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The Black Bey's Plog - Black Army of Bathori

Here is my list, The Black Army of Bathori. It truly is black right now as I just finished undercoating most of the pieces. Pictures will be posted before the weekend is over.

30 Ghouls
20 Zombies
10 Dire Wolves
6 Giant Bats
4 Spirit Hosts
30 Grave Guard w/ Command
1 Corpse Cart
1 Varghulf
1 Necro (model on foot)
1 Vampire (mounted; simple conversion of Chaos Sorcerer)

I'm holding on to some reserves that I'll try to get to if time permits. These are not part of the initial pledge since I don't know if I'll make it to them, but I'm listing them as a little reminder to myself.

2x 15 Skeletons (HW&S) w/ Command
3 Wraiths w/ Banshee
5 Blood Knights w/ Command
3 Vampires (2 foot; 1 mounted)
2 Necros (foot)


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Good luck to you! And here's hoping you get those pictures up soon! I'm enjoying the amount of Grey I'm seeing, I'm not the only one with an unfinished horde.

But soon, we'll all be colored in between the lines. :) Welcome to the Tale!
Here's the spread of troops. still putting together 10 ghouls and 10 grave guard.

Led by a Necrarch on Nightmare wielding a Skull Staff.

A zombie horde...

And a corpse cart.

Pictures of the other regiments didn't come out very clearly, besides not being much of a painter I'm also not much of a photographer.


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Your photos look great and I am sure your painting will follow suit. Particularly love the big blocks of troops and the necrarch's steed.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
That Necrarch looks like a conversion, I see a Ghoul head plus a Bret Steed at least.

A nice big army though, one that will look impressive at the end. Plus great pics xD
Sanai wins the prize, he is indeed the Mounted Chaos Sorcerer. My wife ordered White Dwarf for me as a present and I received it as a free gift with the subscription. I took off the horns from both the Sorcerer and the steed, and changed his naginata-like spear into skull-topped staff. He is still available at the GW website and I think he works nicely as a necrarch, but with all things GW he is a bit pricey. I'm glad I got him for "free".

Here is the original version, as presented on GW's site.

Spirit Hosts - Green is going to be predominant throughout my army. I couldn't get the flash on the camera to turn off, time for a new camera. :swear:

House rule: swarms require an indicator of front facing. Room for a tombstone became very useful.

Waiting for the next "Winds of Death".

One last shot.



Master Liche
True Blood
OHhh my the way you did your green ghosts look great I tried something like that but it clashed too much with my army so I made mine more like shadow people. But id have to say that they glow. Keep them a coming.
That's kind of you, SW, I've seen the work you and your wife do on your plog and it's fantastic.

There's a white/green mix and a white wash between two green washes, so it actually does have a weird glow to it.


Master Liche
True Blood
Then it isnt just the picture years ago I had paint that reacted to black light on mine. It was great. Then we stripped them all to start over. thanks for the compliment on our work, its fun to have someone to share the hobby with. Good luck and keep the paintbrush working hard.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
I'm liking the paintjob. They do really look glowly, not a paintjob I have seen with green like that before, but you pulled it off well. I still am not a lover of the sculpts though, they all look like they are at listening to a ballad or something, lighters in hands, swaying to the tune.....
A delayed update:

I'm putting the finishing touches on the unit of 10 Dire Wolves and I completed assembly on the last of the 40 ghouls. I've been delayed in posting pictures of the wolves as I deal with a change in cameras. Pictures will be up this weekend.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Green is mean! :D Good progress.

Will be interesting to see how you've incorporated green with your Dire Wolves.

Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
I have an idea on how to present that same green color from the Spirit Hosts on the Dire Wolf models. I noticed on the models that there are skulls incorporated into the furry manes around some of the DW heads and hanging from chains available in the DW set as bits. I plan on painting these up with the green color.

Around the neck of each Dire Wolf is a talisman which holds together an animated wolf corpse. The talisman consists of a skull enchanted by a Necromancer to contain a human lifeforce. The energy of the trapped spirit, combined with the magic of the Dark Winds, is the energy that powers the undead Wolf construct. The skull glows with the same greenish taint that signals the presence of warpstone, easily visible to the Wolves' prey through the darkened night.

The human soul to be used in the talisman is harvested in a gruesome ritual performed by a Necromancer. As a part of these rites, a human victim is fed to a living wolf. The wolf is later slaughtered and its corpse prepared by the Necromancer to become a true Dire Wolf. The Necromancer fuses the human lifeforce, the talisman and the wolf body into a single vicious and cunning undead construct.

Larger wolves are often fed more than one victim, sometimes an entire family of humans, after which the carcass of the wolf is bound to more than one human soul. These beasts become known as Doom Wolves and are easily identifiable by the chain of glowing skulls wrapped around their necks, one skull for each victim consumed in the ritual.