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Grave Tacticus

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Jul 26, 2020
The Obsidian Expanse encompasses a large landmass on the frontier of the Ossiarch Empire, where the dead of an ancient Aqshy civilization dwell in the basalt strewn land of long cooled magma and hollow mountains of jagged black stone. The living seeded by Sigmar's ambition to bring Shyish to heel sequester themselves in their fortress cities, sending out scouts and trade caravans to traverse the long, winding roads of the Expanse, cowering behind their black stone ramparts as the charred, spiteful dead wander the desolation of their afterlife. Unlike other afterlives, the Obsidian Expanse held no gods before Nagash's boney fingers stretched forth over the land, and with it came the Tithe Legions and their Bone-Tithe.

Basalek rose from under the Gothizzar Soulmasons' care to reap the harvest of oath-breakers and back-biters, Nagash's spiteful vengeance made manifest in the curve of a scythe's blade and the cold spite that wielded it. The cities of the Expanse contracted to the Tithe congenially enough, but felt assured by their isolation and defenses that the payment would never come due. Naqsh, the greatest of these bastions, openly flouted their subversive independence, and it was upon this city that Basalek brought forth his Tithe Legion. Retribution was slow, which emboldened the Naqshians, but as they boasted and banquetted Basalek began to tap the eggshell of their vulnerability. Caravans would leave the city but never return, and so too did the scouts, adventurers, sages and battalions, all vanished in the black desert. Until Basalek brought forth their remade bone and souls against the city itself, having met each in the wilderness, where they were weighed and found wanting. None could pay Naqsh's debt, and so their lives were forfeit.

From the bones of the city's nobles were made scroll bearers, who spread the news of Nagash's retribution in the anguished voices of their last mortal moments, with flesh vellum upon which were writ amnesty and a re-edification of the Tithe. The foundations of Naqsh were cleared, and built in their stead was a grand necropolis; where once insolence fermented, now true order reigned. To shape this new stronghold, Akeksis, a famed Boneshaper, was sent forth from Gothizzar so that even in the desolate lands of the Expanse the glory of Nagash would be undeniable.
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