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Apr 13, 2015
Cleveland, Ohio
Thanks all! The project was initially only going to be just a little bit off-beat, but didn't get crazy until after I started painting. I blame the February blues/cabin fever. I figure I have a solid undead army already, plus I've got a couple of other "sub-factions." So I could afford to make this one a little more.... unusual. 🤪

That's one unique and colorful looking army, I love it!
From the lively bases to the Rainbow Unicorn and Flamingo mounts...just exquisite. 😁
Also nice looking blends all around, and bonus points for the Donovan reference. 😉

Thanks. Donovan was the inspiration for deciding on an undead faction for my OWAC project this year. I was debating between an oldschool (3rd edition) mixed-race Chaos force or Dogs of War in preparing late last year. It was around Halloween and "Season of the Witch" kept playing a lot on the Haloween stream we has playing in our dining room most nights. I started thinking about a strange concept of an "overlord" who recruits/animates/summons their sub-commanders and unwittingly brings a hippie-liche into his fold. Season of the Liche or "When you've made your mind up forever to be mine" (from Sunshine Superman) I figured I was on to something. 🤣

Great to see you posting again!

That's certainly a unique army. I love the rainbow mane steed.

That would be "Rainbow Death". 😆 An odd toy I found a couple years ago in a clearance bin after Halloween.
Apr 13, 2015
Cleveland, Ohio
Time for April's OWAC update! This month was my Wild Card entry. We're required to have four rank & file entries, one leader entry, and anything goes for the other.

I've been hunting for the old '80s plague cart for years, but have never been able to find a complete one for a reasonable price. So I decided to build my own. I had planned on building everything from scratch, including the driver. But just as was starting to sculpt my own driver I recieved a surprise from Shadespyre in the mail -- the driver from the original model! I had painted the face on the driver as a joke and intended to paint over it. But after looking at it for the better part of a month, it's grown on me and I've decided to leave it for now. I've had a Dia de Muertos inspiration with attempted marigold flowers, explained on the OWAC site (link below).


I had a sudden fit of painting inspiration and decided to paint the Reaper zombie dragon that I had planned on painting for the Deadcember challenge a couple years ago, but has sat on my desk since then. This was honestly a really basic paintjob, but the awesome sculpting really makes any paint look good. (Sculpted by the legendary Julie Guthrie!) Very happy with with how it turned out.


Also, our garden and yard are getting increasingly necromantic.... The Halloween skeleton has become a permanent fixture, now getting decorated for each season. (Bunny ears slid down in this Easter photo.) Plus we've got a pair of Zombie Flamingos in the front garden now.

More minis, photos, and commentary including reanimated OWAC members, hot-dog monuments, and "sexy wraith" at the actual OWAC entry: ZeroTwentythree's April Undead (250 pts)
Apr 13, 2015
Cleveland, Ohio
Great work as usual! Loving your take on the driver's face, hope you decide to keep it for good. 😃
It's very likely I will. 😁

My May entry for the Old World Army Challenge is up! A few sample pics below. Many more pics and words at the WOAC site.




Apr 13, 2015
Cleveland, Ohio
I had "finished" my July Old World Army Challenge entry, the final month, a bit early. Or so I thought. Then our Benevolent Overlord posted a meme in the FB group that I took as a challenge and scrambled to produce a large-ish last minute piece of terrain. (Heh heh... "produce"... see full OWAC entry for the unintended pun.) I succeeded! The focus of the final month, however, was the leader of this army of the undead - The Liche!

A few teaser pics below, see the full entry for more pics, details, and words: ZeroTwentythree's June Undead (600pts)



For July I will be preparing my wrap-up post, plus repairing a second carrion that bent under its own weight so I can get some full-army pics. 🤬
Apr 13, 2015
Cleveland, Ohio
So I've got something like a New Year resolution, except it wasn't really that. Rather it was a result of me complaining on Instagram about how much that format has failed to keep me in touch with the people and projects that I like, and a realization that forums such as this are more personal, less "curated" by algorithms and filled with ads, and get me the content that I want to see (YOURS!) The twist is convenience... most of my personal time is when I am away from a computer and apps like IG and other just work better on a phone. But I have a new 2-in1 PC that's a little more portable than my old 17" beast and although it's going to spend a lot of time docked on a desk for work, I'm hoping to use it to get back to some gaming forums like Carpe Noctem.

My current projects are mostly undead-less.... This year's Old World Army Challenge for me is Skaven, though I had considered Undead Pt. 2. I've still got some sci-fi lined up, and have some small fantasy projects going on.... though one may be tangentially undeadish (but not really, see below.)

Aight, on to some pics of undead figures! I wasn't going to let Deadcember slip by without painting SOMETHING. Given that I've been working my ass off with little free time, I spent a bit of time at my painting desk during my week off over the holidays!


Old Citadel & Marauder skeletons,.


Old "Undead Lord" from Heartbreaker, still in production at RPE.


Not sure what happened to the photo quality on these next few pics. This is a skeletal champion by Hearbreaker (also at RPE, with the guy above) and a standard and musician from Satyr Art Studio.


Oldschool styled zombies from Satyr.


Skeletal familiar from Diehard Games. I'm insisting this is a dwarf liche, however. Because that concept entertains me. :D


And lastly... me. This is an old self portrait sculpt from many (MANY) years ago that sustained some damage. As part of my repairs, I replaced the former huge axe with a rusty scythe so I would fit in with the undead a little better. Also, I changed my beard/goatee from brown to grey as part of the update. Like I said, I did the original many years ago. ;)

Unas the slayer

Staff member
Jan 1, 2017
Northern Italy
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And lastly... me. This is an old self portrait sculpt from many (MANY) years ago that sustained some damage. As part of my repairs, I replaced the former huge axe with a rusty scythe so I would fit in with the undead a little better. Also, I changed my beard/goatee from brown to grey as part of the update. Like I said, I did the original many years ago. ;)

This is just amazing. 😄

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