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Total war: Warhammer Vampire Counts trailer released!


So this just got posted. Looks like we're going to have some pretty cool stuff, though it being a trailer it gives absolutely no info on how we'll actually play. Still, a swarm of zombies charging Dwarven cannons makes me a happy bloodsucking bunny.
I imagine Brets would be quite easy to add-
Just grab some of the knight character models from the older games, bring up the lighting, and give them prettier textures!

I'm rather excited for this game, even if I've been utter crap at all the earlier titles. Maybe being able to raise my own dead will be the trick I need to get good at it!


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And now a Terrogheist:

With this and the general Vampire Counts one, I am totally hyped like a child [except Mannfred's voice could be more refined] and considering something I don't usually do - buying this for the full price, no matter that I won't have a computer to play it for a long time.

It may be buggy or boring, but it's good old WFB. I'd love to see GW unable to cash in on this because they replaced all of their old range with sigmarines and gorebloodkillmurder chaos warriors.


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This looks incredible. The siege of Altdorf video was particularly spectacular. Thanks to all those posting videos, I'm going to investigate this further.


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I'm jelaous of all the people that'll get to play it right away ;) I bought the game early to support the producers, but to play I still need to wait and get a new PC

So this just got posted. Looks like we're going to have some pretty cool stuff, though it being a trailer it gives absolutely no info on how we'll actually play. Still, a swarm of zombies charging Dwarven cannons makes me a happy bloodsucking bunny.
Holy cow, the Varghulf and Vargheist are absolutely huge.


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I'll be getting this game on friday (I know, I know, too late for the chaos content, but I'll burn out on this game long before I burn out on the undead faction in it, so w/e), and I'm hella excited, this game looks amazingly cool. Anybody have it yet? How is it so far?

I really hope the game does well enough to get dlc/expansion content, and I especially hope that that expansion content eventually includes Arkhan as a playable legendary hero for the undead.


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I've got it, add me if you want to do some co-op some time. As much as I love vamps, the corruption gets me sometimes so I'll let you guys take them if you want :D

Steam name: Zanos13, should come up as Talonbane Cobra (Exodus)


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Sure sure, my Steam name is malisteen. Should be the only malisteen, but this avatar just in case:


Though, I won't be getting the game until friday, and it will probably be a week or two more until I'm familiar enough with the single player to try multiplayer. I've never played total war before, and neither rts nor turn based strategy are really genres I'm any good at, generally. Honestly, I'm not usually much for mutiplayer gaming in general - it's usually too competitive for me, I play video games to wind down, not wind up - but in this case, for this liscence, with how well this game seems to have captured our faction, I'm looking forward to making an exception.

Does the multiplayer campaign not allow more than one player of the same faction? If so, that's a little disappointing. With each faction having multiple commander heroes... but ah well. Something for expansions, maybe.
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Sorry to post this here but I didn't know where to post this. Has anyone played Total War:Warhammer and if so, played with the Vampire Counts? I have been playing the campaign and I like it. Anyone else's thoughts? Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong place to post.


I have the game too.
It's pretty cool imo but the real time thing takes some getting used to compared to real warhammer.
It's hard when you face the computer as he can coordinate in a way no human can... fortunately the AI is kinda dumb.

VC is a really sweet faction... borderline OP I'd say. At least in the campaign as Mannfred is a beast.

Also... long time no see.
Is anyone else playing the campaign? I'm about 300 turns in and Warriors and Bretonians are gone. Empire is on their last legs. Manfred is level 30 and has the Sword of Unholy Power and the Armour of Templehof. I recruited Henrich Kemmeler and got the Chaos Sword.
I'm 120 turns in. Chaos has wiped out almost all of the Empire. Chaos tried to take Eastern Sylvania but Mannfred fought Archaeon off in a close battle. The dwarves are no end of trouble since I can't take their cities they keep rebuilding after I raze them.
I tried taking some of the northern cities that Chaos had destroyed but am getting unrest in them. It just takes so long to build up vampiric corruption and order.
I took Lyon and have become allies with Mousilon which is nice since no one else ever wants to ally with me due to the aversion and great power stats. It's a shame the game really doesn't let you do diplomacy with VC.
Overall, I find the game a bit frusterating and slow moving. It's nice to see cameos of everyone and the cities I know but I'm not really enjoying it that much.


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The VC diplomacy settings are difficult, but lore friendly. And you can get over the aversion hump with dwarves and some of the human factions at least via repeated gifts and carefully avoiding actions that tick them off. I had a trade agreement with zhufbar, before they confederated anyway. Sadly, the new dwarven overlords don't like me as much, since I had raided all across area in the badlands that they had claimed in pursuit of mannfred's sword (I didn't realize you could just teleport to quest battles).

But yeah, you can't occupy dwarven/orc territory, just like they can't occupy yours, though you can happily burn each others cities to the ground (and rebuilding them is a major expense), and the orcs are always happy to roll into one of your towns and 'gift' you a massive pile of poo. If you need to get rid of someone permanently, then you've kinda got to wipe them out entirely.

There are arguments to be made over how lore friendly this is, whether it's a good or bad thing in a total warhammer game. It's frustrating, but does contribute to the distinct play experiences of the different factions. I'm not really a fan of the mechanic, but it hasn't gotten in the way of my enjoyment of the game.