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Vorizah Vukotic

Nov 26, 2010
hey guys just looking for a bit of feedback on the list I plan to take to Throne of Skulls this October, I've never played in a fantasy tourny before so any obvious blunders in my list please point out!!!

so without further ado

Vampire Lord Forbidden Lore (Death)
Dark Acolyte
Hunter in the Dark
Flayed Hauberk
Wristbands of Black Gold
Earthing Rod
Biting Blade
Talisman of the Lycni

Wight King Battle Standard Bearer
Drakenhoff Banner
Skeletal Steed

Wight King Lance
Skeletal Steed

Vampire Forbidden Lore (Light)
Helm of commandment
cadaverous Curiass
iron curse icon


Skeletons 35
full command
war banner

Skeletons 28
full command
Banner of Hellfire


Black Knights 13
full command
Banner of the Barrows


Wraiths 6

Varghulf 1

Any feedback/ideas would be appreciated

Duke Danse Macabre

The Duke
True Blood
Sep 16, 2010
Sunderland, United Kingdom
I was planning to as well but there is allot I want to paint so I have decided to go to the next one in lue of this so I may take my time and enjoy it.

I do hope you have your ticket though because they were almost sold out only just last Wednesday.

I am assuming you are hoping to have your army zip around while your horde of skeletons hold the middle here.
I am a little worried about the Black Knights, lack of casters (only 2) and all in all the survivability of the army.

Skeletons get pounded point per point by most troops and without serious buff will continue to do so, I am assuming this is why you have a light wizard (lore of vamps may be better use as Danse Macabre is a multi cast with ASF and re rolls so would be easier for you to manage), only issue is it won't stop them from taking allot of wounds and when you have spears with no parries and only 2 casters to summon so risking 1 dice is a real gamble I would be concerned.
For this reason I would probs take ghouls with much more survivability, No armour yes but poison means you will kill the big beasties, they have a higher WS and more attacks so will cause alot more wounds which in turn means you are less likely to lose less troops to the effect of crumble.

WK with Drak is time honed and great, unsure though why you need a WK second knight?
Ever considered taking another vamp with dread knight, charmed shield, and blood drinker so you can help keep the unit on high wounds?

Wraiths are good but they suffer to magic and they cost allot, there is going to be allot of magic flying around and that would be allot of points to lose in one go.
Also I would take a banshee as they are pure gold but the only reason I can see to take these is either as a distraction or to hold building, in the latter case I would use zombies as you can summon them into a building and if you have them inside when raising more you do not hit a cap and can have as many as you wish that are inside once they are larger and yes this has been used in the GT before and works a treat.

Your main lord and general, drop the talisman of Lycni as I assume he is outside of a unit with the wristbands.
Reason being the dreaded 13th is a nasty spell and allows no saves but does not effect mounted models......

The Varg is nice but once again it can't take to many hits for its points, it may be worth replacing it with a black coach, they can do allot more damage and a hell of allot tougher to kill.

With the points saved from Wight's if you now decide against them take some GG or more Black knights or a unit of blood knights with the banner of BK for your general to sit in which means you can get ride of the wrist bands and take something else to make him even more horrible.
Maybe a Luck stone so he can re roll any failed armour save?

Now I know what I have listed would mean you would have a fortitude of 5 instead of 6 in battles where banner break points matter but it is allot more survivable.

As you have a death Wizard as your general though I will tell you a dirty trick.
If you can you your cav on his flank with your general (with a little help of Danse Macabre Vampire) you can shoot a Purple Sun (has been FAQ'ed so it now only hurts models it passes over and not your own which now means it can be cast while in combat) down his line but even if you don't get the op for a flank shot you can be evil and summon zombies with their increased invocation raise rate and shoot it through them so that you use your own troops in effect as a battery pack for your army.
So that is d6 + 4 is going to be an average of 7 - 8, thats a a 1 in 3 chance of getting another dice per so you are going to get back more than you put in.
Trust me it works. :devil2:

Anyway I hope you have found my advice helpful, I have tried to stay true to you choices but I have to offer some possible variations in order for it to be useful advice.
Best wishes at the GT. :)

God of War

Mar 14, 2011
Crypt ghouls are always better than skeletons. Only exception perhaps as the bunker unit, as they can swift reform with their musician and give a magical banner.

Your Vampire lord set-up is very unusual. Nor is he the archetypical caster type or the fighter lord .There is a reason why those two are almost always taken.Are special characters allowed?

I have a friend who plays the black knight, regen, fighter lord set-up, and he does well overall. Whereas I play the caster-lors list with two big grave guard units. It performs well too.

So it's about playstyle.

Nothing wrong with the wraiths ( though 6 is perhaps a bit too much?) and the varghulf, although if you really are taking this list, then perhaps a black coach is better, as you don't even have a dispel scroll.

Hope I was helpful!

Greetz, Bjorn.

Vorizah Vukotic

Nov 26, 2010
Thanks guys for the helpful advice, but alas as i only just got paid I immediatly checked out ticket availability,
and it seems that i won't be going to this tourney after all....... Never mind there is always the next one

while i did consider Ghouls for my army I just plain don't like the models, which is why I stuck with skellies,

i had also forgotten that terrain no longer affects movement which is why i didn't go with a mounted Bloodrinker vamplord. in 7th i just loved riding my black knights through buildings and forest to see the look on my opps face!

I included the 6 wraiths over a BC cos the whole theme of my army is an ethereal paint scheme evey model/unit has some ethereal paint job, whether it's the banner or whatever

other options i toyed with were to lose 1 wraith and have a necro with van hels, but losing the mounted Wight lord and 2 wraiths would let me take a BC and still have a small unit of wraiths led by banshee (I just love these models they are in nearly every army I field)

so anyway my favorite Vamp lord set up is red fury, infinite hatred, dread knight, sword of bloodshed, dragon bane helm, and potion of Strength in case of hitting bug monsters, typically he can kill 10+ models a turn which when combined with the BK can and has broken through hordes of 30-40 models in 1 turn

I just wanted to try a different army set up as i thought this looked workable and potentially very confusing for some opponants who are used to the standard VC armies.

thnks for the feedback always usefull to have other opinions on lists

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