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TVC - Chapter 50 - The Black Pyramid

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Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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The army of Settra had marched without stop over the desert, through the baking day and the freezing night. The ancient King had pushed is host immensely, to the point where some of the weaker or damaged warriors literally fell apart as they marched. Such his anger and the invasion of his beloved Khemri, that none dared to gainsay him, and so it was a few days later that the city state came into sight.

For a moment it seemed that nothing was wrong, but as they came closer it was clear that a war was still being raged. Many of the old buildings were damaged or destroyed, and it was clear even from this distance that hard battles had been fought. Bones crunched under their feet, the remains of a regiment of Khemri’s dead, crushed beyond any resurrection.

”Infidels!” Settra hissed, his corpse like body shaking with rage. Suddenly to one side something shimmered causing many of the warriors to react instantly. Weapons and shields raised they prepared to deal with the thread, until Settra commanded them otherwise. He knew such ritual magic, and his foresight was rewarded when an ancient Lich Priest appeared from the mirage, bearing Settra’s colours.

“My king, “ the priest croaked, bending as low as his cracked body would allow, “I was commanded to hide and wait here for your return, to advise of the horrors that have assaulted Khemri once more.”

As he spoke Rowhaine, Nehklior and the other Kings drew closer to listen to his words.

“Three days past a host of thousands came out of nowhere and lay siege. With most of Khemri’s army absent we fought hard, but we could not stop them gaining a foothold into the city. The have pushed back our defences back towards the palace, but then they stopped. They seem content to hold our army there, surrounded and unable to venture out into the city. We have tried to repulse them, but each time they force us back.

”What of the Black?” Settra demanded, his hand clenching on his weapon as he spoke his hated foes name.

“He was present at the initial attack, fighting like…….like a daemon. Nothing could stop him. Once his victory was assured he disappeared and has not been seen since.” Settra growled at the news, anger at the desecration of his lands fuelling his anger, made all the worse by the absence of the one who could have been made to account for it.

“There is also one more thing,” he said hesitantly, fearing to anger his king further, “the Black Pyramid. Even since the first attack it has started charge once more. Dark magic is being drawn to it quite turbulently, though we cannot fathom why.”

“If I may King Settra,” Rowhaine said, bowing to the king, “it may be that it is being used to prepare some kind of magic, possibly an attack? If you wish to relieve your city, then I gladly volunteer to investigate the Pyramid.”

OOC: Active characters to go to the Pyramid. Any non active characters will got with Settra.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"I will go also, if this incident is related to the Dark Arts then my expertise may be helpful." Nekhlior rasped and waved his hand at the sky above where his Dragon circled "My precious pet will remain with the army to assist in the coming battle."

Reshorn and Katie stood behind the Necrarch and glanced up at his words.
"I shall accompany Master Nekhlior." Reshorn murmered.
"Me too!" Katie put in swiftly.

Menhutep glanced away for a moment before looking back at Settra.
"Great King...my brother Amenakht was bringing the armies of Mehkat...they must be delayed however it is possible that they shall arrive during the upcoming battle to assist your own mighty host." the Tomb King said hesitantly obviously worrying about his own force.

Nekhlior's withered face streched into a grin.
"Hopefully we run into my old friend Arkhan...I owe him a visit." the vampire said with cold hate.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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"Then go Champion of Asaph. Lead these warriors" Settra commanded, "and if you find the Black, make sure does not rise to see another day." With that the proud King commanded his legions forward, ready to retake his beloved city.


As Settra's army marched towards the main city, those remaining to investigate the Black Pyramid. However before they moved Rowhaine turned to look at the others, aware of how different he truly was from them all.

"We cannot afford to fight amongst ourselves should Arkhan actually be there. Will you all follow my lead?"
"Aye, Champion. I will follow your lead," promised Nefekare. He set off towards the towering black pyramid.

The marble construction towered over the old Necropolis of the city. Purple and green clouds rolled above it, and orange lightening strikes arced down towards its summit.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"Such is the will of the Gods." Menhutep told him staring the human in the eye. "My will shall follow yours until we succeed."

Nekhlior sneered at the mumified so called king and turned to look at Rowhaine, his expression hidden behind his mask.
"I am one of the greatest Necromancers in existance and the Eldest of our...my kind but I am no General. Perhaps you have some leadership abilities and so I shall follow you...this time." he rasped.

Reshorn nodded.
"And I follow Master Nekhlior and thus you Rowhaine."

"Me too! Katie pipped in.

Nekhlior smiled coldly behind his mask, it was nice to have loyalty...even if one couldn't trust such notions.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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"Then it appears we are all in agreement," Rowhaine said, though he was not reassured. It was funny, but in reality it would seem logical the ancient kings would have been more disagreeable. Yet it still came back to the Necrarch, and the way he controlled Reshorn and Katie. He was arrogant, that was too be expected, but his tone, it made it clear what he thought of the champion.

However now was not the time to mull over such things, and so the group set off towards the towering peak of the pyramid.


Something is wrong

Well that was an understatement, Rowhaine thought he and the others looked down the walkway. They had reached the main approach to the pyramid after a few hours of marching, though worryingly they had encountered resistance. The faint sounds of warfare from the centre of Khemri showed that Settra had engaged the enemy army there, yet the path to the Black Pyramid was deserted.

What had stopped them though, was the row of skulls that had been arrayed on the path before them. Chest height on spikes they were an ominous warning, and one that Rowhaine could not shake.

"Can you sense anything?" he finally asked Nehklior, "I can't see Nagashi going to all the trouble to do that for no reason."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"Can you sense anything?" the mortal asked.

Nekhlior however was distracted his gaze wandering.

"I was born here...so long ago...the High Priest allowed me to join him...to assist him and together we did things...great great things. We killed his fool brother, we built the great pyramid and I watched...watched as Arkhan and those thugs became gods amongst men." he whispered "So...long..."

"Master!" Reshorn snapped, he had seen this kind of behaviour before with V'azrin, it was a combination of the mad genius of his kind, their age and the weilding of the corruptive magics...sometimes he thanked the gods that he was a "lesser" necrarch.

"Hmm? Oh yes I am terribly sorry." he said straightening up and turning his gaze to stare at Rowhaine. "I think there is...something...it is difficult to tell, the eldest of us...of my kind no longer see physical objects the way other beings do...our gaze is entirely upon a different plane and we see the winds of magic as clearly as any and we see mere...aura's of the physical world. But that pyramid draws in black magic from all over the world, it distorts my sight and makes it difficult to see even as it empowers me. I am unwilling to expend the effort to try sensing such a thing."

He glanced back at Reshorn and gestured him forward.
"Reshorn here still sees the physical plane with ease and so his sight is not so clouded."

Reshorn bowed slightly and stepped up to the skulls and tilted his head examining them.
"This will only take a moment."

"Hurry up!" Menhutep snapped as he surveyed their surroundings with unease.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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As Reshorn stepped forward hesitantly, he ran his hands through the air as if feeling its currents. Nothing seemed to stir from the skulls, nothing surrounding them, yet he could still feel a tension in the air..

Finding nothing he put forth a delicate weave, almost caressing the nearest skull with it. A flash suddenly followed that blasted Reshorn to his feet. Immediately the rest of the skulls fired, bolts of dark magic lancing out in a torrent of magical abuse.

It was only by instinct the Rowhaine brought up his ancient blade, it's enchanted edge spinning round and deflecting the attacks directed at him.
"It's the liches of Nagash," he roared, pushing the others behind a nearby piller that slowly started to crumble under the assault, "they can somehow cast spells through their servants, though how they are managing to use so many at once is frightening. The only way to stop them is to destroy the skulls, but we cannot get clear under that amount of firepower."

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
As his bleached legions neared the great city, Settra could see the aftermath of the great battle that had taken place there. Pieces of the yellowed, worn stone that constituted the wall surrounding the dead metropolis were blown away by arcane forces, their edges blackened and burnt as if they had been impacted by blasts of mighty lightning bolts. Great rents were torn in buildings and stone by the attacks of enormous siege weapons and rusted weapons and remnants of the bodies of skeletal warriors littered the walls and fields of sand before them. Upon the shattered ramparts stood the unmoving forces of Nagash, ancient, tattered banners blowing softly in the hot wind, standing unblinking sentry over the newly conquered city. The forces were few, even compared to the Liche King's depleted forces, they were outnumbered - a testament, perhaps, to the determination of Settra's own forces, or to the overconfidence of his enemies. In any case, the advantage was his.
"Ready the skull catapults!" He boomed, "We will burn these usurpers from the city!"

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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"That would be perhaps the best idea," Rowhaine agreed, looking at the two Necrarchs. Reshorn glanced at the elder as if seeking reassurance, before Nehklior nodded his head.

"We will do what we can," he rasped, standing tall and flexing his hands. Reshorn echoed this gesture, muttering a mantra under his breath. Moments passed before Nehklior opened his eyes,

"You are protected, although you must act fast. As for you," the Necrarch's dark eyes looked at Rowhaine with obvious distaste, "your....blessings are interfering. The protection will not last as long on you."

"I don't need long," Rowhaine said confidently, preparing his sword and glancing at the two Kings to see if they are ready as well. With nods they confirmed they were and bracing themselves, the trio ran out towards the skulls.

The magical barrage nearly made them stop in their tracks. Blast after pulverising blast smashed into them, only the potent shields of the Necrarch's stopping the three from being annihilated. As fast as a snake Rowhaine struck, Asaph's blessings surging through his veins. Sword flickering left and right he destroyed skull after skull. Behind him the two Kings followed suit, slower but powerful in their own way.

As more skulls were destroyed, so the bolts of dark power lessened, but not before Rowhaines shield failed. One launched him off his feet, only the nearby Neferkare stopping a follow up blow that would have no doubt killed the champion. Finally a crackle of lighting destroyed the remaining few as Nehklior stepped round from the pillar.

"A potent defence indeed," he murmured looking at the carpet of shattered bone, "certainly not one the Liches would have had the power to defend against."

"So the question is," Rowhaine replied, "what is ahead that followers of Nagash want to keep us away from?"

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Screams and shrieks filled the air as Settra's attacks began, but these were not the plaintive wailings of those within the city - for those were but mindless, fearless undead. Instead, these were the lamentations of the ammunition that Settra's skull catapults hurled at the enemy. New holes in the wall were blasted open as the wailing heads impacted, the fire contained in their eyeless sockets and disjointed jaws exploding, throwing up plumes of dust and chips of rock. The skeletal sentries on the wall stood motionless, not acknowledging the destruction of their comrades by the hellish bombardment, weapons clutched in their hands, ready.
After he had seen the already damaged fortifications of Khemri suitably destroyed, the Liche King ordered his soldiers forward. Under the shrieking trails left by the flaming skulls, legions of archers marched inexorably forward, simultaneously drawing their ancient bows and taking aim at the bleached walls above them. A showed of missiles rained down on the attackers, and skeletons fell like puppets with their strings cut from them as the arrows passed through them. Volley after volley they fired back at the walls, however, and many dozens of the skeletal guards there likewise fell while Settra's unbreakable will called back to duty those in his ranks that had fallen. The defenders were too few to deal with the legions of Khemri, walls or not.


True Blood
"What indeed." Nehklior rocked back and forth, staring intently at the shattered skulls whilst murmuring to himself; the ancient Necrarch's sunken eyes seemed to be focused on something, though even Reshorn couldn't tell what. The younger of the two Necrarchs shook his head and muttered something about insanity.

Reshorn shrugged and turned to face Rowhaine, though not looking the champion of Asaph in the eye.

"Perhaps we should continue; the Liche's who constructed these defenses will undoubtedly know of our presence now if indeed they knew not before. Haste is probably our best weapon now lest the servants of Nagash have time to prepare even more deadly wards."

He turned back to Nehklior, who was still focusing on something unseen in the real-world, so Reshorn clicked his fingers loudly in front of the elder Vampire's face... it worked, and Nehklior suddenly jolted; aware of his surroundings once more.

"An immensely potent defense... requiring a vast amount of magical energy... yes, very powerful." Nehklior continued his mumblings and Reshorn was rapidly losing patience with his new master's rhetoric... even V'azrin hadn't been this bad... well not quite.

"Master, I was just saying to the Champion that..."

"What ever it was Reshorn it can wait... we must continue onwards lest the lackey's of Nagash construct even more deadly defenses." The ancient Necrarch hefted his staff and dismissed the disgruntled Reshorn with a gesture before marching onwards past the shattered skulls.

Reshorn glanced at the back of Nehklior, then at the Kings and Rowhaine; and sighed... sometimes He really wished he'd stayed at home.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Far in the distance the sounds of warefare grew louder as the unlikely group worked their way closer to the massive shape of the Black Pyramid. Their earlier encounter had put them on the edge, and they looked around at every noise. Rowhaine’s hands clutched his glowing Khopesh, eyes scanning the path ahead for anything untoward. It did not help that the ancient way has damaged and ruined, the proud statues that had once stood tall littering the path. Unlike the other pyramids, the path to Nagash’s monument had not been cleared when the Nehekharan kings had woken.

“It’s too quiet,” Rowhaine finally broke the oppressive silence, “we’ve managed to make it nearly all the way down the main approach and have not encountered any other guards.”

“The Black is no fool,” Menhutep said, “if we have not encountered anything it is only because he does not want us to. It feels like a trap.” The king had voiced the concern that had been creeping over most of the group, and the silence that followed was absolute, but only for a moment.

”A pity you did not think to act on your intuition” a voice filled with cold malice said. Almost as one they span round to see a terrible form step out from the shadows of one of the still standing pillars. Dark pits of hate stared at them all as Arkhan regarded his supposed foes. Slowly, painstakingly he walked towards them, the power exuding from the Liche apparent to them all. ”unfortunately it is a lesson you not live to learn from.” Suddenly he moved blindingly fast, the bone sword in his right hand lashing out. The blow impacting on Rowhaine’s sword with enough force to launch the champion off his feet and down to the ground with a thud. It did not stop there though as it continued on it’s path an tore a chunk out of Menhuteps side.

As the ancient king fell his comrade in arms leapt to attack, Nefekare striking out with all his might. He never reached his target as darkness flashed from Arkhan’s eyes and threw him back. In mere seconds the Dreadlord had felled the Champion of Asaph and two ancient warrior kings of Nehekhara, and he had done so with ease.


True Blood
A second bolt of pure darkness lanced from the Black's eyes towards Nehklior... and it took every ounce of the elder Necrarch's four millenium's worth of magical prowess to negate the dark magic as he blocked the curse with his hand; the skin of which was charred, blackened and blistered by the malicious energies.

The former Dreadlord snarled in hatred as he launched his own attack; arms outstretched as arcs of amethyst-cloured lightning flew in Arkhan's direction.

The ancient Liche disolved into a whirl of sand barely a second before Nekhlior's attack would have struck him down; only for the lightning to pulverise one of the pillars that lined the avenue. Arkhan reappeared but scant feet away and cast a contemptous glance at the disintergrated pillar... then Nagash's favoured lieutenant turned and laughed at the elder Necrarch.

"Is that all you can muster Corpse-Lord? Pathetic mewling and petty conjuring tricks?"

Arkhan laughed again... causing the earth to shake and the skies to rumble... it was a laugh filled with an ancient malice which knew no bounds.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Groggily Rowhaine started to get to his feet, and seeing the champion stand Arkhan's face into what could possibly be a grin, albeit one with no humour.

"Not entirely worthless then favoured of Asaph?" the Dreadlord mocked him, "shall we see how potent that bitch goddess as made you?"

Rowhaine felt a surge of anger at the insult, mirrored in his mind by Asaph. he could feel her closely now, feel her hate for one of the twisted men that had helped break the Covenant. His blade ready once more he started towards his foe, only to stop as he realised something was wrong. He could feel more arcane power emanating from Arkhan and only that warning save his life.

Moving to one side the tip of the six foot long blade scored a bloody wound down his arm. How the massive statue had managed to strike so fast was beyond him, but he had no time to think about it as the Ushabti statue dropped down from his dais. Around the stricken group another two came to life, one a vulture headed monstrosity wielding a double handed blade, another a grinning crocodile with a massive mace. Ignoring the two wounded Kings they advanced on the Necrarchs whilst Rowhaine avoided another strike from his own falcon faced creation.

With a cackle of laughter Arkhan left them to his servants is a blast of dark magic.


True Blood
Nehklior seethed, snarled and cursed as Arkhan made his escape, but the newly animated constructs that were ignoring the wounded Kings and advancing upon himself and Reshorn were a more pressing issue and demanded his full attention... the bastard Liche of Nagash would have to wait.

Infused with unholy life, the Ushabti created in the likeness of the vulture god Ualapt advanced, slowly and with murderous intent, towards Nehklior; its double-handed glaive levelled at his stomach. The elder Necrarch smiled mirthlessly, and slanted his staff at the oncoming construct; spitting a few archaic words as he did so.

For a fraction of a second, the air around Nehklior rippled with magical power before a bolt of violaceous flame erupted from the tip of his staff and engulfed the torso of the approaching construct. Wisps of magical fire writhed around the Ushabti’s chest but, where other creatures would have died an agonising death, the construct was barely slowed.

Nehklior’s expression changed from haughty to perplexed as his curse failed to halt the Ushabti; he raised his other arm, a new curse on his lips, and a lance of pure darkness flashed from Nehklior’s fingertips and struck the construct square in the chest. The Ushabti was blasted off its feet and crashed into a pillar, smashing the stone structure to pieces.
Slowly and deliberately did he clap, sitting atop a crumbling mausoleum at the roadside. Somewhere he had gotten a frayed nomad’s cloak instead of his usual brown overcoat, and it fluttered haplessly in the breeze, only the hood staying in place. Its owner grinned as he sat cross-legged above the lumbering idols, though his displayed teeth were hidden in the hood’s shade.

The two “gods” still on their feet slowly turned their heads to peer towards the sudden sound, giving the newcomer the opening he had been waiting for. With superhuman strength and dexterity he pushed himself out from the building, flying towards the closer of the two. The undead construct only had time to turn its crocodilian head before the ragged nomad’s cloak streaked past it, its owner seizing a hold of the construct’s jaw. With the momentum of his descent, the vampire swung around, still clutching the crocodile’s jaws. As he spun, so did the head, and with a final yank it was dislodged from the shoulders of the Ushabti.

With a playful grin, he stood atop the shoulder of the vanquished beast, still holding its head, as the now truly dead body fell to the ground. The other howled at the sudden loss of its comrade, looking like it wanted to stride over the wounded mortal and strike at the newcomer. The cloaked figure put such plans to rest, distracting the falcon-headed “god” by chucking the head of his fellow at him. It produced a dull “chunk”-sound as the two skulls came together.

It only distracted the creature for a few fleeting moments, but that was all the time he needed to snare the falcon-headed Ushabti. Ulgu swirled around the cloaked newcomer, moving in strange patterns and flows, shaping the shadows into a hundred grasping hands. They rose up from the gloom of the necropolis, snaking around the limbs of the construct, holding it place. Bone creaked as it tried to move, to no avail.

Casually the hood was thrown back and a stunning youth grinned at the assembly.
“I trust you need no further assistance, Oh Chosen One,” said Varia with a halfway mocking bow towards the swordsman standing by the immobilized Ushabti, “or do you wish me to wring this neck for you as well?”

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Rowhaine glared at the newcomers insulting tone, raising his khopesh. A few moments passed before he lowered his weapon,

"I am not here to play games stranger," he spoke, "if you have the strength within you, then by all means destroy the construct. I have nothing to prove to you."

Another one of your kind. Apart from the spawn of W'soran very few remain in Nehekhara. Be wary

Rowhaine barely nodded his head in agreement as Asaph whispered in his mind. To his holy sight the handsome vampire was disfigured by the dark magic that flowed through his body. Whilst he was no where near as repulsive as the Necrarchs, it was still an uncomfortable sight.

"Perhaps you can also explain who you are, and how you seem to have appeared at the perfect time."
Varia sighed then chuckled, amused by the swordsman’s stubbornness. He didn’t like it when he had to throw out the garbage himself, but if the mortal wanted to act tough…
Ulgu swirled around the vampire like water in a myriad of rivers, like mist in a plethora of streams, like countless strings weaved together in an intricate pattern that stretched out and tangled itself around the head of the construct. He wasn’t trying to steal the undead monstrosity, oh no no no… Varia knew full and well that he couldn’t hold a candle to Arkhan the Black when it came to Necromancy. Instead he simply tricked the simple mind of the animated construct into thinking it was following its master’s instructions even though it wasn’t.

The Ushabti sagged and staggered as the bonds holding it was released. It looked around itself for a few moments before staggering towards the rubble heap at the side of the road, intent to eliminate its comrade buried beneath the stone.

With one foot in front of the other, one hand to his chest and the other extended outwards, Varia bowed in the fashion of the old nomads of the desert, first to the swordsman then to the Necrarchs and the others.

“I am Varia. Varia von Nebel,” he said finally, “as stand I under the sun, Wagon of Ptra. Well, not under it, per say… “
He gave an apologetic smile, having botched the traditional greeting.
“And the explanation of my timely appearance: I was following you. There is something of mine that I seek within those pitch black walls and since you were heading in the same direction, I decided to assist you so that we could reach it together.” He lazily gesticulated towards the Black Pyramid domination the scenery as he spoke; only having half a mind on the matter.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
The vampire’s manner set Rowhaine on edge. He exuded arrogance, seemed very confident in himself, and move with swift movements that were a tell-tale of the Lahmian line. It was plainly obvious they could not trust him, yet it was equally obvious he had just helped save them and that against Arkhan they would need all the help they could get. Looking around he saw the two Necrarch’s watching him, as if waiting for him to reply. The Kings has pulled themselves up to a sitting position against one column but it was clear they would not be fighting any time soon.

“I thank you Varia von Nebel,” Rowhaine replied, “your assistance was most welcome. You should know however that we go to destroy whatever evil of Nagash lies ahead us, a task that is dangerous. If you are to join us you would be placing your unlife in peril. I would have thought you would also know that the Black Pyramid has been sealed for centuries now, its secrets locked away inside. Only those favoured by Nagash or the Dark Lord himself may open it, so there is a chance you may not be able to gain the prize you seek.

However if you still choose to join us, I for one would not have any objections.”


True Blood
Nekhlior sneered slightly at the newcomer... another bastard-spawn of the Night Queen... his thoughts tinged heavily with disdain. There was of course no such things as coincidence, and the Lahmian's timely appearance only made the elder Necrarch more wary... and yet the Champion had invited the arrogant whelp to join them, as if this was some merry sport. Nekhlior's jaw tightened and, beside him, Reshorn mirrored his expression...

"Oh what a merry band of travellers we shall be Champion, but I will not object as long as this," He gestured to the Lahmian, "is kept on a short leash... for what little trust you place in him Champion, you I will hold responsible for his actions."
Varia’s laugh rang out like silver bells and he leaned back onto his cane, his head tilted back, his eyes towards the skies. It took him a moment to gather himself, but he wiped his eyes eventually as he eased down to a chuckle.

He asked the other vampires, “What is the matter? Has your manners eroded along with your bodies?”

Before they could retaliate he held up his gloved hand, a disarmed gesture.
“Peace, I but jest. I neither expect nor require your trust, only your brawn and cooperation.”

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
“Then it seems we have an agreement,” Rowhaine answered to both Nehklior and Varia, “now I suggest we move with haste……” Even as he said the words he realised the two kings would not be able to move quickly, never mind face the dangers ahead. Arkhan’s wounds have hurt them greviously, and whilst they would survive it would take some time for their bodies to regenerate.

“Leave us,” Neferkare said, his voice still strong, “against the Black we would only be a hindrance, and against one as foul as he any hindrance would spell all our deaths.” Menhutep nodded in agreement,

“We will wait here for your return, and also ensure that no enemies come from behind. Go forth champion and rid these lands finally of the taint of Arkhan.”

Leaving the two behind went against sensibilities, the thought of leaving a comrade behind not one he agreed with. However he could not doubt that their points were right, and if they were to stand a chance they could not afford to look after those who could not look after themselves.

“We will be back soon,” he promised finally, “make sure you are still here also.” Unspoken were the words telling the Kings to make sure they did not die and both of them nodded in return. There was little else Rowhaine could say and so with khopesh in hand he strode forward to the forbidding pyramid that loomed before them.


That last few hours had passed without incident, though many times Rowhaine and the vampires glimpsed what they thought to be Arkhan just ahead, only to find nothing there. Had it only been himself Rowhaine would have thought the heat and stress were finally getting to him, but with the others seeing the same he could only draw one conclusion.

“We are walking into a trap,” he finally said, speaking his thoughts allowed, “I don’t think we are imagining it. The Black is taunting us, leading us on. He would not do so unless he had a plan in place to deal with us.” He let the dark thought settle into the vampire’s minds as they continued walking forward.

“The question is what we to do about it? I cannot see how we can turn back now, to fail is out of the question. But do we simply walk into the trap that is no doubt about to be sprung?”


True Blood
Nehklior spoke in his rasping voice, though mostly to himself, "It is inevitable that at some point the Black is going to end this game of cat-and-mouse and turn upon us. So we must be vigilant against any ambushes... after-all, the trap which has lost it's surprise has lost some of it's potency."

Reshorn nodded beside him and tried his best to look sagely at his master's wisdom, and earned himself a rap across the knees from Nehklior's staff.
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