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Jun 15, 2021
Thanks for the tip!

Sadly, I've fully assembled both of mine now, so that means I'll likely have some "fun" trying to do that reposing, or at least the tail 😅


Sep 15, 2015
I have some catching up to do on this thread, very nice stuff here! I kept my 'like-bombing' to the last page only... But great stuff!
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Loki Ragnarok

Sep 10, 2021
Time for an other update. I promised to paint the necro last week but failed. I lost all inspiration to paint him when the skin was done, I will have to re-do it later. But I've painted the skin on all the ghouls and the details on most of them, so it's still been a productive week.

Here is a picture of the unfinished necro
View attachment 41145

The Ghouls unit
View attachment 41146
View attachment 41147

And a few highlight of the mini-dioramas that I've included in the unit
View attachment 41148
View attachment 41149
View attachment 41150

Please comment ^^
Flipping love these, especially the one that is gnawing on the hanged dude.
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Jul 21, 2010
Some very nice stuff in here, I am going to have a good browse and take it all in. It is nice to see a real army taking shape, something that looks solid and has a strong visual theme.
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Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
Staff member
True Blood
Apr 2, 2011
Thanks for the comments guys! I should actually have an update for this plog pretty soon :)

Flipping love these, especially the one that is gnawing on the hanged dude.
Funny should mention those, but that is exactly what the upcoming update is about. I'm actually in the process of retiring those guys. While I am very happy with the conversion and unitfillers I did for that old unit, the paintjob was rushed and I've improved loads since then. I also never really liked those GW ghouls, only got them because they came in the old Battalion box. So I've been wanting to replace them for a while now, and it should soon be done.

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