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TVC - Chapter 54 - Full Circle

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Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
It was a bedraggled and somewhat reduced group of Baalak Gul that arrived at the Fords of Ikaana. The leader limped forwards in a vicious mood. His mission to capture the Ghoul Queen had failed and out of the three hundred troops he had led only forty three remained many slain by the arrows of the wood elves.

He and his men stood to one side as a battalion of undead marched past leaving Nexeternus and heading south. At the same time a small convoy of black coaches crossed the fords heading towards the Fortress. The Baalak Gul looked up as a shadow suddenly passed overhead and then vanished into the distance.

With a great roar Ancalagon landed in front of Nexeternus and lowered itself down so that its occupant could dismount. Simon looked around his home with pride. It was good to be back.

The Black Coaches drew up in front of him and the rest of his faction alighted. Simon surveyed them "Aurelius begin assembling the troops for immediate inspection." he ordered "Every last one in Ikaana I want to see what our chances are."

Aurelius nodded and gave a signal With a great blast horns blew. For a moment there was no change and then the first of Simon's regiments began to appear.
Jason walked along his gets and grand gets their eyes looking to him with grim resolve Vaskatchi, Markus and Richard trailed him as he moved through the lumbering mass of zombie giants the row upon row of sharp blades from the skeletal divisions and the blades of Jason and the Bragath constructs, their bone talons digging into the ground and they grew restless of waiting for battle. Jason entered the get's tents and the Ritus bowed to their masters, as they sat back down to plan the movements of their forces. Simon had already left for the fortress of Nexeternus and Jason was hoping that the forces would be prepared to move and be ready for battle as soon as possible.
"What have we left to do taim?"
Jason said somewhat bitterly, as Vaskatchi Markus and Richard sat at the table, maps and diagrams lay about and they all quickly surveyed them as Taim spoke and began to explain.
"Markus and his blades are in order, armed and enchanted as you instructed, there constructs are still in need of final repairs and minor enchantment and should be completed by the underlings of Vaskatchi soon."
Taim smiled slightly at the thought as he continued.
"The skeletal divisions have been accounted for and are being further inspected by the necromancers and underlings of the houses of Richard and Markus. Repairs should be finished within the hour and equipment should be distributed through the ranks, but I leave that for you to decide Master Nightwere. Also the ritual's ingredients are prepaired and ready when you are to begin. The collection orbs are still powered and have drained the lost souls of the lands leading here and are in need of further powering for the journey ahead. In short we are as ready as we can be. Within the hour we have plans to move out and begin for Nexeternus to meet with the other council members. If anyone wished to join us on our departure they have been sent messages inviting them to do so"
Jason looked over the table and examined the notes on the orbs, then after seeing everything was in order looked up to speak.
"Fine work Taim, Now begin unloading the artifacts and Vaskatchi will begin distributing them to his underlings as well as Richards. Meanwhile I want you Richard, to take a few of your men and make your way to Nexeternus and begin over viewing the terrain. I shall expect a detailed report when the army arrives. Markus You will lead the army to battle under the command of Lesa, Follow her instructions and speak your mind to her should you feel in necessary. I on he other hand shall attend to the collecting orbs and the rituals ingredients and meet you within the keep of Nexeternus, I have to confer with Lesa soon and inform her of the forces movements and preparation of the soul ritual."
With that the war room emptied and Jason stood looking over his forces and thinking over the battle to come.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
"The army is ready." The words were simply stated as Abhorash spoke to Lesa, and the Lahmian could see it annoyed the warrior to be reporting to her in such a fashion. However he seemed to have also realised that a struggle for power of the Council at this point would be more detrimental than good, and with the command of the army there was little he could not do at any rate.

"Excellent," she replied smoothly, "and impressive. To have such a large force mobilised already was not thought possible." If Abhorash appreciated such a comment he gave no sign, simply staring at her impassively. Sighing inside Lesa realised whatever she said, this was one vampire who would not be mollified or would soften towards her. No doubt he could sense her sire, and whatever love he ever felt for Neferata had long ago turned to hate.

"In that case we should move out. The Carsteins has already left in advance as agreed, Simon needed time to start preparing Nexeternus. I will not be travelling with you, as I must divert and bring my own forces to join us."

"Your own forces?" Abhorash questioned, "it was my understanding that apart from the Carsteins army, the Council's forces would be combined under my command."

"As they shall be," Lesa replied, "however first I need to summon them. They were buried in a safe place, for if I should ever have the need. By the time you arrive at Nexeternus, I should be there as well. As agreed they will fall under the Council's control."

"In that case we shall meet at Nexeterus," Abhorash concluded, swiftly turning to stride away. However before he could take more than a step Lesa's voice stalled him,

"As for your second, I have need to speak with Vekarin before the upcoming battle, if you can release him from his duties for a few moments?"

"He is currently with the Cavalry preparing to leave, however as soon as we reach Nexeternus I will send him to you." Without waiting for a further response Abhorash left. Lesa watched him walk away, shaking her head. The vampire really did not like her, but then she supposed she did not need his approval for him to be useful. In truth his arrival had reignited hope in more than one of the Council members, having such a legendary master amongst them was raising their spirits in the same way Vlad's arrival had done so for the Carsteins.

The opening of the door behind her announced the arrival of Jason. He had no doubt been pointed this way from one of the many servants, and Lesa was glad to see her message to him had been passed on.

"Ah Jason, I hope everything is well?" she said, "it has certainly been trying times, though the presence of Abhorash has revived the opinions of some, even if he does hate our line." She smiled wanly as she sunk into one of the sumptuous chairs, the Carsteins certainly knew how to live well.

"As my message said, I have something of utmost importance to speak to you about. However before we get into that are all your preparations ready? Abhorash advised they are ready to move, I have no doubt his temper is short when it comes to accommodating delays."


"Advise First Company to move out," Abhorash ordered the messenger, "and all other companies to prepare to move in order within thirty minutes." The younger vampire nodded, slightly in awe as he backed away to pass the message onto the Blood Dragons advance force. Though the Carsteins had left before them Abhorash was taking no chances, and the first company consisted of amongst the fastest of their order to scout the land ahead of the Council's forces.

Striding through the waiting warriors Abhorash was greeted in much the same fashion of reverence, though it was not something particularly wanted. All that mattered was that when the time, the did as commanded and they fought to the end, and if there was one thing he knew of his sons, that they would do.

Finally he found the person he was looking for.

"Vekarin." As he spoke the massive armoured vampire looked down from his steed at his master, "I see you are still wearing your toy armour?" Abhorash shook his head, "we have much to talk about on this trip. But before that I have need for your words.

The leader of this Council, the Lahmian Cromwell. I need to know of her. None of her line in my experience can be trusted, so how is it she has somehow managed to convince everyone she is the correct person to lead the Council?"
Markus bowed to Jason as he left the tent now was not the time for idle chat, they were preparing for war. Wraith swung at his side the blades quietness was disturbing but he put it to the back of his mind, he walked pass the formations of the house of nightwere and stopped infront of the swords, marishka dismounted and moved to her lords side "be ready to ride on my command." he said briefly and started walking away "any other orders?" marishka asked following him trying to garner his favour he presumed "... Fall back into rank and prepare for battle" he stormed off this time leaving her standing there, a smirked crossed her lips. She knew her lord and she knew he was not angry nor annoyed with her, but that he could taste the battle to come and was already there.
This was true Markus was planning everything
over in his head, the lay of the land the numbers at his disposal and it gave him an all to familar swelling in his chest. He was not meant for politics he was a creature forged for war, he was norscan, he was born to kill.

Only one problem presented itself and that was the fact he had to confer with the lahmian Lesa,
he personally had nothing against her but something in her eyes reminded him of the dread queen he longed to kill. He dismissed these thoughts from his mind as he neared her chamber.

he was a loyal son first, a soldier second and a wraith of war third. He neared the door when one of her attendants stopped him, "sorry mi lord, but lady cromwell is busy, would you mind waiting in this room, I will tell the mistress of your presence when she is available" hebnodded and took a seat in another room waiting to be "summoned" he didn't care really he was planning a war here, even if he didn't have the whole control of the battle he could still plan the movements of the nightwere legion.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Regent Karl strode across the courtyard swiftly towards his coach, already exceptionally late for his departure, with Marc and Ademus in toe.
"I should be coming sire, you'll need more mages!" the Mage whined.

"And I Master, a man of your position should have a guard." the Blood Dragon growled.

Karl opened his mouth but his get continued swiftly.
"But obviously having a skilled mage would be more far useful." Ademus inserted.

"Yes a bookworm is more useful if you're going to a research facility...less useful when going to war with possibly the greatest threat it has ever known." Marc continued gently.

"The Greatest Magical threat we should remember, a creature against whom only magic can give us victory."

"True but when one has a number of high generation vampires whom are of a rather ancient age who are far more accomplished at magic than some young von Carstein acolyte..."

"Acolyte!?! Young!? I'm a many century old third generation scholar of the highest caliber! You idiotic thug..."

"Enough!" Karl barked angrily turning to face the two other vampires.

"Ademus you are simply the greatest magical asset to the von Carstein family with the death of Tremere, as Regent I am leaving you in Drakenhof to ensure things do not go sour."

"And you..." the Baron growled as he transfered his glare to Marc "...should know better! You'll be staying with the remnants of my castle guard to assist with any defenses that may be nessecary."

Karl turned and entered his Coach, before shutting the door he smiled coldly.
"Now get to your duties...if one thing is off when I return I'll be...annoyed.".

Ademus jumped slightly as Karl slammed the door in his face.
"Err...want to go get a drink then?" Ademus asked Marc.

The Blood Dragon nodded and strode off with the von Carstein wizard.
Within moments they where bickering once again.


After a few moments of silence Akarin spoke from Karl's other side.
"Nice coach."
Karl closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself.
"Assassin....announce yourself next time."

"Yes mi'lord, a thousand apologies." Akarin smirked.

"Don't you have your own coach?" Karl asked with a sigh.

"Well Silibar is in mine." Akarin muttered with annoyance.

Karl nodded after a moment.
"Fair enough."


Master Vampire
True Blood
The undead marched in their hundreds of thousands, their footsteps shaking the earth below them. This was near the entire assembled force of Slyvania, now marching to Nexeternus for rendezvous with Simon’s forces. Skeletons, zombies, wights, ghosts and more marched.

The numbers were mind-boggling to Mircea. Not even in the first war had such a force been assembled. The Marshal himself had to have an entire system of other vampires, necromancers and wight lords to have and kind of control over this vast juggernaut. There was a contingent of living troops, true, but they were vastly outnumbered by the ranks of the dead. Normally an army of this size would have severe problems with food and supplies, however the dead needed neither.

It was still nighttime, but even as Mircea looked behind him he could not see an end to the vast host. As far as the eye could see there was nothing but a sea of dead flesh and bone alongside rusted armor and weaponry. Above there was a permanent series of clouds as uncounted numbers of bats fluttered ahead. Before them a raging tide of wolves stalked through the land, scouting ahead.

‘’It’s truly vast isn’t it?’’ said Vlad. The count was clad in his finest suit of armor and mounted on a flaming nightmare. The undead warhorse snorted and stamped.

‘’Yes, it truly is an honor to command this army.’’ Mircea admitted with no small amount of pride. ‘’and it will get even bigger with the addition of Simon’s forces and the Council.’’ The Marshal said.

‘’We will need every last warrior if it’s Nagash’s forces. How many centuries had he been gathered undead under his banner?’’ Vlad mused. ‘’No matter, we will find out soon enough. Tell me where is Karl?’’ the count asked.

‘’I have no idea where the Regent was, I have not seen him to days, I’ve hardly had time to find him.’’ Mircea said.

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Vekarin looked down to his father from his place on his massive great nightmare, which stood with its glowing mane and tail flaring and lighting up the night. On his back he wore the sinister form of the Dark Blade sheathed in its pitch black scabbard and at his side glittered the kopesh that he had lifted from Nagashizzar. He was prepared for the coming battle, bedecked in weaponry of the finest calibre - knives that glowed with arcane runes, axes forged from black iron and hammers adorned with vicious spikes, each imbued with their own fell powers and suited for a unique situation. These were not all of the massive warrior's armament, and his right hand held high on the mighty Banespike; the massive lance rested on the ground and protruded high above the Vekarin's head, while his other hand clutched the mirrored shield which hung at his side, and in which the revered Abhorash saw his reflection starting back at him.
"Father." Vekarin rumbled by way of greeting, making no other motion to acknowledge his master's approach.
"Lesa Cromwell is indeed a unique individual. She has suffered more in this war than any of the disparate and myriad council members, and as such she is more dedicated to our cause than any. She may be a vile Lahmian, but her actions on the battlefield have proven to me many times of her loyalty, and it is that slender thread that keeps this Council together."

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
"Interesting," Abhorash mused, "though it is hard to believe out of all the vampires present, is a Lahmian that has proven to so loyal as to bind the Council together. If any I would have thought it to be one of my sons."

Abhorash's look made it clear he was directing this comment at Vekarin, and as the Master's eyes bored into him, he appeared to be seeing deep into his progeny.

"Do you believe that she has proven herself to the point where we should trust the outcome of the upcoming battle, as with her in overall command of the Council, that is what we are doing.

If you will vouch for her, I will trust your judgement."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
The clopping of horse hoves announced Karl arrival, the Regent had donned his armour and wore the lesser sister blade so similar in appearance to Vlad's own.
Moving his horse into position beside the Count and Marshal with the skill of his people the Kislevite nodded to his father and nephew.
"Count, Marshal...a fine forced we have arrayed for the upcoming conflict." he said with a faint smile.

Glancing out at the large army he sat silently for a moment before asking in a soft voice.
"How is communication with the Council at the moment?"

Karl was silently worried about the appearance of Abhorash and how it may upset the delicate balance between the von Carstein family and the rest of the vampiric lords.
Also perhaps more troubling was that, although Karl understood Lesa's displeasure with his family for fracturing the council with their loyalties, the Regent worried that the other Vampires dependance on the Lahmian and that she herself had become too much of a focal point of Council influence.
Whilst he trusted her further than almost any outside his blood one word from the witch's lips could damage things beyond repair.

However the smiling Lord revealed none of these thoughts as he awaited a reply.


Master Vampire
True Blood
‘’I have already sent a messenger to the Council’s forces under Abhorash asking them to rendezvous with us at Nexenternus in order to properly coordinate troop movements and form a battle plan for the upcoming battle.’’ Mircea replied.
Jason made him self comftable on an ajaciant chair across from Lesa and began
"Inform Abhorash, my forces will be ready to move under the command of Markus within the hour if not earlier. I'm Markus would like to speak with you as well, I'm sure he will be comming to see you momentarily. I Do have a few rituals to complete when we arrive on the field, aside from this the Nightwere clan is ready. What is this task you would ask of me mistress?"

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
"Something of extreme importance," Lesa replied, "something which could in fact dictate the tide of the upcoming battle. I have thought long and hard about this, and I have chosen you to carry out this task Jason. It required someone I know I can trust, but also someone who has indepth knowledge of magical artefacts as well as the ability to infiltrate."

The light in the room dimmed as Lesa's power surged, manifesting itself in streamers of azure light. The twisted in on themselves, binding to one another until they formed a globe of pulsating energy.

"The Metronome," Lesa said, "a store of magical energy so powerful that I do not know of anything else that is its equal. This globe I hold here is simply a small replica of the original found when the Council infiltrated Nagashizzar. It is a masterpiece of arcane workings, created by Nagash at the height of his power and hidden in his fortress ever since.

You see the Dark Lord has always been very clever. Whilst his power is immense, even he knew that supporting the vast armies under his control would drain him some what. Not anything near to how it affects us, but still the Dark Lord was loathe to not be able to wield the full might of his strength in battle.

There are been some rumours of this artefact down the years, but they were mostly ignored. For how could it be proven it existed, for none could find where it rested in Nagashizzar and leave alive. It was only after the Council encountered it that I knew the rumours were true. I knew that we were in even more trouble.

When Nagash marches against us, the numbers under his command will dwarf our own. I have no doubt of that. But with the Metronome Nagash and his commanders will only have to link to their army, not waste their magical energies on it. Meaning they will have their full power to use against us, to either usurp our control or unleash other magical assaults.

The Metronome needs to be destroyed."

The room was silent as Lesa walked over to Jason,

"I cannot take many from the main army, we will be outclassed as it is. Therefore if I provide you what I know of the magical workings of the Metronome, I need you to build something to destroy it. You can take only three of your gets as support, the rest of your forces are needed with the main army. But I must be clear, infiltrating Nagashizzar, even with the Dark Lord absent, will most likely prove to be a suicide mission. Will you accept?"
Jason looked at the metronome Lesa had shown him with a absent minded interest He too had heard rumors which ran down the ages that the king of the undead could have such an artifact, But examining it he felt it was far greater than anything he had imagined.

"This is accurate yes? There can be no mistake."

Lesa nodded as Jason read the symbols etched in near twenty languages with glyphs and symbols, so elaborate even his sharp eyes struggled to follow the lines as they crisscrossed over and over each other. It was truly a masterpiece of arcane magic, one which if destroyed or even disabled some how would defiantly fold in on its own power and destroy Jason and any who followed him.

After a long moment Jason answered. Slowly thinking over the metronome in his head. He felt confidant that he could destroy it and that he was the only one able to do so within the council.

"I accept..."

Jason said finally as he continued to look over Lesa's replica before looking into Lesa.
"I will take no one into the metronome with me, I shall not doom my children to my fate. Now what can you tell me?"

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
"We have trusted her thus far and she has not failed to repay that trust," Vekarin replied, impassively ignoring his father's previous comment, "there is no harm in doing so for a little longer."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"Good...good." Karl murmered, he was aware that his father was frowning at him, no doubt sensing something of his get's feelings, but tactfully he made no comment.

Looking around the the massive forces under Micrea's command the Regent smiled, even if they failed in this endeavor it would be a glorious end...the wish to die on blade, something Karl had rarely felt since his days as a living general.

Pushing aside the old feelings he once again addressed the two other vampire lords.
"Will there be another convening of the Council once we reach Simon's lair?"

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Vlad looked over to his son "Yes Karl." he said "We will convene once more with the council. Whether we win or lose it will be the last time. The house of Carstein will finally be free from the constraints of others."

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Lesa almost looked saddened at Jason's acceptance, gently reaching out and stroking his cheek. She had not forgot his kindness all those years ago, nor how they had looked out for one another.

"I regret I have not had a chance to spend more time with you Jason, during these times. The chances of your survival are near non-existent, yet I pray that somehow you will survive so afterwards we have the time."

Turning, Lesa took a parchment from a nearby table and pressed it into Jason's hands.

"This is everything I know about the Metronome. It is not everything there is to know, but it should be enough for your to manufacture one of your infamous devices to destroy it. I need not tell you if the urgency of this task, it will take you some time to infiltrate Nagashizzar and proceed into its depths avoiding detection. I have also included a map from the Council's last infiltration.

To stand a chance of arriving soon enough, you must leave now. Is there anything you need to ask of me?"
Jason thought for a moment his silence was torturous as he kept examining the orb with the same quiet intrigue. Finally he spoke his soft pleasant voice was utterly serious as he contemplated his demise.

"Should I fall and the council disband, I would ask one favor of you. Watch over my house and do what it has taken me nigh two thousand years of careful planning to achieve. End that accursed Queen! and free Sara..."

Jason stepped back for a moment and looked into Lesas eyes, gazing into the growing sadness behind them.

"Fear not about me, I have known the touch of true death and it has not held me yet..."

Jason's voice did not instill much confidence in Lesa, He took a seat reveled his features and offered Lesa to join him.

"Come enjoy One final drink with me"

Jason produced an old wine bottle from his robes, she was always slightly amazed at the amount of storage the robes of eternity possessed for such a seemingly mundane item. Lesa sat down and Jason poured the liquid into two wine glasses besides the chairs, the liquid had a luminescence about it and it was obvious it contained some magical power.

"Savior it. This cost me and arm and a leg get a hold of and should not disappoint."

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
For a long time Sweeney Todd sat with his coterie in silence within the depths of the Patisserie as he marched together with the rest of the Council to what was likely to be their last war.

Without any preamble or pleasantries Geralt suddenly began to speak.

"I think the time has come."

"The time?" Todd answered with feigned ignorance. The two of them shared a glance that made it clear that Todd knew exactly what he meant. Geralt grunted slightly and continued.

"Time I took my leave."

"So soon? You've barely sat down!" The tone of Todd's voice was light, jovial even, though the expression of his face hardly changed. He knew it hardly ever did.

"Yes dear, your tea's not even cold yet! At least have a bite of some cake."

"Fresh pastry, sir?" Mrs. Lovette and even Toby chimed in. All present knew there was no teaspoon, and the cake was a lie.

Not so long ago, Geralt had accepted Todd's offer of employment and thus by extension became part of the Council's forces. See more of the world, he thought. The pay was good, he thought. It didn't take him long to find out what a mistake that was.

For a long time he had silently watched the Council argue and haggle, bargain and bicker with growing discomfort. Geralt was no coward, but it took him only once to find out that he did not really belong in a warzone standing in the ranks of a massive undead army about to clash with another equally massive undead army.

He had no regrets as he stood and bid his final farewells with his soon to be former employers. The pleasantries were not entirely de rigeur. For centuries-old undead monsters, Todd and Lovette were surprisingly open, hospitable even. Throughout his stay Geralt never really felt at home, but that was oddly enough no direct fault of his hosts'. It just came with being in the company of a large coven of elder vampire lords and ladies and their hangers-on.

"Farewell then. Good luck and all the best to you." Todd said as they shook hands. Geralt was not sure if he was under the effect of some subtle glamour, or if there was really some warmth in the firm grip. He turned to share a hug with Mrs. Lovette before turning back to Todd

"No, save the luck for yourself. You'll be needing it very soon."

"Heh, I imagine we will." Todd's face twitched in a vague rueful grimace.


From an lookout post in the higher decks of the Patisserie Todd and his 'family' waved as Geralt waved back from atop a steed of flesh and blood. None others noticed his detaching from the host and heading in the opposite direction. At least, none capable of independent thought.

This was never his war. To fight a great evil like Nagash would take a king and his army, or better yet, several kings and their armies. Exactly what Vlad and Abhorash represented. Geralt was no avenger of orphans, or paragon of heroism. He was a simple witcher, and finally he could go back to being who he was.

He kicked his steed into a quick canter.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
"Trumvirate is coming, Everyone is running. The Council, The Council. They all fall down." Sariah sang softly to herself whilst brushing her raven dark hair and watched her husband.

With arms outstretched Simon stood in the centre of the room as servants attached armour to his form. At his order his left arm was left unarmoured so that his fighting style would not be inhibited.

Aurelius entered the room similarly decked out "milord the main vangard is assembled as ordered and await your inspection."
Simon nodded "Very well lets go. We don't have a lot of time."

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Lesa took the glass, looking at the glowing drink,

"I will of course honour your request if I can," she replied, "or if not pass it onto to someone who can fulfil it." The glass in her hand seemed to pulse with warmth, causing Lesa to look at it warily,

"I always like to know what I drink," she said, "what exactly is this?"
Jason laughed slightly as Lesas question

"Well it won't kill a you, but if you must know. Its ultra rich blood treated by myself, I picked up the recipe form the tomb of a lord Dyanideis. Who had a mad passion for blood which they say could not be sated. A Lahmian he prized his beauty and so distilled and elixir to allow himself to gorge on blood yet never devolve in to a Vargulf. The product was that you hold in your hand divinely delicious with a hint of some enchanted ruby for an extra kick"

Jason smiled as he sipped at his glass his eyes fixed on Lesa as he ran his fingers around the edge of his glass.

"That troubles me to hear you say someone else, may handle the safety of my house But I will accept. I know you will try and that count's, I have faith my gets will not fail in the goal but when the time does come for war and I should not be there. I must insist you use your... charms, to ensure victory for my line.
What will you do should we somehow claim victory over Nagash?"

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Simon strode out of Nexeternus closely followed by Sariah and Aurelius to be met by the the sound of great horns and chanting. Stretched out before him stood the Host of Nexeternus. So large his great army had become it now could not be fully contained by the great valley of Ikaana.

Tens of thousands of skeletons armed with spears, Swords and Halberds not mention their curved rectagular shields. Regiments of great armoured Wights stood among them also armed with Swords and Shields and among them were the infamous Drakenhof Guard the defenders of the von Carstein family armed with great Swords almost as tall as them. With them stood the famed defenders of Ikaana the Necropolis Guard Wights in ancient armour armed with their customary Glaives.

To the side of them Baalak Gul troops in heavy armour stamped with the symbol of Simon stood carrying a mixture of swords, Pikes and crossbows as their main weapons. With them dressed in similar armour stood the ogre mercenaries armed with leadbelcher cannons. Lucius stood with the Baalak Gul and saluted. A gesture returned by the vampire lord.

Archer regiments stood close by made up of Sylvanians. With them were Baalak Gul skirmishers in light armour and a force of light cavalry armed with black powder weapons. These were the Wolf Pack a cavalry force based on the original regiment Simon had lead during the first war of the Vampire Counts and which had been tragically destroyed at the battle of Wolfenhof. Next to them were the Galloper Guns Simon's Tilean artillery pieces and their handlers fittingly being lead by Gabriel.

Finally Simon's gaze settled on to his heavy cavalry The Ikaanan Templars a large force of mounted Wights plus several black coaches.

In front of the Host were a number of Corpse Carts each one manned by a Necromancer Priest of the Order of Vashanesh.


Simon paused as his host cheered and horns blew before continuing.



"TO WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!" Simon shouted raising both arms. The Host of Nexeternus responded crashing their shields and chanting the same phrase that they had been indoctrinated with from birth.


Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
At Jason's question Lesa's gaze shifted, and silence filled the room,

"That I cannot tell you Jason," she replied, "it is of a personal nature. Suffice to say I will make every effort to ensure you wishes are carried out if possible."

With one swift movement she downed the liquid, eyes widening as she felt its effects,

"Potent indeed, more than your normal pick me up." She smiled and placed the glass down, "however, as much as I am enjoying this time together we must sadly depart here. I am aware your get is outside, please instruct him to depart with the rest of our forces, I will issue other instructions at Nexeternus. I have to leave now to ensure I raise my own forces and ensure they arrive in time."


"Move out!" Abhorash's voice bellowed. After finishing speaking with Vekarin, the master vampire had mounted his own undead steed and watched as the rest of the forces moved into marching positions. Though they all may not have been Blood Dragons, they moved with efficiency, even the massive hordes of Ghouls that had turned up at the last movement skulked where they were supposed to. He had been displeased at first to see the hulking monstrosity that was Graveclaw, as well as his brethren, but he could not deny the potency they brought to the army. Plus he had been forewarned of their presence by Cromwell.

Around him trumpets sounded, echoing across the vast army. It was going to be a long march.
Jason smiled and rose from his seat sipping at the last of his drink and taking from his robes a golden orb which hummed with power. Lesa examined it for a moment taking note of the inscriptions and the material it was made of, Inner light could be seen through the amber and she could feel the strong enchantments surrounding it.
"I wish you to take this and keep it safe for me. It is all I have found and discovered over my life time..."
He was quiet now sadness playing around his mouth as he brushed it off for another moment.
"You are possibly the only of capable of unlocking its secrets. therefor I pass them on to you my dear old friend."
He smiled and pulled over is hood as he turned away to leave.

The doors to Lesa's chamber closed behind him and he shot a glance to Markus
"Follow me my son, you are to head out for Nexeternus, But I shall not Accompany you."
Markus could sense not all was well but before he could speak his mind Jason had vanished from his sight.

Vaskatchi had finished with his gets and the army was now ready to move out, they had formed up with the councils host. The war camp as emptied and the great summoning platform was the only structure left not being taken down and Vaskatchi was wondering where Markus and Jason were. Rick had left a half hour before and now he stood watching over the forces of the Nightwere bloodline. He did not wish them to move out with out the guidance of Markus or Jason so he simply waited.
He took out his new hand guns and examined them and there enchantments.


He remarked just before the form of Jason landed suddenly and quietly beside him.

"All is well I hope?"

Vaskatchi simply nodded and Jason looked to his army and held up his hand, as magic spewed into the army and they began to march along side the great host. With a thought he summoned the Blades to him, obeying they pulled up along side the summoning platform in rigid formation.

"Wait for Markus to join you and move out along side the Blood dragons. I shall begin the ritual."

Jason stood in the center of the platform and spread his hand's wide as silver liquid spilled out from his robes and formed an intricate pattern on the ground. When he had finished the great Circle shone with a moonlight luminescence and Jason began to speak. A mermer at first his voice began harmonize and overlap in on its self. Jason felt his skin prickle, as energy ran through the fibers of the Robes of eternity and into the three great crystals surrounding the Platform. humming with a grim glow of power, suddenly, as if splitting the platforms surface cracks of a purple light ran out from below Jason and he was absorbed in the sprits of thousands upon thousands of souls.

Black clawed fiends rose like puddles of shadow around the base of the platform, their yellow feral eyes watching hungrily at Vaskatchi and the knights. Who merely watched in wonder as Jason summoned yet more power to release the great soul wells which cracked and shattered into shards of dull stone and dust.

The sprits, moved by the will of Jason drifted into the magical armor of the raised skeletons giving off a burning ethereal glow to the entire host of Nightwere. The black shadowy sprits looked to Jason expectedly thousands watching with glowing yellow eyes all looking towards the sprit master. Jason's eyes burned with an intense yellow fire, which filled them with an awful fear before he puled inwards and regained his composure. looking over to Vaskatchi, he stepped forward and whispering in his ear, before moving forward and spreading his great wings and leapt skywards.

Vaskatchi holding his chest, with sorrow he looked up towards to his master before he disappeared from view...
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