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TVC - Chapter 19 - The Land of Chill

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True Blood
Stumbling through the snow, there was nothing but cold that hit the face of the lonely figure approaching the gates of Har Ganeth. A pack of five dark riders had spotted the lone figure from miles away and were riding out to meet him. The time of war was once again approaching the lands of the Dark Elves and many sacrifices were being made to Khaine as conflict approached. The Riders would be pleased if a straggler from another city had presented itself as so many had before. The figure skulked and fell into the ground shivering madly. The Dark Riders broke into a gallop as they approached, picking the figure up and the chief hauled him onto his saddle with an un-nerving strength. The man had appeared to jump onto the Dark Riders steed with practised ease as the Captain felt proud of himself for a fleeting moment. His pointy elven face was highlighted by an equally pointy beard and a malicious grin.

"My weighty friend, you have come to the City of Executioners at a bad time. No druchii who comes without an invitation is to live this day. I see no such invitation, only battle damage from another city."

Lifting the veil of the lonely figure, the Elf was disgusted at what he saw. The figure only had one arm and was not shivering, he was laughing. Deeply and darkly with centuries of experience lacing it, the laughter rose. An exclamatory grin shone against the cold sun of the day as the being drew breathe to speak. The Captain looked perturbed slightly as the voice of a daemon spoke from beneath the depth of the cloak.

"Then I am truly pleased I am not an elf this day." The Dark Elf tongue has been spoken perfectly as the lead riders horse fell to the ground, a dagger in its rump.

The rider fell to the ground and at once began to yell at the top of his lungs, hoping the citadel would hear him. He felt like his heart might enter his mouth, because he had yelled so loud.


The cloak was lifted and the unnatural size of the lonely figure was revealed. He had been wearing a full set of armour under his cloak and it was then that the Dark Riders realised their folly. Loading their crossbows, two rider fell from their steeds before they had loaded the first shot. Finally firing, all of their bolts missed as each of the dark riders steeds knee's came from under it as the Vampire hacked and sliced at them. The gore began to flow as a stream would down a mountain, the floor becoming a cold shade of crimson. In mere seconds, all of the riders were under their horses and they were furiously reloading and firing their crossbows. The Vampire seemed impervious to their crossbow bolts. As each of the Druchii lost their throat, the vampire finally stopped and turned to the pointy faced Captain. The vampires eyes were a particularly deep brass colour as the Druchii began muttering to himself and making symbols to Khaine. The gestures had remarkable control, which the Vampire noted, as the Dark Elf became more and more frantic.

"Our god will be most pleased by this fine offering." The vampire gestured to the blood soaked ground "Now I recommend you lead me to the house of Korhedron and tell him Lord Valda wishes to speak with him. I will wait outside this city. I hope no more of your men come to 'greet me'.

With this, the petrified captain ran as fast as he could towards the gate, caring not for the cold, only the one armed vampire that had slaughtered his men. Never before had he seen such a vicious creature in battle. It was even faster than the assassins he had seen within the city and the dread Witch Hags who came out to collect people for their cauldrons once a year. Still though he would run, to the House of Korhedron, for he dared not invite the wrath of the Undead Lord after seeing a brief and brilliant massacre. After that, he would try and find courage within the remnants of his being and go to the Drachau to tell him of what had transpired. He only hoped that the Drachau would be able to find some way of stopping the beast, short of that he would personally go to Naggarond and tell the Witch King. This creature was powerful, but in the captains mind, even this beast would not stand to the wrath of Malekith.

Meanwhile, far away in Naggarond, Morathi the Hag Sorceress curled round a magical seeing implement in the Witch Kings throne room. She looked on, coiling as a snake would round its prey seeing another long game unfolding.


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True Blood
RE: Supplemental Piece - The Land of Chill

Five hours passed and Valda felt that he was becoming a statue, a block of ice in the frozen tundra that was Naggaroth. He had not bothered to make a fire as it would not affect him or his anticipated company. In this place, the only thing that would serve to keep either Valda or his 'esteemed' friend Korhedron. The arrogant Dark Elf would likely arrive soon with a small army in his wake. The Dead of Night favoured the Dark Elf in this instance as Valda was not familiar with the baron deserts of ice that surrounded him.

Eight hours passed from when the captain fled, shaking in his boots, from Valda. The brief thought that perhaps Korhedron was simply not going to come crossed the mind of the Vampire as a blizzard began to rage around him. The storm felt un-natural, like those he would conjure to hide the sun in daylight. Not that he was afraid or de powered by the Sun, it just added dramatic effect. A lone figure approached him through the cold, it was most certainly elven in form. The figure approached was much as he had been eight hours ago, faceless and robed, travelling. The figure stopped a dozen paces away and a male voice laced with the arrogance that only a Dark Elf could have spoke to him. It was audible even over the harsh blizzard.

"When the world falls and the weak perish..."

"The strong will prosper and I will reign Supreme."

Valda completed the sentence with a hint of glee as the Dark Elf unmasked himself. Just as he had asked, Korhedron had come to meet Valda, like a bird flying home. His unblemished face would have been beautiful had Valda not lost the sentiment for such humanity long ago. He had been beguiled by love once before and it was the one scar that he was unable to heal with all the sorcery in the world. Growling inwardly at the thought, Valda missed the Dark Elfs question. The hint of self annoyance was apparent in his voice.

"Say it again."

More annoyance was directed at the vampire as the gruff tone of Korhedron repeated his question. The elf was slightly confused as to why the Vampire had not heard him the first time.

"What brings you to the city of Blood. A captain as pale as death and twice as desperate darkened my doorways today..."

As if to answer the question, the blizzard blew snow from one of the dead Dark Riders bodies. Korhedron turned to observe as he cursed bitterly through his teeth. Valda simply smirked at the look in the eyes of his companion.

"You never answered me Valda..."

Nor did the Vampire Lord have time to. A steel marching that felt like thunder could be heard through the snow. The ringing of metal on the snow was distinct and the blizzard was scrambling the noise. It sounded like they were coming from everywhere. There was a reason for that, as Valda and Korhedron looked around them, they were everywhere. Turning around in quick circles. Their golden armour and ornate weapons should have given them away anyway. It was too sleak to be standard infantry and too swift to be the nearby city's executioners. Valda cursed as he recognised the seal and the weaponry of the elven infantry who had been sent to seek him out. Black Guard. Malekiths personal bodyguard. This meant the Witch King and his dread mother knew Valda was here.

Valda searched for their captain and his eyes fell not onto one of the Black Guard but onto a scantily clad Elven Witch. He began to recite the incantation for Curse of Years but the Witch knew better and spat a single bitter curse, laced with centuries of hate, at him. Valda fell heavily, as the horses had done hours earlier. He felt his energy begin to drain from him like it had following the fight with the Council. His hatred brewing inside him, he began to reach for his sword and was met with a dozen halberd points aimed at his torso. The Witch finally spoke something other than a curse as she produced a scroll that was passed to her by one of the Black Guard.

"Lord Valda of Schwarzberg, you are a trespasser in the realm of the Witch King and as such are now a creature of his will. He bids you come to him for an audience. As his will is written, so shall it be done." The Witch looked at Korhedron with a relishing glance "...And bring him too."

Being raised to his feet by two of the enormous Black Guard, Valda was shoved heavily in the direction of Naggarond. The Black Guard had rode to this place on the vicious and stupid Cold Ones. Reptilian beasts that are as dumb as their are deadly. There were two spare ones outside of the numbers of the Black Guard and Valda knew that they had been here waiting for him for a while.

Glancing into one of the tents, Valda saw the Captain of the Dark Riders he had scared. The Captain was slain, killed by one of the Black Guard in an efficient but brutal manner. It was only then that Valda realised the full extent of what had happened. The meeting with the Dark Riders was no mere coincidence, it had been planned all along and this was destined to happen. The shear magnitude of the situation hit Valda almost as hard as the Witches curse. It was only then that Valda began to ask the important questions in his mind, namely, who was the audience actually going to be with.


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RE: Supplemental Piece - The Land of Chill

Several days later...

A sense of impending filled Valda as those that the Druchii knew as the Endless led him over a hill and into sight of the greatest and most dreadful place he had ever laid eyes on in his entire life and subsequent death. What remained of Valda's heart skipped a few pointless beats as the silhouette on the horizon showed the Vampire what it was to be a dark elf. The arrogance of the silhouette on the horizon was nothing short of un-natural as great towers and gigantic dragons made the sky wrap around them. Even the colour seemed to command the sky in what was surely a magical phenomenon. The Witch Elf saw the awe in the eyes of Valda from the back of her Cold One, the reptilian creature letting out a loose snarl at having to face the Vampire. This was a drastic change from Valdas subdued Cold One, who seemed to have been drugged, or was very tame as it seemed to carry him without emotion. Valda suspected it was being controlled magically. The Witch Elf pointed at the silhouette.

"Do you know what that place is Vampire?"

Raising his head slightly, Valda's strength had deserted him. His voice, however, was still strong.

"It is the bastion known as Naggarond. It is the seat of your leader, the wonderful Malekith."

This angered the Witch Elf as she raised her hand and Valdas chest burned. They had placed a symbol on his armour, a ward in the shape of the word of pain. To look at the rune was to invite the god of murder into ones soul to destroy it. The ward was created by the blood of the Witch Elf and she alone held mastery over it. It was not something he liked but it was a necessary control for the Endless. The wards pain dissipated slightly.

"Do not speak the name of the Witch King with such impetuosity. He had endured for longer than your sires sire lived Vampire."

The sarcasm of Valda was a mystery to the Witch Elf who had been brought up in the rigid confines of one of the temples of Khaine, somewhere Valda knew very well. He knew the sarcasm was going to be lost but continued anyone, comfortable in the knowledge that he had the range on the Witch Elf. The sleek agent of Khaine, however, had nothing but a rune on Valda. Korhedron, the Elf Valda had come to see in the first place was getting more favourable treatment and the Witch Elf appeared to go into his tent every night of the journey. The trap that had been sprung on Valda appeared to be one of his own making by coming here in the first place. Evidently it was true that word carried fast on the ears of the wind, especially where the Druchii were concerned. Still, he would play their game a while longer.

As the silhouette of the tower drew closer, the party did not stop to rest and within an hour of dawn, they were at the great Iron Gates of Naggarond. The gates themselves opened with a simplicity that defied their size and posture. The party entered to towers adorned with great banners and countless slain enemies, all bearing the mark of Malekith. Errant screams could be heard from places that shouldn't have had corners and blood seemed to flow from sealed walls. Valda had heard of this dread fortress of Iron but had never been here before. It was like a nightmare wrapped in a pale dream. It was a waking nightmare that Valda hoped would soon subside. Closing his eyes, Valda could still hear the screams and smell the burning of bodies and blood, but the lack of vision seemed to make it all better until the overbearing pain resurfaced in his chest. Opening his eyes, Valda saw a gate adorned with the seal of the Witch King and could only hesitate that this was where he would leave the party. Gazing upward, a Black Dragon narrowed its eyes at Valda with a look of pure disdain for him. Maybe it was the unspoken hatred between their kind or perhaps it was the true heart of a druchii beating hatred out the beasts chest. Valda cared not to find out as his gaze returned to the imposing doors.

The Cold One he was riding simply stopped and lowered itself to the ground and Valda got off the beast. The ward on his chest faded and Valda was completely free. A booming authoritative voice, clapping like thunder in a space that suddenly felt remarkably small addressed Valda.

"You and your friend will come and hold immediate counsel with his dread majesty. He has not slept for he has seen your coming and wishes to hold court with you as soon as you arrived. Now come, the ruler of the Druchii and true king of Ulthuan awaits you, Vampire."

With that, the seal on the doors come alive and Valda was led down a dark foreboding passageway, past the Black Guard to a final set of doors, grander than the last. A chill wind slinked around him as a howl more frightening than one of the banshees of Schwarzberg filled his ears. The room ahead was dark and oozed malice as Valda stepped in, alone. A lone light lit the centre of the room and Valda stopped in it, not drawing his weapon but looking around until his gaze was finally met. Where Valda had a cold heart, the gaze that returned to him came from a heart consumed by rage and black fire. The look was older than anything he had seen, but the hatred in it seemed so fresh. The calculating presence of a mere glance shook Valda to where his soul had once resided as the gaze was followed by a voice. The voice was worse than the gaze as only one other being Valda had ever met could possibly command such power in their voice. For a scant moment Valda was reminded of Nagash in all his decadence. This voice was no less poignant but the ruthless nature of the voice and majesty of it all came through at once.

"I see you Valda, Lord of Schwarzberg, Master of the Forever Ones. I see you and I am pleased as well as utterly disgusted."

The Witch Kings throne seemed to become brighter with his speech and finally, Valda saw the full form of Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves and undisputed ruler of Naggaroth. It was a terrible and beautiful sight as Valda found himself speechless for the second time in his entire unlife.


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RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

Finally after a century, or a moment, Valda could not tell which, a choking grasped his throat as he tried in vein to know what to say to dread majesty in front of him. The Witch Kings presence stealing the words as they formed in his mind. There was nothing that could be said or should be said to the ruler of the Dark Elves. A second choking sensation finally let Valda blurt out some words, or noises. Again it was hard to tell which.

"I...I am lost for words. I...I have come to seek your assistant Majesty."

The choking did not cease but Valda felt better for finally saying something. The immense pressure on his mind was not a facet of the afterlife he had ever been unfortunate enough to experience. It felt odd to be in awe of someone who he knew would kill him without even noticing the order had been given. What courage he had left almost left the Vampire as the Witch King raised a great gauntlet to his chin and held it there. As quickly as it had been raised, the gauntlet returned to its space on one of the arms of the chair. Each movement felt calculated and each second part of a plan. The monolithic voice spoke to him for a second time, it was almost laughing.

"Who should I help you, abomination? You are a desecration of everything the Cult of Khaine holds dear. You are a mortal enemy of my people as anyone else who strides upon this Earth is. Tell me abomination, why should I help you?"

The last ounce of whatever strength remained began to swell in Valda once more, the words were getting a little easier to listen to, but they still hurt his ears like unseen daggers. He tried to focus on what needed to be said, difficult as it may be. Forcing each syllable, Valda was surprised to find himself nearly shouting.

"Nagash is rising once more, but there are those who seek to stop him."

The Witch King clasped the arms of his throne and Valda knew the Witch Kings eyes had just narrowed on him as a hawks eyes would narrow on a shrew. His felt like a lamb to the slaughter as the Black Guard appeared to be very tense. They seemed to be waiting for an excuse to pounce on him and tear him limb from limb. Malekith extended his hand and a long sharp finger towards Valda and the vampire became half petrified.

"You speak of your kin, yes? I have seen them across the tides and the plains. They are a powerful group, united by purpose. The Necromancer would be at folly to let them live. YOU however, come to me for help in defeating them. Why?"

Closing his eyes, Valda began to run on instinct and words spoken to him long ago. He tried to force the audience from his mind though he knew they were still staring.

"Because I know you need him. You made him what he is today did you not? After all, without the Necromancer, the old world would not be a simple conquest. You must reign Supreme."

IT was then that silence clutched the chamber as the room became several degrees colder and the air became a lot heavier. Opening his eyes, Valda was shocked to see the entire complexion of the room change as the Black Guard had left. The room was a colder shade now, the dark walls of the room looked icy. The voice of the Witch King was hushed now but it still carried itself through the entire room.

"You intrigue me little vampire. Your impetuous nature has not escaped my eye. What right mind would come to the land of chill to seek me when he is not even a Dark Elf. You should have been killed when I knew you were coming." Malekiths voice began to rise in volume once more "You speak of reigning Supreme. The Supreme left nobody but a runt who killed her. Such a waste. Tell me, how do you know of the Supreme?"

Being caught off guard by the question, Valda began to feel stronger again as he stood to full attention.

"I, Hated Overlord of Naggaroth, am the runt that killed her."

The colour of the chamber shifted once more as Malekith burst into hysterical laughter. It hurt Valdas ears to listen to the sheer rage in the voice of the Witch King as it intruded into his ears.

”You killed her? Prove it lest I have you cut down where you stand for heresy.”

Feeling stronger again, Valda reached into his armour and produced a necklace, a large blood jewel about the size of a fist. Its presence was awe inspiring and its abilities had saved Valda on more than one occasion. He felt pride swell in his chest as he placed it away and watched the Witch King almost seethe. The rage was now fresher than when Valda had first entered the room. There was nothing but dark hatred in the eyes of Malekith as the vampire began to wonder if the Supreme had actually been something more than another member of the Temple of Khaine.

”Impossible. You know of the great plan then...” It had not been a question, merely a thought out loud ”Very well Valda, very well. I shall help you, but only because you have courage. A fools courage but courage nonetheless. If you hold that jewel you hold knowledge that you should never have obtained.”

Valda was dumbstruck a second time as the Witch King was now almost becoming anxious as he sat on his throne. Doubtlessly Malekith was considering new moves and new schemes behind the armour that had been fused to his body. A flickering joy entered Valda at knowing he had uneased the ruler of Naggaorth. The atmosphere was melting around him as Valda knew he now had something to hold on to, something that would see him out of this room alive.

”Leave me now Vampire. Your audience has come to an end.”

A great disappointment was the final thing Valda felt in the throne room of the Witch King as the Black Guard re-entered the room. Valda did not bothered to resist them and began to move from the room. As he entered the doorway, a black bolt hit him in the back and he felt on the floor, face first unconscious. The last sound he heard as he passed out was a woman's cackling laughter as a semi naked elven figure blurred out of sight. Valda let his strength all slip at once and let the darkness of the moment take him, sure that he would awaken once more.


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RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

Waking up, Valda felt the cold bite of winder grasping him, as his appendages were numb from being half frozen from a raging blizzard. Raising his head, the cold had made his eyes weary and his vision blurred. Slowly letting his senses return to him, Valda began to get try and get his bearings in the middle of the snowstorm around him. As he finally got to his feet, he recognised where he was now as sounds began to filter their way through the bitter wind. Turning around he saw Naggarond. The citys defiance still unwaivering even in the terrible chill.

Casting his memory to his events within the city, Valda began to remember his brief encounter with the Witch King and the obvious annoyance he had caused to Malekith by showing him the pendant he wore around his neck. Checking to see if it was still there, an immediate shock hit Valda. Looking to his arm, he saw that the arm previously cut off by one of the impetuous Von Casteins had been restored to him. The blood coarsing through it was foreign to him. The sensation of this new blood was not unlike feeding but was a lot more direct. Examining the pigmentation of the skin and the muscular density of the arm it was clearly a Bretonnians arm. Valda supposed that the Witch King had ordered a new arm fused to him. It had probably come from one of the many raids that the Dark Elves carried out on the Bretonnian coastline every summer. Whatever the course, the result was the same - Valda was complete again. Marvelling at the new limb, Valda also noted the intricate repair work done to his armour, new runes of Khaine enscribed upon on it. Examining them slightly closer, Valda began to recognise them as runes made by one of the Witch Kings oldest and most trusted men, Furion. While knowing Furion himself would not have placed the runes on the armour, Valda knew that it was an honour to have such magical power placed in ones hands. The abilities of these runes would need to tested and raising him new arm, Valda invoked a simple bolt of magical energy and let it loose at a nearby boulder. The resulting magical bolt was massively destructive and Valda was pleasantly surprised as the magical left his hand and left nothing of the boulder. It seemed the runes were enhancing his own magical abilities tenfold.

The second surprise of the moment came as a loud roar eminated behind where Valda had been standing. Coming towards him on the back of a Cold One was Korhedron, decked in rich and exquisite armour with a magical sword. Behind him, the Dark Elf had a second Cold One. The reptile looking remarkably restless. The Elfs voice then cut through the blizzard to Valdas ears, they almost seemed like a respite from the cold.

"It is good to see you now Valda, I am pleased to say whatever you said to the Witch King worked and he has given us his fullest support."

This was pleasing to hear though the means it had occured could have been less exhuberant in Valdas view.

"Excellent old friend, excellent. We can make way back for Schwarzberg soon then. We must hurry though as time is short."

A bolt shot ripped through the cold and the storm as Valda saw Korhedron turn and flee from something, the trotting of hooves was now noticable and Valda turned in a single fluid movement and caught the arrow out the air. Crushing it in his hand he tried to see where the bolt had come from. It was then that Vlada came to the conclusion that Shades of death were after him, the dreaded loners of Dark Elf society. He tried to address them all the while watching for more shots from the unknown.

"Why do wish to destroy me, whoever you are?"

A stiff kick caught Valda in the back and he fell onto the snow face first. Turning, he was greeted by black robed and black hooded elves, six of them in total.

"You, Vampire, are an abominaiton on Khaine and you must perish. The Witch King will punish us, but it is better to incur the wrath of a king than the fury of a god."

Valda felt his arms and legs become pinned by the Shades stepping on them as one of their number stepped forward with a large blade, a draich infact, the executioners weapon of choice. It was then Valda knew that the temple of Khaine had forgotten who he was, or these Shades were not in regular communication with the temple. The temple viewed Valda as a special case for them and had their full blessing, something he had fought for, for half a century. It was not something that could be destroyed in a space as mere as a few years. He always made a point of visiting the temple once a year to aid on the Night of Witches to aid in the slaughter. Struggling against his would-be captors nothing seemed to give, the elves strength was hidden well by their smaller frames. Valda closed his eyes knowing that something had to save him from this fate.
RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

One of the shadow warriors suddenly looked up,
"Hold someone is come..." he was cut off as a black fletched bolt slammed through his face, killing him instantly. The other warriors turned to face the unseen foe as a group of twenty Druchi warriors charged into view, blades in hand. Realising they were vastly outnumbered the shadow warriors fled, quickly chased after by half of the attacking force.
The remaining elves surrounded the prostrate form of Valda, before he could react he felt a blade placed against his throat,
"Lay still if you wish to see another sunrise," one of them said in cold arrogant tone,
"Hold!" deep rasping voice voice interjected, "he is the one the mistress wishes to see." The Dark Elf scowled in disappointment as he sheathed his blade and moved away from Valda. Rough arms grabbed the vampire he was dragged to his feet, staring down at him from a top a Cold One was the largest elf Valda had ever seen, though it was not his size that caught the his attention. The entire right side of the elf's face was a mass of scar tissue, his right eye and ear were missing. Realising Valda was staring at his deformities the elf sneered,
"I am Kyanir Darkaxe , bodyguard to Kylselearna Darkmane, matriarch-sorceress of House Haran and you are now her prisoner." The tone was spoke of supreme confidence and as the warrior tuned his back Valda could see why, every warrior around him had either a sword or bow levelled at him, even with his speed he would not be able to avoid bolts from every direction. Resigning himself to his fate Valda followed slowly in the Cold Ones wake, watching for the first opportunity to escape his capturerers.


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RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

Scowling at the plethora of Elven archers and swordsman facing him, Valda resigned himself to the fate of being a prisoner for the moment. The monster of an Elf had obviously been sent with a task in mind and the knowledge of how many men it would likely take to subdue him. Walking towards the Cold Ones, he noticed Korhedron waiting with the riders who had just 'saved' him. The comtempt was rife in his voice as he addressed his supposed friend.

"I see you have plans within plans Master Korhedron."

Valda nodded at the bulking form of Kynair as he spoke. He was not happy with his current predicament but was sure an answer would soon come. Instead though, Valda turned his attentions to Kynair before Korhedron could even answer.

"How do you expect to keep me prisoner Elf? You hardly outsize me and I doubt without your mistress you can match my magically? Were you sent by Malekith?"
RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

Kynair turned back to Valda glaring at him with his one good eye,
"I was sent by my Mistress, to make sure that you make it to her in one piece," he said ignoring Valda's threat, "Now get on the beast, it is a long way to Har Ganeth and the night is not getting younger." Reaching into his saddle bag he pulled out a wine bottle, popping out the cork he drained the entire bottle in one long draught,
"Move out!" he shouted at his warriors. One of the Elves prodded Valda in the shoulder with his spear,
"Get on the Cold One, the Mistress is not one to be kept waiting long." Valda climbed into the saddle of one of the large lizards and the Elves formed up around him.
"What of the others?" Korhedron asked to Kynair who turned to him,
"They will rejoin us shortly, they understand the drill, my orders were very exact, no witnesses," the hulking elf replied as they rode off at a swift pace.


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RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

This Dark Elf was beginning to actually impress Valda with his brutish nature. Perhaps his mistress would be more of the brains behind this particular operation. It mattered not though as he was going to go along with whatever it was that needed to be done. The notion of not having any witnesses to this incident seemed like one that Malekith would be fond of as it would fall under the usual radar of politics in Naggaroth.

"Indeed Kynair, it is a long way to Har Ganeth, may I advise that we travel by night only as you do not wish to have any witnesses..." Valda then turned scornfully to Korhedron and smiled in a wicked manner exposing his entire set of fangs "We wouldn't want any mishaps along the way now would we?

It was all for show though as Korhedron was an asset to Valda and someone he needed at his side for the weeks to come. The Dark Elf game of chess was one he had learned to play inside the Temples of Khaine. Returning his gaze to Kynair, Valda was pleased to notice the Cold One he was riding had some life in it. Biting his tongue, he pressed a finger on the small cut and drew a rune on the beast and whispered a few words. They were intended to insure the beasts obedience. Smiling at Kynair much in the manner he had smiled at Korhedron, Valda spoke in an almost mocking tone.

"So, shall we ride on to Har Ganeth and Lady Darkmane?"

(OOC - Unless you have something to do on the road, I suggest we skip to the point of arrival)
RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

several days later...

Kynair spit in the snow as Har Ganeth came into view,
"Double time," he ordered, "lets us get in and out of this accursed snow". The elves broke into a jog happy to finally be done traveling, the Land of Chill was not a pleasant place to travel.
"When do we meet with your Mistress?" Valda inquired. urging his mount into a quicker pace,
"This very night if we are fortunate, I detest playing nursemaid to some walking corpse," Kynair growled, he had run out of wine during the trip and his head was starting to hurt. As the party made its way towards the city a group of elves emerged from the gates, from their armour Valda recognized them as Executioners.
"What do you want?" Kynair asked their leader gruffly,
"We where sent to see you safely to House Haran," the leader of the group replied bowing mockingly, quickly the Executioners formed up around the party as they moved through the gates.
"You must be important Vampire for my Mistress to take such care, not many warrant the attentions of the Executioners," Kynair sneered in a low undertone to Valda.


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RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

Raising an intrepid eyebrow, Valda shot a predatory glance at Korhedron with a deep knowledge of everything around him. The Vampire Lord was up to something and nobody except him would know what.

"Come now, beast, lead the way to your lady lest I find her myself."

As Valda said the last word, he licked his lips as if anticipating his next meal. It would not be a gesture that the Dark Elves noticed and Valda imediately noticed several of them begin to take a step away. Still though, Valda remained unmoved, glad he had struck a chord with his 'company'.
RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

Kyanir raised his remaining eyebrow,
"That would not be so easy," he said in a cold tone. Quickly the party made their way silently through the deserted streets, the only sounds were the occasional clank of armor or the clicking of the mounts claws on the pave stones. Gradually the buildings grew taller and more menacing as they entered the Noble quarter of the city. Valda noticed Kyanir seemed slightly agitated, his hand was gripping the hilt of his sword so hard his knuckles had turned white,
"Is there something wrong?" Korhedron hissed from his spot by Kyanir. The large elf simply glared at at the impudent question before muttering something under his breath, even with his sharp ears Valda nearly missed it,
"The overconfident hunter is often slain at his door"
Before he comment the party came to a halt in front of a large, heavily fortified gate. Dark green pennants hung from the walls, proclaiming the power and nobility of its matriarch. Valda looked up at the large tower that loomed over him, whilst not as dominating as the Witchking it still sent a chill through him.
"Here is where we part ways," the Executioner's leader said bowing to Kynair, before he and his brethren turned and disappeared down the street.

"Form up," Kynair snapped to his troops, after their arrival in the city they had visibly relaxed, "there could be a last minute ambush." Slowly he dismounted his Cold One and moved over to the gate, he glanced around before hammering his fist against it. Immediately a slot was pulled aside halfway up the gate and an arrogant elven face glanced out. Reaching down the front of his armor Kynair pulled out a amulet bearing the crest of House Haran, before showing it to the guard. The unknown elf nodded in acknowledgement and the slit slammed shut, moments later a smaller gate built into the larger gate slowly opened. Kyanir jerked his head urgently towards the opening,
"Get in there," he growled to Valda and Korhedron, before they could react one of the guards grabbed both mounts reins and lead them through. Valda found himself in a large courtyard, in the center was a huge fountain sculpted in the form of a Hydra ,water fountaining out of each of the statues mouths. Dozens of guards stood around the edge of the courtyard, each armed with a spear and shield,
"Welcome Valda, to House Haran" Kyanir said in a mocking tone from behind the Vampire, the gate slamming shut with a thud blocking off any escape


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RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

Shaking off the chill, Valda realised that this place was indeed, nothing compared to the horrific majesty of those he had seen in the past and the implacable rage he had seen in the eyes of the Witch King. It irked him that there now appeared to be no way of escape yet he knew too, that there was a key for every door that had been placed infront of him. This place would be no different. Noting the mocking tone of the large Elf, Valda spat a comment straight back at the brawn behind some apparently greater brains.

"If the house has waited, where is my welcoming banquet?"

While not weary from his hunger, Valda turned his gaze to the doors of the tower appeared to be open. Spurring his mount slightly, the gallop of the Cold One was satisfying, he would make note of their apparent advantages for later mention to Korhedron who owned a small stable of the beasts in his own residence. It was where Valda's own Cold One, Carnage, rested when Valda had no need of it. Valda began to wonder if the beast was even still alive as he had shown an increasing liking for his Zombie Dragon. Strange as the vampires favourite place was in the heat of battle normally. The Dragon detracted from that. Still, he made the mental note to ask on the wellbeing of Carnage and return the beast with him to Schwarzberg.

Observing the jade banner of the house, Valda was impressed, he had seen their crest before a long time ago on one of the lesser noble houses. How fortuitous it was that he was here now about to enter it in its splendour. Dismounting from the Cold One in a single graceful movement he landed with a surprisingly light smattering of dust and not the usual clunk that was associated with the dismounting of one wearing heavy armour.

Listening with his keen ears, Valda heard light footsteps, those of a female elf approaching them from within the tower. Briefly remembering the proper etiquette of Dark Elfs following his meeting with Malekith, Valda looked at the door, anticipating the arrival of the sorcereress of the house.
RE: TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The Land of Chill

"You would do well vampire, to mind your tongue in the presence of Lady Darkmane," Kyanir warned, fingering his sword hilt. Slowly the doors swung open revealing a strikingly beautiful elf, she struck a alluring figure which was covered in a modest robe of black silk, but still showing a ample amount of cleavage and a slit in her dress revealed her shapely legs. Her waist length black hair was held out of her face by a wickedly pointed headdress, whilst she held a staff casually in one hand that radiated potent dark energy. Her dark brown eyes were alert and as she spoke it was clear she was strong willed.
"Amadeus Valda, we have much to discuss you and I" she said, her voice as cold as ice.


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To the shock of Kynair, Valda performed a perfect druchii courtesy to Lady Darkmane. Hearing the sound of his first name was like a cold stinging in the ears. Amadeus was a name he rarely heard and rarely answered to. It reminded him of a once mortal life in a once mortal place. At least that's how he remembered it. Whatever the truth was, it didn't matter now, all that mattered was trying to determine whether Lady Darkmane was an ally or a foe. Surely someone in Naggaroth would be considered a friend.

Raising his head, Valda addressed Lady Darkmane with a great authority lacing his voice, one not becoming of a prisoner.

"Then lead on, so we may speak as equals and not as prisoner and master." Valda began to gaze around slightly, taking in the grandeur of the palace. He was sure this place was safely away from prying ears "What do you wish to discuss?"
The Sorceress smiled cruelly,
"I received word from my master, The Witch King that I was to lend you my full support in your endeavor. I am curious how a Vampire, and human at that earned such favor from his dread Majesty." Turning the Sorceress began to make her way back into the tower,
"Come let us further discuss this matter in my quarters," her voice held no room for argument.


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"The Witch King and I go back to a time and a person who was the greatest warrior who ever lived. She would have killed your little bodyguard without him even knowing he had died. She was the Supreme, and I am all that remains of her."

Finishing rather abruptly, Valda began the walk into the tower. Postulating on what the Witch King had said to Lady Darkmane, Valda cautiously entered the building to the familiar sight of druchii luxury. Finding himself an adequately imposing chair, he sat, his armour not feeling in the slightest bit as uncomfortable as it looked. Getting abruptly to the point, Valda poignantly asked.

"He has given you his orders then. What are they?"

Knowing full well that Lady Darkmanes task was to help him, Valda knew the explanation of his plan would not be a pleasing one but would be one that profitable for those involved.
Kylselearna sat in another chair across from Valda, carefully selecting her words so as not to give the vampire to much information,
"I am to lend you my warriors, and also my Black Ark the 'Widows Lament,' " she said coolly. Valda raised an eyebrow, "And how many warriors is that?" he asked.
"Three hundred of the household guard will be leaving with us tomorrow, we will also be joined by a contingent of Executioners. Onboard the the 'Lament' there will be an additional two hundred Corsairs." The Elf paused before carrying on,
"So tell me, what is the task I am to aid you with?" she asked.


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Smirking to himself as Darkmane sat down, Valda was pleased and amused by the choice of troops that the Witch King has lent him for the task at hand. The executioners were an interesting choice but as always with Malekith, they were a clever choice. By having the executioners of Khaine at this side, they would fight harder in the prescence of one of their own but not hesitate to destroy Valda because of the heresy he had committed by killing the Supreme. Snapping out of his deep though, Valda addressed the plan at hand.

"The Vampire Council is far too powerful for Malekith to simply ignore. It is in his best interests to see it halted or destroyed by whatever means possible. In this incidence that would mean aiding Nagash..." Scowling inwardly at the thought, Valda knew it was a necessary evil "We need to use our wit and cunning to try and draw out the council into a protracted engagement on a psychological level. I have a plan to acheive this but I need the strength of arms and guile that only the druchii can offer to be able to do this..."

Staring into the distance, it had annoyed Valda that he had to ask Malekith and the druchii for help but the Empire was too weak, the Dwarfs hated him and nobody else in the immediate vicinity of Schwarzberg wanted to help him. He had come here with the intention of getting a few assassins maybe. A black Arc was completely unfounded and a much better response than he had hoped for.

"How does that sound to you Lady Darkmane? Are you willing to help me in my quest to aid Nagash and stop the Vampire Council?"

It wasn't really a question but he was hoping for a response anyway.
Kylselearna went over what the Vampire had said in her head. On the surface it seemed like a simple task, however if it were as easy as it seemed, it would hardly warrant her supervision. Seeing that Valda was growing impatient, the scorceress smiled cruelly,
"Very well Vampire, you will have my aid. Though I will need further information on our foes," she said, as if it would make any difference.


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Valda smiled again and his fangs appeared more wicked in the light of the hall. The insistent note in his voice was becoming more and more apparent with each passing second. Valda did not want to stay in Naggarond any longer than necessary.

"There will be plenty of time for that my dear. We must make haste, for the Council is undoubtedly up to some heinous trick. We shall discuss these matters on the Widows Lament on the return part of the journey to Schwarzberg. We have plenty more to talk of my dear"

Stopping his smile, Valda clasped his hands together, he was pleased in a way only he could be. His schemes were falling into place and soon, the Vampire Council would be no more. Then he would be able to return to the more thankless tasks of destiny.

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Kylselearna sensed that Valda was impatient to leave. " Of coarse,my warriors are eager for slaughter we leave this very night even as we speak the finale preparaions are being made, have you anything you wish to retrieve from Lord Korhedron's hold before we leave?" Kylselearna asked.
The door opened and Kyanir entered "Everything is ready Mistress the Warriors await your command" he said placing a fist against his chest in a warriors salute. Kylselearna grinned " Kyanir take our gust to the dungeon let him select a servant to see to his needs on out trip,Oh and don't forget Lord Korhedron he need's one as well". the huge elf nodded and gestured at Valda to fallow him.


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Thinking on for a second, Valda knew there was something for Korhedron to bring but that he would have it with him anyway.

"Only my Cold One, Carnage. A messenger has been dispatched to bring my steed to me however." Thinking for a moment longer, he realised there was nothing else "A servant and my needs? You do spoil me..."

Following Kynair, Valda let him lead the way to the slave holding grounds. He was sure to pick a succulent morsel to squeeze life from on the long trip.
Kyanir paused at a large steel door,
"Word of advice vampire, keep your head down when we leave. There are rumors that the Hags are on the look-out, for fresh offerings to The Bloody Handed One," the large elf warned before pulling the door open. Valda was taken back by what he saw, before him was a huge pit from which bestial roar's echoed up from it's depths. Moving over to the edge he looked down, however pitch blackness shielded the bottom from sight.
"Nice place for a murder," Kyanir whispered chillingly, a strange look in his eyes, "push some fool over the edge and his body will never be found. The Hydras would see to that, now this way." The Dark elf set off down a adjoining tunnel to the left, Valda cast one more glance down the pit before fallowing after his guide . Kyanir waited for him a distance down the tunnel by a large rusted iron door, when Valda finally caught up Kyanir slammed his fist against the door.
"Let us hurry and be done with this place, I can barely stand the smell. How the Beastmasters live with it I will never know".


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Valda followed the brutish druchii's lead, noting the many Hydras and the remarkable smell in this area. If the Dark Elf tried anything, his own momentum would carry him off the platform and Valda would become ethereal. It was an amusing thought, and one Valda smiled inwardly about as he followed the bodyguard of Lady Darkmane.
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