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The Pale Web: Geheimnisnacht

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
A merry little Christmas - er, Geheimnisnacht - special for the young Blood Dragon Lucinia. Half of it's a quirky dream, and even the waking world sequence can be considered superfluous to the main Pale Web story, but well, Merry Christmas everyone!


Lucinia opened her coffin, yawned, and after dressing rushed into Annabella's room.
"Annabella! You must wake up! It is Geheimnisnacht!"
After alittle grumbling the coffin opened and Annabella climbed out. "I thought that meant young girls went to the fireplace and collected their presents, not barged in on their friends' sleeping."
"I am sorry," Lucinia mumbled, glad her cheeks could not colour. It had seemed the right thing to do on this night so important to the dark creatures of the world.
Annabella laughed, black eyes twinkling, and hugged Lucinia. "Oh, child, I did not mean that at all! Of course you must wake me early tonight. Now, let me get changed, and we shall see what is down there."

When Lucinia and Annabella arrived, however, they found a distinct lack of gifts at the fireplace. Instead, they saw a being clad in red and white, with a large sack over his shoulder. Something was squirming in the sack. The figure itself was mostly skeletal, with a few scraps of flesh hear and there. He held a rod, or staff, in the hand not holding the sack, and seemed, despite the lack of flesh, to be grinning at Lucinia.
"Merry Geheimnisnacht! I am the necromancer Jonstan."
"Annabella?" Luicnia asked, cringing. Blood Dragons did not cringe, but there was something very off about this necromancer.
"Yes, child?"
"Who is this necromancer?"
"What necromancer?"
"What?" This was bad. What magic was being employed?
"Only children, or the childlike, may see me, young Hadris." Jonstan laughed. "Come with me." He tapped the floor with his staff, and suddenly Lucinia found herself outside beside a night-blakc carriage pulled by a cloaked figure. Annabella had told about Black Coaches. But what was one doing here?
"Get in," Jonstan barked.
Lucinia jumped, but consolidated herself. "No. I am not going in that thing. You want to feed off me to help your master return." Her blue eyes flared. "I will not!"
"I It can get more energy from live - in a sense, at least - prey, but needs must." Jonstan aimed his staff at Lucinia.
The blood Dragon unsheathed a sword she did not remember collecting from a scabbard she did not remember attaching, and blocked a blast of green energy.
Jonstan blinked, confused.
Lucinia grinned, fangs bared, and said, "Perhaps I am not as childike as I seem." She deflected a few more blasts, and then charged. They trade blows, but here Lucinia's training served her well, and she soon broke the necromancer's defense and -

- woke up in Annabella's arms next to her coffin. Noticing her arms were swinging, she sheepishly stopped.
Annabella sighed with relief. "You were thrashing for some time. I thought you might need some comfort. One cannot be having nightmares on Geiheimnisnacht."
Lucinia frowned. "I was having a dream. There was this necromancer -"
Annabella put a finger on Lucinia's lips. "Shush, child. It is over Fantasies must not trouble you. And it is early evening, as you begged."
Lucinia remembered asking to be allowed to watch sunset, if she were careful. "I did not beg."
Annabella laughed. "Yes, you did. You went on your knees and clasped my hands as if petitioning Mother."
"i did not."
"Yes, you did."
After a while of these empty words, Luicnia grinned and broke into laughter. Annabella followed, and moments later they sat on the balcony, watching the sun go down. The fading light made the sky purple rather than blue, and cast long shadows.
"I forgot how beautiful it is," Lucinia said in awe.
Annabella stroked ehr flame-red hair. "Learn to walk in the sun, and you shall never need miss another one."
Lucinia smiled, putting her head on Annabella's lap. "I would like that very much."

Unlike in the dream, there were presents by the fireplace. Seevral, actually.
"Strict rule: youngest person gets their gifts first," Annabella said.
Lucinia excitedly searched for hers. She found an assortment of weapons and armour, very exciting for a Blood Dragon, and a few personal effects such as makeup.
"You are in the care of a Lahmian," Annabella explained.
It was impossible to protest, so Lucinia simply moved on.
There were also gift-notes from Annabella and several of her family (by various definitions), most of whom Lucinia did not know.
The gift-note from Annabella was, Lucinia thought, very sweet.

Dearest child,
I wish you the best Geheimnisnacht it is possible to have. I am aware your previous mentor did not care for suh an event, so I hope this night makes up for lost time. You are beautiful young lady, and I am delighted to ahve the honour of training you in the ways of darkness..

Lucinia held the note in silence, and then put ehr arms around Annabella. "Thank you."
"Thank you for being my pleasure to train." Annabella frowned. "Where is Shadow? I have not heard from her this evening."
Lucinia shook her head, annoyed with her internal companion. "We had an argument last night. She does not wish to be with us now."
"I am sorry," Annabella soothed.
Lucinia smiled. "She will feel better."


Hope you enjoyed it!

A comment in the first reboot story noted that Lucinia is very childish, so I thought I would base this on that idea.
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