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Topic of the Month - Smashing the Empire


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Greetings one and all,

In an idea quite blatantly stolen from Druchii.net, I invite our Vampiric Generals to share their experiences of fighting against the foe which has haunted us for an absolute age. The great human realm known as 'The Empire'.

What we are looking for here is thus;
- What units work best against them
- What you shouldn't take
- What items or bloodlines work particularly well against them

So, please, post away!

- V
Oct 9, 2007
Not getting much of response to that one, eh Voltaire?

Fear is the big thing for the Empire. Psychology is always something that we're going be on the losing end of, no matter who is leading us (with the possible exception of Karl Franz). There are ways and means to deal with it, but it's by no means fool proof (Imperial Banner, Icon of Magnus, that kind of thing). Isolate our units from our General or BSB, and we'll be fair game.
The problem you'll have is that the Empire tend to be a fairly tightly organized lot, and we have a vast variety of troops to take against you.

What not to take? Well, Black coaches and cannons don't mix. It won't be able to make it's ward save every time, and sooner or later it's going to be splinters. If your going to take this, and know that cannons are going to be on the other side of the board, hope your opponent sucks at guessing ranges. Similarly with the black knights, although enfilading fire is the real killer for them.

Blood Dragons have a bit of a disadvantage against Empire - they have to accept challenges. Any Empire player worth his salt will be taking Von Horstmann's Speculum (VHS), put it on something pathetic (battle wizard on a unbarded horse) and charge them into the biggest nastiest Vamp he can find. Then challenge, and swap WS, S, T, I and A. Suddenly the big bad has the stat line of a primary school teacher, and the Wizard looks surprisingly buff.