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The Teachings of Mathius

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Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
2522 Siegfriedhof

The aged monk sank into his chair. Before him stood a group of younger monks, fresh blood newly dedicated to Morr god of the underworld. One of the older ones spoke "Master Vanderhaven we have been sent to you as one of the older members and Chief librarian to gain knowledge of the abominations that have begun returning to our shores." the others nodded in agreement. The aged monk laughed quietly before coughing finally looking up into their faces "Such youthful determination, don't be in such a hurry to confront your demons when they can strike you down and not even realise they've done it." "We're not afraid!" one of the younger monks said. Mathias Vanderhaven turned to face him "which is precisely why you are not ready! Fear is not a weakness it tells you when to fight and when its better to run and survive so that you can try again later." he staggered slightly to his feet "the youngest of the creatures you presume to challenge was walking around long before you're great, great, great grandparents were born." his audience suitably cowed he picked up a book and sat back down. "The vampires that have returned many once came from here." He sat in silent contemplation before speaking once more. "Some came here and fought in the Great War begun by the beast Vlad von Carstein. He couldn't fight his war alone. He had captains and servants to aid him in that and one group acted as his fist with which he struck down all who stood in his way. Believe me they were far worse than any monstrosity that came before or since"

The town burned around the people as they fled desperate to escape many of them half crazed with fear. Skeletons and zombies swarmed after them and behind them they could hear the terrible laughter of the undead’s masters.

Mathias Vanderhaven opened the volume in his hand “The leader of this group is better known to us as Mircea von Carstein. But back then he went by his true name Meyerling Faulsing, The Impaler and Marshal of Sylvania it is said that he never smiles.”

From round the corner several nightmares rode. A tall thin man with long raven dark hair sat on the lead one as with a snarl he struck down the bravest members of the city watch who threw themselves in his way. “Serve him in life or serve him in death it makes no difference to me!” he roared sword held aloft eyes flashing.

Mathias sighed “Mircea was the leader but he wasn’t alone in his bloodlust against human kind. Indeed compared to some of his kind he was by comparison quite a pleasant character which isn’t saying much. He was followed by others of course”

The man convulsed as the woman bit into his neck and fed; finished she threw his corpse away and licked the blood off her lips. “Naughty humans for living when they should be dead” she said another man rode up to her “had enough to eat sister?” he enquired “it will never be warm enough” she said sadly.

“The Dark Duchess Sariah von Carstein a true monster all the powers of a vampire and a mind that’s completely shattered she is the niece of Mircea and quite mad but no less dangerous than her brother."

“Perhaps I can help with that” he said fire emerging from his hands “BURN!” he shouted as the flames left his hands and struck the buildings around them. He laughed maniacally as the flames spread “soon there will be nothing but ash.” he said with a smile.

“Aurelius von Carstein” said Mathias “young and impetuous with a built in desire for destruction and the means to accomplish it as a talented pyromancer. These were the ringleaders of this group but there was still a darker soul among even them."

“Very good Aurelius” said the blonde haired man riding up to them clapping his hands “but try to leave something standing would you. We’re here to conquer not annihilate.” “Sorry father I guess I got a little carried away.” Aurelius apologised. Mircea rode up “Simon these people are not going to slaughter themselves. How about getting your hands dirty for a change and if you could control your gets that would be delightful.” He said sarcastically “Aurelius is young and still learning brother” said Simon “We were no different when we were his age.” “Yes I am aware of that Simon as I recall your attitude got you banished from court for forty years.” replied Mircea. “A simple misunderstanding I was young, freshly sired and in the mood to crack some heads Simon smiled as he drew his sword and swiftly beheaded the nearest enemy soldier.

“Yes the enemy of our brotherhood. The Scourge of Morr himself. Simon von Carstein” At the mention of the name several of the younger monks spat “yes Simon the bane of our order and of his own kind as well. The slayer of Dieter von Kronos, the patron saint of poets and genocide the vampire who they say cannot be killed by any of his kind. Mathias Vanderhaven looked at his audience “The recent events suggest that we could be seeing these creatures soon and this time their master Vlad isn’t controlling them. At least when you kill a worshipper of chaos you know he isn’t coming back but with vampires you can never be sure remember that and never relax your guard and you may just stand a chance.”
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