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Thrasks Second Rising! Plog

Right, welcome to my ToXG plog!

Since my first plog was called the First Rising (And was discontinued due to, as usual, camera problems >_> )... I've named this one the Second Rising!

My pledge consists off;

2x 20 Skeleton Warriors with FC

1x 20 Grave Guard with FC

3 Cairn Wraiths; Done!

If time permits, I will do double the amount of Skeletons and Grave Guard.

Also have some other things in mind, a bunch of Vampire's, a Black Coach, Bird Bat Swarms, crapload of Spirit Hosts and Zombie Pirate Gunners.

But first thing's first..

This is how they looked at start;


Skeletons + Capt. Bloodbeard ( :suck: )

Grave Guard


All Army Mugshot ( Which due to crappy quality only shows you I need more space soon lol )

PS; Due to unexpected changed IRL a warning beforehand; Dont send Rob after me if I don't make it!
PPS; I have major festival upcoming so I was reeeeaaally lazy.
PPPS; They will all wear the GG banners with a slightly distinct freestyle on it tying them together (Even Zombies will get one of those, since I have a ton of em anyway!)
Quick WIP of the Wraiths


(Also seems two uninvited guests sneaked into that picture..

I am a bit unsure what to do with the bone though, and with that I mean to ink or not to ink.. My experience with the stuff has been really double and I hate the idea of screwing it up, so putting this out there!

To ink.. or not to ink..

(Other option would be highlighting)

uga bug

Black Knight
The ethereal cloaks look great!
I can't see what the uninvited guests are though-the banshee?

As to how to do the bone you could ink it, then highlight it-I find the combination to have good results.


Master Liche
True Blood
I vote washing/ink it and like uga bug said highlighting it afterwards. It makes the model look more complete.

They look great really matching your other ethreal units, as for the guests maybe she just wanted some camara time herself. Cant let her boys have all the fun.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Those wraiths are coming on really nicely the robes look great. Maybe a controlled watered down wash on one just to see how it looks? Good stuff :thumbsup:
Well, the easiest and first part is done, hereby I present you

)The 3 in the frontrow are new, banshee I had to add in order to get a ''proper'' (By the standards of this failure of a camera) picture and the one in the left-back got a touch up to match)


Next on the menu will be Skeletons, starting with Test Subject 0.1 today

PS; Thanks for the help on the Wraiths, might not be too visible but it came out really nice! Although I do feel sorry for them for subjecting them to the torture that is Devlan Mud... That stuff STINKS!


Master Liche
True Blood
It smells like drilling mud if yiou must know. I used to work oilfield in wyoming and that is what that smell reminds me of. Yes stinky


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Really nice work on the Wraiths and Banshee! I like the blueish glow that they have. :thumbsup:

Too bad about the pic... :/ Have you checked out the pic taking thread in the Dying to help section of The Dark arts forum? :)

Onikaigo said:
I'll make sure Rob isn't too unfair to you. ;) No worries.
Is that my Rob you are referring too? I miss the little bugger, where is he now?


Vampire Count
True Blood
Those wraiths came out really well, Im looking forward to seeing the skeletons. Are you going with ethereal colours with them? Nice work :thumbsup:
Thanks alot for your comments!

Nikostratus said:
Those wraiths came out really well, Im looking forward to seeing the skeletons. Are you going with ethereal colours with them? Nice work :thumbsup:
Nah, the army will be made up from 3 different ''types'' of units, sorta.

The Ethereal; Spirit Hosts and Ghouls*1(see below), Blood Knights.

The Half Ethereal/Solid; Black Knights (Skeletal Knights, Ghostly Steeds), Wraiths and Banshee (Fabric is Ethereal, Bone and important items are ''solid'') Black Coach (Ghostly Horses, Wraith and Partially Ethereal Coach)

The Solid; Skeleton Warriors (Both HW/S and S/S), Grave Guard (Probably only HW/S due to abysmal GW assembly..), Vampires, Necromancers, Wight Kings, Bone Giant (Varghulf), Dire Wolves*3, Fel Bats and Bat Swarms*4, Corpse Cart (Bone Cart, possibly made out of bones entirely)

Also on the Skellies, I finished TS1 and after much discussion we agreed this was the way to go. Miss Kitty (Pun Intended) however disagreed and Kitrate Chopped the entire unit of my desk. All in all.. I will most likely start them somewhere over the next 2-4 weeks when I am done with re-assembly.

*1(Will probably have a horde of ghostly Dwarfs for them (Which will match my Spirit Hosts), since I do think the statlines are nice to have around, but I loathe the idea of the models/livingundead things... ect)
*2(Some seriously badass looking shadowy riders, will stand out from all others and might lean towards the Solid/Ethereal ''group'' when I get upon finishing their concept and fluff. Inspired by Wild Hunt and the Riders of the Apocalypse)
*3(I looked into possible replacements options are; Spiders or Ghostly Wolves)
*4(Fel Bats might become a form of Ghosts as well, and the Bat Swarms will be a swarm of.. well no idea, thought about crows or vultures but since none of my army contains rotting flesh... or any flesh at all except for the few vamps. I am not sure yet what to do.)

EDIT; PS; And yes sorry Rob... No Zombies Allowed!


Master Liche
True Blood
How are the things going. I remember you had a festivel to get ready for but was checking in too see if you had many any more progress.
I know this sort of is necroing, buuut.. I hope you forgive me for this one.

Shit (again, it does that alot) hit the fan, but slowly picking up the VC hobby again. Expect some new stuff soon!