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TVC - Meanwhile

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Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Mar 2, 2008
The massive doors of Nexeternus slammed open once again, and once again the mighty footsteps of Vekarin's booted feet echoed within it's great hall. The large, stone room was empty, almost all of the mighty citadel's inhabitants turned out to combat Mannfred, and now at Drakenhof. Across from the door, at the end of a long table, Victarias head jerked up. Her face was skewed in a look of anger and pain and covered it the blood of a young men that lay on the stone floor beside her chair, his throat savagely torn out of his body. Yet more crimson ichor pooled on the floor, wetting the dry stones and running through the channels made by the stones like rivers. The massive form of Glorybane impassively stood off to one corner, his face undiscernable behind his tall, horned helm.
Vekarin looked about him at the bloody stones, before his gaze set upon Victarias.
"I slept long, Vekarin." She rasped, "Long I sat in the prisons of Morr. Do you know what it is to bear fifteen hundred years without the sustainance of blood?"
She looked down to the table, it's wood soaking up yet another pool of blood and a single, salt tear that fell from Victarias' face.
Vekarin strode to her side, stepping over the man's mangled body.
"I pray his immortal soul finds it's way to better place, without the injustices demanded by this life." Victarias said, her eyes still fixed on the table. Vekarin placed his great, gauntleted hand upon Victarias' back. His other hand reached behind him and drew out a vial. Within that vial was contained a black liquid that seemed not to retain it's dark color when one looked into it. At any moment, it could be a shade of any color imaginable, always light at if from a fire within.
"I always wondered if I would require the use of this." He held the vial up to the light for a moment, assessing it's contents, "But know I am certain that I will."
He knelt beside Victarias, offering the vial to her. She looked up at him, her face twisted into a grimace. Her gloved hand reached out to the vial, and Vekarin give it to her. Her eyes locked on his, and he could easily discern the pain and suffering deep within them. She took the vial, holding it up.
"Keep your concoctions, Vekarin." She spoke, her voice rasping again. Her grip tightened and there was a tinkling as the crystal container shattered, the black ichor contained within mingling with that of the dead man on the floor.
"I don't care how many dragons you have slain, I am going to kill my own. Hear this, husband. I will not take the lifeblood of the another living creature until I am free of this curse, and I will achieve that by my own means."
Vekarin stood, looking down at her.
"Have it your own way." He whispered. "I suggest you clean yourself, for if you capable of it, I wish to travel to Drakenhof with Zosz as quickly as I can. I believe that moments events may be afoot there, as the von Carstein bloodline is dethroned."
"I have the strength." Victarias answered, "Thank you, husband."
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