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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
A follow up to "The Banshee and the Musician". The world's worst violinist is rescued from a witch hunter by the last person he expects.

The Vampire and the Musician

Ebenezer Humbug clutched his violin like he would a child as he departed the witch hunter's safe house. He didn't understand why he'd been let go. As far as he was concerned, they'd decided he was a Slaaneshi before they'd woken him up. Then someone had handed the man a message, and from the look on his face he'd just found he was accusing Sigmar himself of Chaos worship.
The strangest thing, Ebenezer though trudging down the street to find some inn to stay at before the sun rose, was he didn't know who would help him. He was thrown out of everywhere he went, because no one understand true talent. And who had enough pull to just make a witch hunter back off? Someone must be following him. Protecting him. Perhaps Ranald liked him after all.

Ebenezer kept to the remaining shadows as he moved. His encounter with the thing - the banshee, as the witch hunter had called it - had shaken him. And though it was a creature of the night, the shadows still seemed safer than openly walking about during the day.
Suddenly, a shape materialised in the darkness before him. Ebenezer jumped before realising it was just a beggar, sitting by his bowl.
"Spare change?"
Ebenezer made encouraging noises as he frantically searched his pockets. Eventually he found something and handed it over.
"Your violin looks nice."
"What? I'm not giving you that! Why would I give you that?"
"Because I want it. And so does he."
Ebenezer spun around, seeing a large man now in front of him, armed merely with his arms in a purely literal sense. It was all the weapons he needed, from his size.
"Ranald preserve me!" Ebenezer tried to back away, then tripped over the beggar's legs.
"No one's going to -"
Ebenezer her an almighty clang, then just moved out of the way in time to avoid being crushed by the huge man. The smaller beggar - or whatever he really was, tried shuffling away, until an armoured hand lifted him by the collar.
Then Ebezener noticed the rest of the person who had rescued him - or, known his luck, wanted him for themselves. They wore gauntlets and a dragon-shaped helmet, but the rest of their - her! - body was covered only in street dress..
"Leave this man alone. He has done no harm to you, in fact a great service." Her voice was sweet and delicate for such a well-built person. Her green eyes flashed with unnatural fire.
"We, er, were just having an argument, miss."
"Nonsense." The warrior lady punched the smaller rogue out. Then she turned to Ebenezer. "What are you staring at? Women can be knights too where I'm from."
"Clearly. I'm just..."
"Shaken. I can tell. Well, I've got hospitality for you not too far away. Come along." Sunlight came over them. The woman hissed in pain. Ebenezer noticed she was deathly pale.
"Vampire!" he exclaimed, frantically trying to move away.
A metal fist approached, and that was the last Ebenezer Humbug knew.

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
I always like to mix in a little humour where I can.

The Vampire and the Musician - II

Ebenezer's head was sore when he woke. As the world came into focus, he saw he was in a fine bedchamber, on soft bedding, and his violin was respectfully resting against a wall. The window overlooked a busy daylight street. He rubbed his head. Why was he sore? Where had he been? The last thing he remembered was the theatre - no, he'd then been interrogated by a scary man. Then he'd been attacked by supposed beggars, then rescued by a woman who'd subsequently punched him out. Oh dear.
As if summoned by the thought, the woman appeared at the door, staying out of the sun. She looked at him, and nodded.
"Finally, you're awake. I hate it when people don't cooperate. Mother says I'm too aggressive, too impatient. I think everyone else is too slow."
"Um, good morning?"
"Technically, yes, although if we'd started this conversation in the next five minutes it would be good afternoon." Suddenly the shutters fell on the window. The faintest disturbance in the air shimmered beside them for a second. "Don't know why I left them open. not like you needed the light." The darkness made her eyes gleam dangerously.
Ebenezer got a proper look at the woman as she approached. She was young, his age probably, with a few scars and short red hair. She was solidly built, strode confidently, and her eyes scanned everywhere before settling on Ebenezer. She was wearing casual clothes, not even the gauntlets from yesterday morning. Probably yesterday morning.
"Yesterday morning," she confirmed as if reading his thoughts.
There was something else about her. Something he hadn't liked Something his mentioning of had made her punch him.
"Vampire," he stammered out.
"I saved your life, Ebenezer."
"For your nefarious schemes." Ebenezer wanted to curl up into a ball with his violin. But that was against the wall, past the vampire woman.
"Schemes, yes. Nefarious...I'll let you decide that. I can''t babysit you. I have better things to do with my life. But you have talent no one else has."
Ebenezer was stunned. "That's the first time I've ever heard anyone say that." Normally the kindest comment on his musical abilities was, "By Sigmar, what was that noise?"
"I don't mean you're any good. But you have abilities my mother and I could use."
"You're recruiting me?"
"Sort of. On a temporary basis. Probably. Mother was vague about it. She's living in one of the castles in the Helmgart defences, and wants your services."
"Yes, really. Now go make yourself breakfast and get ready. I have to go to sleep now, and if you're still here when I wake..." her gaze was unsettling.
"Yes. Of course. Thank you. Um, what shall I call you?"
"Lady Wilhelmina Ostbrook. And my mother is Eliza. But that's my lady to you. My mother, that is."
'Thank you, Lady Wilhelmina."

This is followed up in "Death's Squire".
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