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Tournament report, GoW 2015: 2500 pts, SWE-comp 13-18

Mad 'At

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Apr 2, 2011
Hi guys, last weekend I went to a tournament and had 5 lovely games. I brought my VC for the second time to a tournament, and I must say that I was really pleased with how the army performed.

Master Necromancer, general, Level 3, Lore of Vampires @250
Black Periapt; Talisman of Endurance

Master Necromancer, Level 4, Lore of Vampires @265
Power Stone, Obsidian Loadstone

Wight King, BSB @160
Fencer's Blades, Other Trickster's Shard

Vampire, level 1, Lore of Shadows @206
Heavy armour; Shield
Sword of Might; Opal Amulet; Dragonhelm

Banshee @XX

23 Zombies @79
Standard; Musician

22 Zombies @76
Standard; Musician

20 Zombies @70
Standard; Musician

34 Crypt Ghouls @350
Crypt Ghast

5 Dire Wolves @50
Doom Wolf

34 Grave Guards @449
Full Command
Razor Standard

Corpse Cart @120
Unholy Loadstone

Corpse Cart @105

Spirit Host @XX

2 Fell Bats @32

3 Vargheists @148

Generic Comp:
Power Stone -4

Comp Score: 15.4

The 7 levels of LoV meant I had all the LoV spells except Wind of Death in every game. The Vampire had Miasma in all games except the second where he had Pit of Shades.

Onto the games

Match 1
vs Vampire Counts

Was a bit unsure about this matchup from the star. Big mosters is nothing my list likes, especially not if they fly, and especially not if the scream their lungs out.

The scenario was to kill the opponent's general in combat. If you did and the unit that did it survived the game you got 500 VP.

Here is my army after the first turn:

My army from left to right: Dire wolves, Vargheists, Grave Guards with BSB and Vampire, Corpse Cart, Fell Bats, Zombies, Spirit Host, Zombie bunker, Zombies with Banshee, Ghouls.

And his army:

His army from left to right: Zombies, 3 Fell Bats, Zombies, Terrorgheist, GW Grave Guards with lvl3 Vampire Lord (with MotDA), Terrorgheist, Corpse Cart with Balefire, Skeletons with Vampire Hero, Zombies, 3 Rare unit Cairn Wraiths.

He got the first turn and advanced, mostly on his flanks. With magic he cast Curse of Years on my GG, I tried to dispel but failed (should have stored 2 dice instead. In my first turn I advanced a little too. With magic I began with IoN, restoring all the GG I lost to Curse of Years and giving me some more zombies. I then dispelled CoY and finally stored 2 dice in the Periapt, he didn't use a single dispel dice.

Here we are after his turn 2:

He has advanced more. Magic did nothing thanks to my 2 extra dice. As you can see I've just started my turn and marked out charges with the Vargheists into his Terrorgheist (hoping to harm it enough so that it is less of a problem) and the Grave Guards into his Fell Bats.

And here we are after my turn 2:

The Vargheist failed their charged (needed a 7 or something -.-) but the GG cleared theirs and overran into the zombies. The Fell Bats flew into position to prevent his Grave Guards from charging mine in the flank had I failed the overrun. The Spirit host drifted past his lines, hoping to cause some trouble. With magic I mainly buffed the GG to help them tear through the zombies as fast as possible. Also cast Miasma on his TG to lower his M (should have cast it on the skeletons as we will soon see). The Bunker unit is not dead, it just had an accident on the hill so I had to re-rank them up.

Here we are after his turn 3:

The Skeletons charged my Bunker, needing an 11 on the roll. He sets it (should have put Misma here... ). The GG charge and kill my bats. One TG flies over my lines and obliterates my Vargheists with a scream. The other takes care of my Spirit Host. With magic he increases the zombies fighting my GG a bit, but not enough to change how long it takes for me to kill them. In combat the Vampire directs his attacks at my General but rolls quite poorly. Causes 2 wounds. I save non with 5++. He then directs 3 Skeleton attacks at him. Causes 1 wound and I fail the 5++. General dead. My lvl4 hides in challenge with the champion. Crumble causes two wounds to the Balefire CC and killed some zombies and Ghouls.

Here we are after my turn 4:

I've charged more zombies into the flank of his skeletons. Moved up the other units to try and help. The Grave Guards killed the zombies and reformed to charge his in the next turn. With magic I did a major mistake. I had a great plan. Cast some buffs bubbles with the lvl4. Finish with Miasma from the vampire and switch places with the necro. Saving the necro's skin and giving me a chance in the combat. I was stupid though and cast Miasma first (cause that made sense from a dispel perceptive), meaning the necro would be in a bad position to cast spells if I switched, so I didn't. Got Van Hel's off as a bubble though.

No more pictures after that. He charged the a TG and the GG into the flank of the zombies with the giant. The Zombie unit didn't die but the GG were pushed out of combat and reformed to face mine. His zombies into my Ghouls, a combat I won quite fast thanks to Van Hel's.

I charged the GG into his, hoping to KB his lord. Failed to do so until the last turn but by in which my last GG were also killed.

He got 500 VP from the scenario. In the end it was an 2-18 for me, but we miscalculated, assuming that I didn't get any VP from his killing his general since her killers were killed. If I had gotten the points for his general it would have been a 3-17.

Match 2
vs Dwarves

This matchup felt good. Thanks to the comp he would not have the shooting needed to stop my advance. Against armies with fewer wounds it would be good, but not against my wall of infantry. Since he had no magic I would also get 2 extra PD each turn.

Scenario was to place a small template at the centre of the table. This template is impassable terrain. The player with the most expensive weapon with 3” at the end of game turn 5 gains 500 pts.

Here we are after turn 1:

His army from left to right: 10 Quarellers, Cannon, 10 Thunderers, Organ Gun with Rune of Accuracy and Engineer, ~30 Quarellers with King (anti T5+), BSB and Runelord, Gyrocopter, Daemonslayer with some runes, Grudge Thrower with S4.

Banshee and BSB with GG. Necros in bunker. Vampire with zombies to claim objective.

Out on the right flank I had the wolves and the Vargheists. He had another gyro. I blocked that gyros Vanguard with that of my wolves.

He got first turn. Gyro moved up and steamgunned my wolves as punishment. Some more shooting brought them down. He also killed a few GG.

I moved forward. Vargheists charged his gyro, killed it and overran off the table. For magic I rolled double one. I then channelled one die and added two more from the periapt. 5 vs 1 dice ^^. Got both an IoN, restoring the GG and raising more zombies, and a Van Hel's through. Which is why I am more than halfway across the field.

Here we are after my second turn:

He placed the gyro in from of my GG to slow me down. Shooting was poor again. I advanced the best I could, putting pressure on his lines using my flyers. With magic I raised up my losses and increased my zombies further. Got a miscast on the general and he was sucked into the warp. Thanks to the BSB I suffered next to no casualties, balefire CC took a wound though.

Here we are after my third turn:

He charged the Daemon Slayer into my Spirit Host, killed it and overran into my bunker. Poor manoeuvring from my side. He killed a lot of GG with shooting this turn. His miners arrived on my right flank.

I charged... a lot. Varghesit into cannon, Fell Bats into Organ Gun, GG into “deathstar”, Ghouls into Grudge Thrower, Zombies into flank of Daemon Slayer. I reformed the zombies on the right to face the Miners. Conveniently I had 10 ranks of zombies, so I just moved the command group to the side, giving me a proper horde. Didn't do much with magic since the GG were out of reach, they would have to make due on their own. Which they did. My BSB Killing Blowed his Runelord in challenge (he missed that WKs have T5 so didn't think his King had a chance) and my GG Killing Blowed his King. He killed some in return but it was an uphill battle now. In combat with the Daemon Slayer my vampire rolled poorly, causing only 1 wound to him which then caused another thanks to Red Fury. The dwarf rolled poorly in return and didn't manage to kill the necro. The dwarf didn't even flinch in fear and held his ground bravely against over a hundred zombies.

Here is a picture of him and then of the field after my fourth turn:


After two more combat rounds his big unit of Quarellers broke and fled of the table, I reformed the GG to face the Organ Gun and the rest of his army. The Daemon Slayer went down vs the Vampire. I moved up the best I could, without marching that was hard though. The zombie horde advanced towards his Miners.

After my his turn 6:

The Miners have now been locked in combat with the zombies for 3 combat rounds. Thanks to buffs and shear volume of attacks the dwarfs are slowly succumbing, what zombies they kill are soon back. The Grave Guards Killed the Organ Gun, and overran into the Engineer. The Thunderers charged their flank but they still lost combat and both broke. I pursued the Engineer and changed the last 10 Quarellers in my last turn, killing them. Not before they killed my last Vargheist though, who charged their rear but got beaten to death.

And here we are after my final turn:

The Zombies had a lucky round and won against the Miners, who broke and were chased down. The Zombies also made it into the fleeing Thunderers, killing them too.

I cleared the objective, so another 500 VP for me, and killed his whole army. He killed some in return though, ad I killed my own general. a 19-1 for me.

Match 3
vs Khorne Daemons

Scenario was basically Blood and Glory, except breaking the opponent gave you 300 VP. Remaining unbroken yourself gave you 300 VP.

His army after deployment:

From left to right: 13 Daemonettes with Full Command, Bloodthirster with The Eternal Blade and Multiple Wounds (2), 28 Bloodletters (FC and Discipline) with BSB (Razor) and another Herald, Daemon Prince of Khrone (General, chaos armour, daemonic flight), 5 Furies of Khorne, Soulgrinder of Khrone (claw and catapult), Soulgrinder of Khrone (catapult), 5 Fures of Khorne.

My army after deployment:

I was really scared of this matchup. Four thunderstomps is more than enough to make me nervous. Combine that with them being Daemons, an army I never seem to be able to deal with, and you even got me scared. Apparently though, he was not too keen on fighting me either, fear to get bogged down in my infantry and the combo charged to death.

The game turned out to be a stareout. I stood in my corner and raised zombies as much as I could. He stood in his and fired the stone throwers of the Soulgrinders at one of my Corpse Cart. That's right, 12 shots at a single Corpse Cart, and the thing lived through it. I rolled regeneration like a god.
I summoned an extra unit of zombies, added some additional bodies to it with IoN and sent it forward to die against the Bloodletter (cause why not).

He twice managed to summon pink horrors with Reign of Chaos, but they did little.

My Vargheists failed their Frenzy check in turn 1, charged his Daemonettes and got squashed after a few turns of fighting (I did forget stomps though but it wouldn't have made a difference because they be Daemons and he flank charged me with the BT soon enough). The points he gathered from that gave him the victory. 9-11, meaning I ended at a neat 30 BP after the first day.

Lots of more pics from that battle:






Match 4
vs Dwarves

Another dwarf army. After my previous success against a dwarf army (a game where I managed to miscast my wizard to death)I felt really confident here. I was just gonna march up to him and beat the living crap out of him, simple.

The scenario was to secretly select 1-3 of your opponent's units. Each one you killed awarded double VP. Those you didn't kill gave you negative VP.

And we'll jump right in to after charges of my turn 1:

Yepp, you read right, turn 1. He had two blocks with vanguards, got first turn and suddenly he was in my face.

Here we can see the whole field:

His army, ~18 Quarellers, Grudge Thrower, 30 Long Beards with GW and Vanguard (and A king with anti T5+, a BSB and two runesmiths), 28 Slayers with 3 Giant Slayers, Gyro Copter, Organ Gun with Accuracy and Engineer, 5 Rangers with Crossbow. He also had another gyro off to the left.

I selected to kill his Slayers and both Gyros (assumed he would use them as re-directors).

Okay, so his first turn he moves up a lot. Shoots off my wolves, kills a Vargheists and some Ghouls. In my turn I have to think for a bit. Was not prepared for this. But I charge the GG into his character buss, hoping for some KB. The Ghouls into his Slayers with Vargheists to their side. Magic goes alright, nice with the 2 dice from Periapt. I raise back the Ghouls and gain some zombies, as well as ASF on both combat blocks. Van Hel's fails but I get Miasma on his character buss, lowering his Initiative meaning I'll still get re-rolls To Hit (should probably have reduced the WS instead in retrospect). He dispels Hellish on the GG. In combat the Slayers get ravaged (re-rolls To Hit and Poison is nasty). After all my attacks only something around 8 or 9 remains. He kills a lot of Ghouls but it is obvious who will win. Wight King denies a challenge an retreats to the back ranks. My Grave Guards roll horribly and all in all I manage to cause 1 wound on one of the Runesmiths.

This is how it looked after his next movement phase (turn 2):

The Quarellers and Rangers moved up. The Gyros flew behind my lines. Shooting had very few targets but I think he did some damage to a Corpse Cart. In combat the Slayers were obliterated and I reformed to charge in the next turn (made a big mistake though I realise as I am writing this, should have turned the Vargheist around to charge the rangers, but we'll get to why. Against the character buss I do a little better. I get a wound in on the King and both Rune Smiths are killed. My numbers starts to dwindle though, him wounding on 2+ and ignoring my armour is painful.

Again after his movement phase (turn 3):

I could not charge the Ghouls into the flank of the Longbeards cause the Vargheist was in the way, so I had to charge him out of the way. Had I been smart he could have gon after the Rangers, and auto charge, but I attempted to charge the Quarellers, needing a 7. I failed and he failed to kill me with Stand and Shoot. Meaning the ghouls could not charge. In retrospect I think this was my biggest mistake and the charge roll the most important dice roll (there were a few other quite important though, we'll get to that). My zombies charge his Rangers at least and kill them. I have a good magic phase, gets 9ish GG back and the some Ghouls return. Also gets ASF on the GG (meaning re-rolls for most attacks) and Hellish. With Hellish on my side I accept the challenge of the Lord with my BSB. With normal GG attacks I manage to cause a Killing Blow (only one despite re-rolls -.-), he clears his 4++ but I force him to re-roll it with OTS on my Wight King... he still clears it. In challenge I score 3 out of 4 hits. Needs 5+ to Wound with re-rolls, scores no Killing Blows but a wound goes through. The Wight King is swiftly smashed to bits in return. I loose combat by a lot on only two GG remain.

In his turn those are killed, but nor before they land another KB on the BSB, which he saves with 4+ Ward... again. His Quarellers charged and killed my Spirit Host and the Organ Gun killed my Vargheist. He reforms to face my Ghouls. Sadly I took no more pics.

I did not dare to charge his bus and instead raise the Ghouls back.

He charges in his turn and the Ghouls are amazing. With the character wall not complete they start to munch through his Longbeards. Poison and re-rolls again proved deadly, even with a 5+ armour save. After a long combat I managed to kill all the Longbeards. He is no long Stubborn and must test on Ld6. Fail the first but with re-rolls he sticks around. Had the BSB only failed 1 of 3 4+ Wards :swears: We didn't play the last turn but I would not managed to kill those characters and probably not even won combat, so it didn't matter.

The Rangers got locked in combat with a zombie unit but not much happened. A gyro charged one of my corpse carts in the rear, I was lucky and survived and the Gyro was killed by my bunker charging in the next turn. The other gyro was nearly destroyed but passed a Ld8 test, again on the re-roll. My zombies kills his Organ Gun thanks to him failing a Ld9 breaktest.

He had selected my GG, my Ghouls and the Vargheists.

After all the points were tallied up we were both a bit surprised to learn it was a draw. He got a little from comp but I still had the moral victory. 10-10

Match 5
vs The Empire

I felt good about this matchup. He had a lot of infantry, which could be made really tough with Wyssan's Wildform. But it would still be infantry, and infantry I can grind down, especially if it comes to a magic duel where most buffs wins.

Our armies after deployment:


His army from left to right (ish): 40 Halberds with Warrior Priest, 40 Greatswords with Arch Lector, Great Cannon, 30ish Swordsmen with lvl3 beast, lvl 1 beast and BSB, 2x12 Crossbow detachments, Captain on Pegasus, 5 Pistoliers, 5 Outriders. He also had a third Wyssan's as a bound spell.

The first part of the game was basically me moving forward while raising up as many zombies as I could, while he shot out my Corpse Carts with the cannon. At some point I got a Van Hel's through and surged forward extra fast. At two separate points during the game I also raised enough zombies so that all but 1 zombie was on the field, that's 209 zombies!

On the flank we did out best to out manoeuvre each other. His pistoliers broke off and rode towards the rest of my army, giving my fell bat the change to fly over them and charge his Outriders in the flank the next turn, breaking them and pursuing them down. His Captain eventually got a charge at my spirit host but failed his fear test and thus failed to kill it, despite having Sword of Might. I counter charged with the last Vargheist, having lost his buddies to shooting. He failed hi fear test yet again, broke and ran. Didn't catch him though. The Vargheist charged again and a third fear test was failed. He broke and I failed to catch him, had I positioned my Vargheist smarter during the charge he would have fled of the table. Silly me.

Here are some pics thus far:




In the turn when I moved up really close to him, I got a lot of spells off, meaning he didn't risk charging. So in the next turn I charged. The Grave Guard (with Vampire) and a zombie train (with BSB) into the Halberds (who had been buffed with a Wyssan's), Another zombie train (with Banshee). His Arch Lector had a great weapon so I confidently challenged with my Banshee (in retrospect I am unsure what benefit I saw in doing this), he answered with the champion. With magic I failed with Van Hel's but gave the GG Hellish Vigour and managed to cast Curse of Years on the Greatswords, killing 5 or so. In combat the BSB slew the Warrior Priest, robbing the halberd of their Hatred. I killed somewhere around 14 of his guys. He caused 8 or 10 wounds but after 6+ Armour and 6+ Ward Save only two Grave Guards went down. He did bring down the vampire though. I won by a LOT but he held on insane courage (didn't matter in the end though). The Greatswords killed a lot of zombies and more turned to dust.

This is what it looked like:

In his turn he failed to dispel Curse of Years, letting me kill another 6 Greatswords (rolled poorly) and promising me a great next magic phase unless he wanted even more to die from old age. In combat the Halberds were finished off and more zombies died to the Greatswords.

I charge the Grave Guards into the Crossbowmen and the BSB zombie train and ghouls into either flank of the Greatswords. Got a lot of spells through and wreaked havoc. He finally got rid of Curse of Years. In combat many Greatswords were killed, reduced to around 8 remaining (but still stubborn), and the Crossbowmen were slaughtered (thanks Nagash, those dudes would have been steadfast otherwise due to the parent unit). The Greatswords could not overrun since it would bring them into a charge with the Swordmen, but since they were in their flank and a Great Cannon blocked their path they could not charge them. I had to reform and go for the cannon instead.

In his last turn I failed miserably to dispel, meaning he got two Wyssan's off and a 5+ Ward Blessing from the Arch Lector. I killed very little against that, but enough to bring the Arch Lector into base contact with my BSB for the next round. I cast some spell and got a bubbled Hellish through using my Power Stone. It wasn't enough though. The Greatswords just wouldn’t go down, the ghouls couldn't do anything since the only model they based with was the champion, who was looked in challenge with the Banshee. My BSB got his 4 attacks at the Arch Lector. Hit with 3 and rolled To Wound, needing 6s with re-rolls. Failed to roll a single 6 sadly.

Here is what it looked like in the end:

It was a great game and I really felt that my army worked. I had not lost that much but when we did the maths neither had he. It ended as another draw, 10-10. A great way to finish a tournament, especially since we both made it to the holy limit of shame, 50 BP, which is always my goal. Made a few mistakes but all matches were great fun so I can't complain.