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The End of a true Era

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True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
The stench of stale vomit stained the floor of Castle Schwarzberg as Amadeus Valda realised with complete and utter conviction that he was dying. The sensation was nothing like he had expected it to be, but nothing about the entire Vampire Council had been quite as he had expected it to be. Curse them all. He had traveled more miles than the council had arguments and yet here he was the worse for wear with nothing to show for it but the impending justice of death that he had evaded for so long. Spitting, he saw a combination of the vomit he had just finished producing, blood and what appeared to be hair. Raising his hand to check, Valda pulled out a large clump of his once beautiful hair. Scowling fiercely, he turned to look behind him at his assembled entourage. He saw the great dread Avatar, commander of the Legion of Forever, Mordred the Custodian, the get he has left incharge of Schwarzberg and taking Zhufbar from the dwarves, Lady Darkmane, Dark elf sorceress and emissary of the Witch King and the Forgotten Warriors. They all had their heads bowed as Valda's sickly gaze washed over them. Coughing up a ball of phlegm, he looked to his side to see his lover, the young man Matthias, looking concerned for him. His head was not bowed like the others. Valda returned his scornfull gaze to the others.

"Each of you has failed me" He coughed "And failure is not something I tolerate, you should all know this."

The tone of the great hall where they all stood was once of silence as another chunk of Valda's hair hit the floor.

"We stole the Crown of Nagash from the vaults of the Empire to start this war so that I might find out where Arkhan the Black and Nagash have put the soul of the Supreme." A brief wheeze followed the bold statement "We have done so much to help both sides in this conflict and despite our work not being done, I am almost finished. I suspect it is betrayal from within as is only fitting for a bunch of cowards, so, to remove doubt, I will punish you all equally."

Reaching into his armour, Valda produced the gem of the Supreme, her only memory and his dearest trinket. A wail echoed in the hall as Valdas seer had finally been brought up from the dungeons of Schwarzberg. As he produced the gem, Matthias procuded a scroll, Valda chuckled to himself them proceeded to vomit more blood. As he did so, he regained his composure.

"This scroll is something I found in Lahmia. It details the exact requirements of what I need to complete my search for her." His hand weakened slightly and the gem dropped. "Ten Souls, each with something special is what is needed for this and the pure of one whose soul is good."

Looking up, Valda's eyes were bloodshot and sore. He looked more sinister than ever.

"Now we have the right amount here we can begin. Matthias..."

The young man took the Heart of the Supreme from the ground and placed it around his neck. As he did, the gem began to glow strangely and Valda immediately felt the place where his soul should have been shudder. The others in the room evidently felt the same as their faces grimaced slightly. Lady Darkmane stepping forward first among them to raise objections.

"I don't see what this has to do with preserving Nagash."

Valda forcibly tugged out another piece of his hair.

"Nagash was never the bigger picture here. Theres so much more to it than that my Lady, and I am afraid nobody present will be here to see the benefits of the Vampire Councils efforts to stop Nagash."

With that, Matthias began chanting in the ancient Lahmian tongue and Lady Darkmanes features began to pale. Valda smiled as he had never liked the incessant witch and as she tried feebly to put up magic wards to stop it, the gem of the Supreme sucked our her life essence. She became as a skeleton and her magic was one with the gem. Avatar began to crumble and a whirlwind of spirits entered the room as the Legion of Forever began to seal itself permenantly into the gem.

"Yes..." Valda watched as one of his etes fell out, the magic being used to destroy him was immense. HE turned to the forgotten warriors. "Seven sacrifices left my brethren."

As he did, the forgotten warriors all fell down, knowing that to defy Valda even as he was would be a futile endeavour. They levitated slightly off the floor as they crumbled to dust, their essences becoming one with the gem of the Supreme. Valda finally turned his gaze to the screaming seer. Slowly, he walked to her and as he felt his bones begin to weaken, he punched into her chest and ripped out her beating heart. As she slumped to the ground, an echo of her screaming words reached Valda's failing ears. They had said 'you're the last one'. Valda dismissed them summarily and turned to Matthias, presenting the heart and begin pleased as his lover ate it whole. Soon Valda would be reborn from the soul of this youngling.

"Thats it, eat up my Matthias, you are almost ready."

As he finished the words, Matthias hand lashed out and grasped Valda by the throat, the strength of the human teenager was immense. Knwoing he was helpless Valda cursed and kicked out at the boy and managed to gain himself some space. As he did so, the gems power transformed the former young lover into a towering beast. It was then Valda knew what the seers words had meant and he cursed. Forming words of magic, he flung a fireball at the empowered boy. The fireball dissipated slowly as Matthias slowly walked to the slumped Valda and grabbed him by the throat once more. the blood dripping from Matthias mouth smelt sweet to Valda. Drawing Valda close, Matthias kissed the remnants of what had once been Amadeus Valda, biting his tongue and draining the blood from his slowly. He continued for what seemed and eternity as Valda's life slipped away. Finally, he watched as the vampire goliath crumbled into nothingness, his power too absorbed by the gem. As the ritual was now completed, Matthias reached down and picked up Valda's sword, Sovereignty. As he held the sword, in his reach, it transformed to his size and shape. The remnants of what had been around him began to crackle with intense magic and the gem round his neck glowed. As it did so, Matthias felt a last tang of fear as his body began the slow transformation to becoming one of the aristocracy of the night.

As he did so, the gem exploded and its fragments encased him in a ball of fire. As the fire subsided, neither Matthias or anyone recogniseable was there, someone new was where Matthias had been, and they were clad in armour similar to Valdas but ultimately different. As the being stood to his feet, he felt immense power surge through him, pain beyond measure. Fighting the sensation he screamed and a great pillar of light engulfed Castle Schwarzberg, reducing it to rubble in seconds. Picking up Sovereignty, he turned its gaze to the mountains, to Zhufbar, it knew that was its new home and the dwarfs would be gone in a single night. Across the entire plain of magic, the plain of magic a ripple occured felt throughout the world. The man stopped momentarily, hearing a voice in the back of his mind, the voice of the recently deceased, foremost among them, Valdas, then his own voice, that of Matthias.

"Now my love, we truely are one..."

Snarling under his new helm, the man walked on, ready to begin anew.
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