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TVC - How to Join and Guidelines - Newcomers Read First

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Feb 12, 2008
Welcome to The Vampire Council Roleplay.

This is a freeform roleplay where players are encouraged to think up of their own characters, that have their own plots and grow with the story. Whilst there is a main overall plot, players can and should plan for their character, create interesting plot twists for the, and most importantly have fun!

What to do if you want to join
  • Firstly design a character. New members are allowed one at first, extras can be added later.
  • Post your character in the Signup Thread. Make sure you read the first post and ensure your bio is laid out properly or it will not be considered.
  • You will then recieve feedback from myself and possibly other members in the OOC Thread.
  • Finally you will either recieve the final Yes or No from myself. You must recieve a Yes before posting. We will of course discuss how to best introduce the character into the current chapter.

Posting Guidelines
  • All posts in the chapters must be in characters. In this way you cannot use knowledge that you may know as a player, but your character does not know.
  • Think carefully about your actions. If you post your character being rude etc, you have to be prepared that other characters will react in a negative fashion. So be aware of your action's consequences.
  • If you engage in duels with other characters, generally it is a good idea to PM the other player and agree in advance who is going to win, what is acceptable etc. You mus respect the other players stats, if they have better skill in combat your character will get beaten.
  • You are not allowed to kill or permanently maim another character, unless you have the owning players permission or direct approval from me.
  • You must stick to your characters bio. You cannot for example use a fire spell, if your character does not know the Lore of Fire.
  • If want your character to gain more power, either from learning something knew, a magic item, basically anything that would alter thier bio, it must be cleared with me first.
  • If anyone does have any complaints or problems then either post them in the OOC thread (following normal forum rules of conduct), or PM me. However in that case do not post in the chapter(s) until this is cleared up, posting in anger can spoil things.
  • Finally all plots must be PM'd to me and approved before they are put into action. An example of a plot is Simon von Carstein's plot to attempt to resurrect Vlad von Carstein. Approval must be obtained, as I have to check it does not clash the main plot, or any sideplots that other players have. In the case that side plots do clash, it is first come first serve.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.
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