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TVC - Chapter 45 - Wind on the Sands

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Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
They almost blended in with the bright desert sands that glowed in the hot Nehekharan sun. The bone that that made up their bodies was as white as the ground beneath them, the bronze weapons in hands long stripped of flesh and skin reflecting the radiance like tiny mirrors in their polished brightness. In silence they stood under the sun, to some the quiet of their unearthly approach more terrifying than the bloodcurdling roar of a battle-cry, for many had fled before the might of Khemri’s host over the eons to be ground into the dust by its innumerable boots even as they ran. It was an ancient army, and vast, stretching from horizon to horizon, serried ranks of soldiers risen early from their tombs standing at attention, ready to be commanded by the silent will of their lord and general. Tattered banners fluttered in the hot, dry breeze, held aloft by ancient, withered poles, each detailing the triumphs and victories of warriors long dead achieved long ago.
Through the rows of soldiers their commander rode, resplendent on his golden chariot pulled by a team of horses wearing the livery of Khemri upon their fleshless forms. He looked back upon the numberless host as he drove to its head, taking his place before the massive force among the other chariots of the princes and kings that rode with him into battle.
“Those blasphemers who stand before this army will fall and be laid low by its might and its glory, for when the hosts of Khemri march, the world trembles at its footsteps!” Settra bellowed to the wind, his voice echoing over the horde of skeletal warriors, reverberating off of the massive walls of Khemri and echoing many times, as if a host of lesser voices followed it.
“To Numas, where we will crush this infant insurrection in its cradle!”

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
King Menhutep stood upon his Chariot, he was amongst a token force that he had brough to Khemri when meeting with Settra and in his hand he held the Spear of Mehkat.
He was less impressive looking than the Great King Settra but that mattered not for he knew that he rode with the Blessing of Ptra.

When Settra shouted Menhutep's voice was just one of many that yelled out
"To Numas!"

Despite the obvious lack of his own city's forces he held a number of elite troops that would assist him.
Menhutep felt a shadow of emotion, a faint touch of eagerness.
Once more he would March to battle.


Reshorn and Katie stood next to Rowhaine
"Is this everything you wanted then Master Champion of the Gods? Are you pleased you have managed a feat as amazing as this?" he asked bitterly.
Rowhaine turned to look, somewhat in surprise at the Necrarch, but Reshorn was already walking away leaving even Katie behind.

Katie turned to look at Rowhaine, speaking to him properly for the first time since his regaining of mortality
"What's wrong with him?" she asked looking concerned.


Nekhlior walked amongst the Vampire Council's forces, or at least the forces that the members of the Council seemed to be staying with.
The Necrarch waited, he sensed the oncoming member of his family, he stood silently amongst the undead ranks.
As Reshorn passed Nekhlior's hand flashed out grabbing the younger vampire from his feet and throwing him to the ground
"Hello nephew!" he sneered.

Reshorn reached into his robes and withdrew his dagger which he had recently been given back by the troops of Khemri but before he struck the elder Necrarch spoke
"Ah, ah, ah, do you want me to tell your friends and Settra about your plan with V'azrin? About the stealing of the von Carstein line?" he murmered.

Reshorn froze and slowly put the knife away before standing
"What do you want?" he muttered grumpily
Nekhlior tilted his head
"Why have you not killed those Council members? V'azrin has bound to have gone through with his plan by now."
Reshorn shrugged slightly
"Hes too far away, I can't contact him. I was going to wait and meet him...but I swear I'm not going to do it...I...I can't." he whispered.
Nekhlior cackled
"Has V'azrin not blood bonded you? Your too inept to break that ability." he mocked.

Reshorn shook his head but he couldn't argue.
Nekhlior smiled behind his mask and withdrew a Vial of Dark Blood
"I have preformed the ritual on my blood Reshorn...all you have to do is drink it and you will be bonded to me....and no longer bonded to V'azrin." he whispered
Reshorn looked on in shock, the idea of being bonded to someone like Nekhlior was horrific he couldn't...
"Or I can just tell the blessed one you travel with that your sire may have killed his." the elder vampire murmered.

Reshorn licked his lips and nodded taking the vial, he pulled it from the other vampires hand and gulped it down shivering slightly as the Dark Blood entered his system.
The Necrarch began to gag and then he hit the ground convulsing as he did so.
Nekhlior tapped his foot impatiently waiting for the other vampire to finish his painful fit, wondering if the ancient artist would survive.
Reshorn soon stopped his convulsions and slowly sat up
"Ughhh..." he uttered.

Nekhlior tilted his head, now to see if it worked, he threw an old bronze dagger on the ground
"Stab yourself in the arm" Nekhlior commanded.
Without even thinking Reshorn did so, only realising what he had done afterwards.
Nekhlior cackled
"Wonderful! Now lets get back to the council."

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Rowhaine stood proudly at the head of his small force, the jet black steeds in front him tossing their heads eagerness of battle. The light chariot was a present from Settra, though it was nothing spectacular, it was well built. The two steeds had been part of the small herd that Settra's city had managed to corral since they were raised so many years ago, though for what reason they were kept was a mystery to Rowhaine.

"Lady Asaph, may your blessings hold true, may my blade be as swift as a serpent, and its bite just as deadly," he muttered to himself. Almost immediately he felt a presence surrounding him, enveloping him in its warmth,
Do not worry, an almost amused voice whispered in his head, you are my chosen Rowhaine, and I do not abandon my charges. A part of my flows through your veins, and whilst you have yet to release your full powers, your gifts will protect you. Now go with my blessing and slay those threaten our lands

"As you will, so will it be done," Rowhaine replied, lifting his sword up high. Around him a nimbus of energy played, and as he opened his eyes his vision was transformed. He could sense everything around him, the displacement in the air telling of every body nearby. Nothing escaped his attention, the skittering of a rock nearby, the tinkle of someone's armour, the footsteos of the vampires as they approached. His goddess had gifted him greatly, and he laughed as his khopesh shone in the light.

As Nehklior, Reshorn and Katie approached Rowhaine's chariot they saw the champion laugh, before his head snapped round at their approach. Something was different, and as they drew nearer they realised it was his eyes. Narrow snake-like irises split his eyes in half, their brown colour now replaced by a shining molten gold.

"Ah, I was wondering where you all had gone," his deep voice echoed around them, "I sent Katie to find you after you walked off Reshorn.........I was worried. You seemed upset, though I admit to not knowing why?"

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
It was clear that the vampires, the ancient Necararch's especially, where disgusted and repulsed by Rowhaines transformation.
Katie stood close to Reshorn, holding onto his arm tightly as she refused to look towards Rowhaine. Meanwhile Reshorn stared directly at him although he kept his distance and a expression of vague regret was clear on his face.
Nekhlior's expression however was hidden by his mask although he stood stiffly staring at the vampire, using the blood bond that was now formed between himself and the younger Necrarch he spoke
Answer the slave of the Snake bitch he commanded

Reshorn flinched slightly, Asaph the asp goddess was a vengeful god and he distrusted her even less than the others who had enslaved he people of this land long ago.
Personally he still believed the death of the covenant was best although it was perhaps best not to mention that right now.
Looking at the horrifically pure Rowhaine he spoke unable to keep his horror as at his once friend's further transformation and enslavement to the gods.
"It is of no great concern...I am back now and am ready to assist against the enemy whenever we meet them."

Nekhlior stepped forward once Rowhaine had stopped speaking and bowed somewhat mockingly although his tone was perfectly respectful;
"Yes and I have returned with him Great Champion of most Holy and Glorious Lady Asaph. I shall also fight alongside you and my young brethren in death." he rasped.

Behind the mask he smiled coldly;
Fool Mortal, you should be careful in the upcoming war...I have no idea how you were cleansed of Vampirism when even her most favoured Queen had to die to avoid the Vampiric Venom but your god is limited. She can no more see the motives of the living or dead anymore that a mere man can...your Mistress's power is limited...where as I...I shall never allow myself to be limited in any form. he thought to himself, having to clench his teeth to avoid laughing.
This 'Rowhaine' had given up something as great as the Dark Gift and no matter how much Divinity the Goddess poured into him he would still be less than immortal...still human.

Reshorn glanced at Nekhlior being able to sense his feelings jumping from disgust to amusement with alarming regularity...the vampire certainly wasn't sane.
Turning he put an arm around Katie and steered her off, Nekhlior had given all his replenishment potions to the younger Necrarch claiming he would not need to feed again for a few years...
Whatever the case Katie certainly needed them.

Nekhlior still however remained with Rowhaine staring at the Champion through his expressionless Mask.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
This one is not all he seems. Do not place your trust in this one. At the Goddesses words Rowhaine had to stop himself from laughing, keeping his face neutral under the Necrarch's gaze.

"I'm no fool," he thought back, "I know full well when someone is playing a game with me. This Nehklior has something else going on, if I didn't know better I would say he was a con man. It's Reshorn I am worried about."

There is a chance in your friend. Something has happened since he encountered Nehklior, though I cannot tell what. That is something you will have to find out yourself. Now, use my gifts wisely..........my warrior.

Rowhaine felt the presence of Asaph leave him, the wistful tone of her last words ringing in his mind. Staring at Nehklior he watched him thoughtfully for a moment, wondering how to speak to Reshorn on his own. After a moment he once again had to sop his laughter, it seemed his new status had made him forget certain things. Once of them was the fact that more times than not, it was better to be blunt, rather than play games.

"Your assistance is welcome Nehklior," Rowhaine said, noticing with pleasure that the Necrarch seemed uncomfortable to hear his divine voice, "I am sure you will prove your use in the upcoming battle. Now if you would excuse me, I wish to talk to my comrades. Alone." Without waiting for a response Rowhaine stalked after Reshorn and Katie, in an instant reaching their thanks to his god given speed.

"I am not going to mess around with you," he said getting straight to the point, "I know you are both uncomfortable with my new.........situation, but it has not changed my thoughts, my mind. And I have come to know you both over the time we have spent together. I know something is wrong Reshorn, something about me is hurting you deeply, and I also know everything is not as it seems with Nehklior. I saw your face when he appeared at Settra's side, and I can sense something about him. What are you not telling us?"

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Reshorn's shoulders were slumped he looked as if he may just collapse, he didn't even bother shying from Rowhaine when he approached.
Katie snarled at Rowhaine stepping infront of Reshorn defensively.
"Maybe what hurts him is this disgusting new form of yours! It pains me to even look on you! Physical pain!" she spat angrily.

Reshorn however placed a hand on her shoulder however and pulled her aside shaking his head
"I wish I could tell you but I am bound to secre-" he began only to cut of as a voice spoke directly to his mind

"Tell him...he must trust you!" Nekhlior commanded.

Reshorn glanced over at the elder Necrarch but the vampire seemed to be paying no attention what so ever
Then how did he hear....oh yes...the blood bond he reminded himself.

Reshorn cleared his throat
"Its about my sire...about V'azrin...he has...or will do...I can not tell how much time has passed but he is going to do something...going to...going to betray the council" Reshorn muttered

Before Rowhaine could speak Reshorn continued quickly
"He has been planning to use Lord Cromwell as a sort of control to sieze power over all the vampires, or at least those younger than Cromwell himself, that belong to the King's Line. With them he will slaughter the council and Mistress Cromwell especially...he...both hates and loves her and so will want her dead so he can forget about things such as emotion." Reshorn stopped for a moment and pointed at Nekhlior "He knew of this plan, V'azrin myself and the one the council knows as The Sentence captured him and brought him to Nagashizzar...hes to powerful and used to stand as high as any save Arkhan under Nagash's command. V'azrin feared him and so we had to ensure he could not interfere with any of our plans...so he could not get in the way of V'azrin's plans to eclipse even The Black himself. I had feared he would tell Settra about my prior allegiance and have me slain." the Necrarch said, as he spoke he started to pick up speed as he released the information in a flood.
"I was still under V'azrins command...blood command...one I could not resist to kill all of you...you, Sammael and Katie...I no doubt may have had to do so soon only Nekhlior managed to break the Bond I shared with my sire...he ah...he saved me." he finished.

He had been about to say Nekhlior had forged another bond but simply could not, no doubt Nekhlior did not want anyone to know.

"So...yes I was in league with Nagash the entire time...me and V'azrin both although I am an oddity amongst my kind for I couldn't care less about Necromancy or a world of undeath and I only served out of my sires commands but...you...you can do with me as you wish I don't care anymore...I'm just glad I didn't have to kill you." he muttered glancing at Katie when he did so.

Katie stood in shock glancing from Rowhaine to Reshorn in fear.

Nekhlior still not looking in their direction smiled behind his mask, either he would earn a slave that might even have some influence with this new champion or V'azrin's get would die.
Either way he would feel a great deal of pleasure.

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
The massive host moved out, inexorably traveling across the white sands of the desert to the endless, rhythmic beat of ancient drums and the flap of tattered banners in the stiff wind. Guided by incantations of scrying, Settra guided his force towards that of his Numian enemies. After hours of constant marching to the regular crunch of skeletal feet on the dry sand and the creak of ancient chariots, a horn was sounded. Far off, a black line on the horizon, wavering in the heat, signified the approach of the traitorous army of Numas.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Like a great black flood of death washing away all life in its path the army of Numas approached. If the forces of Settra had been alive they would have quailed at what they were expected to fight. But fortunately the concept of morale wasn't an issue with them.

As the two armies lined up facing each other a figure in black armour rode forward from the Numasi lines. "Lord Settra! It is to customary to parlay before battle is joined come forth and meet with me." The figure announced removing its hood to reveal a perfectly ordinary looking man a contrast to the undead forces forming up behind him.

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Settra held his head high, drawing forth his massive golden blade and turning to his commanders.
"I will meet with him, for that is an ancient tradition and one that we much uphold. Hopefully we can end this pointless conflict before it begins. At the first sign of treachery, however, I will cut this fool down."
He urged his steeds forward, crossing the distance between his forces and his enemy quickly. He stopped several meters away.
"What is this about, traitor!?" He demanded, hefting his blade.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Since Reshorn's confession Rowhaine had kept his distance from him and the other vampires. It had been one of the most difficult things he had ever done not the slay the Necrarch outright, but he had not done so for a few reasons. First and foremost they had to appear united in front of Settra. If the powerful king had seen them fighting and found out the reason why, he would have assumed all vampires could not be trusted. If the Council were to succeed they needed all they help they could get, and that included the Tomb Kings.

Secondly, he knew how strong the blood link between sire and get was, having suffered at the hands of Milosh himself. It was entirely possible that Reshorn had been an unwilling accomplice, that the had not wanted to carry out the plan.

Still he could not trust the Necrarch, and on the eve of battle he could not help but worry about the state of Milosh and Lesa, whether V'azrin's plan had been successful or not.

"I will meet with him, for that is an ancient tradition and one that we much uphold. Hopefully we can end this pointless conflict before it begins. At the first sign of treachery, however, I will cut this fool down."

As the commander of his force, and the blessed of Asaph, Rowhaine had been granted the honour of joining in the King's war council, and he nodded his head as he heard Settra's words. As the decaying liege rode towards the dark robed form of what was no doubt one of the Dreadlord's of Nagash, Rowhaine senses the approach of Reshorn, Nehklior and Katie. Knowing this had to be said he closed his eyes for a second, before approaching the trio out of earshot of the other commanders.

"I wont forgive you," he said levelly, staring at the Necrarch, "and if truth be told, I don't trust you either. The problem is we are stuck working together, and we have get it right. I have called you here because I think it's only fair to give your fair warning. I see anything, and I mean anything that looks like treachery and I will kill you. All of you."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Reshorn shrugged slightly looking as if he couldn't care less and it was Nekhlior who stepped forward
"Kill us all Champion? You either severly overestimate your own power are underestimate ours...champions of the Gods were fancy names for mortals that had some skill in combat...but you are not on the same stature as us." he murmured arrogantly.

The necrarch waved a hand towards Katie and Reshorn
"Then again as a slave of the Asp it is not surprising of how you throw aside those whom once where your friends...even after young Reshorn here was brave enough to admit to you about the plot of my traitor brother. My brothers plot...not Reshorn's."

For a moment it seemed strange that the usually respectful and indeed even diplomatic Necrarch being so outspoken.
Then it became obvious how both Katie and Reshorn seemed to follow his every word.
...He had been securing is power amongst these vampires.

Nekhlior turned to walk away before stopping and glancing back
"And please let me assure you...no matter what disgust you feel when looking at us, your new form is thrice as horrific to us...not matter how betrayed you feel from what Reshorn has told you he and Katie feel it ten-fold after you give up the wonderous Dark Gift and cast aside their friendship" he said, apparently sincerely, although his expression was hidden.

Turning away again he strode away to stand further down the line with Reshorn and Katie following him obediently.

As Nekhlior walked his hidden smile became wider; not only had Reshorn's loyalty been won in the last few days in truth not only forced but this little Katie now believed the elder Necrarch a personal Guardian.
How easy the young are to twist he thought with amusement.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
"Really Lord Settra! Can't two civilised beings parlay without bringing weapons." replied the man sounding disappointed "I thought better of you Settra." The man brought his hands together "I am a trusted servant of the great Nagash true King of Khemri and all Nehekhara." He said "You may refer to me as the Jailer. I am counted among the those who are referred to as the Dreadlords. Today I am acting as the voice of Nagash sent here to speak with you." There is no need for all of this pointless fighting."

As the man called the Jailer spoke the vampires found themselves nodding their heads in agreement. The Jailer certainly seemed a most agreeable creature who spoke a lot of sense.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Reshorn and Katie nodded glancing at Nekhlior whom stood stock still, the elder Necrarch frowned beneath his mask...
"Hes a Dreadlord, he can't be trusted!" he thought
"Where you not once a DreadLord...A Dark Lord of Nagash?" his inner voice whispered softy.

Nekhlior tilted his head sideways...that was true...and he had been trustworthy...
"Remember what Nagash did! What V'azrin did! They killed your apprentice" he reminded himself harsly.
"Ah that was merely your brother's ambition...Nagash did not order it...Nagash may even welcome you back with Nagash dead..." the soft voice spoke once more.

Nekhlior shook his head feeling confused, he faintly heard Reshorn's voice
"Master Nekhlior...what do you think? He seems honest...perhaps the fighting can end."

"He'll destroy us all!" he thought fearfully remembering the invasion of his tower.
"Theres no harm in listening" the voice said soothingly.

"Master Nekhlior?" Reshorn repeated sounding concerned
Nekhlior turned his gaze upon Reshorn once the internal debate stopped...at least for now.
"We may as well listen..." the elder vampire murmered staring at the Jailer.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
I warned you Asaph whispered in Rowhaine's head as Nehklior walked away with Rowhaine, and even with the warning you spoke foolishly. I had thought I chose better.......

"You did," Rowhaine thought back, "now I know for definite the Necrarch is against us. He thinks he is clever, but all he has done is confirm my suspicions about him. He could have still acted pleasant and made sure I was kept off balance, unsure whether he was with us or against us, but he has messed up in his arrogance. I now know for sure where I stand with him, and also with the others." Silence followed before Asaph spoke again,

You surprise me Rowhaine, the husky voice said, sending chills down his back, for all your bluntness you have proven to be more.......skilled than I when dealing with Nehklior's deception."

"It is because I am blunt and honest that it is easier to carve through the lies. When you lie, you become so wrapped up in them that it is hard to see truth, even when it is staring you in the face. When you mind is not wrapped up is so much deception, it is easier to see them for what they are, or what to do to reveal them. I have not lost anything by threatening them. Katie and Reshorn had already bowed to his will, better I know than not."

Then what will you do now?

"Nothing," Rowhaine simply thought, "I do not believe he intends to openly challenge me, he has an agenda of his own, and he is using this war as well as those two to further it. For the time being he will support our cause. However his words do worry, what he said about champions........."

Yes it is true. Most champions of the gods are no more than skilled warriors with their patron's blessing. However you need not worry Rowhaine. As I said, you are Nehekhara's hope, and as such you are no mere champion. You are our chosen one, imbued with a portion of our power. You are as powerful as those creatures of the night, maybe even more so. If you should find the need to kill the vampire, you will not find your strength lacking.

"Good, though perhaps that is something I will keep to myself. Nehklior's arrogance may then prove to be his undoing should he move against me. I just hope the other two do not also try to force my hand....."

Bringing his attention back to the discussion at hand, Rowhaine heard the Jailer's voice. As he listened he found surprising the Dreadlord to be most polite and courteous, and his words seem to make sense. Somewhere inside him a felt a twinge, as if something did not feel right, but for the moment he choose to ignore it, waiting to see what Settra's response would be.

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
"Perhaps we could speak without the use of weapons if we were both truly civilized." Settra told the dreadlord levelly. "Your facade does not foll me, pet of Nagash, and I know that no dreadlord is anything close the to civilized."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
The Elder vampire's inner voices had begun again, Settra's powerful voice having sparked their debating once more although this time he attempted to ignore them...he often heard voices so was used to their speaking.

Reshorn and Katie where also mumbling at each other about how this Dreadlord seemed a pleasant enough individual.

"Master why is Settra being so unreasonable?" Reshorn Questioned.

"Yea! Hes being such a grouch!" Katie whined.

Nekhlior didn't bother even glancing at the two lesser vampires when he responded
"The Great King is merely being cautious." he replied.

Reshorn glanced at Katie a look of bemused disbelief before looking back at the Elder.
"Surely you don't believe 'Great King' is appropriate...I mean hes just one of those pathetic corpse-shadows of a long dead race." he said, pitching his voice so none of Settra's men would hear.

Nekhlior laughed, more of a death rattle than any sound of human amusement
"The same could be said about our line...are we not corpse-shadows of a long dead people? You would do well not to underestimate these 'Tomb Kings', they are arrogant and strong...Settra himself commands a great host and whilst the Liche Priest's magic may be pathetic and still enslaved to foolish ideas of Divine Overlords...but there are enough of them to make their powers troublesome." he said shaking his head slightly, "No young ones...do not underestimate them...pity them even...but do not think them weak."

Rehorn stared in surprise at the other vampire's words, V'azrin had always insulted the Tomb Kings, called them pathetic, weak and no threat to any vampire what so ever. Yet here was another of their kind that was as wise and in terms of Necromancy even greater than his sire...yet he seemed cautious...
Reshorn allowed himself to look at Settra, properly taking in the Powerful King's stature for the first time and glanced over the host he led.
Perhaps I should be more respectful... he thought warily, cursing himself a fool for underestimating these immortals.

Katie meanwhile was still muttering under her breath about old grouchy kings.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
"By your standards perhaps. Lord Settra." replied the Jailer "However my master desires nothing but peace and you have committed an act of aggression against the city of Numas. A city that has chosen to ally with my master. They are under no duress. They came willingly." The Jailer stared around at Settra's forces "Do not start a war that you cannot win. You must understand that you are no longer the lord of these lands you forfeited these lands when you died. Nagash is king now. So join us and help build the greatest empire the world has ever seen."

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
"Then the city of Numas has betrayed Nehekhara. I care not whether their leaders were forced into your bondage or followed willingly like cattle, as they have already proven themselves unworthy by siding with you. I have committed no aggression save the simple mobilization of my hosts and the same can be said of you. As for my rulership of these lands, you have only your master to thank for that. It was he who raised me from me eternal slumber to this wretched existence, never to rest."

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
"You brought this on yourself Settra!" The Jailer replied "You desired nothing less than immortality. Well congratulations you will now live forever and ever never resting, never stopping until the end of time. You should be thanking my master. Your instructions to the mortuary cult were followed to the letter."

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Rowhaine watched as Settra and the Dreadlord spoke, the discussion between them was going on for an inordinately long time.

"Something's wrong," he muttered to himself, though loud enough for the nearby Nehklior to overhear, "he is delaying us, distracting us for some reason......."

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
"Pah, now what, Dreadlord? You seek to destroy that which you created? Am I a thorn in your side, pet of Nagash?" Settra spat, "Why are you really here?"

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Nekhlior had been somewhat enthralled by the voice of the Dark Lord, however at Rowhaine's voice he snapped out of it and without turning he vanished in a swirl of shadow to appear right beside the champion's chariot.
Still staring at the Dreadlord he spoke
"It is our...their way...deception, trickery is the quickest path to victory Arkhan once told me." the Necrarch rasped.

"Reshorn!" the elder vampire snapped causing the younger Necrarch to jump and turn around
"Err yes master?"
"This is trickery of the highest form." he hissed
Reshorn nodded and placed a hand on Katie's arm slowly dragging her over to Nekhlior.
Reshorn nodded
"You are...you are right...yet I still feel as if I should agree with this Dreadlord...his voice..h..he seem's so sincere.
Nekhlior nodded
"He does, yet we are Necrarchs and our will is indominable...we shall not bend...this Dreadlord must be destroyed and the Great King Settra at least seems to be denying any peaceful agreement...this is good." the ancient vampire said slowly glancing at Rowhaine.

Before Rowhaine could speak Katie snapped
"How dare you three! This man obviously comes in peace! We must make peace! We should follow him!" she snarled.

Nekhlior sighed and raised a finger to point at the young vampiress
"She's too young to resist and may become violent...perhaps I should disintegrate her." he rasped
Reshorn shook his head
"Ah...perhaps their are alternatives..."
The ancient Necrarch nodded spat a single word, the magic twisted around the vampiress, a dark cord of pure magic twisted itself around Katie binding her.
She shrieked for a moment before Nekhlior muttered another word of power to take away her voice and then nodding he turned back to Reshorn
Reshorn drywashed his hands nervously, a habit stolen from his sire,
"Err...yes...much better." he murmered.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Rowhaine watched as Nehklior bound Katie, his fingers itching to take his weapon to the Necrarch'sw skull. However for the moment it was perhaps necessary, to stop the young vampiress from doing something whilst under the thrall of the Dreadlord.

"It is not just trickery though," he finally said, looking at the Dreadlord thoughfully, "he is acting as if he has all the time in the world, when he knows full well that whilst some may fall under his sway, the most strong willed will not. He knows we would not agree with him.........no.......he is up to something else."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"I am not a master tactician but he could perhaps be buying time for a second force to assault us? Or waiting for something else that shall give him the advantage." the Necrarch said tilting his head slightly.

"Like the battle of the Unliving Sands master." Reshorn asked

Nekhlior laughed shaking his head
"I doubt hes buried corpses beneath our feet and is making us wait to give a Cabal time to raise them Reshorn!" he said still laughing at the memory.

"That was a glorious day though wasn't it Reshorn?" he asked with a smile

Reshorn nodded
"Indeed it was."

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
"destroy you! Lord Settra? Is that the limit of your thinking?" asked the Jailer. "You are much more useful as you are. I have only been sent to reeducate you to our way of thinking. Much like you were at the time of the great summoning." The Jailer smiled at Settra "As to why I'm here. Well I'm simply acting as a distraction for my colleague Arkhan who by now should be at Khemri carrying out his own mission." Settra looked back towards his city. The Jailer seeing this said "I wouldn't if I were you. You'd only be exposing your rear and your flanks to my forces."
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