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The Bloodmoon Hunters - My vampires and their Bloodline.

Jun 19, 2018
The fluff for my army. Its still a work in progress as I figure out how they handle the events of Soul Wars, adjust to the new lore and edit it to read and sound better.

Realm: Shysh

Region: Teresal

Predominant features:

The lands of Teresal in Shysh that the Bloodmoon Hunters stalk is permanently stuck in the period between Autumn and Winter thanks to the crossing wind of magic from Ghyran. The moors and forests are often choked by thick fog, where foul things stalk the shadows, either acting as hunters, or prey for the Bloodmoon lineage.

The Army:

Composed mostly of vampiric knights which act as the main force of the army, taking the role of hunters more than typical Blood Knights. The knights also act as the retainers and servants to a matron sisterhood of vampires, who lead The Bloodmoon Hunters through wisdom and mysticism, having their own system of rank from handmaiden to the Matriark, who herself is the leader of the sisterhood and the most powerful fighter and sorcerer. But beyond this she leads the host through long experience. The knights ride into the hunt upon terrifying Nightmare steeds, sourced from the surrounding hamlets or terrifying Abyssal Terrors whos own source is as varied as the beasts themselves. The sisterhood unlike the knights vary, as they may ride Nightmare steeds like their retainers, or even on sinister shadows like wings. The most senior of the sisterhood will ride upon terrifying Abyssal Terrors of varied size and shape, but the Matriark will ride upon a giant terrifying abyssal terror that can rival any other Vampire lords Zombie Dragon.

The army also makes use of Barghest’s as their hunting hounds, a disposable force to flush out mortals and tie up troops, allowing the Nightmare riding hunters to run them down and a limited number of black coaches, soley employed to resurrect fallen vampires, in an attempt to limit the loss of the limited number of vampires present within the host. Always following the hunters are swarms of bats, feasting on the blood of the hunted, blocking out the sun and forwarding the prey of the coming hunters. Those that survive and feast on the blood of many bloat to prestigious size, becoming giant flying beasts made of nightmares.

The most frightening servant of the Bloodmoon Hunters is a being made malice personified. This horrible creature was ensnared by a prior Matriark during the Bloodmoon Hunters years of wandering, found in a distant, cold mountain, the Mourngul was trapped in a shadowy prison formed in the shape of a gem, worn as jewelry by the current Matriark, signifying her position. In times of great need the Mourngul is unleashed to torment and destroy the greatest of the hosts enemies.

Beyond these relatively small forces, the Bloodmoon Hunters is supported by mortal auxiliaries that mostly act as servants and as a workforce within their Hunting Hall known as the Bloodfeather Hall. Outside of their keep, the mortals living in the towns and hamlets of Teresal act as allies to the Bloodmoon Hunters, providing support in exchange for protection from wandering forces of chaos and destruction.

Though they avoid the use of lowly undead servant such as zombies and skeletons, since the Necroquake, the Bloodmoon vampires have been making ever more common use of the twisted Nighthaunt spirits to further the defence of their realm and the great hunt. This change in tactics has been spearheaded by their relatively recently, at least for vampires, ascended head of the hunt.

The Age of Myth:

Though lost to the mists of time, the formation of this Bloodline has a rumored origin that stretches back to before the age of Chaos. It is believed that the Bloodmoon Hunters bloodline was first founded from a group of mortal hunters caught in in Shysh. There the winds of magic were influenced by a long forgotten culture to twist these mortals into the first hunters, those condemned to eternally hunt the souls of the dead in Shysh and punish them for their misdeeds.

Whether this is the truth, or they are simply an offshoot of a more common bloodline, is unknown, but their presence in their own small kingdom in Shysh is very real, and as they have for thousands of years, they continue their great hunt.

The Age of Chaos:

During the age of chaos, thanks to the roving and isolationist nature of the Bloodmoon Hunters, the bloodline was generally uninvolved with the defence of the All-Points, the following War of Heavens and Underworlds, beyond the few lost souls who accidentally wandered into the hunters realm.

Towards the end of this age, before the return of Nagash and the unleashed stormhosts of Sigmar, the Bloodmoon Hunters found a small region in the edge of innerlands known as Teresal. The region is permanently trapped in the ending of autumn and the beginning of winter, with the surrounding forests forever dropping orange leaves and the lightest snow starting to touch the ground. The land had multiple small hamlets, forests and ruins, the region split twice, one from a main road and again from a slow moving winter, forever having water begin to freeze and melt. At this time the region was under siege from invading mortals of chaos.

They treated these mortals of chaos as they did any other lesser prey, and hunted them to eradication within the kingdom. During this period the Bloodmoon Hunters discovered a massive cavern and grotto that existed within the lands of Terrasil, in which was a flickering realmgate that connected to numerous other mortal realms. For the first time the Bloodmoon Hunters ceased their wandering and instead settled the land, building a mighty castle over the main entryway into the grotto and using it as a base, known as the Venari Spire. From this grotto and its hidden realmgates, the Bloodmoon Hunters could raid all the realms and hunt all forms of prey from mighty fire beasts in Aqshy to monsters of living mist in Ulgu. The one realm the bloodline did not have access too was Azyr, for the gate on the other side was forever closed by some agent of sigmar.

The Age of Sigmar:

In the age that followed the Bloodmoon Hunters ruled their kingdom and their mortals living in it fairly, if not distantly, for beyond their presence helping hide their grotto through their simple presence, they also acted as a continued source of servants, manpower, sustenance and progeny. Their great castle was built up into a great bastion that overlooked the lands and allowed the vampires and their undead servants to quickly spot and eliminate any threat to their dominion over the kingdom and realmgates.

In the current time, great events such as the Firestorm, Malgin Portents and other great events are generally of little importance to the Bloodmoon Hunters, but not unwelcome, for they know that when they occur mortals will be found in increasing numbers and within easy reach of their realmgates, allowing for the great hunt to go on everlasting.

The Soul Wars:

Though the Bloodmoon Hunters had little involvement in the Malgin Portents, Nagash’s great work and attacks of his bastions, they were not unaffected. Numerous mortal armies used the road through Teresal as their pathway to Nagash’s inverted black pyramid and bastion. To at least keep Nagash’s eyes away from them, or worse have attention drawn to their hidden realmgates, the Bloodmoon hunters eradicate these uninvited guests with impunity, making use of the mists and magic of the land to aid them.

They were not without losses however and during this time many of their number were slain, though as is the nature of vampires, not all were eternally. Most tragic of their losses was their Master of the Hunt, Queen Elyssia, slain by a barrage of shots by cowardly freeguild gunners, before being fully destroyed by witch hunters attached to the army. After this, their new queen would ascend and ensure that the path that the bloodline forged would be forever changed.

Lady Adrianna, head handmaiden to Queen Elyssia, proved her worth over her rivals in a great test of skill to prove her worth as ascending to the Master of the Hunt. Her ascension coincided with the great necroquake that shook the mortal realms and was viewed by some within the hunting lodge as an ill omen. However despite these concerns, Lady Adrianna rallied those of the bloodline and their servants to her cause and vision, launching some of the greatest hunts the Bloodline has experienced in recent memory.

These hunts had over the centuries formed a folklore like belief in the cultures they preyed upon, believing that upon death it was these swift and deadly hunters that would drag them to the underworld for eternal punishment, to act as prey for these apparent demons of death. These reinvigorated hunts combined with the Maglin Portents, Necroquake and all its impacts, inflamed these beliefs, leading mortals to form cults and rituals to either protect themselves, or worship the hunters.

This resulted, as is often the case in Shysh, a new underworld forming based on these varied beliefs. This Underworld formed within the hidden grotto of the Bloodmoon Hunters, causing the spirits of those slain by the hunters to gather in the shadows.

Lady Adrianna cconvened a council with the hunters matrons and lords of the hunt over this development, and convinced them to not scorn these spirits and the new underworld, but embrace it, and use those souls sent here to further their great hunt. At first there was resistance to this changing of ways, but to prove its effectiveness Lady Adrianna gathered a large number of souls and took to a great hunt with only her Abyssal mount as her non-spectral companion. The glory she achieved in this hunt could not be denied, and quickly the other Hunter Lords adopted these spirits in their own hunts.

Bloodmoon Hunters Sub-Factions

The Matrons and Masters

The upper echelon of the Bloodmoon Hunters, the Matrons and Masters are the Vampire Lords who command the Bloodmoon Host, only answering to the Master of the Hunt. Strangely among the Bloodmoon Hunters, the Soulblight curse does not readily take to males, with many devolving into Vargheists and joining the Blighted Line. This leaves many more matrons within this group than masters, leading them to have more direct control. Within the Bloodline all decisions are voted upon by a ruling council within the Matrons and Masters, with final say left to the Master of the Hunt. Due to the higher number of Matrons, many of their decisions voted on by the council favor the Matrons over the Masters. Most prominent of this is voting in the next Master of the Hunt, which thanks to this bias, has led to far more Matrons being Masters of the Hunt than the Masters. It is whispered that in the past the Masters tried to uplift a mortal hero into a Master, to plan out future succession and have a Master hold the throne, but the curse failed and instead twisted the once noble mortal into a terridying Varghulf.

The Crimson Hunters

The rank and file Vampiric host, if it can even be considered that. The Crimson Host ride Nightmare Steeds into battle, smashing into enemy lines like a razor wind, cutting down dangerous foes to bring glory to the great hunt. Most Matrons and Masters favor the use of the Crimson Hunters in their armies and often use them to lead the charges during the unt, while other elements act as auxiliaries. Strangely among the Bloodmoon Hunters, the Soulblight curse does not readily take to males, with many devolving into Vargheists and joining the Blighted Line. This leaves many of its rank as female and future matrons.

The Spectral Hounds

The Bargheists and spectral beings that belong to the Bloodmoon Hunters are a part of this group. The houndmaster is a spectral geist spoken of only in whispers, once a powerful Master, this lingering spirit now only commands the spiritual forces. These beings will follow any of the Matrons or Masters into battle, though only the current Master of the Hunt, Lady Adrianna makes use of most of these forces in battle, with the other Matrons and Masters favoring the brutal Crimson Hunters

The Blighted Line:

Though not an official group within the Bloodmoon Hunters, those poor souls who could not take the soulblight curse devolve into terrifying beings that desire only to feed on the lifeblood of mortals. These creatures are sometimes used by the vampiric hosts as more deadly attack dogs, being sent after fleeing prey to be torn to shreds. When not used during hunts, these creatures are herded into the Darkharrow Blight, large woodland in Teresal with a large ruined tower in the centre where these poor beasts make refuge. Most of the creatures found here are Vargheists and bloated bats that carry the soulblight curse, though its believed a mighty Vargulf also stalks these lands and rules these wretched creatures when their more noble lords are away. In recent years Sister Lysandra has been caring for these blighted creatures and trying to cure them and allow them to rejoin their kin as proper Vampires. This has resulted in many viewing their carer with reverence and will tear apart anywho assault their Mistress.

Holders of the Lodge

The mortals and all who do not fit in the other sub-factions belong to this group as long as they pledge allegiance to the Bloodmoon Hunters. This includes all the villagers in the surrounding towns and Hamlets of Venari Spire Keep and the mortal servants who reside in the Venari Spire.

The leaders of these communities are the Lodge Masters and they are each responsible for their own communities and meeting the needs of their Vampiric Lords. All the Masters of the Lodge are equals, with exception for one, a necromancer and Lodge leader within the bloodlines very keep who ensures the servants living there perform their role to perfection. Unusualy among kingdoms in Shysh, the leading Master of the Lodge holds a position on the Bloodmoon Hunters council, to help better communicate the needs of the people and what the people need to do for their lords. This is all set into motion by the first Master of the Hunt in ages past to ensure stability in their realm and allow them to focus on their purpose over rulership.

Typically this is a beneficial relationship as they are given protection in trade for maintaining their lands and supplying their lords with lifeblood and more importantly, future progeny through those of worth to be transformed into a vampire. The supply of blood to the vampires in Terasel is not through sacrifice or or drugged cattle as is common in other lands, but as a service, viewed in the same light as a farmer growing his crop. After the blood is given either through direct feeding or bottled, the mortal is allowed to continue as normal, for if they were slain then the bloodline would quickly run out of lifeblood and have to raid for it, distracting them from their one true purpose, the great hunt.

Other being also exist in this faction, such as vampires from other bloodlines who have sworn allegiance to the Bloodmoon Hunters, those of their own Bloodline who are better suited to acting as the bloodlines diplomatic envoys and other beings of unnatural origin. These beings do not technically owe loyalty to the lodge-masters, but still comply with their wishes for the sake of upholding their communities.


Master of the Hunt - Lady Adrianna

The Forlorn Healer - Sister Lysandra
  • Sister to Lady Adrianna, Sister Lysandra embodies the impacts of the Soulblight curse on the mentality of this hosts. The curse will enhance personality traits and for Lysandra that was her empathy. In life Sister Lysandra worked for a coven that cared for the sick and wounded, she never intended to be a vampire, but was giving the dark kiss by her sister in her selfish desire to never be alone and not lose her sister to time.

    Unlike her sister who embodies everything that makes a Bloodmoon Hunter, Lysandra would rather spend her time tending to the people of the realm. This has left her an outcast amongst her kin, but unlike Chalce Leyka who still completes the honoured hunt in her own way, Lysandra has only not been disowned due to her sisters strength and rank. Even still she is one of the people, one of the holders of the lodge and holds no power amongst her kin. Despite this, her goodwill to the people have as an unintended side effect, furthered the subjects reverence for their masters, viewing her as a gift to protect their peoples health as the other hunters protect them from aggressors and monsters.

    In recent years she has taken greater interest in the Blighted Line, desiring to cure those the curse has twisted into degenerate Vargheists. Though her sister does not believe they can be cured, she allows her to continue with her research and care of the blighted line, which has resulted in these twisted creatures revering her. In times when she is caught in battle the blighted creatures will rush to defend their mistress with terrifying fury.

The Crimson Lord - Veidt Clement

  • Master of Crimson Hunters, this Vampire Lord rides into battle astride his mighty Hellsteed, swooping into enemy ranks, backed by the thundering charge of Bloodmoon Hunters Blood Knights, crushing their chosen prey. A traditionalist, vedit forgoes the use of damned spirits and the bloated line, instead favoring the mighty vampiric hunters charging down prey tied up by bloated bat swarms.

Portents Seer - Mistress Harespia

  • A member of the bloodlines ruling council, Mistress Harespias vital role is to analyse the portents of shysh and the mortal realms, to predict when and where the best hunts will be, what troubles the bloodline will face in the future and measure the shift of powers in the realms. Her role during the Malign Portents were vital, allowing the order to act without arousing Nagash’s suspicion, defend their kingdom from the invading realms and take advantage of the necroquake and its energies. During this time she worked very closely with Lady Adrianna to help guide her with matters concerning this event and the formation of the new Underworld. When she joins her kin in the hunt or combat, she rides in on a flying sarcophagus from which she draws power to support her kin and empower her own abilities.

Amethinian Matron - Lady Rybell

  • Lady Rybell is a rising Vampire within the Masters and Matrons, with many believing that she will earn a council seat within the next century. Amongst the Bloodmoon Hunters few can claim as high a mastery of the Amethyst magic as her, focusing more on her magical strengths in hunts over martial powers. The necroquake brought greater power to Lady Rybells command, further empowering her and further increasing her advancement amongst the bloodline. Though she and Lady Adrianna do not hold the same views on many topics, it's been rumored that she has been working closely with the Master of the Hunt on a secret project that requires her in depth knowledge of death magic.

Hunter of the Damned - Romille De’Treut

  • An ancient Vampire Master who flies into battle atop a mighty Abyssal Terror of the same line as the one used by Lady Adrianna, though a male of its species. Due to this lords age, he spend most of his time at rest, only rousing for important battles where the future of the bloodline is at stake, leaving the honoured hunts for the young lords. The only exception for this is when the Bloodline preys on the slaves to chaos, for he holds a deep hatred for them and the kin he lost cleansing Teresal of their taint.

The Vagabond - Chalce Leyka

  • An outcast among the Bloodmoon Hunters, Chalce is a Vampire that spends her days wandering the lands surrounding Teresal, raiding ancient keeps, slaying monsters and playing the role of hero amongst the people. Her kin leave her to these fancies, for in her own way she fulfills the honoured hunt, stalking down powerful beasts and monsters that beset the mortal people of the surrounding kingdoms and slaying them with her own martial power and magical might. She has only been known to return to her kin during dire times when the bloodlines future is in danger, an increasingly common event in these troubling times.

Houndmaster - Vassbin the Faded Soul

  • Once a mighty Master of the Bloodmoon Hunters, Vassbin led many great hunts for the bloodline, taking down many worthy prey and earning many trophies. However in one of the rare battles the hunters took in, he was struck down while leading a charge with the crimson host. Though slain, he was not destroyed and his body was interred into a black coach to allow it to regenerate after enough necromantic magic had been absorbed. On the crux of his revival, when death magic swelled around the ghastly coach, it was destroyed by a mighty warmachine. The spirit had no body to return too, but unlike most vampires, did not dissipate, but lingered on through strength of will and unimaginable ambient death magic saturating the battlefield, but even still he is but a whisper of his former glory, a fading soul constantly resisting the pull of the underworld. Even in this new state of death he keeps his purpose through the hunt, leading spectral beings forward in glory for the great hunt and absorbing the ambient magic to sustain himself.

Master of Mortal Writs - Modjeska of Hexfire

  • The leading Master of the Lodge and representative of the Lodge Holders, Modjeska was once a battlemage in service to Hammerhaul that was assigned to one of the invading armies in Shysh due to his skill with Amethyst magic. The army happened to travel near Teresal and came into conflict with a chaos army, resulting in a great conflict. This conflict attracted the Bloodmoon Hunters due to the dangers close to their land and reacted appropriately, slaying any who proved a threat. During the battle Modjeska saved the Vampire Lord [NAME HERE] from a chaos champion with Amethyian magic and his staff. Due to this act, he was spared and offered the chance to serve the bloodline and continue his studies of Amethyst magic. Over the years he has proven his worth and loyalty to the hunters, earning the highest position a non-vampire can earn, even turning down the chance to ascend numerous times. Of greatest worth is his skill with temporarily stabilizing the flickering realmgate under Venari Spire Keep, allowing the Bloodmoon Hunters to embark on longer hunts across the mortal realms.

    • Teresal - Region army is based in
    • Hoarfrost Woods - The largest forest in the region and almost covers the entire territory.
    • Town of Valeia - A major town in the region
      - Trappers Tavern - A tavern Chalce Leyka can often be found
      - St. Amalas House of Healing - Sister Lysandras base within Teresal
    • Spritewood Forest - One of the larger forests in the region, believed to be haunted by spirits
    • Darkharrow Blight - Woodland the Blighted Line seek refuge in
    • Mistriver Woods - Lair of the Skinwolves
    • Green-dew Grassland - A large grassland separating Spritewood and the Hoarfrost Woods
    • Sapphire Stream - a large river that bisects Teresal
    • Hollow Wilds - A hilly unsettled area that the Bloodmoon Hunters occasionally hunt in. Troggoths are rumored to liver in this area
    • The Gale-Serran Mountains - Mountain Range that acts as part of the lands border
    • Venari Spire Keep - Bloodmoon Hunters keep

    • Greenweld Grotto - Underground grotto
    • The Ladies Stable - Personal Stable for Lady Adrianna, a menagerie of beasts
    • The Flickering Gate - The hidden realm gate
    • Fungeral Wilds - A Fungeral forest with just as strange creatures
    • Lake of Chilling Spirits - A great lake inhabited by subterranean horrors
    • The Ametheen Tower - Tower of the bloodlines deathmages and lore
    • Crystal of Bersault - The Hunters Womb (giant crystal where its believed the proto-god of the underworld is forming, hidden somewhere in the cave system
Map of Teresal here

Map of the grotto here
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Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Interesting background. I like have you've created a feel for the bloodline that are hunters first and foremost, and also explaining how they have remained hidden up until now.

Do you intend for the Bloodmoon Hunters to come out of the shadows for some reason, becoming involved in the current soul wars more actively?
Jun 19, 2018
Aye, I am essentially planning on the necroquake having a large impact on their emergence and independence. In the new book there are details about how Underworlds form through a combination of belief and crystalised death magic, something concentrated by the necroquake. Essentially they are going to get a massive supercharge from the necroquake and the death magic.

Their hunting of the living has formed numerous cults around their activities and how in the afterlife, the same hunters in the fog will drag mortals into the underworld upon their death to be forever hunted as prey. This belief, combined with the necroquake energy will form their grotto into a small underworld, with the spirits of those slain trapped there. They will use these new spirits to bolster their forces and expand their great hunt, bursting forth from their hidden realmgates further into the connected realms and showing the mortals of the realms why they are the embodiment of the great hunt,

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
Brilliant. The fluff around the underworlds has really inspired me as well, just starting writing again after a very long time!

The ability to have little underworlds will make for interesting background pieces, as your sounds to be.
Jun 19, 2018
Aye I agree, Especially since Nagash's plan not being 100% a success means that undead don't auto-follow him, though he can dominate if he knows about them. I think this can create an interesting narrative for pseudo-independent factions that aim to achieve their own goals without attracting Nagash's attention and allowing you to explore how much they can push that line before his attention is drawn to them.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
Yes, very true! When I started getting back into the AoS I was a tad worried that all the undead seemed to be under the direct sway of Nagash, which could be limiting from a fluff perspective. But the latest changes at least allows us to try and be more independent.

An undead kingdom trying to stave off the attentions of Nagash and stand against him adds a different slant rather than just following his whims
Jun 19, 2018
Exactly, especially if they have their own goals that are not just the same as his. The Mortal Realms are vast, and each realm itself takes more than a lifetime to cross. This gives people plenty of room to make their own fluff and build their own armies history.