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The Children of Maat

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Many of you including myself are familiar with The Pale Lady's superb ongoing novel. For ease of use links to chapters will be placed here. If I haven't read them yet I highly recommend you do, it is better than most published warhammer books. Over to TPL......DoN

Ancient Nehekhara, a once mighty civilisation spanning the length of a vast continent, is under threat. Shadows gather beneath the mountains, the deserts whisper of a blasphemous horror, and the very gods draw breath in preparation for the coming war: Nagash, cursed necromancer and priest of Khemri, survives, and his vile legacy continues through the actions of his children, his disciples, his immortals of Lahmia.

This first book documents the ravaging war through the eyes of the Maatmesin, one of the vampire bloodlines spawned by Nagash's dark lore in ancient Lahmia.

Book 1: A Law Unto Her Own

Chapters 1-4: LINK

Chapters 5-8: LINK

Chapters 9-15: LINK

Chapters 16-21: LINK

Book 2: Death's Head Monoliths

Chapters 1-4: LINK

Chapters 5-8: LINK
Just to let any fans of The Pale Lady know that he has a book coming out on June 17th- Lynnwood, published by Sparkling Books and under the name of Thomas Brown. The E-book is already available on Amazon.

He is involved in a couple of websites as well, but I don't know if I am allowed to give the links to other sites without permission!


Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Please do post links.

TPL / Thomas is a fantastic author, and all his works have been superb. I have a copy of one of his books and it was an excellent read, so for those wondering, I highly recommend buying :thumbsup:

If only we could get him to finish the Children of Maat :(
I've spoken to Tom about completing the Children of Maat on several occasions. The long and the short of it is that he is trying to make his way as a published author. He currently has a three book deal with Sparkling Books and is just completing his MA in creative writing as well as a part time day job to pay the bills. He would love to do more work on the CoM, but it is work that he can't publish; GW lawyers would have a field day! He did write to GW a few years ago, but didn't hear anything in reply. Still I expect that GW must get shedloads of fanstories every day, they can't possibly read them all. Currently he's exploring other ideas, but his writing is still mesmerising.

Thanks for the kind comments about his self published book (Hell's Water?). I think he has really progressed since then, so hopefully you will find Lynnwood even better.

His blog address is: http://tbrownonline.wordpress.com/

He writes regularly on a site called 'Pen of the Damned' Each of the 9 writers produce a short story every 9 weeks. Tom's most recent tale 'The Library' is his best yet imo! It can be found here: http://penofthedamned.com/author/tbrownonline/

Please just continue to enjoy his writing.

Best wishes,

Count Magpyr

Please carry on
Hello Dead,

Thank you for the kind words and attention; I am delighted to see these posts about my writing. I hadn't realised anyone from here might still follow my work! You are a wonderful bunch. I haven't had much involvement with the hobby in recent years, but I still try to follow fluff developments and pieces of background - this was always my main interest anyway. I will try and maintain more of a presence here, even if only as a lurker. The living dead remain close to my heart, and the support of readers here most definitely gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my writing inside of the hobby and out.


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Nice to hear from you TPL! Hope your doubt well, I still fondly remember keeping an eye out for this story to be updated back when it was still ongoing.

A recommended read for any vamp fan.