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TK vs VC Assault on Numas part 1 (non-fluffy report)

Jul 27, 2008
Assault on Numas’s Southern Outskirts

Opponent = TK
Me = Vampire Counts (VC)

The terrain is pretty crappy (telephone book for the win) and the models (especially mine) are pretty laughable in terms of completion. But the battle was GEWD!

Terrain Left to Right: Impassible, 2 Story Tower, Impassible Statue, Impassible Well, Hill, Hill (barely can be seen, never used throughout the fight).

TK Army Left to Right:
-4x Ushabti
-18x Tomb Guard #1 w/ Banner of Undying Legion
--- (In TG1) Tomb Prince General: Brooch of Dispell, Collar of Shapesh, Flail
-High Lich Priest Hierophant: Cloak of Dunes, Hieratic Jar, Blue Kephra
- Skull Catapult
-Casket of Souls
--- (with Casket) Liche Priest: Golden thing for 4+ ward save
-10x Skeleton Bowmen
-25x Skeleton Infantry w/ hand weapon and shield
-10x Skeleton Bowmen
-18x Tomb Guard #2 w/ Leadership test banner
--- (In TG2) Tomb Prince: Scorpion Armor, Flail

VC Army Left to Right:
-(off screen)Varghulf
-5x Black Knights: Hell Knight, Banner of Barrows
--- (In BK) Wight King: Lance, Drakenhoff Banner
-20x Zombies
-4x Fellbats
-20 Skellies #1: Champ, Standard
--- (in Skellies #1) Vampire Lord: +2 magic lvls, +2 power dice, Lord of Dead, Skull Staff, Flayed Hauberk, Biting Blade
-20x Skellies #2: Champ, Standard
--- (In Skellies #2) Vampire: +1 lvl, Lord of Dead, Cada Cuirass, Dispell Scroll
-5 Dire Wolves
-15 Grave Guard: Champ, Banner of Strigos
--- (In GG) Vampire: +1 magic lvl, Avatar of Death, Staff of Sorcery, Black Pariapt

TK turn 1:

Everyone Advances. Tomb Prince in Tomb Guard #2 (far right side) casts movement and advances more. Tomb Prince General in Tomb Guard #1 (mid left side) casts movement and advances more. Liche Priest on Casket casts movement on center bowmen to occupy the Tower. The Hierophant casts shooting on Catapult, barely misses Varghulf. VC dispels extra shooting on bowmen in the tower. Casket is dispelled. VC’s Black Pariapt saves one dispel dice to use as Power Dice in the next magic phase. Catapult misses VC Skellies #1 (the one including the Lord) barely. The Bowmen on the ground shoot the wolves for 2 wounds. The Tower shoots the zombies for 2 wounds.

VC Turn 1:

Bats Assault Tower. Everyone else advances. Vampire Lord (in Skellies #1) raises 3 skellies to his own unit. Vampire in Skellies #2 raises 2 skellies to his own unit. Vampire lord attempts to raise Zombies, miscasts, a vortex created by his miscast wipes all the magic off the table effectively ending the magic phase and dealing 1 wound to the Lord.
Bats fail to kill any skellies, combat ends with one bat remaining with 1 would left – the assault on the tower fails and the bat is moved out to the southern side of the table.

TK turn 2:
Everyone Advances. Tomb Guard #1, Ushabti, and Scorpion move into position to surround the Black Knights. VC dispels the General’s attempt to move TG#1. Extra shooting on the Catapult Misfires resulting in a simple malfunction that stops it from shooting this turn. Two attempts to cast movement on the Ushabti fail, so the Heirophant pops his Hieratic Jar and casts it a third time, successfully. Ushabti charge the Black Knights. Casket is Dispelled. Bowmen on ground and Tower shoot at wolves, total of 2 wounds dealt, one wolf remaining. Ushabti deal 3 wounds, Knights deal 1 wound, combat results in a draw.

For some reason we don’t have a picture for this turn. We phail.

VC turn 2:
Varghulf Charges ushabti, hitting rear. Zombies charge TG#1. Remaining Bat flies over the tower, both Skellie units begin to funnel between tower and statue, wolves and GG sit still. Lord fails twice to heal bats and is dispelled the third time. 1 wolf revived by Vamp in GG. 2 bats revived by Vampire in Skellies#2 ending with 3 bats at full health. Summon Undead Horde dispelled. Zombies kill 1 Tomb Guard #1, TG#1 kill 3 zombies, 4 more zombies crumble for combat resolution. Varghulf deals 3 wounds to Ushabti, Wight King deals 1 wound, Ushabti deal none, left with 1 Ushabti with 1 wound after Combat Resolution.

TK Turn 3:
Scorpion charges Black Knights. Hierophant hides behind the Well. TK’s Skeletons position to attack Fell bats. Tomb Guard#2 moves into charge range of Grave Guard. Tomb Prince in TG#2’s attempt to cast movement is dispelled. General in TG#1 casts extra attack and deals 3 wounds to zombies. Extra Shooting on catapult hits the center of VC’s Skellies#1 resulting in 7 kills. 2 attempts from the hierophant to move the skellies are dispelled. Casket goes off successfully: it deals 4 wounds to GG and kills the remaining wolves, everyone else survives unharmed. Catapult Misfires, one crew is slain and the catapult is unable to shoot for the next turn. Tower shoots bats dealing 1 wound. Bowmen on the ground shoot Skellies#2 for 1 wound. TG#1 wipes out the zombies in combat. Knights and Varghulf wipe out the remaining Ushabti and the Scorpion unscathed.

VC Turn 3:
Grave Guard charge TG#2. Varghulf and Knights charge TG#1 hitting flank and rear. Skellies#1 (with lord) charge TK’s Skellies. Bats charge Casket. Magic sees 2GG raised, 1 Black Knight raised (even after the first attempt miscasts), attempt to raise more skellies#1 is dispelled, Summon undead horde is Dispelled. VC Skellies#1 kill 6 TK skeletons 7 more crumble to combat resolution. GG kill 5 TG#2, TG#2 kill 2 GG, one extra wound to prince and one to TG#2 after combat resolution. Bats fail to hit the Casket’s priest and the Casket Guard deal 1 wound to the bats, combat results in draw. Black Knights deal 6 wounds to TG#1, varghulf deals 1 wound to TG#1, TG deal no wounds. All remaining TG#1’s crumble leaving only the Tomb Prince General left.

TK turn 4:
Bowmen on ground wheel to a better position while the Hierophant hides behind them. With the combined leadership banner and prince’s extra attack spell, TG#2 deal two wounds to GG. Casket’s Priest casts striking on his Casket Guard and they deal 1 wound to the bats. Two attempts to restore wounds to TG#2 are dispelled. All archers shoot at skellies#2 dealing 3 wounds. Bats deal 1 wound to Casket’s Priest, Casket Guard deal 2 wounds to bats, combat results in draw again. The TK general is slain and his death curse wipes out all the Black Knights and the Wight King, Varghulf is fine. GG deal 3 wounds to TG#2, TG#2 deals 1, results in draw. An abysmal roll results in VC’s skellies#1 only dealing 1 wound, however, after Combat resolution, only 3 of TK’s skellies remain.

VC turn 4:
Varghulf charges Catapult. Skellies#2 reform to look at tower. After first attempt fails, second attempt to raise Grave Guard isn’t dispelled, 3 are rasied. Attempt to heal bats dispelled. TK now has no dispel dice left. Lord uses Van Hel’s Dance to make Skellies#2 assault tower, and Lord casts Summon Undead horde to revived 4 more GG and restore one wound to himself. Skellies#1 wipe out the TK’s Skeletons. TK rolls HORRIBLY for the Casket guard's attack and asks jokingly “If I hate YOU, can they hate your BATS and reroll?” Bats then manage to kill the Casket’s priest to end the casket’s reign. The Varghulf wipes out the Catapult. Skellies#2 clear out the tower. The Vampire in the GG unit issues a challenge, and it is met by the TG#2’s Prince. The Vampire slays the prince and survived the princes death curse. After GG attacks and Combat resolution, 6 more TG#2 are slain.

TK concedes. Massacre for VC.

Both parties look forward to part two where the VC charge into Numas. (LINCOLN LOGS!!)

According to fluff the VC were moving into the southern flank of Numas (a large City in TK turf, just east of the capitol) for a surprise attack while another VC force drew Numas's attention to the north. I lost our last 2250 (the fight to the north of Numas) so the attempt to keep Numas busy was a failure. So the forces in Numas were able to assemble a quick army to meet the southern VC troops just on the outskirts of Numas (so it was kind of a surprise defensive attack against the surprise offensive attack. If that makes sense...). Seeing as I won this battle, the remaining TK forces conceded and retreated back into the city to muster up a defense while the VC troops quickly regroup and advance on the City. Lawl fluff, I might post a fluffy report later.

I gotta say my first turn scared the crap out of me, but I managed to recover.
Dec 23, 2008
DumbChild said:
--- (In GG) Vampire: +1 magic lvl, Avatar of Death, Staff of Sorcery, Black Pariapt
This Vampire doesn't seem right to me...Doesn't Staff of Sorcery count as your Arcane item? o_o (feel free to call me out here; Staff of Sorcery + Black Periapt on the same Vampire would be very sexy :D)

(I'm currently on VC Turn 1...Gogo nitpicking! :tongue:)
Sep 2, 2008
Why was your Vampire Lord trying to make zombies on turn 1? Multi-dice casting is why you have minions.
Jul 27, 2008
dabber said:
Why was your Vampire Lord trying to make skeletons on turn 1? Multi-dice casting is why you have minions.
I was going to use my first turn of magic to raise my skellies and zombies to a much larger value so I didn't have to deal with it for the next few magic phases.

And as for Staff and Black Pariapt, kbloodslear, I think you're right, I forgot about that rule. It's ok, my roommate and I make constant mistakes with the way we play and build our armies, so he's fine with my stupidity. I'll be sure not to do that again! Thanks : )