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TVC - Chapter 44 - Nuln

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Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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"Perhaps not as grand as Nexeternus or Drakenhof, but still it is a home away from home," Lesa said as the Council member's stood in the massive entrance hall of the mansion. The centuries old structure stood in one of the most affluent districts of Nuln, well cared for by a small army of servants in the employ of the Mistress.

Two grand staircases rose up each side of the hall to balconies above, scores of doors leading of in every direction on both floors. The red carpet was deep and sumptuous, and the decoration spoke of fabulous wealth.

"Something I bought many years ago when I decided to keep an eye on the sisterhood here. They of course were keeping an eye on me in return," Lesa said with a wry laugh, "but such is the way of things. Now a couple of ground rules, and they apply to everyone. Anyone who breaks them will have to contend with me.
The servants here have cared for this house for generations. They are utterly loyal and have never failed me. You will not feed from them, abuse them or disrespect them in anyway. If you wish to feed you will have to find your own food from outside. You can bring it back here and my servants will dispose of it as necessary if required. They were well aware of what we all are so you need not worry hiding your nature round them, outside of here is a different manner altogether.

Lesa could tell her words had mixed reactions on the different vampires, but if truth be told she did not care.

"Now according to Todd's transcript, the man was part of a group of thieves known as the......" Lesa paused whilst she checked the scroll, "........really? Well I suppose each to their own.........known as the Pussycats. A small time gang trying to gain reputation by stealing from one of the most impenetrable keeps in the Border Princes: Nexeternus. The man seemed sure that his gang would have returned to Nuln to fence their goods amongst the Black Market here, so that is where we should start. As this ruby is Simon's I would suggest in this case we follow his lead."


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True Blood
-"I must say that I'm surprised to learn that you as well have got an abode in the midst of the Empire, Lesa. Your establishment is certainly larger than my own.", said Helena to Lesa.

Helena looked around the great hall while Ashlotte stood silently behind her. The two then nodded in acknowledgement both to Lesa's rules and to her proposal on how to proceed from here.
Indeed, this is a fine abode Lesa." Jason said as his eyes wandered around the room and back to Lesa. Yet as he spoke Vaskatchi appeared from the door way walking towards the group a swagger in his step and he neared Jason and spoke to him for only a quick moment as a small smile appeared upon his features.

"It appears that my gets have achieved a small victory for us as it were, they know where Simon's artifact is... Al through The Ruby appears, regrettably to be in the possession of none other that the Countess Emmanuelle von Lieberwitz." Jason weighted up the grim out come they faced with this information.

He allowed his words to sink in as he turned to Vaskatchi and decided now was best time to formally introduce Harrindir to the council.
" Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present you with my Son. Harrindir Vaskatchi of Luccini"


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After the meeting Mircea stopped and drained several of Simon’s servants for good measure. He was not sure what had exact happened with the black-clad figure, but if it was vision brought on by blood deprivation he wanted to make sure he was well-fed.

However in the coach he had been unpleasantly surprised.

‘’Hey.’’ the Shade sat down beside him in the bare accommodations of Mircea’s Black Coach

The Carstein glared at him. ‘’What exactly are you? Some sort of cockroach?’’ he asked disdainfully. The black-clad figure giggled. ‘’Oh that’s good, I’m a cute little buggy bug!’’ he exclaimed.

Mircea lashed out with one arm, but his strike passed harmlessly through the Shade’s body. ‘’You should really stop doing that, it’s not going to work.’’ the Shade commented and glanced around.

‘’It’s daytime, you should really be in your coffin, are you restless?’’ he asked.

‘’It’s none of your business, trash.’’ shot back Mircea.

‘’Oh come on Marshal! I thought we were friends!’’ he exclaimed.

‘’Why should I listen to you? A non-Carstein.’’ wondered Mircea.

‘’How do you know that? Technically if I’m one of your hallucinations then I must be a von Carstein since I am apart of you.’’ pointed out the Shade.

‘’Then I am going insane, like Konrad.’’ Mircea commented.

‘’Yes, like Konrad,’’ agreed the Shade. ‘’And speaking of Konrad…….’’

‘’What is it now you pest? Your ridiculous ‘’Golden One’’? ’’ Mircea asked.

‘’You are the Golden One’’ pointed out the Shade.

‘’No I’m not.’’

‘’Yes you are.’’

‘’No I’m not.’’

‘’Yes you are.’’

‘’No I’m not.’’

‘’Yes you are.’’

‘’No I’m not.’’

‘’Yes you are.’’

‘’No I’m not and I don’t care about your ridiculous accusations.’’ Mircea snarled.

‘’Why not? Has not Simon screwed you over? This is your chance, if you can kill him, get the Ring, prevent the Ruby from being taken, then who knows, you could be the leader of the Carsteins.’’

‘’I am perfectly happy with my current position.’’ Mircea replied.

‘’Ohhhh! I smell horsecrap when I hear it!’’ the Shade wagged his finger.

‘’Tell me, out of all the Carsteins Simon never really had you official swear loyalty, actually you have been dancing around that whole issue of who leads haven’t you? I don’t think you have ever publicly admitted that Simon leads you?’’ the Shade pressed.

‘’And what does that have to matter at all?’’ Mircea’s eyes narrowed.

‘’You want to lead! I know it.’’

‘’You do not.’’ the Carstein shot back.

‘’Do too!’’

‘’Do no-‘’ Mircea caught himself. ‘’Oh no, you are not getting me that easily,’’ the vampire lord turned back and opened his coffin. ‘’I’m going to sleep.’’ he triumphantly said before settling in.

The last thing he heard before he drifted off to sleep was the Shade’s mocking laugher.


When the sun fell and Mircea’s coach arrived in Nuln along with the rest of the Council, the Shade was gone. Mircea quickly got up from his Black Coach and followed the rest to Lesa’s house.

Mircea had changed into from his usual armor or traveling wear, into a black and grey silk outfit, something he was told was considered the latest fashion in the Empire, he could really care less. He did like the ruffles though, and the black cape with the crimson felt lining. He carried a slimmer dueling saber, for he was loath to bring Vlad’s sword for something as trivial as this, but he could not go unarmed. He had fed quite recently, and that combined with some makeup covered by his grey-white skin and made him appear quite human.

A minor adjustment with his powers to his eyes and he soon possessed brown eyes. This, complete with a rosewater bath to remove the gravedirt smell from him soon made him quite presentable. His hair was tied back into a ponytail. In all he looked like a normal nobleman in his early thirties or late twenties.

He looked around vaguely disdainfully in Lesa’s hall as the doors closed behind him.
“I’d like to make a withdrawal please.” said Hati in her sweat innocent voice to the banker.
Müller raised an eyebrow, annoyed. He hated that mock-sweat voice she put on at times. He waited patiently as Hati and Völundr both consulted the bankers at the Nuln office.
This was truthfully the first time he had ever been in a bank. He didn’t like the place…something about it put him on edge, but he couldn’t place exactly what it was. It was probably the people, he decided.
Whereas Müller’s shabby appearance wouldn’t usually attract attention, here he stood out like a neon sign against the opulence of the people using the bank.
He hated people staring at him, which was precisely what was happening. The only thing that made him more uncomfortable was dancing.

“Ah, there you are damn you!” someone shouted. Müller didn’t take any notice of it until a well-dressed nobleman, looking very upset was standing before him.
“So, I suppose this place just lets all valets just wander about? I’ll be talking to your superiors! I’m a shareholder you know! My coach is waiting outside!”
Müller’s eyes narrowed and his teeth clenched. “I don’t work here.” Was all he could manage to say.
“Is that so? Never matter, go park my coach anyway before I call the guard to throw you out.”
“What spices do you think would go well with your corpse?” Müller ask the man, the dangerous tone of voice penetrating the nobleman’s thick skull. “I’m thinking pepper, perhaps something from Cathay, and an apple in your mouth just for the effect. Perhaps a stuffing of some kind? What do you think?”
The man positively fled from Müller without another word.

“BY SIGMAR!” yelled the banker Hati was consulting suddenly. Müller, who had been falling asleep in a chair waiting for her and Völundr to finish, jerked awake.
“20,000 crowns!?”
“I’d prefer it if you not shout the amount of money I’m withdrawing.” Said Hati to the banker smoothly.
She soon walked back over to Müller, a note in her hands.
“How on earth do you have 20,000 crowns?” he ask her in shock.
“I started investing almost five hundred years ago Müller, and I’ve been letting it grow ever since. How much do you have?” she ask.
He rummaged around his coat pockets and produced three copper pieces.
“Müller…have you ever invested anything?” She ask him, disbelief in her voice.
He shook his head, bemused.
Völundr walked over to them, also holding a note in his hands. “Alright, they’ve finished loading the cart. Are we ready to leave?”
“Völundr, Müller has never invested anything.” Said Hati to him, still in that tone of disbelief.
“No, I didn’t think he had.”
Hati burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” Müller ask her, annoyed.
“Nothing, nothing. Come on, lets go.”

Their cart loaded down Hati and Völundr’s assets rolled onto the Nuln street.
“Alright, where was this place we’re supposed to be going to?” He ask Müller.
Müller turned and looked at him in horror.
“I thought you new where it was…”
“Shit.” Said Völundr.

Several hours, broken teeth and gold coins later, the Werewolves walked through the doors of the Lesa’s mansion.
“Oh thank god, it’s the right one.” Said Müller as he saw the assembled council members.
“I dont think I could eat another noble family who’s mansion we barged into.”
“You wouldn’t have had to eat them if you had bothered to get the directions here!” Hati snapped.

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Akarin strode from his own coach looking every inch a Noble human even if abit pale, his journey having been uneventful and boring glancing around the smirked
"I think Reinich lived around here somewhere, Karl took over his home after he died." the Assassin said.
With a faint snicker he glanced at Micrea and walked over to him
"The Baron was most displeased...indeed Marshal he had told me to ask you if you wished to swap places...you return to the Abbey and he come here to the Ball. Of course I told him such would be impossible, you wouldn't ever miss out on these festivities." he said happily.

Despite his perfectly happy apperance he was distrustful, he disliked Lahmians at the best of time and now he stood in one of their homes, what was worst the local Coven seemed to know about Lesa's abode.
Frowning he glanced at Micrea again
"Didn't Damek...ah...I mean Tremere live around here?"


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Mircea groaned in mind annoyance at Akarin's news. ''Very well then, as for ''Tremere'' I don't know, I do not keep exact tabs on my brethren's vacation homes'' he commented.

Trevy the Great

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Requarah looked around slowly, lovingly, her neck craning as she took in the familiar sights, smells and sounds of her parent’s home. It was a childhood memory, a fond sight that filled her with confidence, reminded her of the love of her parents and their immortal, sedentary protection. At least it would, were the situation not to dire and strange, her father-in-darkness lying dead on an unnamed field, her mother suddenly appointed the leader of a war which could not be won against a foe that threatened to envelop the world in an impenetrable darkness.
She smiled.


Vekarin stepped forward, speaking out before the assembled council.
“My thanks to you, mistress Lesa, and the thanks of Council I am sure, for the use of your abode. I am not certain whether the amount of aid you give to this combined council is appreciated, but you are the fabric upon the pattern on this war against Nagash is knit. Your beloved fell in battle, and we have not mourned him, for we have not the time.”
Vekarin placed a heavy gauntlet on Lesa’s shoulder.
“It must be good to be home.” He said simply, before stepping away.
“Now, is there a task you require me to perform? I confess that I am unskilled in the arts of tracking these matters. In addition, is there a way I can obtain sustenance here? It has been many days since I have eaten and I hunger.”

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Master Vampire
True Blood
‘’They are here?’’ Serpino asked as one of his ghoul men approached him chittering. With the latest report.

‘’Yes Master Serpino! They come!’’ the ghoul man showed him the sensor readings which was plugged into the side of his lab. They had been calibrated to read the certain type of lunar energy emitted by the Werewolves.

‘’Interesting.’’ Serpino said as he accesses the powers of his circlet, instantly he was seeing through the eyes of one of his observation beasts, this was one a rat that he modified around the docks.

Serpino observed the forms of three people mill around the common dock crowds of Nuln, one, the werewolf from before, another a smaller girl, and then the last a muscular black man.

They looked lost. Serpino grinned. ‘’Track them.’’ he ordered his ghoulish assistants. He peeled off his crimson-stained surgical gloves as he left behind the body of the local beggar he had been experimenting with.

‘’Prepare my reserve body, it’s time I make a visit.’’ he commanded. Accessing the powers of his circlet he activated one of his reserve wight clones on a hidden warehouse on the surface.

Quickly he gave it a deep decontamination bath, followed by carefully application of scented oils and rosewater so not even a trace of his lab remained. He quickly took control of the being and sent it out.

In all he looked like one of the Colleges battle mages on travel. It was made to look perfectly like Serpino. He quickly turned and left his lab, making sure to leave an impossible trail to follow. He quickly merged after a long and winding passageway into a minor warehouse in Nuln.

From there he navigated the winding streets past various districts and crowds of people, ignoring the various looks thrown his way, after a few hours, he came to the Werewolves’s last location, a large impressive mansion.

His finely tuned witchsight detected concentrations of Dhar inside, which meant the presence of the undead. Several coaches where parked outside, smiling, he entered it quickly.

‘’Ah! It’s quite good to see you people here again in Nuln, we met remember? In Slyvania’’ he cheerfully said.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Akarin muttered to Micrea
"I only meant we could kill him if he hadn't of died in the battle against Mannfred." he Assassin muttered.

Glancing up at the new arrival he raised an eyebrow
"Your that odd one, you give Karl...ah...Baron von Carstein his arms back didn't you." he said pleasantly.

He pointed at Serpino's clothes
"You could of went with something a little more subtle don't you think?"


Master Vampire
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‘’I find it best in this unlife to dress as one wishes, for what is this unlife without our basic pleasures’’ Mused Serpino in response to Akarin.

‘’Aren’t you one of those bodyguards around Baron von Carstein, pray tell my good man, where is he?’’

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
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"I'm not a Bodyguard." Akarin said irritably.

Then he shrugged slightly

"The Baron is not here I'm afraid, he is still weak from recovering and was unable to attend. He has returned to the von Carstein homeland of Sylvania."


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‘’My apologies Sir Carstein, that is most unfortunate news about our Lord Baron, tell me, what do you do anyway?’’ Serpino asked.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
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"Me? I am the Count's Advisor.I'm a glorified Banker really although I can act as an Apothecary when the needs arise. I'm Akarin by the way." he said with a faint shrug.

"And you good sir? I can't remember your name at the moment."


Master Vampire
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‘’A pleasure to meet you, my name is Serpino Octavo,’’ he said with a flourish, vaguely examining his gloves briefly before turning back his attention to Akarin. ‘’I am but a scientist seeking the truth of everything, in other words I reach for perfection.’’

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
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"Perfection? Is Perfection not different in the eye of every person, thus wouldn't that make Perfection an impossible task? Akarin said with a faint smile

He glanced at Micrea
"Seems a rather poor goal to me, I mean what happens if you reach it? Is that your life over?" he murmered with amusement.


Master Vampire
True Blood
‘’Impossible? Nothing is impossible for the likes of us, with this immortal life we can push ourselves ever upward to that glorious point’’ Serpino commented. ‘’ If I reach that point, then I shall not hesitate in anything, for I know everyone and am everything.’’

‘’And once we reach that point, then we can truly call ourselves ‘’gods’’, for we have mastered everything., all that remains is to bask in that moment for all eternity.’’ Serpino explained.

''That is science my friend, to understand all the secrets of the universe.''

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Akarin smirked
"You sound like Tremere." the Assassin said, the other vampire still on his mind.

"Knowledge is anything, with Knowledge comes Power and with that Power and the ages we can do anything and everything. We can truely become Gods on this world." he said in a squeeking mocking voice.

"Tremere didn't sound like that." Micrea said overhearing the Assassin.

Akarin glared at the Marshal for a moment before turning back to Serpino
"In anycase it was a pleasure to meet you, I'm sure the council will be happy to see you."


True Blood
Saul stood quietly against the wall with Trinity stood silently next to him.. watching the self-indulgent vampires fawn over yet another ridiculously opulent abode.. fan-bloody-tastic, what ever happened to just living in a crypt?

This was not his world and he felt uncomfortable just being here.. he longed for a dense forest or a rugged mountain; just something away from stone buildings and stupid carpets.. he longed for the freedom that the wild terrain offered. He felt caged, here in the city, and it was beginning to give him a headache.

He felt a sudden pressure on his hand as Trinity squeezed it with her own, shooting him a soft smile at the same time.. trust Trinity to be comfortable here.. her upbringing was more privileged than his own, so she was used to pointlessly flamboyant houses.

"You don't like it here do you?" Her ever-present gift for stating the obvious was coming in handy.. though her tone was concerned. Her smile faltered for a moment, awaiting his response.

"I feel like I'm in a stone cage.. even the sky is cramped here." He tried to smile but he couldn't, the nagging doubts that he had felt at Nexeternus seemed amplified by the claustrophobic nature of Nuln.. that and he felt under-dressed. Everyone else was garbed for a dignified occasion and he was stood in a pair of weathered trousers and a battered cuirass covering his naked torso.. not exactly blending in.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Simon stared out of the window of his personal chambers kindly set aside for him and his court by Lesa. His eyes were locked on to the moon of Morrslieb which was closer to the earth than ever due to its orbit. He had perhaps just a handful of days left to retrieve the Cruentus Ruby the final piece of his plan. Once he got it back to Sylvania nothing would be able to stop him, he was sure of that. There was a little known fact about the von Carsteins and Sylvania. The two were tied together far more closely than was thought possible. A von Carstein in close proximity to part of Sylvania was at his most powerful. The land was saturated with Dhar greatly increasing magical abilities and also providing for a lack of a better term a source of energy for a von Carstein's natural abilities making them more resiliant and less prone to fatigue and with Morrslieb so close overhead this would be amplified greatly. If the council tried to prevent the ritual it was highly unlikely they would stand a chance against the unified von Carsteins fighting at their peak. Simon smiled as he felt an arm curl around him signifying that his newly arrived consort Sariah wanted attention "and why not." he mused to himself as he led her to the bed chamber. "Soon it will be time to leave and tonight will be strictly business."


Master Vampire
True Blood
''I'm sure they will,'' Seprino replied. ''By the way good Sir, might I ask who this Tremere is?''

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Akarin looked disgusted for a moment
"Someone who is most likely dead."

Then recovering himself the vampire smiled
"A Noble of the von Carstein bloodline, a child of the destroyed Count Mannfred. He was a Mage and a Scholar, you just reminded me of him for a moment that is all."


Master Vampire
True Blood
''Ah, I see, well then gentlemen, shall we head in?'' Serpino questioned as he walked past the doors.

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
"It's disgusting." Geralt muttered to himself as he entered the mansion proper. It was unclear whether he was referring to his own attire, or the smiling Mrs. Lovett clinging to an even more sullen Sweeney Todd's arm like a drowning woman.

Mrs Lovette's best lacy black bustier dress, while not the epitome of Imperial high fashion, served to accentuate her already impressive eyes and send eyes gravitating towards her chest. Besides her Todd had likewise put on his best and even partially tamed his characteristic 'grizzled' hair, and Geralt stood extremely uncomfortable in a tunic and breeches that made him look like some sort of palace guard.

Beaming sappily at Todd, she dragged him off with her for a 'drink' in the streets before the party started, leaving a thankful Geralt in peace to eat a normal human meal.

"Strange he hasn't tried to kill her after centuries of that." He mused to himself, sitting alone in the mansion's grand dining hall with a full mouth.


Master Vampire
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Vrakian cast aside the corpse of the drunk in the ally, he picked up the long black traveling cloak and pulled it around him, covering his bare chest until it reached his feet. He buttoned it up.

The ancient Strigoi looked upwards, his blue eyes taking in the twin moons, both where nearly full, he noted. Quickly the Strigoi headed out of the dirty alleyway into the night streets.

He had come to Nuln almost a week ago, as part of his travels, he had originally walked from Kislev to come ot this place in search of something new, something interesting. It had been a hard journey to get here, filed with beastmen and bandits, but he had survived.

He quickly walked of into the night.
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