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The Black Axe of Krell

Nov 6, 2009
Ophidicus said:
marshal torrick said:
Rumor says that mounted GWs are going back to +2 str, so you could mount the WK on a barded steed and have a 3+AS. Just watch out for cannonballs.
I think one of the reasons for dropping mounted GWs to +1S was the fact that they effectively made Lances obsolete, who'd take a Lance when you got the same effect in the second round as on the charge with a GW? I have no idea if they'll revert to the pre-7th way but I wouldn't put money on it.

Yanda said:
I find whenever I take the black axe I screwed and he ends up being matched-up against things with 1 wound all game. I think for the points the Sword of Kings is a more affordable addition to the WK. The black axe has the potential to be pretty badass but for the points and usefulness I think it becomes more situational.
As Lord Fearpula mentions, the biggest cross-army benefit of the Black Axe is the fact that it can achieve Overkill far beyond the possibilities of the WK's normal attacks, which can result in combats being won by a significant margin, I daresay a mundane GW is fine for winning fights but the Black Axe is great for winning combats.
The Black Axe does a lot, but is more of a side grade option. I bring it for fluff reasons, whereas some of my opponents still fear Lord Krell and his massive Black Axe.

Looking into the future of 8th edition-I see the use of more "ogre" sized infantry and coupled with the rumored new mounted rules for 2-handers; I would recommend and can foresee the increase in the use of the Black Axe.
May 7, 2010
Disciple of Nagash said:
Probably not really tactical, but if obsidian flecks kept on breaking off, wouldn't the axe have got rather small by now......o.o
Its magical! Come on now... Maybe it regains the flecks after the target dies or some such.. I dunno... busting my chops over here xD

-- Ravenfeld