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Dec 20, 2021
Hey guys.

New birthday, return/reinvention of a project. I have an excess of the new Empires of dust plastics from mantic, and no active undead project on my list.

If any of you remember WHFB of yore, you'll be familiar with Quatar, the necropolis city of the tomb kings on the western side of the valley of kings.

My first tomb kings army 8-9 years ago was themed around this city, as it was described a city of marble and alabaster.

Over the years since I painted that force, i morphed the army's lore to fit different ideas I had. Ive finally settled on a city rich in emerald mines.

I figured since I just turned 30, it was worth it to give this project a shot again.

I'm going to be building and painting this Army based for kings of War to be used for empires of dust.

This is actually version 2 of this color scheme, which incorporates a darker main green, and metallics.

Your thoughts and suggestions are requested as I am not happy with this scheme yet and would like to know what others think.

PXL_20221128_030941082~2.jpg PXL_20221128_031006058~2.jpg

Unas the slayer

Staff member
Jan 1, 2017
Northern Italy
So far i like it. Nice BG idea.

For constructs, you could do something similar to the spirit stones of the Eldar in 40k: embellish the various models with precious jade gems
Dec 20, 2021
Building some spearmen infantry tonight. This unit can also count as having the blessing of the gods artifact, as I'm using it as a testbed for my revenant conversions

Shown here with and without shield:


Dec 20, 2021
So I've been on a building kick this week. My coffee table is littered with undead

These are either to be prepped for painting or bagged and tagged to await painting. PXL_20221202_064534391~2.jpg
Dec 20, 2021
One of the primary things I never thought could be done justice, in any shape or fashion, was a kings cavalry army.

It wasn't viable in WHFB. At all. Always overshadowed by chariots.

Tomb kings don't exist in AoS.

I still can't do it. Because with mantic's Empires of dust line, the ONLY commoner skeleton unit on horseback is an irregular unit (skeleton archers cavalry). Meaning there are restrictions on the number that can be taken.

The melee cav are revenants. Meaning tomb guard or elite units. They are a regular unit though, which means you can take as many as you want. Which doesn't make sense lorewise/logistically speaking unless the king in question would be rich enough to full-armor and mount thousands of cavalry

So, to the desert sands I cast the rules. I'm making my own army, with a "commoner" cavalry brigade and courtesans!



This conversion is also convenient, because it cannibalizes the skeleton warriors parts leftover from making revenant Infantry conversions.

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