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Sep 23, 2009
Some slight wording fixes to Settra & Khalida, plus penciling in Apophas. I've also added 'Khemri' as a subfaction keyword to the named heroes. Obviously in the long term Khalida should get her own Lybaras subfaction, but for the simplified phase one draft I'm only doing Khemri and Nehekhara, as a way to prevent mixing Nagash & Arkhan with proper Tomb Kings characters. Though in Canon Khalida did eventually bend the knee to work with Nagash, and she and Neferata even seemed to put their conflict behind them, which I thought was compelling character development, but regardless of whether we keep that animosity long term in the short term this project is aiming to reproduce rather than expand on the old tomb kings feel, so.

Either way, the Scarab Prince is one we're really going to need to come back to and rethink, as I don't think he really does anything worth bothering with right now, and what little he maybe does - harassing backfield fragile msu archer units maybe - isn't what he should be doing. I still think the he should be an Invocation (the prayer equivalent of endless spells) instead of a unit on his own IMO makes better sense with the fluff - ie liche priests saying a prayer to Usirian to send his assassin after an enemy hero is super evocative, while Apophas leading troops to battle personally super isn't

But whatever, that's for future bother. In the mean time, here he is converted to open office. The tomb king on foot scroll will eventually live under Apophas, I'll be working on that one next, and hope to have it done this week. A page a week in the new format is more or less the target I'm aiming for, though it might slow down a bit once I've finished converting the scrolls that were previously done in word, as I'll have to take additional time to find and edit photos of the minis.

On that topic, anyone who happens to have pictures of painted tomb kings unit - particularly pictures of games workshops studio minis or if not then pictures of your own minis but painted int the games workshop studio style and colors, let me know. The higher resolution the better.


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