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Cheerful Cranium
True Blood
Aug 20, 2012
We all know the situation in which we did some neat modelling, and have those already mixed, but way too much GS (or whatever you use) leftover. If you're like me, your hands automatically will start rolling GS sausages or balls, both with the background thougt "I might use this one day for...more modelling."

So, I present the following tutorial, how I get rid of my leftovers: Tentacles! Because even if we all play undead, is there really a way you can ever have too many tentacles in your bitz box?

Here we go:

Start with the casual sausage. Either bend it roughly into the position the tentacle shall have later, or go with the classic straight one:


Then, go for the sucker! I use a ballpen for applying the suckers on the sausage (I love that sentence.). Important: It has to be a pen with push button, not a rotating one (note: I have NO idea if these are the correct english terms, I hope you'll get what I mean by context).
Gently push the tip onto the surface, and press the button relatively strong. You'll see the result immediately:



I use two rows of suckers at the base of thicker tentacles, so the same size isn't that obvious.
Continue with the whole length:

When you're done, use a sharp tip tool to apply some soft tissue-like strings between and around the suckers:

After that, use the same tool (or whatever you can handle best) to add a thin line a each side of the soft tissue, like a border between two skin areas:


You can add some scars or irriations on the backside of the tentacle, for more realism:

The basics (and mostly all of the work) is now done. Repair some sucker holes that might be "damaged" during the last steps with a needle, and bend or rebend the tentacle in its final shape. Let it dry on stuff you find that is good to keep the shape (like other tentacles for ecample) :


Now you're finished. Have fun with an unholy amount of tentacles! :)
Thanks for reading.

@Karak Norn Clansman If there is one of those Quick n 'Dirty Tutorials for tentacles, I'd love to see that!
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Vampire Count
Aug 11, 2012
Nice little tutorial!

I already do this, thought my tentacles are simpler, being smooth and tapered to a point. Sometimes I just make balls, or flat sheets, or little stalactites. Then thow them in your bits box for later.

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