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The Great Grot Rebellion

Jun 30, 2014
Deez 'ere are da persunel tapes o' Azag, Kommanda of da Grot Revolushun

Da boss mashed me in da head right good taday fer breakin' his bestest bolta (Sayz he gotz it from one o' thos beak boyz da hummies had), and dat gotz me finkin'. Why does dey gets ta be da bosses? Wez gots plentya shootas and mashas and stompas, so why does da orks gets ta boss us grotz around? And den I got to finkin' about howz it was time ta change dat up, time 'fer da grotz to be da bosses! Wez smarter den da orkz, and fasta too. Wez just beta den dem, and dats da way it is! Den I got ta thinkin' up a real cleva plan ta put us on da top. I waz gonna get da otha gits ta getha, and we waz gonna kill da runtherd. Den we waz gonna kill da boyz, and we waz gonna tear dis waaagh! ta bits. But we waznt gonna stop dere, no! We waz gonna go find new waaaghs wif new Grots, and we was gonna get dem new grots to joinz us, and we was gonna mash up dere' bosses too! I waz gonna makez dis one of dem...whatz da hummies calls it? Revolushion! Dis is gonna be a right propa Revolushun!

But I cant makes a revolushun meself, oh noez. Even I aint'z got da smarts fer dat. So, when da runt herdz not lookin', I goez to da mek boyz shop ta talk ta one 'o his helpas. Dis one callz 'imself da Mad Dokta, gotz a fancy claw fer a hand, real good wif da sheens. I tellz him alls about da plan, and 'e sayz dat he'l do watz he can, but dat wez gonna need helpz. So I goez 'round, tellin' some o' da ovas 'bout dis (Only da real portant boyz, cant haz da gitz givin' up da plan), till we gotz ourselves a right proper mob goin'. We gotz on o' da painboyz orderlies, dis 'git dats gettin' ready ta be a kan driva, and even da bosses own runt! Now, dat last one, he'z da git wot shines da bosses' cuttas, but he'z also da one dat layz out da maps fer da boss 'nd iz boyz, and hez dere when da da bosses talkin' all taktical. He'z da git wot really got diz goin, usin' da bossez own planin' 'gainst 'im!

Wez gotta waitz a few dayz 'tween meetins', so da orks dont get to specious, but 'fter while we gotz da plan all workd out. Da piolt git waz gonna stealz hiz kan wif da help o' da Mek git (ta put 'im in dere), whiles me and da otha grots waz gonna storms da Runt 'Erd, and da painboy waz gonna stik 'round 'nd fix ups da broken boyz. Once da runtherder's dead, we gots lotsa time 'fore da boss getz here, so wez gonna runs inta da woodz where dey cant find us, and we'z gonna make ready ta come 'gain and kill da boss!

We waitz few more dayz afta dat before I goes and I getses da otha grots togetha and I sayz to 'em "Da orks is strongz, ya, be wez da real smartz here. So I fink its timez we startz a revolushun! Itz time fer da grotz ta take der rightful place az dere own bozzes!". Dey all liked dat un, I fink, cuz dey all started chantin' real loudz bout da revolushun. Da bossez coulda herd dat 'n crushd da planz 'fore dey start, but da boyz didt care, it waz time fer war

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
I like this story. The plan sounds good, greenskins in either Warhammer universe always have great potential for fun, and the (mis)spelling provides good authenticity. Looking forwards to the next chapter.:thumbsup: