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TVC: Shadows of Heimhof OOC and sign up thread


True Blood
In Shadows of Heimhof players will be taking on the role of a band of Vampire Slayers the role-play will take place in the Stirland city of Heimhof and the surrounding region right after the events of the TVC 1

here is the character sheet

Name: character’s name

Age: characters age

Gender: male or female

Race: only allowing Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Halflings

Elves would have higher Dexterity, Ballistic Skill, Technique Strength and Perception

- Elf characters will gain access to Ithilmar weapons and armour

Dwarves get bonuses to Raw Strength, Toughness, Will Power and Weapon Skill

- Dwarf Characters can later acquire Gromril Weapons and armour

Halflings get bonuses to Perception, Dexterity

Birthplace: where was the character born?

Personality: describe the how the character acts

Appearance: what does the character look like?

Armour: describe the characters clothing and armour. No magic items also will affect speed stat heavier armour will lower it

Weapons: describe the characters weapons and implements. no magic weapons

Brief history: post your characters back ground here

Strengths: what are your characters strengths? For every two strengths your character has there has to be a weakness

Weaknesses: what are your characters weaknesses?

States: A section that MUST be filled in. we will use the TVC numbered system similar from 1-10, 1 being the very worst, 10 being the very best.

Raw Strength: How much raw physical strength the character has when it comes to pushing, wrestling others etc.

Examples: 3 = Halfling 4= basic human and elf 5 = basic Dwarf, fit human, 10 = Wright King

Toughness: Basic resilience of your character against normal blows.

Examples: 2 = unarmoured Halfling 5= medium armoured human 8= Dwarf Ironbreaker 10= Crypt Horror

Dexterity: How good the character can scale walls, jump around, evade others, launch attacks etc.

Examples: 2 = very slow, will be hit a lot, 5 = average, 8 = very fast can evade most blows, launch quite a few attacks. 10 = basically unhittable.

Speed: Purely the how fast the character is when running / moving between places this does not mean speed at dodging blows.

Examples: 3 = basic unfit human, 4= Dwarf 5 = fit human, 8 = very fast human, unencumbered elf speed, 10 = mounted

Technique Strength: Someone has little muscle mass can still hit with a lot of power if they use they correct technique or manoeuvre. Will affect fighting bare handed.

Examples: 2 = poor power in combat, 5 = average, 8 = blows quite more powerful in combat, 10 = stupidly powerful blows in combat

Weapon skill: the Characters weapon training and ability with melee weapons.

Examples: 2 = basic human, 5 = basic human trained, 8 =Dwarf and elf elite unites, 10 = Blood Knight

Ballistic Skill: How good a shot the character is with ballistic weapons.

Examples: 1 = can’t hit the broad side of a barn, 3 = human skilled, 5 = elf skilled, 8 = excellent shot, 10 = Never misses.

Lore knowledge: Characters knowledge of old stories and tales, help characters identify different undead types and weaknesses for this to be high I would expect the character to have high intelligence

Examples: 1 = heard a story as a child that said.. 5= has researched subject 10= obsessively studied

Willpower: will measure how well your character can resist mind altering effects and magical attacks

Examples: 1= weak willed easily enthralled 5= basic human or Halfling 6= basic elf or dwarf 10= unbreakable will

Intelligence: how intelligent the character is,

Examples: 1 basic animal 5= uneducated human 8= very intelligent person 10= genius

Perception: how aware the character is of things around them, avoiding sneak attacks, finding hidden clues also range of shooting attacks

Examples: 1= near sighted 5=unalert human Halfling or Dwarf 6= unalert elf 10= supernatural senses

Faith: measures a characters ability to call upon holy powers. Warrior priest spells, warding off Vampires with holy symbols etc.

1= none believer 5=Vampire slowed by holy symbols 8= powerful Warrior priest 10=arch lector

Magical ability: this is for wizard characters only and Dwarves and Halflings will be at zero always because they have no magic, also for this to be high the characters weapon skill must below, proper magical study takes up a great deal of time and doesn’t really leave any time sword practice.

1= some magical ability 5=level 1 wizard 8= magical protégé 10= level 2 wizard

this is just the OOC thread once we get people in here I will post up chapter one


True Blood
do people need help with the character sheet? I'm sitting here waiting for sign-ups. how this RP will run is I have an intro planned and different "Hunts" planned basically they will work like T.V. seasons with what characters do over the course each hunt will affect the others also depending which bloodlines are still standing the Heimhof region will still have it's hazards.

Count michael

The Undead Sparky
Don't worry I'm still keen just having a mental mind blank from dealing with my electrical exams :( will get something posted soon, what weakness would you say a warrior priest would have as well as acceptable stats that aren't OP??? going to go with a wandering priest who hunts down the undead


True Blood
@Count michael

- a Warrior priest would stand out in a crowd, every Undead servant will recognize you for what you are.
your bound by the rules of whatever God you Worship you break those rules you lose your powers.
- the older Vampires will know ways to make you question your faith which will weaken your holy powers
- your only human a Vampire is physically superior and probably more experienced then you.
- also priests can't repel Ghouls or Swains with their powers cause their alive.
- it would be hard for you to repel undead and fight their living servants at the same time.
- also we could have of had a apprentice that got turned into a Vampire, the failure alone would be hard to cope with worse if the priest was in love with the apprentice, would be a huge distraction as well (could work with any character actually) even worse if the romance was mutual and reached sex, cause most priests swear oaths of no sex and booze and stuff
-also a Vampire could bite you and turn you into a swain

@Count Vashra
that's to bad bud, could I ask what changed your mind, or is it like a time thing?

also everyone please come to me with subplots for your characters we'll keep them in PM's so to not spoil the story for everyone else also fleshed out characters are more fun to play.
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True Blood
Some Character ideas for people who are having trouble deciding on a character

-A bretonnian knight who has sworn to the lady fight the Undead, or a particular undead that has fled to Heimhof could be any kind of knight.

- A grail pilgrim who’s Grail Knight was killed by a Vampire, and has followed the Beast to Heimhof to avenge him.

- A former Imperial Greatsword who found out their charge was a Vampire

- A Dark Elf who got stranded in the Old World and joins the party to survive a Dark Elf would have to stay on the down low cause one the Empire is allied with the High Elves and also worship of khain is illegal in most of the Old World.

- A far ranging Wood Elf scout

- A High Elf swordmaster who is trying to find out more about necromancy to better fight it

- Any elf or human wizard who wants to know more about necromancy, to fight or use?

-Dwarf Slayer not many monsters in Warhammer scarier than a Vampire

-Witch Hunter

- A Grey Wizard sent to spy on the undead

- The purple wizards are known enemies of the Undead

- The entire cult of morr is against undead

- Not all Warrior priests are Sigmarite or Ularican

- a bretonnian damsel who has had a vision from the lady of the lake who has a vision of a great evil that will befall Bretonnia, unless it is stopped in Heimhof.

-pretty much anyone who had a loved one eaten or turned by a Vampire

- a character training to be a member of nearly any unite from the High Elf, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Bretonnia, Empire or Dwarf army books armed with basic gear Halflings have the same unites as the Empire just mini all a character really needs is a reason for fighting the undead and joining the party


True Blood
also I recommend people interested in this RP also read both of the TVC chapter supplementals because this RP is set in the ten years between the TVC 1 and the TVC 2 right after Stirland got annexed by the Von Carstine Triumvirate in 2529 I.C. so as the RP starts Heimhof is the last city in Stirland still loyal to the Empire

TVC supplemental one

and number two

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
A little info including Stirland from a convo I had with Simon a while back.

Mircea defeated Stirland by essentially a blitzkrieg invasion quickly overwhelming his opponents before they could organise themselves. The Carstein army having been reorganised under a new structure suggested by an NPC. At the same time Simon invaded through the Black Fire Pass attacking Averland which was already weak due to the civil war between the former Elector Count's sons. After Mircea captured Averheim Simon concentrated on Wissenland pushing the imperial forces back to Nuln before withdrawing to face a Dwarven counterattack on his own lands.


True Blood
who would have thought Nuln's ugly Stepsister would have outlasted her Provence but she has Heimhof remain faithful to Sigmar and loyal to the Emperor!!!

Heimhof Lhamain circle: "Pssshttt We did all the work Oaf"

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Hey Ghoulzy! Who are we taking orders from? Just so I can set up my character's modern history right.

Are we all serving one guy/group? Whether by choice or press-ganged into service?


True Blood
Your working with Kurtis Riker probaly the greatest Vampire Slayer in the Old World he has slain several Vampire Lords and dozens of lesser Vampires, you will be joining his band interesting part he is wanted by the Witch Hunters.
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Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
I'll have my bio posted up probably on Friday.

Hes an Archer fella, was waiting for some other peeps to post up before I did but I'm tired of waiting :tongue: