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The Newly Dead in Pitch Battles

Those of you who like to get the biggest bang for your buck from our necrotic minions know that Zombies have a great level of synergy in Age of Sigmar. I have a quick question to make sure I’m utilising their ‘The Newly Dead’ Ability correctly which goes like this… *dramatically clears throat*

If I wanted to use ‘The Newly Dead’ Ability during a Pitched Battle would I have to pay the necessary 60pts from my Reinforcement Points for each Zombie or for every 1-10 Zombies that can be raised after the Zombie unit’s Combat Phase?

In my opinion the later point would be the most agreeable answer to my conundrum, however I always appreciate any insight the CN community can throw my way.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Indeed. Bear in mind that these new Zombie models can never exceed the unit's "regular" size (I'm not going to say "starting" size, since zombies can join other zombies combined in a new larger unit...)

Pitched Battles state that:

All models that add to an existing unit are "free", but they can never exceed the unit's "paid for" size.
Thanks for your input Kallypso and Demain!

I’ll have to underline that section of the Pitched battles rules in my General’s Handbook as it has been a topic of debate with my local AoS players.