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Feb 14, 2009
Few, a little apprehension I have to admit.
'Just need to think out a good way of joining the RP... as an observer for the Alaitoc Craftworld, but also helping out the imperial?

Cheers, Warlock593

Kaladas Harkon

Wight King
Jan 2, 2009
Wow... A lot of new Eldar since I started working up my character. I'll toss him in anyway.

*Warning-Imperial Vermillion-Level Encryption Breached:
Accessing encoded datafiles.
If you proceed into Inquisitorial information, the Custodes will be notified. Accessing Ordo Xenos files: Eldar.
Custodes have been notified.
Exit Craftworld Classification.
Known Eldar Pirates. Daryhal's Shadow.
Print copy.

Known Name: Daryhal (pronounced Dar-Yal or Dar-Y-All)
Name to the People: Shadowborne
Aspect: Unknown, thought to be Striking Scorpion but displays Warlock abilities
Craftworld: Unknown, but emerged in M37 from the Eye of Terror, presumably a Croneworld
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 58.4kg

Appearance: On ship, and when not in a combat situation, Daryhal wears a form of ceremonial armour ordained with plundered gold and insignias presumably from his lost craftworld. Golden gauntlets carved with the same insignia as his armor, rubies crafted to look like tears, a wraithbone necklace-pendant (upon close inspection, the pieces are serrated with a power-field generator) and a deep blue cloak emblazoned with points of stars and tears of blood complete the ensemble. High cheekbones set him apart as Eldar nobility and he wears his turquoise hair in a long braid down his back. Almost the entire left half of his skull, including his left eye, cheek, and part of his jaw were destroyed in some manner and replaced by an augmetic made of a material almost identical to Necrontyr technology.

Equipment: Daryhal's combat armour is entirely deep blue pointed with stars, with a cloak made with a sort of mirror or camo-weave that has been reinforced to repel less arcane weapons. The armour seems to contain some variation on a displacer field or Xenos holo/shadow-field. It is unknown whether this works similarly to a displacer field, namely transporting the wearer away from harm, or if it actually displays an image nearby. His only weapon appears to be an ornate hilt, with the unmistakeable traces of a chainsword. In combat, he telekinetically unclips the wraithbone shards of his necklace, activates the power-fields and loops them around in the shape of a blade, working somewhat like a powered chainsword. In situations of extremis, he will retrieve his ancestral Elyarran Witchblade in the shape of a staff with ethereal blades running down its length in place of his normal blade. His augmetic eye can detect warp energy (souls, power and lack thereof), thermal, visual enhancement (in several different ways), as well as analyse opponents for weaponry, armour and weak points.

Agile: Being an eldar, and an Aspect Warrior and a Warlock at that, Daryhal is on par with the Daemons of Slaanesh in terms of his agility. He is also well-nigh impossible to bind, as he can dislocate joints and compress bone structure with ease.
Infiltrator: Being (presumably) from the Striking Scorpion Aspect, as well as possessing an ancient (possibly from before the Fall) Eldar vessel, there are few places that the master of the Shadowborne cannot reach quickly. He is also extremely difficult to detect as his armor dampens auspex and imaging, while his stealth expertise takes care of the rest.
Blademaster: Having had at least four thousand years to practice with his unique whirring blade, mastering every gimmick and feint he could think of, Daryhal is a match in bladework for any human and most Astartes and can oftentimes match blades with members of the Officio Assassinorum.
Warp Manipulator: Walking on the Path of the Seer grants a devoted walker great power, however being primarily an Aspect Warrior, this inhabitant of Elyarren has not been exposed to the great mysteries that are the the province of the Farseers. Fortunately, in his time on that Path he learned to manipulate the material universe in a way that the Ordo Malleus classifies as "Telekine", and he can blank himself against visual and psychic detection from the less powerful psykers (anything up to Astropath).

Fragile: Only being an Eldar, even with his armour and augmentation he is still only as durable as a normal unenhanced human, as blows will fell him quickly and the armourweave in his cloak can only repel unaugmented blades driven with human strength.
Hatred: Daryhal's hatred of most outside of his kinsmen drives him to often cause havoc on both sides of wars, as shown in the Clyta Incident. Also, his hatred of anything Chaos rivals that of the most puritan Daemonhunters.
Unsupported: Apart from his small band stationed on the Heartless Night, Daryhal works almost alone, with no allies and no craftworld to draw reinforcements from.
Psyker: As a psyker, even an Eldar one, he is vulnerable to blanks, as they remove part of his concealment, stop his telekinesis and force his whirring blade to rely on magnetism alone.

History: Daryhal's early history is unknown to the Ordos, but he emerged from the Eye of Terror in M37, presumably from a Craftworld that was lost to the Immaterium. Further appropriation of Eldar records indicate Daryhal was one of the inhabitants of the lost Craftworld Elyarren, which was drawn into the Eye in M33 by a massive warp storm that cut it off from the "Webway", as the Ordos call the Eldar transportation system. Until the appearance of Daryhal's Shadow it was assumed that Elyarren had been utterly obliterated. The band known variously as "The Shadowborne", "The Night Stalkers", and "Death's Accomplices" was positively identified as remnants of Elyarren during the raid on Colmar in M39. Since then, Daryhal's Shadow (as it is known by its members) has raided across the galaxy, taking part in several major wars, including the Clyta Incident in which the Shadows' flagship, Deltarannis Fheyal, or Heartless Night, destroyed the Despoiler class Chaos battleship Damnation's Fury, before turning on the Battlefleet Gothic and destroying the Cypra Probatii Overlord class battlecruiser and the Lord Daros Lunar class cruiser. The Heartless Night has been seen raiding through space near the world of Moirdivan, evidently to recover the Ne-

Ending Print of Ordo Xenos encrypted files.

A body lies on the floor in front of the Inquisitorial databanks, with a Guardian Spear of the Custodes through its back. A shadow stands over it. "I think this calls for an 'I told you so'."


Kaladas Harkon

Wight King
Jan 2, 2009
All right, I'm just finishing up the story so far and I'll post in the OOC thread to figure out how Daryhal's going to fit in.

I'm just wondering: Will we be engaging in any ship-to-ship combat? I'd like to know so that I can post up the Deltarannis Fheyal and its crew if needed.

Also, Thane Godri: According to your character's actual name,
Aun'sa A'nu'van
, he would be a member of the Ethereal Caste. As a member of the Fire Caste, his name would begin with "Shas" rather than an "Aun". Just nitpicking.

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Well it seems that this RP has failed.

Unless players reply back here and advise they want to keep this going and they will post regularly, this project will be closed and moved to Archive.

I will give it until Sat 2100 GMT for any interested parties to reply.



Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Well I will try if others will, however it would take more than me and Gree. Only a few more hours or this will be archived!

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