and took out another crew from the left flank (meaning it could only fire every other turn) and halved the gunner unit on the right again, the Grudge thrower landed smack bang on the Swordsmen unit killing enough to cause a panic test, which were all passed by the Empire general. In my magic phase I only managed to raise another 6 Zombies for my General's unit.

Turns 3-4

Turn three began with the Knights on the right charging my ghouls, I had angled them to take them away from my fragile zombie units but had not done my maths, if I were to flee, they would bring the knights into CC with my Necro unit. So I held, he passed his fear and they were in CC. In shooting, a few dwarves fell and the one man cannon unit misfired meaning it would be out of order for 2 turns, this was a result, the other was gunning for the remaining grudge thrower and the Engineer, this time it missed! :rolleyes:
The mage in the Greatswords unit now had LOS on the Hosts and tried to burning gaze them but this I dispelled, the fire mage killed a grudge thrower crewman (dwarf). In CC the ghouls were destroyed and the Knights overran behind my tree hugging wolves, however they were now in range of my banshee (she started to practise her scales).
In our turn, the wolves turned to face the knights and the others waited for the flaggellants, my zombies turned to face the knights. The Hosts came right up behind the gunner line, ready to charge next go.
The banshee then screamed again and to the Relief of the Empire player, I only killed 2, however then to the Horror! of the Empire player, the unit failed it's panic test and ran straight into the welcoming arms of my zombie unit.

The Banshee has now seen off 13 Knights single handed, the tide had turned.
The dwarf shooting did nothing apart from kill off a few swordsmen and the grudge thrower hit nothing.
The next turn the shell shocked Empire player moved the Flaggellants up past the trees and tried to catch the hosts with his slow Greatswords, moving them along the side of the hedge, the swordsman unit were now in charge range of the ground unit of Thunderers. He didn't however turn to face the Hosts which I found strange.
His cannon then destroyed the last grudge thrower, taking the Engineer with it. The magic phase accomplished nothing.
In our turn 4, the wolves moved away from the range of the Flagellants and the Hosts charged the rear of the gunner unit, they then fled just out of my charge range. The banshee screamed at the Greatswords but her luck ran out and she barely made a sound... :yuck:
I thought I would take advantage in this drop in dispel dice but then I promptly miscast took a S4 hit and the phase was over. :angry:

Turns 5-6

The Empire player rallied the Gunner/Wizard unit and turned to face the Hosts, his Flaggellants trooped after my baiting wolves, and his Swordsmen charged the Thunderers who held and they promptly won the combat and the Swamped Dwarves failed their test and ran off the board! In the VC turn the Hosts charged the Wizard gunner unit who fled again but this time were caught and killed, more points for the VC cause! My Necro also healed himself in the magic phase...
In the last turn the only notable thing to happen was the Banshee got an irresistable force burning gaze in the face killing her..... :rip:

Still at the end of the battle we totted up the points and were awarded a MV by 357 points, not far off a SV, if I had just done some damage to the Greatswords unit....
But a win is a win is a win and we were very happy with the result especially as it looked so bad early on and this was down to one person............the Lady of the match.............The Banshee with 13 dead Knights to her credit!! :cool:
Aug 15, 2007
The week after in a 2K battle, Count Olaf took to the battle himself to see off the joint Bret and WE force facing him. The Bret player (quite sozzled) deployed abysmally (ie putting a unit of Grail Knights behind a wood , blocking in the Treekin next to him as well )and the WE player was playing his first game in over 15 years (and starting off with WE, hell of a challenge) , still the WE general played quite well almost compensating for the Bret's awful start. Most noticable was the awesomeness of Treekin vs VC, I had to use some great tactics to avoid these puppies.
However during the game using some great positioning of ION units I destoyed an entire unit of Grail Knights and KOTR, taking 2 heroes with me as well, Olaf had a bad day at the office in CC , hitting virtually nothing the entire battle but yet still winning the CC's he was invloved in, phew! I massacred the WE's Dryads and Wardancers, leaving only his Treekin and heros left at the end of the game. His mage and noble in a GG unit had held off my Thrall Torst and his wolves and my fell bats killing them all , quite amazing! This points gain meant at the end I 'only' got a SV, bringing Olaf's record for 07 to 5-0-1, a great start!
And I taught the Bret player a lesson he wont forget in a hurry!

More of Olaf's exploits soon, he going after some crown that people seem to be very excited about!

So 2 big battles have been fought since the last. The first was another 'in the middle' battle, which this time was Olaf's Necro, Dieter surrounded by Empire and Dwarf armies. The second battle was an experiment to celebrate the arrival of my new 6/4 table and the construction of the new buildings. With some wierd VP rules we had a 7.5K 3 way battle, 2.5K each, Olaf's VC vs Empire vs Dwarves. It was a rare all day Saturday match for the 3 of us and it was a blast. It was also the first outing of Olaf's newest addition to his gang, 'Boris' the Giant, Olaf's personal pet/bodyguard.
Both these Battles will have BR's complete with photo's but I am just waiting to get the time to do it, as you can imagine the 3 way battle will take rather a long time, plus it was 8 turns as well.
But I should have posted the first one by the end of the week, it will probably be in chapters as i do little bits a time..
Let me know what you think as that's the only reason I do them...
Aug 15, 2007
As Promised here is the report for the latest ' in the middle'battle we fought. So far no-one in the middle has won. Now was the time for Olaf's Necro Dieter to try and stave off the combined forces of Dwarves and Empire. Here's my list.

Lvl 2 Necro - Dieter
Book of Arkhan

Lvl 2 Necro - Heinrich
Power Familiar

Dietz Von Carstein
Flayed Hauberk, GW


5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

29 Zombies + command

29 Zombies + command

24 Skeletons + command / LA

10 Skeletons + LA


3 Fell Bats

3 Fellbats

10 Grave Guard
standard, shields



Total 1699 points

Spells wise both my Necro's got ION and GON
The Empire mage took lore of light and got Burning Gaze and Dazzling Brightness.

My opponents only had 750 points each. We set up.

The Empire player had a big unit of Swordsmen on his left led by a priest, he then had Flagellants, a Gunner unit led by a Light Mage and lastly some Knights. I lined up my big Zombie and Skele units against him, it was a squeeze due to my narrow deplyoment zone so I knew I had to get out there quick before the Dwarf Gun line took hold.

The Dwarf player went Gunny and had 2 units of Thunderes either side of the Board, in the middle he had a small unit of warriors led by a Runesmith with a Gt on one side and an Organ gun the other. These 2 machines I hate and could cause me problems so I simply thought to send in my quick stuff and simply use the rest of the army on the Empire. So my 4 units of Wolves, my Bats and My banshee would try to keep them busy for a while.

Turns 1-2

Empire and Dwarf got first turn and Empire pushed his Knights down the Flank and moved his Swordsmen and Flaggellants up the board.
Magic was a washout and the Dwarf shooting simply took out a few wolves and a bat.
It was then the VC turn and I sent my Wolves and Bats out towards the Organ Gun and Thunderers, I thought I'd give him loads of targets and hope something survived to take out the machines..

My 2 Zombies Units marched down the Left Flank right in front of his Knight unit, he would have no option othet than to Charge one and hope to break though them, this was made harder by Dieter bolstering their numbers with ION.
The Banshee had marched to just within range of the GT and tried to scream at the crew but their resolve was strong..

The Empire then charged the zombies with his Knights and pushed his 2 infantry units up the field. The Dwarves moved his left hand unit of Thunderers up the pitch as they were out of range of everything. He wheeled his warriors round to face the wolves and bats to try and protect his machines.
The Empire mage then revealed his Doomfire ring which was dispelled along with his other magic. The magic phase was very close and the The Dwarf player had borught along a rune of balance and so our PD vs DD was a very close thing. His Priest prayed and made the Swordsmen Unbreakable..

The shooting started off well for me as his GT deviated so badly that it nearly ended up hitting itself. The Bats and wolves took casualties to the rest of the shooting but not enough to stop them charging next go.
In CC the Knights killed 6 and crumbled another 2 zombies, not enough to avoid the counter charge!

So in the VC turn 2, I charged both his war machines with bats and wolves

And counter charged his Knights in the flank with my other unit of Zombies.

They were going to have a hard time now they had dropped their 'rubber lances'...

Meanwhile my other 3 units were coming up against the Flaggellants. Dieter sesning trouble moved out of his Skelelton Bodyguard unit and into the nearby GG. The Skeletons then positioned themselves carefully as to draw the manaics on to them but not let them overrun into anything. The big Skeleton unit led by Dietz came to threaten their flank.

I was up against 10 DD in the magic phase so was quite pleased simply to kill 2 Flaggellants with a GON spell.
In CC my attack on the Organ gun faltered as my unit only killed 1 crew member and crumbled in CR, my bats fared slightly better against the GT crew and it was a draw.
In the fight against the Knights, amazingly they did not wound one single zombie who then in turn managed to actually kill 2 of the tin cans with their bare hands! The Knights then of course ran off the board and my Zombies captured their standard, a great days work for my braindead followers..
The Empire player at this point was not a happy bunny!...

Turns 3-4

The Dwarves moved his warriors and Thunderers up the board again and wheeled his Organ gun round to face the remaining wolves, The Flaggellants did not dissapoint and charged the small skeleton bait unit.

In the magic phase his mage managed to Burning Gaze 4 of my Skeletons in the big unit but his ring again failed to work.

The Organ gun hit the wolves 10 times ( he always, always rolls a 10 on his 2 attempt) and wiped them out and the Empire gunners took out another 4 skeletons from the big unit.

The CC went rather well in the big fight and the skeletons and Flaggellants both lost 2. leaving my unit to crumble by one, they had held and that was key, I could now counter charge their flank (a pattern was forming here).
The Bats failed again against the GT crew and one fell to crumble.

My turn began with my skeletons charging the Flaggellant flank and my overunning (shambling) zombies came back on the board. My bashee also charged the GT crew to help out the bats.

In the magic phase I was up against 10 DD again ( that storing rod of the empire is a bane to my existence) but somehow managed to summon 11 skeletons for the big (bigger now :D ) skeleton unit.

And the Banshee came up trumps at last killing the GT crew by screaming an 11..

The Flaggellants only lost 2 men in the CC despite the overwhelming odds and stood firm.

The Empire then responded in their next turn by trying to counter charge Dietz's flank with his swordsmen unit, this would not have been good but I had suspected they were out of range, and how? They failed by 1/2 an inch.

2 Zombies fell in the magic phase, victims of the ring and 3 more were slain by the now in range, Thunderers in the shooting phase. The Organ gun again scored 10 hits and the last 2 Fell Bats dropped out of the sky. The Empire gunners added to the dead by killing another 3 zombies.

However to cheer me up in the CC phase, the Flaggellants finally fell to my Skeletons, leaving me with the Swordsmen to worry about..

So in my turn 4 , I simply moved my 2 necros out of the GG unit and into the safety of the nearby Copse of trees and turned the GG and skeletong unit to face the fearless Swordsmen.

I tried to use the Book of Arkhan to charge my Skeletons into them but it was dispelled and also ran out (double blast), I compensated for that by bolstering their ranks with ION by 10.

The Banshee turned to face the Thunderers down on the left flank but her voice had gone...

Turns 5-6

The Swordsmen charged the Skeleton unit and all the Dwarf units that could moved forward.

The mage cast burning gaze on the zombie unit killing another 6 but his dazzling brightness on the swordsmen was dispelled.
The Thunderers killed another 3 zombies and the Gunners targetted the other zombie unit and took down 6.

In the CC Dietz hacked apart the swordsmen unit champion and the CR was won by 1 but I had forgotten they were unbreakable and they held...

So in my next turn I charged their flank with my GG

The Zombies kept heading for the gunners and my Necro's moved through the woods to avoid any dwarven gun fire.

My magic phase was a non starter and so was my Banshee's attempts at being scary, the Thunderers were now so used to her they saw her as more of a mascot, a pet, than a threat... :(

The GG cut down the swordsmen and I won the CR by 5 but AGAIN I had forgotten to dispel their Unbreakable, so they stood firm another round.

In their last turn the Dwarves ambled forwards.

3 more zombies fell from burning gaze and I at last dispelled the unbreakable which he failed to repeat.

The Organ gun.....Guess what???............Did another 10 hits on the small skeleton unit taking down 7 of them. The Thunderers killed another 3 zombies leaving only 6 left in that unit, this was the unit with the empire standard and the gunners knew they had to kill all 6 to claim it back, only 3 fell in that final volley, so whilst they had half that unit's points I had their standard! :D

The CC was closely won by me, no thanks to the GG who hit nothing, and they finally ran away and were caught, I also got their standard.
Nothing happend in the final VC turn, with all my magic failing. So the battle ended.

The 2 captured standards helped alot and mainly due to me killing Empire (the Dwarves only gave away 105 VP's) I won by 319 VP's giving me a MV.
The first time in 5 battles that the army in the middle had won, a great result and a good game. A battle in which against the Empire, some very precise movment and placements had won me the game.

"Dieter turned to face his apprentice Heinrich, an expression akin to a smile creeping across his face. The battle had been won, the ambush a failure down to Dieter ignoring the Stunty ones and heading towards the frail humans in a bid for his freedom. As he turned back to the field he could see his Zombie horde reach the last humans, the gunners and tear them apart along with the accursed Light Mage. So some good had come about from this trap, as there would one less of that accursed order to bother Dieter and his master in their good work. With that he motioned for Dietz to round up the troops and order them to march, the Dwarves were closing in on them and they had no further time for distractions. Count Olaf was waiting a few miles away, a great battle soon to be fought, a great prize to be won. And there was something about his new pet that intrigued Dieter....."
Aug 15, 2007
6K 3 way battle - The Battle for the Hamlet

My 2 friends and I had a rare joint Saturday off, so we decided to celebrate. We first created a 6 by 4 table top for my table and then I added my new buildings from the new GW terrain collection.
We decided to do a 3 way battle at 2K each, we would all be the same distance away from each other and in the centre of the board would be a small Hamlet containing a Tower and a church both worth 100VP to the occupier at the end of the game. We came up with a rather starnge VP system in that you won VP's in what units you had left at the end of the game not what you had killed. And then you could add VP's for standards, generals etc.
Each player would have there own DD and PD in their magic phases but DD could not be combined by the dispelling players.
I was not entirely happy with the VP system especially since one of the players was Dwarf but I went with it to see how it went, the main part of this battle was the fact it was huge and an all dayer.

So the lists, there might be a few mistakes with the dwarf and Empire list as I cant read some of the writing that well but it will give you the general gist.

VC - Count Olaf's Horde

Count Olaf Von Carstein
Lvl 2 Wizard
Von Carstein Ring
GW / 2 H/W

Lvl 2 Necro
Book of Arkhan

Torst Von Carstein
GW / 2 H/W
Wolf Form
Flayed Hauberk

Wight Lord
Nightmare / Barding
Sword of Kings
Gem of Blood


25 Skeletons
L Armour

25 Skeletons
L Armour

25 Skeletons
L Armour

24 Zombies
Standard / Music

25 Zombies
Standard / Music

6 Dire Wolves

6 Dire Wolves


5 FellBats (The Dam Busters)

5 Black Knights
Full Command


Boris the Giant (this is Count Olaf's new 'Pet' and personal bodyguard)

I aimed the list at mass, 5 big units of skeletons and Zombies should be able to mop up the expected guns and Knights, the big unit of Fellbats would try to take out any scouts appearing in the Hamlet or take out the most annoying war machine.
My BK would go general hunting led by the Wight Lord
Boris was staken for mainly fun as I knew he would probably not last long with all those warmachines but I had never used the Giant before and I had just built him, so in he went...(Thank GOD! ;) )

Empire Army

Templar Grand Master
Laurels of Victory
Holy Relic

Warrior Priest
2 HH
Icon of Magnus

Battle Wizard
Rod of Power
Crimson Amulet

Battle Wizard
Lvl 2
2 Dispel Scrolls

Units in no order

2 Cannons

12 Greatswords
5 HG detachment

5 Pistoliers

6 Knights Tigris

5 Hunters of Sigmar

6 LandesKneghts

25 Swordsmen
5 HG Detachment
9 Halberdier Detachment

10 Handgunners
Champion + HLR

10 Handgunners
Champion + HLR

10 Scouts

Hellblaster Volley Gun (taken for fun)

13 Flagellants

Dwarf army

Dwarf Lord
GW, SH, Shieldbearers
Master Rune of Kragg the Grim
Rune of Fury
Rune of Cleaving
Rune of Resistance
Rune of Pres (??)

2 Rune of Spell Breaking

2 Rune of Spell Breaking

Rune of cleaving
Rune of cleaving
rune of fury
RoS (??)


20 Longbeards

20 Longbeards

15 Warriors

10 Thunderers

10 Thunderers


20 Iron Breakers
Rune of Courage

1 Cannon

2 Bolt Throwers + Engineer

1 Grudge Thrower
Rune of Accuracy


Organ Gun

Organ Gun


We rolled for table sides and the Empire player ended up in the middle, the hamlet seperated VC and Dwarf but there was a space behind the Hamlet that connected the 2 forces, a potential killing field as well as a back entry point into the Hamlet.
Spells were rolled:

Count Olaf: ION, GON
Dieter: ION, Curse of the Years

Light Wizard: Burning Gaze, Guardian Light
Metal Wizard: Rule of burning Iron, Distillation of Motlen Silver

We then Deployed, which took a while...

As you can see the tight deployment area caused the Empire player a few problems. He aimed the HBVG and a cannon toward the VC on his left along with a big uit of knights led by his General.

To his right he aimed more knights, pistoliers and a cannon towards the Dwarves.

In the middle each wizard hid amongst a unit of handgunners and aimed towards the hamlet along with the rest of his infantry.

The Dwarf player aimed his infantry towards the Hamlet and pointed most of his guns towards the Empire player and his Knights, room was tight so LOS would be an issue. The VC were miles away from the dwarves but down the killing fields were pointed the GT and a Bolt thrower along with his Iron Breakers and a small unit of warriors. Thunderers protected his right flank confident that the Empire would not make it through the 'Organ Gun of Death wall'.....

I had to split the VC force up , which would eventually slow down half the army. Count Olaf led a unit of skeletons and took another unit also with him, along with a zombie unit, the bats and some wolves. These units were turned to deal with the empire Knights heading my way.


Dieter took control of my left flank, leading a unit of Skeletons he faced the killing fields and the entrance to the back of the hamlet. The book of Arkhan would hopefully provide some much needed movement boost as these units were potentially the nearest to getting early control of the tower. A unit of zombies backed up the Skeletons and the BK brought up the rear. Boris the Giant came along for the ride and also this took him out of LOS of the Empire cannon. A unit of wolves seperated the 2 forces lead by Torst, this unit would be ready to go where needed or just aim straight for the walls of the hamlet.

The Empire player now placed his scouts in the trees right next to the tower, this could prove a problem as he would certainly gain control of that building first now..

So the scene was set, I now had very real fear about our VP system as looking at the board, it looked a very real prospect of the VC and the Empire doing all the fighting and the Dwarves sitting back, shooting and losing very little in the way of casualties and therefore winning. To overcome this, capturing the buildings was a must for the VC along with the Empire charge into the Dwarf flanks being a success. Their charge against mine obviously needed to fail, plus a fallen General/standard bonus would be nice...

The battle for the Hamlet started...the Dice were thrown and the Empire won the first turn, Dwarves would go second and the VC last. That was okay by me, I would be patient...
Aug 15, 2007
The Count surveyed the Hamlet. Normally it would be as inconsequential as the hundreds of dwellings he and his horde had seen on their long passage thorugh the Empire. But today, this was different. The hamlet possesed a church of Sigmar and within it's hallowed walls lay a mighty weapon. Or so the rumours told.

The weapon was of Dwarf origin, lost and then found by human hand, it had been hidden here in this unspectacular hamlet for protection. The only sign of anything being untoward was the presence of the Gaurd tower in the area, not a usual find in a Hamlet of this size. The search had been long for the Dwarves but eventually they had tracked down the location and sent a 'recovery' force. Their orders to retrieve the weapon at any cost and return to whence it came. They had known that the Empire would protect it's asset, possesion being ninth tenths of the law, but were genuinely suprised at the arrival of the Count to their procedings.

Olaf knew he had a good vantage point being closer to the tower than the others. He ordered Dieter his necromancer to take it and sent his bodyguard, the Giant, Boris, to help. The monster stomped off in the direction of the tower, nearly standing on Torst on the way. The Thrall cursed at both the clumsiness of the Giant and the palpable amusement of the Count. He changed into his favoured form of the wolf and went to join his pack, they at least appreciated him.
Olaf ordered his section of the horde to turn and face the oncoming Knights of the empire, all the while his mind racing over the possible outcomes ahead
Aug 15, 2007

Empire turn 1

Not suprisngly the Empire started by claiming the tower with his Huntsmen scouts, they were now in a great position to annoy the hell out of me!

He then moved all his other units forwards, a little known tactic.
His knights on both flanks went for it, the ones on the Dwarf flank heading for the hills, supported by another unit who aimed for the walls of the Hamlet. The bulk of his army surged towards the Hamlet, the wizards in their gunner units leading the way. The Light wizard nearest the VC and the Metal mage near the Dwarves.

There was no magic as he was all out of range or LOS so he went to shoot. All this mass movement left him with very little LOS. The only shot he had was a cannon shot onto a Dwarf Organ gun. This resulted in a misfire but it would be fine next go. A great start for the Dwarf General.

Dwarf turn 1

The Dwarf general was never a great mover of troops but with the lack of LOS available to his guns he had the ideal opportunity to get those little legs moving. so the order to move out was given, the air of excitment as those 6 inch marches were made was overwhelming. This turn took so long as he tried to juggle the moving with keeping LOS on his guns. The Empire player and I took this as a chance to grab some early afternoon liquid refreshment...

His Joy at being able to move his Stunties and knowing he was now going to be made famous on this BR was short lived as he then realised we had glued his chin to the table....

The resulting after effect was a 'surge' forwards of 3 of his units whilst LOS was maintained mainy on the charging Knights.
So with this in mind the shooting began. The opening salvo was spectacular as his Grudge Thrower aimed 54 inches down towards my Zombie unit. His range finding was spot on but with a small drift, only 2 Zombies 'died'. But it was apparent that this tunnel area was not a great place to dawdle.
The rest of his units turned their attentions to the two units of knights coming their way. The cannon felled one knight in the unit by the trees. The Thunderers claimed one in the unit on the hill (the tendancy for the Empire player to roll 1's on his AS throws are the stuff of legends) and the Organ gun took another 3 from said unit. This left this unit down to 2 and not in a good place mentally or physically but held they did. At this point the Empire general was not in a good mood but the sun was shining and the ahem ' afternoon tea' was going down well.

VC turn 1

Dieter led his unit of Skeles along with the Zombies, BK's and Boris towards the tower, Boris now safely out of LOS of the Empire guns. The rest of army lead by Olaf turned to face and bait the Empire Knights. What ever he charged he really needed to overrun because their was flank attacks all over the place. The wolves set up in wait on both sides. None of my units were in charge range yet but this would really worry the Empire player come his turn.

The bats flew behind the hills, I wanted to keep them safe ready to take out the cannon or the HBVG.

In the magic phase the sheer horror on my face when I realised I was up against 13 DD was a sight. Of course they could not combine DD and could only use them on spells that affected their units (for global spells like ION, they would state in turn if they wanted to dispel, right to left) btu none the less it was going to be tough. I started well with a GON on the approaching Knights, rolling an impressive 15 on 3 dice but of course an empire dispel scroll put pay to that beauty.
Nothing else got through and turn 1 was over....
Aug 15, 2007
Turn 2

Empire turn 2

Turn 2 started with the Empire Knights on the Dwarf flank deciding "thats enough of that then" and running away. I was not impressed with this, this was handing the flank to the Dwarfs, he could have charged and gone for it but self preservation seemed to be the order of the day and they turned round and marched away from the smoking gunline.

The Knights on the other flank edged forwards slowly unsure of what to do with the undead mass ahead. They were waiting for the Greatswords and Flagellants to catch up from behind and support.The units in the middle carried on towards the hamlet, with the metal mage moving out of his unit into the small guard house on the edge of the dwelling. The Pistolliers headed towards the walls by the Vc to take on the gathering wolves.

In the magic phase a rune was used by a Runesmith to silence the metal mage, the Light mage drew a bead on Torst and his wolves and unleashed a Burning gaze this was dispelled. The priests attempts at praying were also nullified.

The shooting then started with the now working cannon aiming at the Organ gun again, his aim was true but again the gods were against as the cannon ball stuck in the mud just in front of a very relieved Organ gun crew.
3 of Torsts pack fell to gunner fire with the Huntsmen in the tower claiming a fourth. This left Torst and 2 wolves, eager to get into CC to avoid any more lead.

Dwarf turn 2

Again LOS was the priority for the Dwarf General and after he had managed to free his chin from the table, he moved his thunderers towards the flank and marched his infantry forwards, all the while aware of keeping the sights of the guns clear.

The Zombies were spared this turn as the GT could now see the Empire cannon that had come so close to taking out an Organ gun. Again his aim was true and he got a direct hit!

2 crew fell and the cannon was lucky to survive, suffering 2 wounds.
To finish the job, the dwarf cannon and a Bolt thrower both fired but overshot and missed. It would live another day...

VC turn 2
"Have em!" thought Boris as he charged the tower, the Huntsmen passed their Terror test and stand and shot, actually wounding Boris once!

The Zombies, Skeles and BK moved to back him up.
My other units manouvered to set up the trap for the Empire Knights, they were now in charge range and would have to act next turn. And I was ready for this! :cool:
The bats snuck round the hill ready to charge next go but wary of the potential fire next go.

The magic phase started off great with an irresistable force GON from Olaf on the Knights, this caused 6 wounds but for once the Hand of the Empire rolled true and all were saved.
Olaf then tried to boost the ranks of his Zombie unit but only rolled a 7 on his ION, the Empire player used 4 DD but managed to roll 3 ones. I then promptly raised 11 more Zombies for the unit.
Over on Dieters side however neither ION or the book succeeded.

In CC Boris hit with his club and killed 2 of the Huntsmen, in return he was wounded once, however he won the combat and they fled the building.

Now I just needed the Zombies to hurry up and take control of it...
Aug 15, 2007
Turn 3

Empire turn 3

The Knights thought if we are going to do it, lets try the big one and charged the Skele unit led by Count Olaf.

The Fleeing Huntsmen rallied and turned to face the tower again and the the Courtyard of the Hamlet was swamped by the Empire.

The Flageallants and Greatswords moved forwards to support the charging Knights. The Greatswords were now in range of Zombies and wolves alike.

The only magic that went off was a Metal magic missile on the nearest Organ gun, this resulted in the use of another Rune.

Shooting fared no better, a cannon shot on the Dwarf warriors overshot and a cannon on my bats only killed one, I had spaced them so that to draw a line on more than 2 was nigh on impossible. The HBVG then clicked into action and managed a very impressive 28 hits but actually only turned into 4 wounds, 2 more bats fell out of the sky. This still left me enough to hopefully take one of the crews out. The pistolliers stopped drinking Pimms long enough to miss Torsts's wolves completely.

In CC the curse of the rubber lance struck and only 2 Skele's fell but not much damage was done in return, Count Olaf's swordsmanship up to it's usual standard. The Empire general's Laurels help tip the balance and the CC was drawn. But the Knights knew they had blown their chance as around them the undead prepared to counter charge! :tongue:h43r:

Dwarf turn 3

The Dwarves continued there march towards the Church and the hill constantly aware of freeing the LOS of their guns.

The shooting phase opened with a barn stormer, the normally reliable Dwarf general aimed his cannon at Dieter's Skeleton unit and guessed a range of 22 inches ! :| This was miles out and we could only put it down to the copious amount of mid afternoon Bugman's that he had drunk. It of course hit nothing....

The GT guess was back to normal and it launched a rock at Boris, but then preceded to misfire but only resulting in a dud shot....
The BoltThrower fared better scoring 3 wounds on the now near death giant.
The other BT missed the Empire cannon crew.The Organ gun turned on the Metal mage cowering in the guard house, he only rolled 2 hits but this was enough to wound the mage.

(Question: He only rolled 2 hits but does this still cause D6 hits on the occupants of a building?)

VC turn 3


Skeletons charged the Flank of the Knights.
Torst and his 2 wolves charged their rear.
The Bats charged the Empire cannon crew.
And the other wolves charged the Greatswords on the hill.
The Zombies charged the gunner detachment in front of the salivating Flagellants who promptly though " F&%$* that!" and fled, the zombies failed to then connect with the Flagellants by 1/2 and inch, a world of hurt was coming their way next turn.

I knew Boris did not have much left in the tank so I simply moved him into the courtyard hoping that Terror would do something to the massed Empire troops within. Little did I know...............

And the Zombies on the far flank shuffled further towards their goal, the tower.

The magic phase saw the snapping of another Dwarven rune and 3 DD used to stop the Book of Arkhan powering the Zombies into the tower, so close and yet?.....

The CC started well with the Bats killing 2 cannon crew and running down the 3rd.
The wolves fared less well versus the greatswords and all crumbled, no great suprise really, the GreatSwords then overran into the flank of the huge Zombie unit. That could cause problems with the imminent frontal charge of the Flagellants about to occur!

In the main battle, all my charging units failed to hit a thing and it was only the (for once) stirling effort by the Count that saw 3 Knights fall to my one skeleton. The count was in turn wounded twice but his ring did it's good work and saved both.
The Kights had a massive -6CR and of course broke, no snake eyes today!
They only fleed 10" and it looked bleak, if I could run down their general and claim the standard it would help my cause no end but I had to settle for just the flag as even Torst with his massive movement only managed to pursue a pathetic 8 inches. The remaining Knights were safe! For now.........