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TVC - Chapter 48 - The Altdorf Job

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Peter stood at the prow of the cargo vessel as it cut its way down the Reik. Since the sun was coming up, most of the Council were below deck, trying to regain their strength after the stress of the previous evening.

There had been little trouble finding a boat to carry the remaining Council members. A hefty bag of gold was all that was required to get the rather seedy Captain of the ship to allow them to board. He had even allowed the Vampires to hide in his concealed smuggling hold when the vessel had being search by the guards before it left the dock.

Peter's thoughts were broken by the approach of Lord Todd.
Jason awoke, still dazed from his unconsciousness his wounds healing quickly as he looked to his surroundings and to his captors. he was bolted to the bench seat inside what could only be the captains chamber of a boat. He could feel they had already set sail by the rocking. Bates caught his eye first sitting still inside the captains seat heavily bandaged from Todd volley of glass shards and wearing an eye patch on his left eye which had been damaged to servery from being used again. Jason saw him looking into the mirror in mild horror as he gazed into his milky white eye and scars on the left side of his face.
"Could be worse you know" He said wearily still a little weak from the silver still in his body.
Bates looked back to him a furious mask of anger glaring daggers at the vampire.
"Silence you pathetic worm. its bad enough I lose Vaskatchi but I lose his accomplice as well.
Now I'm stuck with you and a Witch hunter how exactly could it be worse?"
"You could be dead?" Jason said the anger quietly building inside of him as he planned out Bates death in his head.

Bates turned back to the mirror and placed the black eye patch onto his eye, standing up wearily still weak from the wounds. He moved to the liquor cabinet pulling a fine looking wine from a small selection of exquisite brands he poured a glass as looked to Jason.
"Care for a taste" he said mockingly
"If your offering, I would love to share a glass with you"
Bates merely seared and drank the liquid down quickly.
"No No no no. You must savior the flavors master bates. The subtle boutique and the texture, you may be the last ever taste it , or the last thing you ever drink."
Jason smiled as Bates glared into him, Jason glared back and Bates was quickly over whelmed and moved swiftly to the doorway leading out to the deck.

Leaving Jason, on his own.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
"Where is the Mistress?" the servant asked as the Duke, Aubervillier, Victarias and Helena walked, or more aptly smashed open the front door. All of them seemed to be in a foul mood, and as they moved closer the man could smell the stink of sewage on them.

"Your Mistress seems to have disappeared, most probably along with the bastard Carsteins," the Duke snapped, anger flaring in his eyes. His body tensed for a moment as he tried to control his anger, but his legendary temper finally snapped. In short accord the furniture in the entrance hallway was reduced to kindling, following by a new extension into one of the side rooms as a wall was caved in.

Auberviller had pulled Helena back out of the way, knowing full well is was an extremely poor idea to interrupt the Duke whilst he was in one of his dark moods. Though his sire had shown much better control recently whilst working with the Council, it was clear the temper was always there under the surface, and perhaps always would be.

Finally was the Duke started to calm down Auberviller took a step forward,
"What are your orders my Liege? It seems most of the Council are missing, if I recall correctly a number mentioned travelling to Altdorf after the ball on some kind of mission. As the Carsteins have betrayed us, perhaps meeting up with them would be prudent?"

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
The sodden wood of the ship's deck creaked under Todd's footsteps

"I believe you might like to know that the Albatross has spotted Jason. He has been captured and is currently under a witch hunter's custody. Oddly enough, they are sending him to Altdorf as well."


Staff member
True Blood
-"I agree with Aubervillier, we should strive to consolidate with out allies. However, how do we know that they ones who've travelled to Altdorf weren't in on this scheme as well?"
"Altdorf?" markus mused revealing himself to them, he had only heard the last part of what todd had said.

"My lords we must free Jason... I am Markus Kruelghar ... I wish to serve the council" he bowed his head. His eyes were an ice blue and his ancient cursed blade rested at his side.
Vaskatchi stepped out from the corner of the room his face fraught with a grim anger.
"I can vogue for Markus here, he is the third son of Jason Nightwere and is a worthy ally. As for Jason it is imperative that we retrieve him as soon as possible. My masters mind is as sharp as a dwarfs blade and his mind turns to dark thoughts, reverting to more, Animalistic tendencies when without the robes of eternity." Vaskatchi held the robes in his hand, twitching as they felt the blood of Jason flowing through Vaskatchi wanting to return to their true master.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
"That is true Mistress Helena," Aubervillier replied, watching as the Duke walked back up to them, his fists dripping almost black blood.The massive vampire irritably shook it off, before nodding his agreement,
"It is a possibility, but then there are a few who have got to Altdorf who I would not have thought of the Carstein cause. During the ball I saw Peter ignore a summons from Mircea, they seemed to be having a disagreement. I would suggest that him, as well as a few of the others were not part of the Carsteins plan? What do you think Milday?" The last question was directed at Victarias who had yet to say anything since they had arrived back.

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
Todd turned to regard the two newcomers

"That should not be an issue. In case you haven't heard, your sire has been captured, and his captors are sending him to the very same place we are going."

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Victarias looked at the Duke quickly, as if startled by his question.
"Truly, I do not know what to thin," she responded after a moment, "all this intrigue and subterfuge has never been my strongpoint. Who the von Carsteins may have included in their plot is distant to me."
She looked apologetically to the Duke.
"Well, the chances are that the witch hunters will take Jason to the Cathedral aswell. And if he is not there, chances are one of the priests will know ehere he has been taken," Peter replied to Todd.
"good" he said firmly. He didn't know why but a sense of pure anger and hatred fell over him when he thought about the events in nuln

"May I be as bold as to ask what actually happened at the ball? Jason summoned me but mentioned little other than get an invite. I must know why know he is imprisoned." he started to mull over thoughts in his head. One small thought turned to the captain asleep in his chamber and what his salty blood may taste like

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
"Neither has it been mine," the Duke said, anger flaring for a second in his eyes, "it seems that is a skill we sorely lack when it comes to dealing with the Carsteins."

"Milord, what of Vekarin?" Aubervillier suddenly asked, taking a step back just in case, "he detests the Carsteins, and he was not part of the plan to go to Altdorf? He will no doubt be arriving back here shortly?" The look on his sire's face made Aubervillier wish he had never spoken. It was only there for a second, but that was enough to see the pain that he was hiding inside over Victarias and his brother.

"Perhaps there is no need to wait for him-" he started, stopping as the Duke cut him off with a glare.

"No. The other's who went with him will also be returning hopefully as well, and no doubt the lady will want to wait for her husband," the Duke finished, now holding his composure behind a cold look," the question we need to now ask ourselves is thus. Are the Carsteins truly now our enemy? Are they still working for Nagash, and as such do we need to move against them?"


Master Vampire
True Blood
‘’I would say so’’ a new voice interjected. Serpino came walking out into the night calmly. Still dressed in his robes. ‘’I apologize for my late arrival, but IU get rather interested in these sorts of things’’ he commented.

‘’Truly they don’t care about you, I would safely say they are most definitely your enemies, if not for the fact that they have cast you aside’’ Serpino continued. In truth he was rather annoyed at being ignored by the Count.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
The Duke stared at the vampire for a moment, trying to remember who he was.

"Serpino sire," Aubervillier whispered, finally bringing back a memory to the Duke.

"Ah yes. Sorry but as you can imagine my thoughts are wrapped up elsewhere at the moment," the Duke said, "so you were left as well? Did you happen to see what happened to the werewolves? Did they escape with you?"


Master Vampire
True Blood
''Ah, the werewolves, the last I saw of them they were slaughtering their way through the party, at the time I was most concerned for myself, you understand'' Serpino explained.

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
Markus was not alone in his anger. Todd's jaw clenched and unclenched as he thought back on the fiasco in Nuln.

"The Council was there to retrieve something belonging to the Count of Sylvania, Simon von Carstein. This object had fallen into the hands of none other than the Countess von Liebwitz herself. The Carsteins decided to simply snatch it from her and let the rest of the Council handle the fallout. You saw for yourself what exactly happened."

"As to why they captured Jason, it should be pretty obvious why if you understand what actually happened at the ball."

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Three knocks came at the massive, oaken doors of Lesa's abode with powerful, reverberating booms, sending her grovelling servants scattering to answer it. Their meager efforts were in vain as the portal burst open, revealing the massive figure of Vekarin striding through them. His armor, restored to its former, cursed glory, runes resplendent on its surface, masked by the layers of glistening ichor that adorned it and his eyes shone with the confidence bestowed on him by the slaughter. His massive sword and shining shield hung at his back, and in his arm, like some child's ragdoll, hung a young girl, her white garments stained by the gore spattered on his armor. He has a terrible and awesome sight in this bloodied state.
Behind him entered the remainder of the party sent to attack the Lahmians hideouts.
Vekarin cast his gaze about the chamber, at all present.
"I trust the infiltration of the mortal's function proceeded well." He commented, before recognizing the state of the fuming Blood Dragon party, "Or I am mistaken." He rasped, his gaze fixing on Victarias.
He half bowed in his respect, and Victarias nodded in response, raising her right hand quickly in salute, a motion made to someone more respected as a military superior than a lover.
"What took place?" He asked, quietly.

From the massive staircase, another figure entered the chamber, peering down from a high staircase on to the assembled group. He was followed by a quartet of massive lizards.
"I believe that this human aristocracy puts too much effort and stock into the sheer size of their abodes. Do you know how easy it is to get lost in here?" Zosz told them.
Glancing up to the Saurians, Vekarin spoke to them in their broken tongue, his voice echoing about the tall room.
"Ooken, uchben iuubel tun a'alik t'aan in av."*

*Literally - 'Come ancients, fall and language with us.'
His anger was flared more by todds insult. "I mean why was the sceptre even that important for the Von carsteins to risk that open display and risk us all" his anger staining his words.

" what was the significance? My lord didn't tell me there would be bloodshed and he wouldn't of risked us all for that!" his visage morphed in his anger showing something of the beast within "those carstein dogs betrayed us and After Jason is free I will find out why" he spat and turned slowly walking away towards the captains quarters his rage slowly coming under check as he sought a way to vent it.
Peter felt a pang of guilt at Todd's words.

"Jason's capture was partly my fault," he admitted, "I raised some of the dead noblemen from the ball in an attempt to buy us more time to escape, but in doing so must revealed our nature."

As Peter spoke, the boat rounded a bend in the river, and before them the Council saw the faded glory of the city of Altdorf. Soon the ship was pulling into a berth in the river harbour, and the Vampires disembarked. They decided to pay the Cathedral a visit in order to gauge the levels of security before they rided it in the night.

Peter looked over the defences and his heart filled with woe. Heavily armed sentries patrolled the grounds, and Peter's magical senses picked up a strange energy pulsing through the ancient stone work.
Markus stood next to him, draped in a cloak to hide his armour and weapon "What do you see?" he asked peter, he had no eye for magical enchantments. But he could sense something more to the place then met his dead eyes. This would be risky, But Jason was worth it and Markus owed him a lot more than a rescue.
He looked at peter and then back to the building, he observed it and its guards for a few moments and then turned back to the group

"So anyone have a plan?"
"Well, getting in to the cathedral shouldn't prove too much of a problem," said the Blood Dragon, "People come and go at all hours to pray. However, finding out where Jason and Lucia are being held will prove more problematic."

Peter turned to the brooding Strigoi.

"Lord Todd, I suggest that we find a high ranking priest and question him on the location of the vampires. Perhaps you could use your skills in persuasion in aiding us with this."
Vaskatchi walked Up drop below the decks, walking an a small black wood cane he looked to the walls of Altdorf. dressed in simple nobles cloths which held his particular style fittingly. Answering the others confusion with a mildly smug tone.
"Well If I had to guess, it may be something to do with the Vampiric Lord they have just captured. Of course I could always be wrong but to be safe we had best hurry on our way. we must enter and leave this city as ghosts no more and no less."


Jason was taken Into the city via a system of underground passage ways leading from the dock yard. His shackles engraved with holy symbols of power, and almost thirty witch hunters followed him as a high priest lead the way through the catacombs of the city.
They party made its way to a large stone door, which Jason summarized was the entrance to the dungeons of the temple above. The high priest made the symbol of the hammer and the large doors creaked open. Jason stepped through, the place hardly looked like a dungeon, the walls were decorated with elaborate paintings of Sigmar and large fires hung on walls illuminating the room with a warm soft glow which played on the golden brown carpet and ornaments.

Jason could feel the priests pain, his holy flesh revolting against the vampires, a small smile crossed Jason's features, as they moved to a small hall way to the left of a large wooden door thick metal sheets. This Jason assumed was the entrance to the upper temple. Much had changed since his last visit but he could gauge where he was in the building from past experience's. Jason was silent as they brought him to a roomy holding cell which looked similar to a peasants quarters there were two beds on each side of the room and a presence which Jason picked up immediately; vampire.

Master Bates moved with the priests and made his way towards the upper levels with the master witch hunter, Grastand. he picked at his eye it had been itching the entire way to Altdorf and was growing weary of the witch hunters constant presence eh was like a shade always appearing when Bates was comfortably alone and yet some how still had time to guard Jason like a hawk. The two would rest the night and interrogate Jason the next morning.
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