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Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Basingstoke or Nexeternus
1671 - Damek Khitrovo is born into the powerful Kislev Khitrovo family which was connected to the royal house of Kislev. He was raised to be a High General in Kislev's armies and led by great forces against the Chaos borders.

1709 - A man introducing himself as Vlad von Carstein stays a few weeks in the Khitrovo estate, after earning Damek's friendship he sired the man without warning. In a feeding frenzy the Khitrovo family is wiped out by Damek and Vlad.

1780 - Mircea von Carstein is born as Meyerling Faulsing, a member of a senior noble family that governs the village of Totenhaften. His father dies form illness early on, and he is raised by the local knight warden and his mother.

1785 - Damek, now named Karl von Carstein, come rides in a coach from the darkness into the Teufhof Barony, claiming to be a relation of the new Counts staying with the Baron for few nights. He duels the Baron slaying him easily and sires his daughter Emilie claiming the right of rulership of Teufhof, there are no protests. Karl takes his wife's name becoming Karl von Teuf.

1796 - Meyerling comes in to the inheritance of Totenhaften and distinguishes himself in defending the villages from roving bands of beastmen and goblins.

1797 - Vlad von Carstein becomes count of Sylvania by marriage to countess Isabella von Drak. In the following two centuries the noble families in Sylvania will be infected with the curse of vampirism. Herman Posner arrives at the same time.

1797 - c1900 Konrad, Pieter, Hans and Fritz are presumebly sired by Vlad.

1808 - Isabella is sired.

1809 - After finishing off a greenskin warband, Meyerling is recalled to Castle Totenhaften, where the Count and his wife come. During the visit an assassin tries to kill Vlad, Meyerling, not knowing the Count is a vampire, takes the assassin's dagger to his chest. He is sired into a vampire as a reward.

He is made one of Vlad's commanders into the new aristocracy of the night. Its around this time that castle Totenhaften is referenced to as Castle Mitternacht

1815 - At this time Meyerling begins is instruction into the art of necromancy and his shapeshifting skills.

1819 - Meyerling takes to the field for the first time at the head of an undead army, proving himself in destroying a Beastmen Herd.

1820-1859 - Vlad begins a thirty year war of extermination of the beastmen and goblins in Slyvania, is mostly successful for the former and partially successful in the latter, Meyerling serves as one of his chief commanders in this period.

1821- Karl rides from his castle and single handed slays two dozen beastmen who had been harassing farmers on the edge of his barony.

1830-1845 - Karl leads a fifteen year war against Orc Incursions on the Border of Sylvania, his wife Emilie rules Teufhof in his stead. He finishes five years ahead of Vlad's plans.

1845-1859 - Karl joins Vlad's forces bent on the destruction of Beastmen and Goblins in Sylvania. Serves as a Commander of a Calvary force, meets Meyerling von Faulsing for the first time.

1851- A Lahmian delegation is sent to Vlad's court for reasons unknown. Karl plays a diplomatic role with them, Meyerling begins his dislike of Lahmians here.

1880 - Simon von Stryker is born to a minor noble family.

1881 - Karl von Teuf is invited to dinner at the minor noble household of the von Strykers, and congratulates the Lord von Stryker of his new son called Simon.

1886 - Karl von Stryker father of Simon is killed by a wolf like creature.

1887 - Walach Harkon arrives at the blood keep and challenges the entire knightly order to single combat and founds the Blood Dragon order in the name of his sire Abhorash.

1906 - Simon is renowned as poet in Sylvania and is invited to give a private recital at Drakenhof castle for Isabella. Isabella sires Simon so that his poetry will live for ever.

Simon comes to blows with Vlad and nearly dies for a second time. Isabella steps in and Vlad banishes Simon instead.

Three days into his journey Simon discovers a wraith following him its name is Nar-Zuul and it becomes a close companion of him.

1907 - Simon's future wife Sariah is born.

1910 - Karl returns to Teufhof to start development of the Barony’s economical condition, Standard of living for mortals within the village of Teufhof increases.

Nar-Zuul begins Simon's training in necromancy.

1911 - Simon successfully raises Slo-Graa a wight king but loses control and Slo-Graa kills himself.

1915 - Sariah has her first vision and slowly goes mad.

1926 - Sariah is placed in an asylum.

1927 - During his wonderings Simon is challenged by vampire hunter Dieter von Kronos and kills him taking his sword.

Shortly afterwards Simon breaks into an asylum and discovers Sariah siring her.

1927 - 1945 Simon and Sariah terrorise the empire and fend off three attacks from the order of Morr and their Witchhunter allies after the third attack Simon decides it might be safer to return to Sylvania.

1930-1935- Karl travels to Nuln for five years and meets an engineer called Reinich of great skill, he sires the man and brings him back to Teufhof.

1932 - The Red Duke is freed by disciples and wages war on Aquitaine. He is defeated at Ceren field and flees to the forest of Chalons.

Meyerling defeats the invasion of Ogre Tyrant Stonefist after his band wanders into Slyvania.

1943 - There is a crack down on vampire activity following the death of Dieter von Kronos. The Order of Morr and the Witchhunters lay siege to Blood Keep.

1946 - Simon shows up at Vlads court and presents Sariah to his sire and grandsire. Konrad insults Sariah and threatens to take her head after she predicts him suffering a similar fate. The resulting fight leaves Simon paralysed from the waist down Konrad is also hurt by Simon's use of magic. Simon and Vlad are reconciled.

Around this time Blood Keep falls to the imperial troops though Walach Harkon and several followers escape.

1947 - Simon von Carstein and Meyerling Faulsing meet for the first time. Simon recovers from his injuries.

1947 -1990 Simon learns from Vlad who takes him under his wing he learns the history of they're kind and advanced necromancy.

1970 - Karl reveals himself to Teufhof village as a Vampire, they revel in his presence, any naysayers are silenced. Karl once more takes up the von Carstein surname.

Teufhof village grows to a walled city overlooked by the newly renovated Teufhof Castle.

1997 - Simon makes a brief foray outside Sylvania he is attacked during the day by the order of Morr and works out how to survive in the sun before slaughtering them.

2000 - Mordheim destroyed by twin tailed comet. Vlad sends vampires to gather warpstone for him.

2002 - Meyerling takes an important mission for Vlad at Mordheim.

2010- The Night of Geheimnisnacht. Karl, Meyerling and Simon meet properly during the festivities. The three vampires take part in a deadly hunt in which they slay an ancient Strigoi.

The first War Council of Vlad takes place, Karl as Vlad’s highest Military confident ensures that Meyerling is present but fails to get Simon also invited.

The war of the vampire counts begins. Karl and Meyerling are given command of the Sylvanian second and third armies.

Vlad is killed by Hans Schliffen and is in turn ripped apart by Konrad.

Herman Posner Baron of Waldenhof seizes power over the Sylvanian first army. Before Karl or Meyerling are made aware of this Vlad returns from the dead and slays Herman Posner.

2011 - Simon now known as Captain Simon von Stryker of the Sylvanian third army is on a scouting mission in Stirland and murders local lord and nephew of Deiter Frederic von Kronos to prove a point to the locals. Frederic's son Johanne leads a campaign to stir up trouble against the Sylvanian army.

2012 - Simon under pressure from his superior General Faulsing leads a revenge attack against Johanne von Kronos letting his Wolfpack run riot in an orgy of rape and destruction. The remaining von Kronos family pursue Simon and his men the resulting battle leaves five members of the Kronos clan dead including two of Johanne's sons and his brother. Simon escapes with a bullet wound and his right hand man Laxter and the majority of his men are slain.

2013 - Karl leads the large army of Teufhof consisting of both living and dead against Ostermark assisting in the defeat of the Elector Count.

Meyerling leads his army into Ostermark, helping defeat the elector Count of Ostermark.

2014 - Vlad attacks Middenheim and is slain by Jerek Kruger.

2015 Vlad returns to Middenheim and slays Jerek Kruger and all his knights.

2015-2017 - Meyerling leads his army against Wolfenburg. The Battles of Wolfenburg are fought. The Sylvanian third army is defeated and forced back. Johanne von Kronos finally catches Simon during the battle and gives his life to seriously injure his adversary.

2015-2020 Karl shadows a Stirland force before shattering it; he roams the north east for three years sacking everything in sight. Moving south-westerly he attacks but allows refugees to live who all flee to Wurtbad.

2018 - Meyerling achieves his famous victory at Harroten fields against the Elector Count of Ostland's army.

Simon fully recovers from his injuries and secretly hunts down Strigoi vampire Drakus of Strigos feeding off him to gain his abilities.

2021 - Meyerling is sent to recruit the survivors of the Blood Keep to his cause, during this time he gains the help of Konrad Sibrand and his faction of Blood Knights.

Wurtbad is now suffering from overpopulation as a result of refugees from the undead horde attacks, seeing this Karl begins to gather his forces which roam around the country in bands under lesser vampire control.

Following rumours Simon stumbles across the lair of Necrarch vampire Zharradan the Marred and feeds off him to gain his powers.

2022 - Karl begins his assault on Wurtbad, at first he tests their forces before starting the force in true at the start of 2022.

2023 (Late Summer)- A lucky arrow takes Heinrich (Vampire Necromancer) in the throat, magical cohesion suffers, Karl calls a full retreat covered by himself and a handful of mounted Cavalry. Heinrich is killed for his incompetence by a shadowy figure amongst Akarin's Assassins.

2023 (Early winter)- Karl begins a Siege, using siege weapons to fire rotten corpses into the city starting disease.

2025 - Wurtbad falls due to the assassin Akarin opening the gates and many citizens are slain, however a secondary large army lead by the Elector Count comes from behind forcing Karl to quit the city and retreat a short distance.

2026 - Meyerling faces the army of the Count of Middenland at Carroburg and defeats it, he fails to take the city.

2028 - Karl's army clashes with the Elector Count of Stirland's along the Stir River. Fighting lasts for weeks, Karl sends Akarin to kill the Elector but the Assassin is almost killed. Karl's army is victorious and Karl duels the Count before slaying him, however Knights recover the fallen nobleman's body and Runefang before fleeing. Karl seeing little worth fighting in Stirland now her armies are crushed leaves the province making his way to Vlad's forces.

2029 - Second siege of Carroburg - Meyerling fails to take the city again.

Simon challenges the Blood dragon vampire Sir Ranulph the Swift to single combat and feeds off him in the hope of increasing his fighting abilities.

Karl meets up with Vlad's army and takes command of Cavalry.

2033 - Meyerling leads an army against the Elector Count of Averland and kills him before scattering his army.

2037 - Simon sires Aurelius.

2051 - The Siege of Altdorf. Karl fights on foot properly for the first time in years, Vlad is too eager and ignores all Karl's tactical advice. Karl, Meyerling and Simon all fight alongside each other during the battle.

Reinich is killed by a Warrior Priest which Karl dismembers, drains and then turns. The Warrior Priest becomes a limbless vampire.

Vlad is killed and Isabella commits suicide.

Karl is on the walls when Vlad falls, he is so shocked that he fails to see three pikemen charge him with such force that he is thrown from the wall impaled. He is believed dead by his allies.

Simon takes command of remaining Sylvanian forces and orders a retreat. His nightmare is shot out from under him and he fights a running battle with an angry mob which ends when he is forced to swim across the river Reik.

Meyerling disappears and none notices Vlad's sword disappearing in the aftermath of the battle.

Karl survives and he flees in secret, he goes to Kislev and starts himself up as a noble taking on his old family name. He lives here for many years. He meets a Lahmian coven in Kislev who assist him in setting himself up and he takes a Lahmian as his Wife although the two rarely ever see each other.

2051-2121 - The Journey, Meyerling disappears of the face of the earth for almost a century before returning, sporting a new name, Mircea von Carstein. Many speculate he has been to Kislev and further, east, he bears Vlad's sword.

2051- onwards Simon vanishes off the face of the earth and is only spotted sporadically.

2052 - Ademus takes command of Teufhof as the eldest son putting the Barony into complete isolation. No one hears anything from within apart from the odd letter detailing magical research and tomes being sent to Konrad for his Library.

2053 - Fritz von Carstein killed besieging Middenheim.

2058 - Konrad invades the Moot but is forced to return to Sylvania when his brother Hans seizes power.

2059 - Konrad kills Hans von Carstein in single combat.

2091 - Three gets of Posner begs Karl to return and take up command of Sylvania he declines, the get then requests Karl become his lord. Karl tells him he is done with the von Carstein legacy and slays them.

2092 - Pieter von Carstein is killed in his coffin by vampire hunter Helmut van Hal.

2094 Konrad successfully seizes power over Sylvania and remaining vampires. Mannfred leaves Sylvania and travels south.

Around this time Constantin von Carstein is commanded to rewrite von Carstein history to make Konrad look more favourable. Fear of Konrad stops Constantin from feeding on blood in an effort to complete his task. Over the next twenty eight years Constantin will slowly go mad.

2095 - Konrad invades the Empire.

2100 - The Battle of the Four Armies fought between Konrad and the armies of Stirland, Reikland, Marienburg and Dwarfs from Karaz-a-Karak ends in a stalemate. Lutwik of Reikland and the Ottilia of Talabheim treacherously assassinate each other while Helmut of Marienburg almost becomes the first zombie Emperer in thrall to Konrad.

2101 - Simon infiltrates Sylvania briefly.

2110 - Karl kills Esilia the Lahmian he is Married to.

2113 - Karl slaughters the entire Kislev coven, draining all of them dry including the Eternal who is old enough to have seen Lahmia. He becomes substantially more powerful than he previously was.

2121 - Konrad is killed at Grim Moor. Both Simon and Mircea are spotted in the area looting the place. Mircea makes off with Konrad's sword and armor and Simon recovers Walach Harkon's Hauberk neither of them are aware of the other.

2122 Mannfred returns to Sylvania and takes over forging alliances with the Lahmian sisterhood. Mircea swears loyalty to him and becomes his Marshal.

Around this time Mannfred kills Constantin von Carstein as an act of mercy.

2129 - Mircea arrives and reclaims Totenhaften from the Stirland noble sent to govern it. It gives the local peasants the option to serve him, he will protect them in exchange for the right to feed. Having no other choice the populace agrees.

2132 - Mannfred begins third war of the vampire counts. Mircea serves as a field commander for him during this time.

2135-A this time, Mircea sires a knight called Vanulf.

2145 - Mannfred is killed at Hel Fenn the third war ends. Mircea disappears for as short time.

2145-2300 - Simon meets his brother Meyerling Faulsing now known as Mircea several times.

2148 - Karl learns of Mannfred's death and returns to Sylvania seizing control of Teufhof letting Drakenhof rot, he gathers a great deal of followers and claims the position of Count. For the next many decades he slaughters any vampire who opposes him, the Barony of Teufhof flourishes.

2151 - Sariah recovers fully from injuries sustained during the siege of Altdorf and together with Simon and Aurelius travels the world.

2167- Mircea reappears, killing the second human noble sent to govern Totenhoften and he takes over. This time he lays low.

2180 - Simon's group is attacked by Order of Morr and Witchhunters in the south. Lucius is the only survivor of the attackers and is sired by Sariah.

2199- Ork Warlord Gazbag invades from the grey Mountains, Mircea leads an army that defeats and kills Gazbag at Corpses Run.

2200-2206 - Lucius learns eastern methods of torture from a Cathayan traveller.

2224- Mircea leads a campaign to combat the resurgent beastmen population in Slyvania.

2246- Mircea kills the Lahmian Countess Larmica for unknown reasons.

2252- Mircea takes a trip to the Drakwald and meets his brother Simon briefly before both escape the beastmen hordes.

2271- Mircea appears in Mousillon and attacks and destroys a local Brettonian castle for unknown reasons.

2276- Mircea gives shelter to Konrad Sibrand and his faction of Blood Knights.

2300 - the great war against chaos begins Simon leads the group to the Border Princes becomes a mercenary general serving Baron Rothmeyer.

Around this time Duke Maldred of Mousillon falls victim to the red pox and the city falls into decay haunted by the undead.

2301 - Simon convinces mercenary captains Marius and Maximillian to help him overthrow Baron Rothmeyer they agree and are both sired by Sariah. Simon makes Nexeternus his Citadel.

2302- A chaos war host splinters off from Kul’s invasion force. Mircea temporarily units several feuding groups of vampires in time to defeat this horde, Predictably this breaks apart.

2305 - The great Necrarch vampire Waldakir Rahtep is slain by captain Stefan von Kessel.

2310 - Simon and Aurelius return to Altdorf and found order of Vashanesh Aurelius is left in charge.

2312 - Simon is visiting Nuln when he makes enemies of the local Lahmians and kills six of them Feeding off their leader Lady Charlotte de Medici.

2321 - Simon fights off Skaven and Goblins from black mountains and enslaves many.

2330 - Simon raises the spirit of Slo-Graa and places it in a new body to serve as a bodyguard.

2356 - The Langouc wars - Mircea, while in Brettonia, becomes involved in a war between the Brettonians, the orcs and the dark elves.

2362- Here begin the thirty-year feud between Mircea and the Necromancer lord Betrek, which only ends with Betrek's death.

2433- While on travels to Nordland, Mircea is embroiled into a battle against the Dark Elves

2441- Mircea wages war against a Skaven infestation underneath Mitternacht.

2454- Mircea begins a ten-year feud with a local clan of sparkling vampires.

2491- Heinrich Kemmler the Lichemaster and the Wight Lord Krell are stopped at the Battle of La Maisontaal abbey and flee into the grey mountains.

2492- Mircea attacks and kills several Lahmians when he stumbles on one of their marketing houses in Altdorf.

2496- Mircea is drawn into war with the Dwarf hold of Karaz Khazar as a result of a plot engineered by the Lahmian sisterhood. He wins an impressive victory, by luring the dwarf army into a trap and crushing it, killing over half the dwarves.

2505- Felix Jaeger encounters a resurrected Mannfred. A great influx of magic awakens tomb kings. Settra rallies them to his banner.

Mannfred returns, Mircea swears loyalty to him as Marshal. Karl battles him but the Magically superior vampire defeats him. Karl retreats to Teufhof; Mannfred is unable to breach the walls and leaves Karl to his own. Karl drops the title of Count and becomes Baron once more.

2505-Present - Karl rules his Barony separate from Sylvania no longer caring for the Province, he strikes out at any that enter his Barony without permission. He leads armies for little more reason than amusement.

2506 - Zacharias the Everliving tries to steal one of the nine books of Nagash from his master Melchior but is driven from Melchior's tower and is forced to hide in the middle mountains.

2507- Mircea begins clearing out Sylvania of orcs again.

2512 - Simon suffers a revenge attack from the Lahmians of Nuln whilst passing through for the actions of himself and Mircea.

2514 - Simon and a small retinue is ambushed by dwarfs Simon wins but loses most of his men. Simon is inspired by dwarfen Organ Gun.

2518 - Zacharias drinks from black Dragon and fully recovered returns to Melchior's tower and defeats his former master. Melchior is presumed dead.

2519 - Simon meets Empire general and thorn in Mircea's side Hans Aldrech at a party.

2520 - The Grand Theogonist Volkmar sends witchhunter Gunther Stahlberg to investigate Castle Drakenhof. Gunther Stahlberg is never heard from again.

2522-Storm of Chaos, Mannfred leads Sylvanian army against Kurgan onslaught and then the Forces of Archaon before withdrawing to Sylvania to deal with surviving Kurgan.

Mircea leads his army against the host of Crom along with Mannfred and defeats the Chaos forces.

Simon leads his army against Beastmen and an incursion from the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara he defeats both. The first in battle and the second through diplomatic trickery his army increases in size.

2522-2527 - Events of TVC. Triumvirate is formed by Karl, Mircea and Simon.

2528 Spring - The Triumvirate rests and gathers its strength. Simon puts forward a proposal for the complete reorganisation of their combined forces. The proposal is accepted though Mircea has misgivings.

2528 early Summer - Simon introduces military logistics expert Wolfram von Moltke of Nordland to his fellow triumvirs. Their combined forces are reorganised along the lines he suggests.

2529 Autumn - Reorganisation is completed. Wolfram von Moltke is made one of the first Grand Marshals of the newly established Carstein Empire a territory consisting of Sylvania and the large parts of the Border Princes.

2529 Winter - The campaigning season begins. Grand Marshal Mircea leads a mass invasion of Stirland and with a mixture of tactical brilliance, logistical improvements and sheer numbers overwhelms the province. Siegfriedhof headquarters of the Order of the Raven is razed to the ground.

Simon invades Averland weakened due to civil war through the Black Fire Pass with roughly 100,000 troops divided into three hosts. The first host led by the insane Reman Grand Marshal Constantine destroys the fortified town of Grenzstadt and marches on the town of Heideck.

2530 Spring - Mircea's forces capture the Moot and and seize Averheim the capital of Averland.

A hastily gathered army led by General Hans Aldrech meets the host of Constantine at Colmfahre after a furious clash Aldrech is forced to retreat across the Upper Reich into Wissenland. Constantine pursues him to Pfeildorf.

Simon and the reinforcements cross the Upper Reich further south capturing Hochsleben and Merfeld on the way.

2530 Autumn - Simon overruns Southern Wissenland. Hans Aldrech abandons Pfeildorf and retreats North to Wissenburg.

2530 Winter - With the South largely secure Mircea turns his eye to Talabacland and invades Wurtbad.

With fresh reinforcements Constantine attacks Wissenburg and drives out Hans Aldrech. Due to Constantine immediately reporting his success to Simon Hans Aldrech successfully escapes to Nuln. Simon is not pleased.

2531 - The great Dwarven counter attack begins. Armies from Karaz a Karak, Karak Izor, Karak Hirn and Barak Varr invade Simon's territory in the Border Princes. Grand Marshals Lucius von Carstein and Kalaine are forced to into a holding action.

Grand Marshal Aurelius von Carstein defeats Orc tribe the Iron Claws and captures the Iron Rock fortress for himself.

Strigany are driven southwards by Carstein forces many end up in Zahanil.

2532 - Karl begins secret negotiations with the Chaos Dwarfs and their Ogre allies.

Mircea sends troops to occupy Wissenland and Averland so that Simon can return to the Border Princes to deal with the invasion. Simon begins an ordered withdrawal. Sir Hans Hector and his Blood Knights attach themselves to Simon's forces.

Hans Aldrech joins the Imperial counter attack on Mircea's forces in the North.

2533 Spring - Hans Aldrech defeats Mircea von Carstein at Obelheim but his forces are decimated in the process. Mircea withdraws to an unassailable position at Wurtbad. Hans Aldrech is assassinated a month later by Lord Satsu.

Simon arrives back in the Border Princes and linking up with Lucius launches a counter attack on the Dwarves after a series of minor battles Simon pushes them back.

Grand Marshal Kalaine defeats the army of Karak Izor.

2533 Early Summer - The battle of the Old Dwarf Road - Simon faces the 45.000 strong army of Karaz a Karak with 73.000 troops. The battle lasts all day with Carstein reinforcements arriving piecemeal throughout. The battle finally ends in Dwarven defeat when Sir Hans Hector and Grand Marshal Constantine lead a 9000 cavalry in a flank attack on the dwarven positions in concert with a full frontal attack by Simon's Necropolis Guard. The Dwarves fall back and Simon cements his own reputation as a military leader whilst earning many entries in the Book of Grudges. The battle is also famed for having the greatest concentration of Carstein champions since the war with Nagash. Grand Marshals Constantine, Wolfram von Moltke and Lucius von Carstein. Marshals Tregard, Gabriel von Carstein, Mikosovaar, Holst, Stalheim, Vogel, Maximillian von Carstein and Grakul. Plus Sir Hans Hector, Slo' Graa, Lady Kiera-Marie Tregard later Carstein and Lord Satsu.

Karl completes negotiations with the Chaos Dwarves. The Chaos Dwarves begin their invasion of Dwarven territory.

Aurelius von Carstein defeats the Army of Barak Varr and places the city itself under siege.

2534 - The Dwarves have retreated back to Karaz a Karak to face their corrupted brethren. Simon turns West to aid Kalaine.

Kalaine overruns Karak Izor and captures it for the Carstein Empire.

Mircea resumes his attacks on Talabacland.

2535 - Mircea burns Obelheim, Wiedebach ,Uckrofurt, Dreetz and Teupitz and marches within a league of Talabheim terrifying its inhabitants with the mere news of his approach before heading East into Ostermark.

Simon defeats the Dwarves of Karak Hirn and has 7000 Dwarf prisoners delivered to the Chaos Dwarves as a sign of good faith on the part of the Carsteins.

2536 - The Carstein - Chaos Dwarf Alliance is officially signed by Lord Regent Karl von Carstein and High Priest of Hashut Astragoth.

Karl orders the recall of all forces beyond the River Stir and declares the Age of Consolidation Planning to spend a decade fortifying what had been taken.

A resistance movement in Averland led by the sons of the former Elector Count is finally dealt with when Karl unleashes the Sylvanian Assassins upon them finally ending the line of Leitdorf in Averland once and for all.

The Borders are finally set at the River Stir to the North and Blood River in the South.

2537- onward - Events of TVC2
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