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The Realms shake, and I have risen...


Bringing Sixy Back
True Blood
Feb 26, 2008
... what's all this bloody racket, then?

Can a man not get some SLEEP around here?

Anyway. Hello yes welcome. I've been around for a while but what with new editions of AoS and Warhammer Fantasy Role Play and Vampire: the Masquerade all on the horizon it feels like a good time for fresh starts.

I've played Vampire Counts for as long as there's been a Vampire Counts army to play, but I fell out of love with Warhammer as a starving postgraduate student introduced to the competitive crowd and I missed most of seventh and eighth editions, let alone any of this AoS malarkey. I've kept up with the news though, and the prospect of new Death releases at last and an actual lived-in feel to the Mortal Realms has attracted my attention. Now I stir from my throne, cascading dust around my bony feet, and I see... prospects. At the very least, I've always liked painting SPOOKY GOASTS and the new SPOOKY GOASTS look nifty. I also have a 'new' (read 'from about 2011') Isabella von Carstein I've not bothered to paint up, so I should probably do something with her.

With a bit of luck I'll come down off my mountain (or invite some people up it) and actually get some damn games played for the first time in forever. Naturally I'll be going off about them here, but I also do a Blog Thing called Aura of Dark Majesty where I go off about other games with undead in them. Might even finally upload some Total War videos now that I have a playthrough that looks sort of interesting...


Ancient Vampire Lord
Staff member
True Blood
May 22, 2010
Welcome back :). I am in a similar position to you, in that I played Vampire Counts right from their inception, having previously played Undead back in the days of the original Warhammer Armies: Undead. I missed seventh and eighth edition of Warhammer and didn't follow the End Times at all, so Age of Sigmar was a big shock to me and initially not a pleasant one. I am getting much more interested in it now though, especially given the attention that Death has received lately. I have a feeling that there a few in this boat, so we're all going to be learning together :).

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Belated welcome as well @Jon good to have one of the old crew getting back interested in the game.

The latest version of the AoS certainly has more depth and I'm enjoying going through all the new fluff.

Enjoy the forum and let us know if you have questions.