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Trading Rules - Members Must Read - Cannot Sell if Less Than 20 Posts

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Feb 12, 2008
As part of Carpe Noctem's service to it's members, we are happy to provide this forum to advertise items you wish to sell, or items to you are looking to acquire.

:siren:Important: You cannot sell items on Carpe Noctem unless you have 20 posts or more. Any threads which contravene this rule will be deleted without prior warning and offending member advised via PM.:siren:

However there are guidelines which you are expected to follow which came into effect on 13 June 2009. These are as follows:

Correct Thread Subject Format
The subject for your thread should be laid out in the following way:

If have something you wish to sell, followed by what you will accept in return:

H: *Item(s) you have to sell* / W: *Payment Type*
~Example H: Various Vampire Counts / W: Paypal

If there is something you want:

W: *Item(s) you want* / H: *Payment Type*
~Example: W: Naked 6th Edition Daemonettes / H: Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer

If you have both something to sell and you want:

H: *Item(s) you have to sell* / W: *Item(s) you want* - i.e.
~Example: H: Various Vampire Counts / W: Naked 6th Edition Daemonettes

NEW - eBay items
Please use the eBay links thread to post links to your eBay auctions instead of creating a new thread just to post links to eBay.

Describing the Items
Try to be as clear as possible, especially when it comes to selling items. Ideally you should list the following:
  • How many
  • Which manufacturer - GW, Reaper, Rackham etc
  • The name of the model as described by the manufacturer, i.e. don't say armoured skeleton for a GW Grave Guard model
  • Which edition(if relevant)
  • If plastic or metal
  • What condition (see below for accepted abbreviations)

This is to reduce the risk of misinterpretation between seller and buyer, so hopefully everyone gets what they are expecting. Ideally a closeup picture of the model(s) are perfect, as it then makes it very clear what is being purchased

Accurately describing the condition is very important, therefore you must try to be as accurate as possible. Here are the most common:
  • New in Box (abbrev. NIB)
  • New on Sprue (Abbrev. NOS)
  • New - not on sprue but unassembled (No Abbrev.)
  • Assembled - Not painted (No Abbrev.)
  • Assembled - Primed / Undercoated (state colour of undercoat) (No Abbrev.)
  • Assembled - Painted (If possible say to what standard, ideally need picture of model)(No Abbrev.)
  • Damaged - Describe in detail in what way. (No Abbrev.)

Clearly state what you are willing to accept or pay for the items, whether that applies to worldwide or a specific area, and shipping costs where possible. An example:

Will accept Paypal, Cheque, Postal Order or Cash in the UK. Paypal only for rest of the world. Shipping costs to be agreed via PM.
May be willing to Trade in the UK only for 6th edition Daemonettes.

:siren:Due to some instances of certain members not receiving the goods they have paid for, it is now urged that all members request sellers to trade through Ebay / Paypal, even if that means the seller has to pay a few extra pounds / dollars to cover the Ebay fees.

This is because if for some reason you do not receive your goods you can claim your money back through Ebay / Paypal.

Personal Details
Under NO circumstances are personal details to be posted in the thread. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Full Email Addresses
  • Full Postal Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Bank / Debit / Credit Card Details
Apart from the fact this forum is viewable to everyone, your details can also be picked up via Spambots. All the payment and shipping details should be discussed via PM, email or other manner.

Feedback is important, as it allows other users to see previous transactions so they can made an informed decision on whether to trade or not. Carpe Noctem as the EzTrader system installed, which allows you to leave a positive, neutral or negative feedback, along with a comment, much like Ebay.

To leave feedback you can either click on the number next to Trader in the users profile on the left, or if you visit their profile by clicking on their name you can see an expanded section there with their feedback and link to leave your feedback.

Please make sure you fill it out in full, and link the thread in there where it requests a url.

Finally, in the even that you leave negative feedback please note the user can report it to an admin to make sure it is fair. When leaving comments normal forum rules still apply.

Carpe Noctem and its staff do not accept any responsibility for loss of money, items or any other property resulting from Sales or Traders arranged on this site. Any trading / selling / buying is done entirely at the buyers / sellers / traders own risk. Likewise a member will not be punished or banned following the result of the trade unless a member admits or proof is provided to acting in a way to cheat, deprive or in some other way circumvent the agreement made when selling / purchasing / trading. This decision will be made only by an Administrator.

Please try and follow these rules. We all want to help each other out, so try and make the selling / buying experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Any questions please ask me.
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