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TVC Signup Thread - New

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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
As advised in the OOC thread, this is the new signup thread for the TVC. Many of our characters have gone through some major changes and growth, and thus we need to revise and make sure they are still balanced and fun.

So here are the rules.

1. You must post your bio using the below template. If you don’t I wont even consider your character. Fluff and background doesn’t have to be extensive (though we would of course like it if you do go into detail), but you must fill in the relevant stat / strengths / weaknesses area carefully.
2. Once posted your character will be reviewed for a minimum of 24 hours. Whilst I may have the final say so, I appreciate the opinions from the current members of the TVC, so this gives them time to post their thoughts on your character.
3. You must receive confirmation from me (Disciple of Nagash) to say your character is ok, once this has been done you can go to the OOC thread to discuss how best to introduce your character.

(NB: I have kept this as close as possible to the old bio so you should be able to copy across most of the history etc)

Bio Template

Title of Character

Full Name:
Associated Names:
Bloodline: (Note, I will no longer be accepting unknown bloodlines unless for a good reason)
Generation: Most vampires should be 3rd generation or older (existing older characters are ok)
Place of Birth: A now destroyed village at the foot of Silver Pinnacle

Physical Description
This should include the characters looks, clothes etc, but not their equipment or personality.

What kind of person they are, their beliefs, convictions, likes, dislikes etc. This can be quite an important section as it can help others interact with your character easier.

Brief History
Self explanatory.

Basic Stats
A new section that MUST be filled in. I have decide to go for a numbered system similar from 1-10, 1 being the very worst, 10 being the very best. Only in very rare instances can it go over 10, and a very good explanation would have to be provided why. Please note these are BASIC stats. If you have a magic item that increases them, that should be put in a bracket afterwards.


Speed: Purely the how fast the character is when running / moving between places this does not mean speed at dodging blows.
Examples: 2 = very slow, 5 = average, 8 = very fast, 10 = Flying.

Agility: How good the character can scale walls, jump around, evade others, launch attacks etc.
Examples: 2 = very slow, will be hit a lot, 5 = average, 8 = very fast can evade most blows, launch quite a few attacks. 10 = Flying.

Weapon Skill: How good the vampire is in combat either with weapons or bare hands.
Examples: 2 = basic human, 5 = basic vampire lord, 8 = very skilled, 10 = Extremely skilled (Bloodthirster for example).

Ballistic Skill: How good a shot the vampire is with ballistic weapons.
Examples: 2 = can’t hit the broad side of a barn, 5 = average (human skilled), 8 = excellent shot, 10 = Never misses.

Raw Strength: How much raw physical strength the character has when it comes to pushing, wrestling others etc.
Examples: 2 = weak (same as humans) 5 = average for vampire Lord, 8 = extremely powerful, 10 = Stupidly powerful.

Technique Strength: Someone has little muscle mass can still hit with a lot of power if they use they correct technique or manoeuvre. However I would only expect this to be high if the weapon skill is quite high.
Examples: 2 = poor power in combat, 5 = average, 8 = blows quite more powerful in combat, 10 = Stupidly powerful blows in combat

Toughness: Basic resilience of your character against normal blows.
Examples: 2 = weak, can only suffer a few hits, 5 = average for vampire Lord, 8 = very resilient, can suffer a lot of damage, 10 = Pretty much unkillable.

Tactical Knowledge: How well the character can command armies, deploy troops etc. I will use this to dictate the flow of future battles.
Examples: 2 = Poor commander, 5 = average (Carstein leader), 8 = excellent leader and knowledge, 10 = Superb general, rarely looses.

Magic – you can have different power level and skills for different lores

Magical Lores Known:
Raw Magical Power: How much raw power the caster can summon.
Examples: 2 = level 1 Wizard, 4 = Level 2, 6 = level 2 wizard 8 = Powerful – Level 4 wizard, 10 = Extremely powerful

Magical Skill: How easy they can cast spells and knowledge of spellcraft
Examples: 2 = level 1 Wizard, 4 = Level 2, 6 = level 2 wizard 8 = Powerful – Level 4 wizard, 10 = Extremely powerful

Technology – You can have different skill levels for different skillsets
Skillset: (such as black powder weapons, weaponsmith, steam etc)
Skill Level: How skilled the character is in his said field.
Examples: 2 = Apprentice, 5 = reasonable skill, 8 = master, 10 = Knows everything about the said skillset.

Name of Item in Bold
Fluffy description in Italics
Description of item RP-wise, please note if it changes the characters stats, and put the amended stats in brackets after the basic stats.

Other Abilities
If the character has additional abilities that are not covered by the above sections then list them here using the following format:

Name of Item in Bold
Fluffy description in Italics
Description of item RP-wise, please note if it changes the characters stats, and put the amended stats in brackets after the basic stats.

List the characters various strengths and positives here.

List the characters various weaknesses and positives here.

Additional Notes
Anything extra we should know about your character


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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
Current List of Entries

Name of Character - Owner


Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
Mistress Lesa

Full Name: Lesa Cromwell
Associated Names: The Siren
Age: 2800+
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Neferata
Generation: 2nd
Place of Birth: A now destroyed village at the foot of Silver Pinnacle

Lesa is quite possibly the most beautiful creature in existence. Even before she was sired she was stunning with long flowing black hair contrasting sharply with milky skin. Eyes that changed from green to blue and a full perfect figure. It was not just her looks but also her aura, magical charged it amplified her looks making her renowned within leagues for her beauty. When she was sired by Neferata her beauty was now out of this world and thus incurred the wrath of her sire, hating her get for surpassing her won beauty she was hounded out of the Silver Pinnacle and is still hunted after to this day.

Strong willed and perhaps a little wild, Lesa has a dominant personality. She will rarely back down especially if she knows she is right, but will listen to others opinions. She is normally courteous and pleasant to speak to, and can be very flirtatious if she sees someone she likes. Has a perverted sense of humour and can be a mischief maker. However as and when the situation requires it she can be deadly serious and has always backed up her threats with actions. She can however have a problem knowing when to back down from an impossible situation, and having to retreat is one of the most difficult things for her to do.

Brief History
Growing up Lesa was renowned for her beauty, however unfortunately her village was located at the base of the Silver Pinnacle and thus attracted the attentions of Neferata. Captured on the Vampire Queens command her village was raised ti the ground and she was sired by the Queen herself. However Neferata came to regret her decision as Lesa'a beauty amplified by the Blood Kiss eclipsed her own. In rage she attempted to kill her get but Lesa managed to escape and thus began her wandering across the old world. With her natural aptitude for magic she began to search for artifacts and knowledge, partly to fuel her own thirst for knowledge and partly so if she faced Neferata in the future she would be able to match her sire. She realised that her beauty could get what she wanted and matched with a perverse and sexual appetite she soon learned how to use men to get what she wanted. Throughout the years she has used and laid with many including Sigmar before his ascension to man-god, concubine to Drachenfels where she learned much forgotton lore and various others. At the colleges of magic which she helped found under the guise of a man (her aura unfortunately making many fellow wizards think they were turning gay) she master all the lores of magic bar life and also stole the fabled Master Sword. It was here she also met her beloved husband Milosh, since their joining they have been inseparable and perhaps one of the strongest love stories ever known for vampires.
At the current date Lesa is one of the most powerful wizards in existence, the warpstone experiments performed on her by Rask in the TVC have only gone to amplify her abilities.

Basic Stats
Speed: 8
Agility: 6 (7)
Weapon Skill: 4 (5)
Ballistic Skill: 5
Raw Strength: 5
Technique Strength: 5 (6)
Toughness: 5
Tactical Knowledge: 4

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy / Vampire, Fire, Heavens, Light, Metal, Shadow, Death, Beasts.
Raw Magical Power: 10
Magical Skill: 10

Skillset: Dwarven Magical Runes (knows how to activate, negate, create minor ones)
Skill Level: 3

The Master Sword
Created many years ago at the founding of colleges of magic this was a gift to the colleges from a master dwarf runesmith, the first of its kind it combined the abilities of all the lesser swords. However not long after it was stolen and its creator slain, the secret of its creation lost with him
Lesa stole this sword from the Colleges of Magic, this unique weapon combines the potent qualities of the so called lesser swords. She doesn’t always carry the sword but summons it as and when she needs in, when not in use it is stored safely in a tiny pocket dimension. In RP terms this increases Lesa’s Agility, Weapon Skill, and Strength by a small amount.

Other Abilities

With beauty beyond compare, Lesa finds it easier than most to seduce others to do her will, even those of her own kind are not immune.
If Lesa chooses to she can seduce weak willed mortals such as humans to do her will. Creatures of comparable skill and power to herself will be able to resist the effects but may still be distracted etc.

Lesa was always drawn to the realms of shadow, and her learning in this are excelled above all others.
Lesa can “teleport” using the winds of shadow to ride upon. She can also summon a shadow dragon corporeal enough for her to ride on (later in the TVC this becomes merged with the Ancient Dragon she raises in the Plain of Bones).

Mistress of the Dead
Having learned the art of necromancy from Nagash himself, Lesa knows it like no other.
Lesa can easily control a large amount of troops. She can also subvert the control of lesser necromancers, in effect stealing their troops. However this can only be done against weak wizards.

Extremely powerful wizard, the most powerful on the council.
Extremely beautiful and thus can use this to her advantage to get what she wants (this works on all creatures of all sexes)
Lahmian speed, i.e very fast
Master Sword - a powerful sword the makes the bearer stronger and faster.

Very decadent and perverted, will have her way with man, women or beast, can mean sometimes she is distracted if there is someone or something she wants to have.
Poor in hand to hand combat, she still has the blinding speed of Lahmians. RP wise she will not be as good in combat as the other lords although still powerful compared to mortals etc.
Won’t Give up: Lesa sometimes will not back down and give up, even when she really should do.

Additional Notes

How Lesa's look works in the TVC
Combined with her looks has an aura which makes all creatures, undead, daemon etc attracted to her. The most someone can do its fight the attraction but they will never be able to remove it completely. In the RP this shows as low level characters i.e hero's and lower are entranced by her and would do anything she requests. Lord level characters would still be attracted but it would be able to resist its affects so would be more of distraction etc. This applies to all whether a 4000 year old vampire, a mindless zombies or a bloodthirster!

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
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Mar 2, 2008
Full Name: Vehki-Rhan Banespike
Associated Names: The Dark Bladed, The Impaler, Darkblade, Lord of the Violet Rose
Age: 4057
Bloodline: Banespike
Sire: Abhorash
Generation: 2nd Generation
Place of Birth: Ancient Lahmia

Physical Description
Vekarin is enormously tall, just above seven feet tall. When he shows his face he appears to be comparably comely, enormously muscled by millenium of combat and has shoulder-length, dark hair. His skin is pale and, unlike most vampires, his teeth appear to have receded permanently, now more pronounced canines rather than the fangs of other vampires.

Vekarin is a Blood Dragon who believes in his own personal honor and discipline. Angering him would be most unwise, because, while no master of magic or the dark arts, Vekarin's rage knows no bounds and his physical skill is unmatched. He believes strongly in honor and if he believes his violated, he will retaliate with force. He has an iron will and a long memory, and will not forget grudges quickly, if at all. While he does believe strongly in his own honor, in later years he has let anger and personal gain take hold of his actions. Many have theorized that had he not married Victarias, his on sense of honor would have devolved into self-gratifying rage. Had he not the steady hand of his wife to guide him, he would have been killed in battle long ago, or worse, taken a tyrannic kingdom for himself, ruling ruthlessly with an iron fist.

Brief History
Vekarin was once known in ancient Lahmia as the mighty warrior Vehki-Rhan. He was a disciple of Abhorash, one of his greatest warriors within the Lahmian armies and most promising commanders Abhorash ever trained. It did not take long after Neferata's transformation and her subsequent bestowal of the Blood Curse onto Abhorash that Vekarin was cursed in turn by his mentor. He, like Abhorash, hated what he had become and, although he recognized the physical benefits and immortality granted his condition, he despised this reliance on the blood of his countrymen to survive. In the wars against the Priest Kings of Nehekhara, Vekarin fought alongside his mentor and his wife, Victarias. When all was inevitably lost, Vekarin fled with Abhorash into the wilderness with his own small force of undead and vampires. He learned all he could from his tutor, and left Abhorash to forge his own kingdom, for he believed the Vampyre are destined to rule over humans. He spent some time in the lands now known as the Empire, but left, finding the residents too weak and primitive for his leadership. He found a kingdom within the northlands, where he built an army of the most hardened northmen and did battle with the most powerful of Daemon Princes. Eventually he left the Chaos Wastes for the reiklands once again, building a fairly large kingdom where he ruled for many years in the land now known as Sylvania. Vekarin fought off many attacks made by the hordes of Orcs and Goblins, protecting his mortal subjects from these threats and even other tribes of humans, until the entity known as the Empire formed. During his unification of the Empire, the walking god Sigmar assaulted Vekarin's stronghold, killing Victarias and sending her soul screaming to Morr with the energies of Ghal-Maraz. He left Vekarin for dead and the Vampire's castle a burned hulk. Vekarin retreated to the Sylvanian mountains in grief, living in a self-imposed exile within his mighty stronghold of the Violet Citadel. For many centuries he dwelt within his fortress, with only his skeletal guards and unliving lieutenants. He left rarely, once to destroy a force led by the mighty Kekarsarun, herald of Tzeentch. With this victory (known by scholars as the Battle of Two Dragons) Vekarin deflected an almost crippling blow to the infant rule of Vlad von Carstein. Many years later, Vekarin journeyed into Sylvania to pledge his allegiance to that Vampire Lord, and fought in the Vampire Wars until Vlad's death. He was fairly quiet after those terrible wars, but was summoned by Milosh Cromwell to the first Vampire Council.

Basic Stats
Speed: Vekarin is a vampire, and as such is incredibly fast compared to mortals, however his armor and equipment often weighs him down and he favors a more mounted form of combat to compensate. Vekarin has a basic movement rating of 4.

Agility: Vekarin has never been the most agile of vampires, but his undeath did give him a certain amount of agility. He is weighed down by his armor, however, and prefers to use his strength and resilience simple to break things rather than skirt them, however his attacks are incredibly fast in combat. Vekarin has a basic agility rating of 4.

Weapon Skill: Vekarin has trained for over four thousand years in combat under the most proficient swordmasters of the Old World. He has defeated all manner of enemies, including daemons, dragons and champions of Chaos. Vekarin has a basic weapon skill rating of 10.

Ballistic Skill: Vekarin has had preliminary training in ranged weaponry, but prefers to use his sword to defeat opponents. He has a basic ballistic skill of 4.

Raw Strength: Vekarin is massively muscled, and his strength has been greatly increased by his martial training and vampirism. Vekarin has a basic raw strength of 6.

Technique Strength: Vekarin has been trained for thousands of years in the art of death, able to strike with a great deal of force at an opponent's weak spots. Vekarin has a technique strength of 7. With the power of the Dark Blade at his disposal, Vekarin's technique strength becomes 8.

Toughness: Vekarin has trained himself through the thick of combat to resist pain and injury, and he can withstand a great deal of punishment. Vekarin has a basic toughness of 5. While protected by the arcane magics of the Plate of Kekarsarun, Vekarin's toughness becomes 7.

Tactical Knowledge: Until the destruction of his citadel, Vekarin used to command a sizeable force of undead. He served under Abhorash as a commander of the Lahmian forces in the siege of Lahmia and has a basic tactical knowledge of 7.

Magical Lores Known: Lore of Vampires
Raw Magical Power: Vekarin views magic as cowardly and frail, and has excluded its use from his training. Beyond his basic regenerative abilities, he knows no magic. Vekarin has a raw magical power of 1.

Magical Skill: Vekarin is unskilled in the arts of magic beyond very basic healing a abilities. Vekarin has a magical skill of 1.

Skillset: Smithing
Skill Level: Vekarin has learned the art of smithing over hundreds of years, and his used his knowledge to forge many magical artifacts. Vekarin has a smithing skill level of 6.

The Dark Blade
A weapon procured from a powerful Daemon Lord. Any touch from this blade will tear the life from an enemy forcefully, usually rendering them incapacitated or dead, depending on the nature of the wound and length of time it is endured.
This item, when it injures an opponent will continue to sap their strength until the wound is healed. On undead and other enchanted beings, the weapon will continue to pull at whatever force is animating them in the same way. The amount of damage taken increases with the size of the wound and proximity to an opponent. Alternatively, the Dark Blade is forged with some otherworldy material and will not bend or break under pressure, allowing it to tear through mundane armor and weapons with ease when combined with Vekarin's strength.
The Dark Blade increases Vekarin's technique strength by 1, making his technique strength 8.

The Plate of Kekarsarun
An incredibly powerful artifact of Tzeentch which houses a forsaken Changer of Ways. The armor is self-healing and resistant to most physical attacks and magical effects, although a powerful attack will crush it, and it's magic can be dispelled, rendering the daemon within it ineffective for a short time. The wearer of this armor may also commune with this daemon to further increase the Armour's effectiveness.
This armor confers Vekarin considerable protection against most attacks, although it is less effective against those of a magical nature. When damaged, the armor will also repair itself after a short period of time, and this is sped up when the daemon communes with the wearer, using his very life force to re-knit damage.
The Plate of Kekarsarun increases Vekarin's toughness by 2, making his toughness 7.

The Mask of Skulls
A powerful item dedicated to the destruction of Morr's servants and the nullification of arcane dampeners. However, the mask has limited power and it is not known whether it can be recharged.
This item can be used to channel arcane power through certain dampeners and into a field that specifically targets the worshipers of Morr and creatures of Morr. It was created to help Vekarin rescue Victarias from hell, and most of its power has been used, making it relatively useless.

The Mirrored Shield
A shield scavenged from Nagashizzar while Vekarin was held within Nagash's stronghold. The wielder can use its mirrored surface to reflect magic back upon the caster.
The shield reflects magic of any kind, however it requires precise aim and timing and the energy must strike the shield itself.

The Golden Kopesh
A weapon taken from Nagashizzar's armories and dating back to the times of ancient lahmia, it strikes with a mind of its own, predicting the moves and attacks of its opponents.
The Golden Kopesh allows Vekarin to strike before his opponents, however he rarely uses it, exchanging it for the raw power of the Dark Blade.

Combat Master - Vekarin is the most skilled warrior in the vampire council bar none, some say with the exception of Abhorash he is possibly the most skilled warrior in the world.
Magic Items - Vekarin's collection of potent magic items complement his skill, making him incredibly resilient and truly dangerous in combat, only those of great skill and magical power stand a chance of defeating him.

Poor Spellcaster - Vekarin has next to no spellcasting ability having spent all his unlife training in combat, he detests the use of it by others and sees it as dishonourable. He can be defeated most easily by a powerful spellcaster.
Arrogant - Vekarin has an arrogant streak and is very quick to take offense as shown in his first encounter with Mistress Lesa, this can sometimes lead him to making bad decisions to satisfy his pride.
Cumbersome - Whilst in combat Vekarin knows where he needs to be at just the right time, however he still is big and with his armor can be slower than some of smaller and less heavily armored vampires.
Crazed - The Dark Blade is an insidious weapon, and often speaks to the mind of its bearers, guiding them to its own ends...


Full Name: Victarias Banespike
Associated Names: Handmaiden of Lahmia, Queen of the Violet Rose
Age: 4055 (spend many of those years incarcerated in hell)
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Vekarin Banespike
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: Ancient Lahmia

Physical Description
Victarias is about 6 feet tall with piercing eyes, strong features and dark raven hair and she is comparably beautiful. She is strong and lithe, more so than many women because of her extensive weapons training and skill with a blade.

Victarias is quite a bit more personable and reserved than Vekarin. She retains a strong moral code and code of honor, yet she does not openly or violently disagree with others as Vekarin does. She will, however meet any harsh ridicule or insult with violence, but not to the same amount as Vekarin does. Many times Victarias is the one to calm Vekarin's anger, and with her dead he is much more likely to use deadly force as his only option.

Brief History
Victarias served as a bodyguard/handmaiden for the queen Neferata in Lahmia before it's fall. There she met and fell in love with Vekarin, and the two were wed shortly before the Priest Kings attacked the city. In the short time between the two events, Aborash sired Vekarin who in turn sired Victarias as Blood Dragons. After Lahmia's fall, Vekarin fled with Victarias out of the city with his closest allies instead of joining Nagash with the remainder of the Vampyre of Lahmia. She accompanied Vekarin on many of his travels, aiding him along the way. When he built the kingdom of the Violet Rose in what would later become Sylvania she became the Queen of the Violet Rose and ruled at his side. Sometime later, the man-god Sigmar attacked the fortress of the Violet Rose and fought Victarias in single combat, quickly killing her.

Basic Stats
Speed: Victarias is more lightly armored than Vekarin, and still retains her vampiric speed. Victarias has a basic speed of 7.

Agility: Victarias favors a more agile, mobile approach to combat, using her speed to get the best of the enemy and launching a quick series of attacks against her opponents. Victarias has an basic agility of 5.

Weapon Skill: Victarias, like Vekarin has trained for thousands of years to become a skilled swordswoman, however much of her training was lost when she descended to hell. Victarias has a basic weapon skill of 8.

Ballistic Skill: Victarias has had preliminary training in ranged weaponry, but prefers to use his sword to defeat opponents. She has a basic ballistic skill of 4.

Raw Strength: Victarias, while vampiricly strong, is not as muscle-bound as her husband. Victarias has a raw strength of 5.

Technique Strength: Victarias' attacks, while quick and light, often find their way into the weakest areas of an opponent's body, a skill perfected after millenia of combat. Victarias has a technique strength of 7.

Toughness: Victarias is much more lightly armored that Vekarin and relatively fragile. Her confidence also gets her into trouble and situations where he is easily injured by enemy attacks, however her experiences in hell give her an increased resistance to pain. Victarias has a toughness of 5.

Tactical Knowledge: Vekarin was always more of a commander than Victarias, who believes in leading from the front. Victarias has a tactical knowledge of 5.

Magical Lores Known: Lore of Vampires
Raw Magical Power: While she believes it cowardly, Victarias has accepted magic as vital to a Vampire's way of war and has learned a deal more than Vekarin of the art. Victarias has a raw magical power of 3.

Magical Skill: While by no means skilled at magic, Victarias is well trained enough to manage some minor healing and raising spells. Victarias has a magical skill of 3.

Blade Mistress - Victarias was more skilled with a blade than most in the Old World before she was killed and incarcerated. Even now she is very powerful in hand to hand combat.
Cool Head - Unlike her husband Victarias is more level headed, being in control of her temper ensures she makes excellent tactical decisions .

Poor Spellcaster - Victarias has little chance to expand her spell casting abilities, she has limited casting ability.
Hell's Touch - Hell is not a place one walks of of without effect, and Victarias is still plagued by the time she spent there. Even the slightest word can release dredged up, and seemingly real, memories of her torture, incapacitating her.


Full Name: Zosz
Associated Names: the Forsaken
Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown

Physical Description
Zosz appears as an aged Necromancer, no face is visible behind his black hood and dark robes cover every inch of skin that would be showing. He appeared hunched, like some cripple, but in truth he is a creature not wholly of this world, but the next. Beneath his garments is seemingly empty air, but beyond them he cannot hope to manipulate the physical world.

Zosz knows his place in the world; under the feet of vampires, but that doesn't stop him from being arrogant and haughty about it. He will often insult his betters slyly and sarcastically, and sometimes openly insult their intelligence. Despite this, Zosz is relatively wise and learned, and is eager to share his knowledge with those willing to hear him.

Brief History
Zosz' origin is a closely guarded secret, one that he keeps to himself as if recounting it will earn him some divine retribution. All he will say is that he was the student of a powerful necromancer, perhaps some reclusive Necrarch, and that he was betrayed by another pupil. His master, in a rage tore apart Zosz' body and soul, hurling it into the realm of Morr where forever it would suffer. But Zosz would not stay dead. Whether through his own will, determination, cunning or with outside aid, Zosz escaped Morr's underworld. The journey to the corporeal world cost him dearly however, and he exists only as a spirit. He animates the garments that mark out his form, and they are his only connection with the real world.
After his escape, Zosz wandered the world for many decades. He did little, for his kind had no place in the realms of the living. He learned what he could about what had transpired between the time of his death and subsequent rebirth and tried to increase his powers yet more. Fortune, it seems, led him to the realm of Sylvania and the Vampire Counts, perhaps the Dark Magic pooling there before the Vampire Wars or the promise of dark powers drew him to this place; or perhaps mere chance. Within the treacherous peaks of the Sylvanian mountains, Zosz stumbled across the lone spire of the Violet Citadel. Offering Zosz a respite from his eternal wandering and access to his Necromancer cabal, libraries and undead legions, Vekarin Banespike took the ancient being under his wing, recognizing the necromancer's power. From there, Zosz quickly became one of Vekarin's most trusted lieutenants, installing new defenses on his citadel and forging magical weapons for his forces. With Vekarin's death, Zosz' ties to the Lord of the Scarred Rose were severed, and his oaths to Vekarin undone. He is now again, his own property.

Basic Stats
Speed: Zosz does not care much for moving quickly, and so does not run or even sprint. Zosz has a basic speed of 2.

Agility: Zosz also does not care for jumping, leaping or conflict. Zosz has a basic agility of 2.

Weapon Skill: Zosz is reasonably well trained in the arts of combat, at least by mortal standards, however he distastes actually having to fight his opponent face to face. Zosz has a basic weapon skill of 3.

Ballistic Skill: Zosz doesn't use ranged weapons. Fireballs tend to go a lot straighter. Zosz has a basic ballistic skill of 3.

Raw Strength: Considering his incorporeal nature, Zosz has very little muscle mass. Zosz has a basic raw strength of 3.

Technique Strength: Zosz knows the ins and outs of most anatomies in the Old World, and his blows tend to find their mark, especially when he stabs his opponent in the back and has a good deal of time to line up the attack. Zosz has a technique strength of 5.

Toughness: Being incorporeal, Zosz feels no pain, however his essence is easy to scatter. Zosz has a toughness of 3.

Tactical Knowledge: Zosz is well-schooled in tactics, and keeps a cool head about him when he leads. Zosz has a tactical knowledge of 6.

Magical Lores Known: Lore of Vampires, Lore of Fire
Raw Magical Power: Zosz's power is much greater than that of most mortal wizards, however pales in comparison to a vampiric caster. Zosz has a raw magical power of 5. When using his runic Staff of Darkbane, Zosz's raw magical power becomes 7.

Magical Skill: Zosz has had many hundreds of years to perfect his magical arts. He is quite skilled in many spells. Zosz has a magical skill of 7.

Skillset: Runes
Skill Level: Zosz can create and forge runes for many different spells and powers and imbue them with his own spells. Zosz has a runic skill of 6.

Staff of Darkbane
An ancient, runed staff that Zosz carries with him at all times, leaning on it like an old man does on a walking stick. All Zosz will say of the staff was that it was bestowed to the Necromancer by his first master as a gift, and it greatly enhances the Necromancer's magical power.
The Staff of Darkbane increases Zosz' raw magical power by 2, making it 7.

Spitefang: When Zosz escaped his master's grasp, he took with him several magical artifacts; Spitefang is one of them, and one of the most potent. It is a masterfully crafted sword that hungers for blood, and when given it the weapon shrieks with joy, bursting into a radiant blue flame.
After spitefang is used to inflict a wound, it lights on fire. Cool, huh?

Other Abilities
Mainly in order to get away from angry vampires willing to tear him limb from limb, Zosz has perfected the art of personal teleportation, allowing him to transport himself instantaneously from one place to another.
Zosz can use this power to transport himself a great distance. This is usually limited at a couple hundred miles, but the range decreases exponentially as he tries to bring people with him.

Forbidden Teachings - Zosz is farily adept at the manipulation of magic. Although not even close to the level of most council members, there are few mortals that can best him in it's use.
Teleportation - Zosz can use his ability to teleport to escape danger and travel great distances.

Blast From the Past - Zosz is incredibly old; with no real body he does not age as mortals do. His powers however, have been diminished by this span of time and his lack of a body. He is not a powerful as he should be.
Arrogant - Zosz likes to believe that his escape from Morr's realm and his inherent power make him invulnerable, and acts as such. He can be haughty, arrogant and annoying at times, and has been forced to perfect the art of single-person teleportation to escape those whom he offends with his antics.


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Dec 11, 2007
Mircea Von Carstein

Full Name: Mircea von Carstein
Associated Names: Marshal of Sylvania, Voivode of Ravenhof, Mircea the Impaler. Meyerling Faulsing.
Age: 749 years old
Bloodline Von Carstein
Sire: Isabella von Carstein
Generation 3rd (This is assuming that Vlad was Vashasnesh)
Place of Birth: Waldenhof Sylvania

Physical Description:

Mircea is a tall thin man. He has normally has long raven black hair and some facial hair. His has sharp cheekbones, hawkish features, cruel thin lips and an aquiline nose. He usually has stony red eyes. Although some might find him attractive his features are too severe to be considered conventionally handsome.

He normally wears armor into battle, with a black wolfskin cloak. Outside of battle he adopts the dress of a traveling noblemen (For example, black riding suit, black cloak, Dracula wear essentially)

Personality: His personality is dour and serious and he carries an almost perpetually grim expression. He is very prideful however.
Mircea is concerned with temporal power; he is very conquest minded and has little time for the feasts and plotting of other vampires. He was and still is a military man. He can infiltrate the human aristocratic class of lords and ladies if necessary, although he does with much distaste. He is offers his enemies the choice that Vlad did, serve him in life or serve him in death. He always keeps his word like Vlad. He can be very cruel, impaling prisoners on stakes after battles and resurrecting them as zombies.
By contrast he enjoys battle, seeing a different situation each time he fights and is a brilliant military strategist who enjoys fighting intelligent tacticians to test his mind against in a game of military strategy.
Because he is one of the first of the vampire aristocracy of Sylvania he has a massive superiority complex and he desires other younger vampire nobles as ‘’trash vampires’’, he sees Vlad as the archetypical vampire and aspires to be like him. Make no mistake, he does not despise his undead condition but instead revels in being a creature of darkness. His calling however is being an immortal general rather than a decadent fop.

As a Von Carstein he is noted for his pride and arrogance. Even among the Carsteins Mircea is considers especially prideful and wrathful to those who incur his pride.

Brief History:

He was a minor nobleman in the Sylvania army called Meyerling Faulsing that was invited to meet the new count and his wife right after Isabella had been mysteriously cured of her illness. When he met them he spotted an assassin emerging from the crowed. He leapt in front of Vlad and took the blade for himself, not knowing that as a vampire Vlad was immune to poison, but the new count was impressed by the audacity of the nobleman and had Isabella sire him.
He served Vlad loyally as a military commander, not desiring any more than that, after Vlad’s death he retrieved the vampire count’s sword and fled to distant lands. When he returned he sported an accent similar to Vlad’s and a new name. Mircea. He slaughtered the human noble that had taken his lands after the defeat of the vampire counts and reinstated himself as a ruler, swearing allegiance to Mannfred, acting as the new vampire count’s military commander as he did with Vlad.
However he has allied himself to the council as to further his own ambitions and to see what’s best in his mind for Sylvania.

As of the TVC he now serves his brother Simon after Mannfred’s death in the role of Marshal of Slyvania, in effective control of all military forces of the Von Carstein counts.

Basic Stats:

Speed: Mircea has a normal speed for an average vampire in his human form-5 [Shapeshifting into a bat allows him 10 and shapeshifting into a wolf allows him an 8]

Agility Mircea is fast for a vampire, but he usually wears armor so his speed is 6 [In his mist or bat swarm forms he can effectively avoid most attacks but he cannot strike back effectively]

Weapon Skill: Mircea is a dedicated fighter as well as general and has trained for many centuries with his weapons, he is skilled enough to match some Blood Dragons 7

Ballistic Skill: Mircea has received some training in crossbows or longbows, but he rarely uses it.4

Raw Strength: Mircea posses the average strength for a Vampire lord his age-5 [Pushed to 6 if using his runesword]

Technique Strength: Mircea has fought for years with Vlad’s blade, overcoming the lack of strength enhancements in order to use it’s abilities to the best. 7

Toughness 6- Mircea feels little pain to crippling injuries and heals quite fast, he loses limbs a few times in the TVC with little impairment to his reflexes and is usually able to recover quite quickly. [With his armor, Vlad’s Sword and cloak this is 8]

Tactical Knowledge: Mircea was a brilliant tactician even before he was turned, since then Mircea has learned at the hand of Vlad himself and has become one of the greatest commanders of the von Carstein bloodline 10 (Most of Mircea’s losses so far in the TVC are due to plot reasons)


Magical Lore: Necromancy-7- Level Three

Magical Skill: Necromancy-5-Level Three/Two

( It must be noted while Mircea has a fair amount of magical power, he using focuses it around buffing his army and healing himself, with a few basic offensive spells and communications spells, he loses ground here compared to Simon. His power is Level Three but his skill is somewhat lower, so he restricts himself to some of the more basic spells)

Technology: Mircea knows enough to take care of his weapons and armor, that is all. Armor and weapons maitniance-4, other than that not much


Vlad’s Sword: this is the Sword of Vlad von Carstein, the howling blade that the first of the Vampire counts wielded in his wars, when ti swings through the air it let’s out an unearthly wail and when it strikes it steals the very life from it’s victim.
Vlad’s Sword, it’s the Blood Drinker, striking this helps raise Mircea’s health and heal his wounds on successful hits on the enemy

Runesword: This is a magical blade bound in dark runes. Whether this is forged by Mircea’s necromancers or found in a dark tomb is unknown, regardless it will serve as Mircea’s backup blade in the event that he loses Vlad’s Sword.
Essentially this is a combined Sword of Might and Sword of Battle. It does little expect greatly enhance Mircea’s attacks.

Armor of Totenhof: This dark suit of armor is ornately forged into images of batwings and snarling edges. This suit was constructed for Mircea’s use shortly after he arrived back from his journey after the first Vampire war.
A flayed Hauberk essentially

Cloak of Darkness: A magical black wolfskin cloak that writhes with necromantic power and the spirits of Mircea’s victims. This shrouds Mircea’s form and protects him form enemy blows, almost as if it had a mind of it’s own, it is flexible as spider’s silk and harder than steel.
In RP this is an layer of magical protection. In Tabletop terms it is a 4+ wardsave. It works by wrapping around Mircea like a shield or grasping out to entangle an opponent’s limbs. It also flares behind Mircea in the shapes of batwings when he charges in, but this has no effect other than to make Mircea look cool.

Other Abilities:

Shapeshifting: Mircea posses extensive shapeshifting abilities, a result of his bloodline. Mircea can change his shape into a black bat, a dark grey wolf, a black rat, mist, a swarm of bats or a swarm of rats. This is done almost instantly and all armor and items are absorbed into this new form. Mircea is virtually unrivaled among his bloodline in this skill. In mist form is is immune to all non-magical attack while in swarm form he is virtually immune to most forms of magical attack but vulnerable to fire. Changing into different forms can increase his speed and travel methods.

Control of animals:
As a member of the Von Carstein bloodline, Mircea has extensive links to bats wolves and rats, having a greater degree of control over them than vampires of other bloodlines. He can wrest control of them from other vampires, but only the weaker ones and even then such a feat is quite draining and Mircea rarely uses it.

Weather control: As a member of the von Carstein bloodline, Mircea can call winds and summon thunderstorms, however he rarely uses this beyond to summoning some clouds to cover the sun and even then rarely, for it costs him energy. This allows him to summong clouds in the TVC.

Regeneration: Mircea long ago drank some Troll’s blood and thus posses some modest regenerative abilities. This has little effect in battle as it has been greatly watered down since Mircea first drank it, but it helps him to recover outside of battle. A rather passive ability, this simply helps with his healing.

Resilience: Mircea is quite resiliant, through some fluke of bloodline or martial training he feels very little pain and can shrug off severed limbs quite easily. This tranlates into a high toughess.

Like many vampires of the von Carstein, Mircea posses the ability to hypnotize other creatures to do his bidding through his eyes.
RP wise this works in humans and only weak willed humans. It’s essentially mesmerizing them to perform a certain action.

An excellent tactician, one who has devoted centuries to learning the art of war and commanding troops.
Is very resilient and posses regenerative abilities, healing sword and armor.
Is an unparalleled shape shifter, having mastered the arts of shape shifting s is unrivaled even among the von Carsteins.
Is an excellent close combat fighter comparable to some Blood Dragons


Arrogance Unrivaled: He is very arrogant, event to members of his own bloodline, while no means stupid this can cause him to make some mistakes. He has trouble making allies.
Politically unreliable: Mircea looks out for what he considers Sylvania’s best interests, namely his own. He is concerned with temporal power and has little regard to everything else.
Mediocre caster: He is also a mediocre caster, while not the best caster is not the worst either.
Vampire weaknesses: Mircea is weak against, holy symbols, running water and he cannot use his shape shifting abilities in direct sunlight, although he can go out into the day, but he must spend part of his time in a coffin.

Additional Notes: Mircea controls a fairly large military host, along with several Necromancers and Gets that serve him. He also has at his disposal a small number of Blood Knight Mercenaries.


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Nov 26, 2008
Here's my re-signup for Helena. I've done some slight changes to it (made her a little bit older among other things, though this does not change her proficiencies in any way).
Lady Helena, mistress of The Spirit Host.

Helena is the ghost of a Vampire.

Age: 11 as a human, about 500-600 as a vampire, approximately 100 years as a spirit-anomaly. (Which basically means that she is a ghost with an independent mind and the ability to act upon her own will, instead of being bound to the world through some unfinished deed or traumatic memory)
Bloodline: Likely Von Carstein, although Helena displays very few (if any) of their traits. When she became an ethereal being, the last bonds of a possible bloodline lifted and she now stands outside of them.
Sire: Unknown rogue vampire. He was destroyed shortly after turning her.
Generation: Third
Place of Birth: Unknown, though likely somewhere in Bretonnia.
Height: About 4'6''. (~136 cm)
Weight: None

Appearance: Helena have the general shape and appearance of a female child, resembling herself from before she was turned into a vampire. Long hair, wearing a typical civilian dress. I'll just link you to This Picture instead, as that is how I want her to look like. As befitting her ghostly nature she emits an illuminatingly bright white sheen when she's in her (seemingly) corporeal form. She's also got glowingly yellow eyes.

Personality: Reserved and level headed. Becomes a bit more talkative around allies. Wary of rushing into disadvantageous situations, she is the kind to think carefully before acting in any substantial way. Responds to threats and intimidation with indifference.

History: Helena lived most of her vampiric unlife as a recluse in Altdorf, the imperial seat of The Empire where she kept to herself. Her dark abode, a tall house invisible to the eyes of the city's inhabitants, and her own presence was (and still is) unknowingly shrouded by the great Colleges of Magic.

There she lived a passive life in the shadows, remaining out of the conflicts that arose every now and then around her until one fateful night when she was visited by a fellow vampire, one bent on total destruction. Following a brief but violent struggle against this power-hungry intruder, Helena was destroyed and her house burnt to the ground.

Through some unknown and unnatural means the house reappeared one moonlit night with its mistress stirring inside of it, but now in an ethereal state. Despite having only little memory of her former unlife, Helena could clearly remember the eve of her destruction and decided to play a more active role in the outside world to make sure that her peace would not be so brutally disturbed again.

Basic Stats

Speed: 3*
Agility: 3*
Weapon Skill: -**
Ballistic Skill: -**
Raw Strength: -**
Technique Strength: -**
Toughness: 3
Tactical Knowledge: 4

* This is further enhanced by her ethereal nature.
**As a ghost, Helena is pretty much unable to affect the material world through physical means.


Magical Lores Known: The Lore of Vampires (although the effects are more geared towards ghostly beings and effects)
Raw Magical Power: 5-6 (Level 3 Wizard)
Magical Skill: 5-6 (Level 3 Wizard)

Skillset: None
Skill Level: None


Helena carries no additional equipment or armament.

Other Abilities

Gaze of Undeath

This works more or less like the wailing from a Tomb Banshee but is instead used through eye-contact. A very powerful attack if the enemy is caught off his guard.

Mistress of The Spirit Host

Ghosts and spirits are naturally drawn to her, seeing her as someone of their own kind. She generally has very good control over ethereal creatures.


  • Being ethereal makes her resistant to most forms of attacks and also quite difficult to actually destroy. Only spells and magicks of the very powerful kind poses any real fatal threat.
  • She is very knowledgeable of the arcane, even though her (second) passing left her derived of much strength. She's quite knowledgeable in general as well.
  • She can venture out into broad daylight and is also not affected by holy symbols or other such trinkets.


  • As an ethereal she is pretty much completely dependant on the winds of magic to sustain her while she's away from her home. If enough magic is drained from her essence (through attacks, spells, items or other such means) she will simply phase out and be forced into a recovery period before she can be of much effect again.
  • As mentioned earlier she's practically incapable of inflicting any physical damage which can be a great hindrance if the opposition is a more powerful user of magic.
  • It is also impossible for her to ever evolve or further develop the skills and powers that she already has, no matter for how long she might live.

Additional Notes

She also commands a sizeable force known as The Spirit Host made up entirely out of ethereal beings. These can be an enormous asset in battle as they're able to react and move with unnatural speed and ease, given that they're commanded directly by their mistress.

I hope that she looks alright for re-entering. I'll have Ashlotte's entry up here before long as well.

Get of W'soran

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Apr 23, 2008
Full Name: V’azrin
Associated Names: Dark Lord of Nagash, The Scribe.
Age: 4,000+
Bloodline: Necrarch
Sire: W’soran
Generation: 2nd
Place of Birth: Lahmia but was raised in Khemri.

V'azrin is your classical Necrarch, not tall nor short he has the appearance of a corpse. He wears long black robes with sleeves that fall far past his hands.

Knowledge is supreme as is all Necrarch believes, and mortal life is below the nights of the dead. He is also supremely arrogant never having met a vampire who was better him in the magical arts other than W'soran (he still doesn’t believe Lesa is greater). He dislikes combat and has no problems with fleeing should the need arise.
He is loyal to the Great Necromancer and believes that in this world the living are not truly real; he sees the world of mortals as a dark haze and prefers to be amongst the living.
He is arrogant but has the power to back it up.

Brief History:
V’azrin was a young Priest, not yet truly a Liche Priest, of the Mortuary Cult in Khemri having moved there from Lahmia at a young age. When Nagash rose to power he was selected by W’soran along with a small number of Priests to travel to Lahmia during the height of Nagash reign and pretend to be a rebel against the Necromancer.
He lay in wait in Lahmia slowly training in Nagash’s early arts and when Nagash fell W’soran and his priests kept their cover.
Once the elixir of immortality was created by Neferatem and W’soran the vampire race was born, V’azrin himself was the third of W’soran’s disciples to be sired by their master.
And so he lived in Lahmia and even travelled to Nagash himself as a vampire delegate for the Queen now called Neferata. He sired two vampires in his time within Lahmia, they where Rahotep and then a demented artist called Reshorn.
When Lahmia fell he was one of the surviving Necrarchs and fled with his master to Nagash.
He was quickly raised as one of the highest of Nagash’s servants; he supported major armies in battle and also commanded his own Undead forces.
After Nagash fell he fled with W’soran but parted ways, as such he wasn’t present when his sire was killed and has never forgiven Melkhior for the act.
He rose once more out from his tower to make war on mankind under Nagash against Sigmar as a Dark Lord he was one of the highest ranking of the Great Necromancers servants, he assisted the Dark Lord in not only commanding armies but also in training others in the Great Art.
After Nagash fell once more he fled back to his tower where he mostly remained, rarely leaving.

Once more he left the tower to serve with the Vampire Council using his great arcane knowledge to serve the council, however lately his true allegiances have became obvious as once more he has taken up the title of Dark Lord and with a great work of magic he took control of the von Carstein bloodline.

However "The Scribe" failed in his plans as Lesa freed the von Carstein's from the control V'azrin had used over them. He then met his end due to the unlikeliest thing...love...unable to bring himself to kill Lesa he turned his back on the fallen vampiress which was his last mistake.
As he turned to leave Lesa struck him down with every inch of her magical ability leaving V'azrin nothing but ash on the wind.

Basic Stats
Speed: 5
Agility: 5
Weapon Skill: 4 (5)
Ballistic Skill: 2
Raw Strength: 5(6)
Technique Strength: 3 (4)
Toughness: 5
Tactical Knowledge: 5

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy / Vampire, Fire, Heavens, Light, Metal, Shadow, Death, Beasts.
Raw Magical Power: 10
Magical Skill: 10

Skillset: Dwarven Magical Runes (knows how to activate, negate, create minor ones)
Skill Level: 8 (was able to activate the runes on Milosh’s sword)


Dark Fang of Nagash
This blade was granted to V’azrin by the Great Necromancer as a gift for his service in the war in Nehekhara.
The blade grants visions of madness and terror into those it cuts. Is less effective on powerful vampires than on mortals, but he rarely uses it.
Pale Tome
A tome compiled by V’azrin he recently reclaimed it after Mannfred’s destruction; he compiled the spells within to control and destroy the Unliving. It also contains notes by V’azrin
V’azrin can use the complicated spell work within to literally suck the Dark Energy from other Necromantic creatures, it also contains various notes to do with his plans as a Nagashi.

Other Abilities
W’soran’s Blade
A sword of dark energy that resembles a Khopesh. The sword is infact a spell that summons this blade made up of Dark Energy, it was created by V’azrin as a way to supplement his poor combat abilities during the war against Sigmar.
In terms of the RP it increases his raw Strength, Weapon Skill and Technique skill by 1

Master of Shadows
As a Necrarch V’azrin has always dwelled in the darkness, he has learnt to use shadows as physical representations of himself, to shape into shadowy slaves and to use the darkness itself to move through the land
V’azrin can summon shadowy servants and project himself as a shadow-representation of himself. He can also teleport through the winds of magic using the power of the shadows in the world.

Lord of the Dead
Amongst the Greatest of W’soran’s and Nagash’s students V’azrin has accomplished power over Necromancy equalled only by the greatest of his kind.
V’azrin can easily raise and control a large amount of Undead. He can also subvert the control of lesser necromancers, in effect stealing their troops.

Incredibly powerful magically
Very skilled in the arcane arts
A supreme master of Necromancy
Has mastered all the lores apart from life ((despite attempts to do so))
Ancient which has only led to a rise in physical and magical power.
Has many ways to increase his already considerable magical strength
As one of the highest Servants of Nagash he has a lot of power over the Great Necromancer’s forces.

Without the use of his 'thinking' blade he is useless against other immortals in close combat
Is less durable than other vampires of roughly the same age and power
Probably insane
Is currently infatuated with Lesa, whether love or obsession he hates her for rejecting him and will take any action to see her suffer.

Name: Karl von Carstein (He at times uses the name Karl Von Teuf), In life Damek Khitrovo.
Age: 862 in the year 2523 (Born 1671, Sired 1709)
Bloodline: von Carstein
Sire: Vlad Von Carstein
Generation: 2nd
Place of Birth: Kislev.

Approximately 5’9/5’10 foot, he was a lean figure with long black hair which he usually lets fall down over his shoulders but when pulled back in a pony tail it shows his high hairline, and is not a handsome man but carries strong aristocratic features he also physically appears to be around the age thirty seven.
He is usually seen wearing an extravagant nobleman garb with a long flowing cloak finished of with a silver clasp made in the image of a wolf's head; he will also at times carry a cane with him.
During war he will don a suit of amour and a cloak that made in the image of his sire’s, appears to be made from the souls of the dead.
At his waist is a powerful enchanted blade called the Vampires Fang.
All of this serves to exude an aura of command, however much of this is not physical and is in fact a vampiric Talent of his.

Karl is a supremely arrogant being, he sees the von Carstein line as the high of the bloodlines, and is disgusted by the Stigoi and to a slightly lesser degree the Necrarchs.
His arrogance gives him a strong confidence in his actions and as such he is quite willing to fight extremes that are far beyond him.
At his heart he still slightly resembles the honourable Military Lord he was on life only now honour is situational and can be ignored when required.
Most imporant to Karl is the von Carstein family and Sylvania especially his own barony.
The last remaining aspect of him that seems mortal is his love for his wife.

Background: Originally a Noble and as a Commander in Kislev's armies, when he was thirty seven he welcomed a Noble Man going by the name of Vlad von Carstein into his home. Over the period of two weeks the count and the man seemingly became close, then one night Vlad announced he had a gift for his new friend and within moments granted the blood kiss to the, not entirely willing, mortal.

Coming out of nowhere in the year 1785 during the early reign of Vlad he arrived in a Black Coach at the gates of Castle Teufhof claiming to be a distant relative of the count, the current Baron one Seltar von Tuef welcomed him cautiously. The von Carstein spent little time in introducing himself to the Baron's only child a girl of 19 years by the name of Emilie and lured her into a false sense of confidence in which she confided that her father often abused her and was a cruel and weak man and after a few days it became obvious that she loathed the man. In that moment the von Carstein boldly stated that he would kill her father and take the girl as his bride...is she wished it.
She did.
That night at a dinner Karl killed Seltar in someway and from that point on became the new Baron and after the poor treatment of previous rulers the city welcomed him with open arms.
When the wasting sickness struck Sylvania Emilie, like so many mortals, contracted the disease, and despite himself Karl felt himself caring about her fate, he called as many doctors as he could and used threats and manipulation to get the best from the farthest reaches of the empire but still nothing could be done. However soon after he found out Vlad had sired Isabella and in a journey that took a mere two nights he rode to Drakenhof and spoke with the count and when he returned he immediately sired his wife.

Having a natural skill with Necromancy he served as a Lieutenant in Vlad's forces, commanding lesser vampire and mindless Undead alike. He was a skilled General due to his previous life and did well however when his sire was killed he was struck by a feeling of utter hopelessness and then faking his own death he fled.
He lived amongst human society and only encounter one other of his line, a get of Posner's whom he killed and drained quickly.

When Mannfred was killed Karl quickly returned and slaughtered many other vampires, he laid claim to the Vlad's legacy, claiming as a remaining son of the original count he had the strongest claim. Many vampires pledged themselves to Karl...for a time...but when Mannfred returned he promptly lost all support and angrily he returned to his Castle where he remains to this day.

He recently suffered extreme damage at the hands of the vampire Todd, it is unlikely that he will be able to assist much further in the battle against Nagash.

Basic Stats
Speed: 5
Agility: 6
Weapon Skill: 7 He is a practiced Swordsman, often going Bouts with Marc as a pastime
Ballistic Skill: 3
Raw Strength: 5 As a Get of Vashanesh himself he has advanced vampiric Strength, on top of this he regularly practicies his fighting
Technique Strength: 7 He has learnt many forms of fighting, is favourite however is fencing and he can use his greatsword with ease and grace weilding it as a mortal would weild a sabre
Toughness: 5
Tactical Knowledge: 8 As a High General of Kislev before his death and then as Lieutenants under both Vlad’s and Mannfred’s Regime he is amongst the best commanders of his line this combined with his aura of dark majesty makes him a formidable commander, saying that he does bow to Micrea’s superior talent and position as Marshal of Sylvania.

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy/Vampire Lore, Ice Magic.
Raw Magical Power: 6
Magical Skill: 6 (7 with Ice)

Skillset: Armour and Weapon Maintenance

Vampire's Fang
A perfect replica of Vlad’s own sword, gifted to him by his sire. It resembles a great sword.
The Blood Drinker, striking this helps raise the wielders health and heal his wounds on successful hits on the enemy
Armour of Teufhof
The hereditary armour of his Barony, it was made better by Necromantic enchantments. It grants a greater protection to the Baron.
Essentially conveys to the wearer a level of protection.
Cloak of Souls
The cloak itself absorbs the souls of the slain and grants the vampire increased regenerative powers.
Can absorb the souls of the dying to increase the wearers regenerative abilities.
Signet Ring
A ring bearing the emblem of the von Carstein house gifted to Karl by Vlad.
Nothing Magical, just a symbol of his status.
Karl’s Cane
Looks expensive and well crafted, there is a thin short silver blade within that can be removed with a twist of the handle.

Other Abilities
Aura of Dark Majesty
Karl projects an impression of such high nobility, of just majestic grace that all other beings feel themselves lessen in his presence, he can use this ability to manipulate and exploit others.
In terms of the RP it makes others feel less than Karl when in his presence, it works to greater effect on mortals and lesser vampires but even the eldest are effected to some degree.

von Carstein Shifting
Strong is the ability to transform within Vlad's descendants, mostly wolves or bats are the shapes of choice although mist is a possibility too.
Like most von Carstein's he bears the ability to shape shift, he is quite proficient at it but is restricted to the shifting into a Bat (or swarm off) or a wolf. Mist can also be used but is best kept for escape.

Weather Manipulation
Like many of his bloodline he can control the weather, the effects are stronger and more ferocious when he is angered
He can manipulate the weather causing the sun to become blocked out by clouds or for wind and rain to rage viciously.

Ice Mage
The Greatest Warlords of Kislev have the ability to use magic that is beyond the knowledge and ability of the empire, they bend the winds of magic transmuting them into storms of Ice to match the climate of their homeland.
There are a varity of Ice Spells, those most commonly used by Karl are
1.Ice Shards- Sharp icicles are launched from Karl's fingertips.
2.Hawks of Miska- Hawks fashioned from ice fly from the sky attacking the foes of the caster.
3Shield of Cold- A physical ice shield forms around the caster protecting him from attacks, most effective against fire-based offenses.
4.Blizzard-The Most Powerful of the Ice Magic Karl knows, it creates a storm of great proportions, lowering the temperature and causing massive shards of ice to fly through the air at everyone apart from Karl and summoning up a thick mist.

Talented Necromancer- A master of Necromancy he can easily raise an army to serve him.
Ice Mage- Karl weilds the rare magic that none but the greatest Kislevites can weild.
Vampiric-Has the speed and strength of a vampire.
Swordsman- He is a capable warrior and well-trained in the use of a sword.
Supreme General-Has mastered tactics in life and unlife to lead his horde of the Undead against enemies.
Aura of Dark Majesty-An extremely authoritative figure, no free-willed creature can look upon him without feeling their arrogance melt away to some degree.
Fast- He has increased vampiric speed compared to most other von Carstein's mostly due to his generation and fighting style.

Vampire- He holds the weaknesses of his vampiric nature, he can not enter a place a mortal calls home unless invited, can’t stand Sigmar's symbols and hates sunlight although can easily walk in it when he must.
Arrogant-His arrogance could easily be the death of him.
Failure-Having failed to achieve the title of Count from Mannfred on two occasions he has feelings of Loathing towards himself and his brother.
Necromancer-Can't use any lore apart from Necromancy.
Not a extreme Master-He has neither mastered Magic nor Physical combat to the almost god-like extremes of many vampires
Brooding-His often seems to be in a dark or depressed mood much like his sire.
Short Temper-Like his sire he loses control of his temper very easily and only those he trusts can calm him.
Beloved-He cares for Emilie to such a degree that such any harm befall her he will lose rational control.

Additional Notes
How Karl's aura in the TVC
Combined with his appearance and his vampiric talents he gives off an aura of complete and utter majestic command; no matter how powerful or will strong all beings feel their arrogance and personal standing diminish to varying degrees next to Karl.


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Nov 26, 2008
Ashlotte, The Iron Maiden

Ashlotte is a mechanical creation, an artificial human deviced through engineering and animated by magic.

Age - 4 years
Height - 5'2''. (~165 cm)
Weight - 493 lbs. (~223 kg)

Ashlotte is pretty much made entirely out of iron and other metals. She has a thin physique but this is made up for by her artificial constitution. Now take a look at This Picture, please. She wears a bonnet on top of her head and her hair is a pale violet colour, long and curly. Her face is unnaturally pale with yellow eyes. Her features rarely show any emotion which can be unsettling depending on the situation at hand, despite her doll-like attributes.

She wears a blouse-like attire which flows into a long skirt made out of black overlapping metal plates. This skirt is open to the front and back to allow her ease of riding a mount. Right below her chest there is a heart-shaped window into her interior which reveals several active brass gears and cogs. Aside from this she also wears a pair of puffy white imperial slacks and her extremities both end in a reinforced manner, giving the impression that she's wearing iron gauntlets and greaves.

She's essentially coloured entirely in black & white.

Unless threatened or given orders to confront someone, Ashlotte is typically a friendly being, almost impossible to effectively insult. She can also be a bit dim-witted when it comes to humor and manners. Despite this she is still an intelligent creature and is stubbornly loyal.

Brief History
Ashlotte was first born into the world through the deluded machinations and evil magicks of an underground cult of followers dedicated to the Chaos god Tzeentch. She was the prototype for a type of superior soldiers that her father hoped to market to the imperial states in return for vast amounts of gold. The cult was discovered just as Ashlotte was given consciousness and after taking interest in the mechanical creation and its plight, the watching Helena decided to recover the artificial human before the imperials could destroy it. After making sure that the chaotic magic used to animate the machine had dissipated entirely, Helena imparted some of her own arcane essence into Ashlotte, binding the Iron Maiden to her service for all time. Ever since, Ashlotte have acted as a type of scout and errand runner for Helena, able to traverse enormous distances atop her mechanical steed without tire.

Basic Stats

Speed: 4*
Agility: 4*
Weapon Skill: 4
Ballistic Skill: 6-7
Raw Strength: 5(7)
Technique Strength: 5(6)
Toughness: 6**
Tactical Knowledge: 2***

*Hampered slightly by her weapon.
**Enhanced a bit further on account of being an unfeeling machine.
***She's a single-minded servant.




Skillset: Elementary weapons repairing and maintenance.
Skill Level: 6


The Krnielk

The Krnielk is a massive halberd scavenged by Ashlotte from the remnants of a battle between two opposing Chaos warbands. It is made out of various metals and a strange, stone-like material. This stone-like material gives the weapon it's immense weight but is far from as fragile as a weapon of natural stone would be. It is approximately six feet in length (~183 cm) and weighs somewhere in the area of 110 lbs (~50 kg) with a blade shaped in an elegant yet cruelly curved way.

The effects of this weapon is like that of a regular great weapon (with the excessive weight more or less countered by her own strength) with some additional destructive power thrown in. It gives Ashlotte +2 to her Raw Strength and +1 to her Technique Strength values. (Already included above)

Repeater Pistol

This is a standard triple-barrelled pistol like the ones found in the ranks of the imperial Engineers. Ashlotte has a large amount of additional ammunition concealed on her person.

Mechanical Steed

Ashlotte has as her personal mount an iron horse which she has stolen from an Engineer's personal garage. The steed is comparable to that of a regular living horse but also has the ability to periodically release a powerful surge of stored electricity around it, shocking and stunning nearby opponents.


  • Resistant to injury and most forms of magic.
  • Her appearance can be deceiving, she is quite strong and weighs alot more than the size and dimensions of her body would suggest.
  • While not sensationally skilled in the arts of combat, her wide sweeps with the Krnielk is usually enough to ensure that the target is struck with supremely crushing force.
  • Her aim with the repeater pistol is close to expert, on the other hand.
  • Completely unflinchable.


  • The vampiric essence within her makes her vulnerable to anti-undead and exorcism treatments.
  • She lacks agility which will give her a hard time against any of the more supernatural opponents.
  • Complete lack of magical affinity.


True Blood
Jan 15, 2008

Full Name: Graveclaw
Associated Names: Karlof Schultz, The Beast, The Vermin King, Ghoul-King, Kin-Eater, Monster
Age: 850
Bloodline: Strigoi
Sire: Raze'kharn
Generation: 3rd Generation
Place of Birth: Stirland

Hight: eight feet tall
Weight: three hundred pounds with not an ounce of body fat on him
Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Pale green like rotting flesh, but as tough as hide leather
Hair: None
Ears: large and pointed, very similar to a bats
Claws: 30 inches long and hard as iron
Teeth: all of Graveclaw's teeth have tappered into razor sharp points.
Armor and clothing: Graveclaw wheres the rusted remains of a chain shirt most of witch has rusted away he also wheres a Iron Pauldron on his right shoulder. he also wheres a pair of tattered trousers.

Personalty: Graveclaw is nearly always on the brink of flying into a berserk rage he hates all creatures of undeath, with an awesome fury even the Ghouls who serve him, know not to wander to close least their masters wrath fall upon their heads.


Speed: when running upright 5 when on all fours 9, 4 when on the roof or walls
Agility: 6- Graveclaw can jump six feet in the air
Weapon skill: 8- Graveclaw does not have any weapons save his teeth and Claws
Ballistic skill: 1- Graveclaw doesn't aim he just throws
Raw Strength: 9- Graveclaw can bend Dwarf Foraged steel with his bare hands, and if he gets the drop wrestle a Troll to the ground
Toughness: 8- anything that does not kill Graveclaw outright he will recover from
Tactical Knowledge: 2 Graveclaw can spring an ambush but pretty much a frontal assault is his main tactic.

Magic: Graveclaw can raise the Dead but has no control over them. a Nerarch once speculated that Graveclaws body gave up its magical powers to fuel Graveclaws strength and endurance.

Awesome strength: Graveclaw can bend Dwarf steel with his bare hands, or tear a manor gate from its hinges.

Unholy Endurance: Graveclaw can get up after being thrown across the room by a Varghulf. and once had a Greatsword driven though his chest, Graveclaw simply pulled the sword in deeper and proceeded to bite the wielders throat out.

Wall Climbing: Graveclaw like many Strigori can climb many surfaces though he is slowed doing so.

Superior Smell: Graveclaw's sense of smell is far greater then even other Vampires he can pick up a trail of his prey that is a week old.

Sunlight:Graveclaw is vulnerable to sunlight though he does not combust he is weakened and put through extreme pain as his skin blackens and burns.

Daemons Root and Witchbane: in the Presence of these foul-smelling herbs Graveclaw begins to choke and cough violently and is unable to draw near.

Will not kill humans*: Just as it sounds No matter what they have done to him or even if they are trying to kill him Graveclaw will not kill humans.

*Chaos Warriors and Necromancers have very little of their humanity left and Graveclaw has no problem killing them.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Simon von Carstein

Full Name: Simon von Carstein
Associated Names: Scourge of Morr, The Poetic Fiend
Age: 616
Bloodline: von Carstein
Sire: Isabella von Carstein (deceased)
Generation: 3rd generation.
Place of Birth: Unknown

Roughly six foot tall with short blond hair Simon was sired at the age of twenty six and continues to look this age. The exception to this rule is his eyes which reflect the six centuries he has lived. Simon's appearance has tended to change over the centuries. In his younger days during his exile he dressed to resemble a member of the working class after he sired Sariah he started to revert back to clothes that reflected the minor nobleman he was. In battle he wore standard armour until shortly after the death of Konrad when he discovered a Hauberk that may have belonged to Walach Harkon not far from Grim Moor he tended to wear it as it was superior to his old armour. Thoughl it was finally destroyed by a dark lord of Nagash. Currently he has started wearing armour especially made for him by Jason Nightwere . He carries a magical blade called Animessor once wielded by a vampire hunter it works just as well on mortals too. In complete contradiction to his brother Mircea Simon is always smiling as he enjoys the life that he leads and sees it as a fascinating game.

Simon is possibly the happiest and most devious member of the council. Nothing seems to intimidate or frighten him as he oozes a confidence that unnerves everyone around him. Being a poet he has a way with words that enables him persuade people more easily than others. However his personality can change without warning. When angry he is at his most destructive and his ruthlessness and brutality borders on the genocidal. However despite these occasional outbursts Simon is generally popular and well liked by his servants and he is a kind and thoughtful lord though he has some racist views on vampires that didn’t start off as human calling them half breeds. In his arrogance he believes himself and his fellow vampires to be gods due to their enhanced abilities and powers. However what is not generally known is that he continues to worship Varena Goddess of knowledge and Justice. His best attribute is his almost fanatical loyalty to those he is close to. One example being his rescue of Lesa and Milosh Cromwell from the forces of Magneqrox. He later restored Milosh back to life and aided him in an attempt to bring Lesa back as well.

Brief History
a minor nobleman and famous Sylvanian poet Simon was sired by Isabella so that he could compose poems for her forever. Simon was exiled by Vlad for antagonising everyone as becoming a vampire had radically altered his personality. He was reconciled with his grandsire forty years later and grew to greatly respect him. Vlad was the only vampire Simon ever acknowledged as his Lord as he refused to serve Herman Posner, Konrad and Mannfred instead striking out on his own to forge his own destiny. Simon is currently the Count of Sylvania after manipulating the war between Mannfred and the Council to his own advantage.

He is known as the scourge of Morr by mortals due to the terrible crimes he committed during the first war of the Vampire Counts and because ever since he defeated Dieter von Kronos he has made a point of hunting down and challenging any Vampire hunters connected to the Order of Morr mostly because he grew tired of fights he knew he was going to win. His second title The Poetic Fiend was given to him by other vampires due to his poetry and his habit of killing his own kind and it is the title they use to refer to him.

Basic stats
Weapon Skill:7
Ballistic Skill:6
Raw Strength:5
Technique Strength:8
Toughness:5 (10)
Tactical Knowledge:7


Magical lores known: Lore of the Vampires/Necromancy
Raw Magical Power: 8
Magical Skill:8


Skillset: Stud Farming:8
Simon's knowledge of breeding has enabled him to create the Baalak Gul.

Animessor - The Sword of von Kronos slays demons and undead with ease.
The Carstein Ring - This artefact has lived up to all expectations and made Simon practically invulnerable.
Armour of Nightwere -
Sceptre of Ikaana - This potent magic item enhances Simon's summoning abilities allowing to bind many more undead than normal.

Other abilities

Spectral Attendants - An aura made up of the spirits of Simon’s victims makes it easier for him to dispel enemy magic attacks aimed at him. They also drain enemy magic away.

Defying Gravity - Simon can defy gravity in a limited way enabling him to jump further and higher and even walk on ceilings.

Sunlight - Unlike most vampires Simon isn't superstitious about traditional vampire weaknesses and the most the sun can do to him is weaken his abilities without harming him.

Expert Swordsman - Though he cannot match the skills of the Blood Dragons, Simon is known as possibly the best swordsman of the von Carstein line, his unusual cloak and sword technique has earned him many victories.
Vast Resources - Simon has the largest military force of the council, with hundreds of thousands of undead, mortal troops and mercenary ogres included in his forces his army outnumbers all others on the vampire council.
Potent Necromancer - As a collector of unusual magic items Simons necromantic powers are excellent though he cannot match the like of V'azrin or Lesa.

Laid Back - Simon can sometimes not take things seriously enough, this can mean he can react to situations too late leaving him in a negative position.
Outburst - When Simon does finally lose his temper he becomes extremely irrational and unpredictable, however this is difficult to do although insulting Sariah normally works.


Master Vampire
True Blood
Dec 11, 2007
Vrakian Corvian

Name: Vrakian Corvian
Aliased: Servant of Ushoran, Ambassador of Strigos, the Wanderer, the Black-Winged Devil, the Bat-Man
Age: 4061 years old.
Bloodline: Strigoi
Sire: Ushoran
Generation: Second (Vrakian was already approved in the previous thread, I just never got the chance to use him in the roleplay, I have DoN’s permission on this.)
Place of Birth: Lahmia

Description: A man of medium high and a somewhat muscular built. Vrakian had light brown hair and an unshaven face. He possesses blue eyes and fairly unremarkable features. He is fairly attractive, but the effect is mostly ruined by his rather unkempt appearance.

In his manbat form he gains almost a foot in height and somewhat more muscular, although not to the degree of his Strigoi brethren. His skin turns blue-grey and becomes smooth and mottled, while black hair spouts along his limbs and lower body. He grows two large batwings on his back, each almost twice his size and topped with a razor-sharp wing talon.

His features become bestial and he gains pointed ears while his nose flattens into a batlike snout and he gains sharp pronounced fangs. His hands and feet turn into nail-like claws.

(Imagine Markus Corvinus from Underworld Evolution)



He generally wears the cloths of a traveling wanderer or road warden. Essentially a storm coat, leather pants and a shirt.

Personality: He is a somewhat reserved, but polite and gentlemanly person on the outside. His Reikspiel is somewhat old-fashioned and halting, and he sometimes slips in archaic references.

However beneath that he himself is a nihilist in the way that he believes that the only things that matter are what exist that can be experienced by himself. He himself is always plagued by feelings of despair after the fall of Strigos.

Breif History: He was born originally in ancient Lahmia, one of the household servants to Prince Ushoran. He quickly rose to become one of the Prince’s favored followers and was given the Blood Kiss.

Vrakian was a scholarly, cautious sort of man, who spent most of his time either in the libraries or in the training grounds, mastering his new powers. Indeed, the only times he seemed to disappear form those places when he fed.

When Lahmia fell, Vrakian fled with Ushoran for his travels, still acting as a loyal retainer. He followed his master all the way to what would become Strigos. Their he became part of the new ruling class.

Vrakian became an ambassador, not to the other vampires, but to far distant human tribes. In this role he acted as an ambassador and traveler for the Kingdom of Strigos, always looking to foster trade. He did this for decade son end.

During this time he made many acquaintances and friends. He fostered many debts for Strigos. However by the time he returned to Strigos he found it in ruins and his Master dead.

Vrakian was broken by this, and he was forced to flee. However, whereas his brethren fled to the wilderness in fear of the other vampires. Vrakian had found many hidden lairs and hiding places during his travels. He knew of one isolated tribe of humans deep within the Grey Mountains, to the Sea of Claws.

Their, Vrakian settled in, their he fed off the local villagers. He made an agreement with the local villagers, he would protect them in exchange for blood.

This agreement continued until several hundred years later, where a raiding fleet of Chaos Marauders sailed across the Sea of claws and destroyed Vrakian’s home, again, this time he now wondered the nations of the Old World, hoping to find a new home.

He has traveled many places, seeing the homes of nobles and prices, of farmers and beggars, or knaves and rouges, and of knights and warriors.

As a result of his good fortune after the Fall of Strigos he has mutated less than other Strigoi, indeed, he is one of the few Strigoi able to assume a human shape, his ‘’werebat’’ shape is his true form, but one hw uses only for combat.

Basic Stats:

Speed-On foot without his wings in his normal form, he possesses a 5 [When transformed he posses a 10 for flying.]

Agility: On foot a 6 [Transformed a 10 because of the wings, in this form he favored combat style is the aerial divebomb]

Weapon Skill: Vrakian posses mediocre formal training as one of the Prince’s servants, but his modest training is supplemented by his millennia of experience. He has a 6 here.

Ballistic Skill-Lacking very little ranged weapons training Vrakian has a 2

Raw Strength: Vrakian posses enormous vampiric strength as a result of his bloodline. He has a 10

Technique strength: as Vrakian relies mostly on his already considerable natural strength, his is a 3 here.

Toughness: Vrakian is very resilient, his already toughened flesh resistant to most blows and his powerful Troll-like regeneration making most wounds heal extremely rapidly, the only way to put him down for good is beheading or complete destruction of the head. He has a 8. [When against normal weapons, I.e not Silver and Fire, he gains 9 as his regeneration is working to full effect]

Tactical Knowledge: Vrakian has some experience from watching the great armies in the old wars, but he possesses a 3 here.

Magic: Lore of the Vampires

Magical energy- As a result of his age he posses 6 in terms of energy

Magical skill- Vrakian posses a 3 in terms or skill, he rarely uses his magic beyond healing himself.

Technology: None

Equipment: None

Other Abilities:

Regeneration: Regeneration of damaged tissue is common among some Strigoi vampires. Vrakian, due to his age and bloodline, heals very fast to weapons that are not blessed silver or certain types of magic weapons. He is even able to heal severed limbs quite quickly. However decapitation will kill him. In this aspect he is much greater than Mircea’s form of regeneration, which is much more slower and passive. This combined with his iron flesh makes him very hard to kill.

Iron Flesh: His true form has become quite toughed and leathery over the millennia, much like the hide of an Ogre bull or Troll. His flesh is almost like armor in this aspect. He is quite capable of deflecting aside glancing blows with simply his bare skin. Although any direct blows plus weapons like great weapons and laces will pierce his skin easily.

Claws and Fangs: Vrakian’s hands are transformed into great claws, while his wing talons are like iron spears. In his werebat form he possesses very sharp fangs. This, combined with his incredible strength enable him to rip through armor quite easily. He is also very adept at using his wing talons to impale enemies.

Summon Ghouls: Like many of the strigoi lords Vrakian can command the twisted cannibals of humanity to his power and bind them to his will. He rarely does so though.

Summon Bats: Vrakian has a close connection to bats and can command them almost as good as ghouls.

True form: Vrakian has two ‘’forms’’ one is his ‘’werebat’’ or true Stigoi form. The other is his human form which is a result of his shape shifting abilities. His own transformative abilities are limited in comparison to other vampires, only able to transform into his man-bat form and a full fledged bat. He is also capable of a partial transformation (such as his wings in human form)

Most of his abilities are only truly revealed in his ‘’true form’’

Enhanced strength: Despite his rather slight frame compared to most Strigoi, Vrakian is enormously strong, even for a vampire. (His strength stems from not muscles but rather an enhancement of the passive magical ability that strengths a vampire after death) He is able to stop a charging Ogre bull with a single hand with ease., or tear asunder dwarven plate like paper.
This strength exists partially due to his extreme age and Second-generation status.

Regeneration: Regeneration of damaged tissue is common among some Strigoi vampires. Vrakian, due to his age and bloodline, heals very fast to weapons that are not blessed silver or certain types of magic weapons. He is even able to heal severed limbs quite quickly. However decapitation will kill him. (In this aspect he is much greater than Mircea’s form of regeneration, which is much more slower and passive).

Iron flesh: His true form has become quite toughed and leathery over the millennia, much like the hide of an Ogre bull or Troll. His flesh is almost like armor in this aspect. He is quite capable of deflecting aside glancing blows with simply his bare skin. Although any direct blows plus weapons like great weapons and laces will pierce his skin easily.

Flight: In his true form he posses a large pair of wings that allow him the ability to fly in the air. He is quite maneuverable in this form. He is capable of retracting these wings into his body as part of his shapeshifting abilities.

Claws and fangs: In his werebat form he posses very sharp fangs. This, combined with his incredible strength enable him to rip through armor quite easily. He is also very adept at sing his wing talons to impale enemies.

Aside from this he posses the common strengths of a vampire such as enhanced speed, senses and other level common for an extremely old vampire lord.


Sunlight: As with all vampires he posses some form of weakness of sunlight, due to his advanced age he can walk in it, although this burns away his human disguise and leaves him very weakened.

Silver: Blessed and enchanted silver can hurt him and harm his regeneration.

Fire: Fire is also another excellent way to harm him.

Religious symbols: He is quite resistant to the Sigmarite symbols, but weak to ancient Lahmian deities and certain Elven symbols.

Sorcerer: Although he posses some element of magic skill, his lack of real interest in it over the millennia means that he is mediocre at the very best. (A level 2 in game)

Not a general: He does not command armies very often.

No Magic weapons: He has no magic items or weapons.

Additional Notes: Hopefully I have balanced out his speed and strength with lack of magic and little army support.


Master Vampire
True Blood
Dec 11, 2007
Serpino Octavo

Name: Serpino Octavo
Bloodline: Necharch
Age: 1722
Sire: Unknown, he himself does not care
Place of birth: Estalia
Generation: Unknown, most likely fourth or fifth, he has consumed several other vampires since then so his original descent is quite hard to determine.
Aliases: The Phoenix of Estalia, the Vampire of Science the ‘’Fornicaras’’ Estalia for ‘’he who fornicates’’

Appearance: Serpino normally appears to be a handsome young man with auburn hair and amber yellow eyes. His skin is fine textured and fair, his profile is more beautiful than handsome, his features very fine. His build is slender, but muscular. He wears the robes of a mercenary wizard of a Tilean Dog of War company.. In his true form he is a monstrous and rotted version of his normal appearance, his skin turning corpse grey and his features turning into a twisted parody of his normally fine features, his teen lengthen like a rat’s and his fingers turn into twisted, grasping talons.

In this form he grows what appeared to be four, wing-like protrusions form his back, , each with a red ‘’branch’’ that appears as like a falling blood drop. He can extend this wings or flare them like a bird. His lower form is obscured with what looks like bloodied tentacles.

In this form he usually wears the same clothes as before.

Personality: Serpino is a very flamboyant, very narcissistic and prone to making lewd comments about his enemies and allies. He himself is very smug and arrogant in his abilities as a wizard and scientist. He enjoys women. In battle he is very cruel and sadistic with his enemies, often extending the battle as much as possible to gain the maximum about of suffering. He frequently uses this in his research.

When he is forced to assume his true form he grows bestial and hateful, often ranting and raving about the ugliness of his true form. This is the dark side to his imagne of a showboating young man.

Serpino’s desire to is achieve a perfect existence. He does not merely want the undead half-life that other vampires share. Instead he wants to incorporate death into his life cycle, effectively both curing his own vampirism and simultaneously archiving something surpassing it. Serpino’s ultimate goal is to become like the phoenix, and continuously evolve and rebirth, in order to become truly immortal.

Unlike other Necharch, Seprino is no interested in a ‘’world of the dead’’ without blood. He greatly prefers the world of humans as it is, and he himself enjoys the act of drinking blood very much.

Brief History: Before the Colleges of Magic the only wizards where unsanctioned, their where only those who where forced to develop their powers by themselves. Most went mad with power, or succumbed to daemonic posses, most ended up fodder for the mob or for With Hunters.

Not so Serpino.

Serpino Octavo, a scion of a wealthy noble family, one was of the few individuals who had enough self-restrain and intelligence to properly control his powers and not succumb to the short, brutal fates which awaited so many other Hedge Wizards. His family disowned him when they discovered his abilities, but it mattered not, Serpino evaded the mobs and witch Hunters sent after him and he entered into a lucrative profession in one of the Mercenary companies. The various Mercenary captains of Tilea and Estalia valued his services, and Serpino quickly grew rich and powerful. He also satisfied his tremendously sexual appetite for women as well. He even delved into the arts of science. He became a true resistance man. In all life was good for Serpino.

However that changed when his mercenary company soon received orders to guard an ancient tomb at the border between Tilea and the Border Princes. They where ambushed during the night as soon as they arrived. Their attacker was a Necharch vampire whose name has long since been lost to history. Serpino was the only survivor of the attack, but he emerged not as a human, but as a vampire. It is unknown what exactly happened, only Serpino and his sire know, and Serpino is not talking about it. Regardless he was soon pleased with his new form, not giving much thought to his former companions. He was stronger, faster, more adept at magic, and immortal to boot. All it required was feasting on blood, which he readily did on the local peasants. To an amoral and selfish person like Serpino it was perfect.

However his pleasure soon turned to horror as his body began to change, becoming monstrous and wizened. His skin sloughed off, his hairs grew pointed and ragged, his fangs and nails grey and his body soon stank. The curse of the Necharch bloodline took hold. Serpino, a man who prided his looks and beauty above all, was horrified, soon women where running away screaming from him

He resolved to reserve this, locking himself into his tombs and laboratories in an effort to reverse his side into a horrific form. He was unsuccessful in that. However he was able to create a human disguise by use of magical fleshcraft. This cloaked his true form and restored his former beauty. He then revolved to become the perfect being, not only to restore his beauty fully, but to become the most powerful spellcaster and necromancer. To achieve perfect immortality that did not end with a stake through the heart.

Basic stats:

Speed: 5
Agility: 6-
Weapon Skills: 4-Serpino is not a blademaster
Ballistic skills: 7 surprisingly, Serpino is a good shot, spending much time practicing over the centuries after inventing his first Dhar gun.
Raw Strength: 5
Technique strength: 2
Toughness: 5 [However his healing potions and minions increase this to a 7]
Tactical Knowledge: 4

Magic: Lore of Vampires, Fire, Gold, Death, Shadow

Magical energy: 8

Magical Skill: 7 [8 With blade of Razetop]


Skaven-style warp-technology: 8- Serpino has mastered his own brand of Skaven technology

Dwarf Rune Theory: 8-Serpino has extensive experience with dwarf runes

Elf runes: 6- Serpino has less experience with this

Chaos magic: 9-Serpino has easiest access to this, this deals mostly with Chaos runes and displeiing, but Serpino is skilled at summoning minor Slaanesh daemons.

Flesh Crafting: 8- Seprino is highly skilled in Moulder-style flesh crafting when combined with necromancy

Forging of Magical items: 7

Maintenance of armor and weapons: 9-Seprino is highly skilled in this.


Blade of Razetop: Serpino discovered the blade of Razetop, a wand-like dueling saber, when in an old barrows tomb. This has fed on nearby magical energy, amplifying Serpino’s powers.

How this works in the roleplay is very similar to Mannfred’s blade except it also helps amplify Serpino’s control of magic. He uses the magic absorbing ability quite less than one thinks since the ability is ineffective against strong spells and only works by interfering with an enemy’s own magical aura. He rarely get’s to use this against opponents skilled in close combat because of his own pitiful close combat skills.

Bag of Holding: a mysterious pouch attached to Serpino’s belt. It is emblazoned with the symbol of the Phoenix and not much else. It can hold far more than it’s size would suggest.[i/]

This is effectively a hammerspace bag for Seprino.

Mantle of Shadows: a cape-robe like garment that Serpino wears, it wreaths him in shadows that he can control. These show appendages surround his opponent and entangle them in close combat. They can also he used in limited magical tasks.[i/]

RP wise it’s a fancy Nightshroud with some limited showdown abilities.

Circlet of the East: A mysterious circlet found in an ancient tomb in the Mountains of Mourn. It enhanced Serpino’s control of the undead.

In RP terms it’s a Helm of Command.

Observation Creature: Serpino had modified various animals, such as cats, bats and rats, with necromantic and technology, enabling them to transmit information to Serpino, Serpino usually modifies these animals to put them under his direct control.

In roleplay terms in essence it’s like watching a television feed directly to one’s mind.

Necromantic guns: created from various reverse-engineered Skaven warplock pistols, these are powered by Dhar and used to fire either enchanted steel cults, or warpstone bullets. Serpino carries two on his bag, with enough ammunition. Each type is a repeater capable of four shots. [/i[

RP terms they are essentially fancy warplock pistols. They are still prone to malfunction though.

Healing Potion: again using a derivative of human blood, Serpino has created a powerful regenerative serum that can heal almost anything in seconds. However this is hard to manufacture and he has a very limited supply He caries enough for four doses on his person.

Again, pretty much instant healing of the flesh.

Magical Nullifier: Serpino has multiple devices ranging from handheld to the size of room capable of negating various types of magical winds.

In RP terms it generally works in size. Serpino first has to observe and analyze the type of magic directly or using an Observation creature, then he has to fine tune his objects to match it. The smaller the object the shorter the magic will be nullified. The larger the longer and greater effect it has. Serpino has built entire rooms that can completely nullify an aspect of magic.

Clones: Serpino has the ability to create necromantic constructs that mimic his form. They are mindless and under the control of Serpino.
There are two types:

Blood Clones: Easily created in the field, they are essentially blood shaped into being by Necromancy, they are very weak and can be destroyed with a single strong blow, they are not much stronger than an average human and lack Seprino’s magic.

True Clones: these are Necromantic constructs surgically and magically altered to look just like Serpino, Serpino can control this from afar. This form is about as strong as a fairly new Thrall, and can use some of Serpino’s magic.

This type of clone can be controlled directly by Serpino in his coffin or by his circlet, he can effectively use this as another body. He has further modified these types into explosive variants and observational variants. Despite their name these as essentially heavily modified wights made to look human.

How it works in the roleplay is that both are proxies, although the Blood clones are far more disposable.

Voodoo doll: Serpino, once he has collected the flesh or blood of his opponent, can create a Voodoo doll to mimic their bodies. He learned this in the Southlands.

Essentially It’s a standard voodoo trick. This requires a preliminary Necromantic ritual and some piece of the target’s flesh to work. Once he has done that Serpino can control a person and even cause pain. He can choose to break open the doll (this will not tear the person in half) but will instead allow him to starting crushing internal organs.

It’s possible to resist this with plenty of will so that Serpino cannot control the character’s actions. But he will still retain his organ-damaging abilities. However depending on the vampire the loss of most internal organs being crushed and damaged will simply slow them down.

Against living creatures this skill is far more effective.

Other Abilities

:Scientific Genius: Serpino, like many Necharchs, is a genius even before he was turned, now that he has centuries to learn his mind has only grown.

Serpino is quite capable of making magical inventions and in one of the pioneers in magical technology and fleshcrafting.

Preparation: Not so much as an actual power but more like a fighting style, Serpino greatly prefers fighting set-piece battles, and studying his opponents beforehand and making devices and spells to counter them.

In the RP expect Serpino to try to avoid hasty battles and try to sit back and anyalze.

Minions: Serpino maintains a large stable of necromantic creations that are created by himself. These range from twisted bone ogres to various orc wights. The only things these creations hold in common is that they are all totally loyal to Serpino and each has been modified so that they can be consumed by Serpino to regenerate his wounds in case he runs out of regenerative serum.

Serpino can control and summon these minions. He prefers to leave the brute work to them. He can also absorb or consume them to regenerate himself.

True Form: Serpino can access his true vampire form whenever he wishes, although he hates and despises his true from and refrains from using it whenever possible. This form is also involuntary accesses when he is exposed to sunlight.

Serpino had modified his true form many times over the centuries, combining it with necromancy. Most of these center around his own blood. He can shape his ‘’wings’’ into a mass of miniature stingers, and uses this to inject his blood into the enemy. From then on his blood flows through an opponent’s body and paralyzes and corrodes their internal organs. This is less effective against vampires due to their undead nature.

-Brilliant Scientist
-Highly skilled Wizard
-Master of the set-piece battle
-Very skilled in analyzing and deducting the nature of spells and magic.

-Poor close combat fighter.
-situational, most of his more powerful abilities require studying on an opponent or preparation time.
-Outside of a set-piece battle his combat ability drops significantly. His combat ability rises according to the amount of prep time and what inventions he can make.
-Sadistic: Seprino enjoys dragging out his set-piece battles far too long then he really should
-Curious: Serpino is quite curious about unusual magical abilities
-Prideful: It goes without saying Serpino is arrogant
-Sunlight: although he has modified his body long ago to resist sunlight, his disguise will be brunt off by sunlight, revealing his true form.
-Holy symbols: He is weakened and repelled by Holy symbols of Myrmidia, Tall, Rhya, Ulric and Sigmar.
-Counting: Serpino is often distracted by certain types of sunflower seeds, this often sends him into an introspective trance, however woe betide to the one who disturbs him in such a trance.
-Running Water: Serpino cannot cross running water unless by a bridge or suchlike.
-Invitation: Serpino must be invited into private places, he cannot enter on his own.
-Serpino himself is not weak to silver or magical weapons, his he long ago removed such weaknesses.
-Irrational fear of clowns: Serpino has an incredible fear of clowns stemming form a long sago childhood incident.
-Unreliable Inventions: Many of his inventions are based on Skaven technology, and are therefore somewhat unreliable, but not to the degree of the Ratmen.

Additional Notes; while Serpino posses a wide range of powers, he also has a wide range of weaknesses, and many of his inventions required certain situations to be used to their full effect. His main weakness is close combat, although his cloak will help him, it will not prevent all attacks.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Sep 17, 2007
Character Bio: Draithon Lucellius Thornheart.

(Drai-thon Lu-Cell-i-us Thornheart
Associated Names: Duke Lucius Farseer, The Vengeance.
Age: 257
Bloodline: Highelven Monarchy / The Markaen.
Sire Finubar the Seafarer / Nagash.
Generation: First, though of a weakened bloodline.
Place of Birth: Erlisa / Cripple Peak.

Thornheart was not killed during sacking of Erlisa, a small high elf port, instead he was captured and taken along with 30 others to Klarond Kar, all at the young human equivalent age of 7, why he was not killed has a disturbing answer, as he was likely meant for the brothels. He was saved from this fate when a spy of the dark sentinels noted his similarities to Finubar the Seafarer, which is not altogether strange, as it seems the reason for his residing in Erlisa is that he is Finubars eldest son, despite being born on the wrong side of the sheets. Taken to Naggarond his worth was immediately recognized, one as a valuable hostage, yet also as an assassin for the Sentinels, for he did not know his identity and the irony amused Malekeith, as well as that he had extroadinary potential as a informer and diplomat. Tension began building between him and Malkieth when his mentor, now known as The Fallen but previously she was known as The Paramount defected and began fighting against Malekieth. Draithon was sent to kill her, which he finally managed. Discovering finally that it was a trick, a set up to rid Malekieth of the Paramount, as she was getting to influential for his liking. However, during her supposed defection she discovered a hidden route connected to the underground sea that lead directly to the Vortex. Believing yet again that he could control chaos, Malekeith attempted to take this route. In a bid for power Morathai had the Dark Sentinels send Draithon, he helped others cause a cataclysmic earthquake that nearly closed the vortex itself, but didn't and sealed the route. Draithon was sent by the Dark Sentinels to adopt a burnt earth tactic and destroy all villages along Malekieths return route to damage his chances of returning with any strength. This was all another setup and his force was destroyed by a vast Lahmian army. All the while a number of horrificly effective border raids were being carried out by a Tzeenchtien army, one that surpassed even the druchii in their cruelty, speed and intelligence. Unable to preempt them, and riven by a game of thrones Naggaroth can only wait and wonder. Unable to mount effective counter attacks against a mostly daemon based force. The phoenix king took this as a signal and launched an expedition. Eltharion the grim is currently marauding about. Earlier on Malekieth aquired a fool. Unknown to most he displays prophetic abilities and is working for some greater cause. Believing Naggaroth instrumental to the war against chaos he nevertheless wants the Witch King dead which would no doubt cause civil war…

From personal records, it seems that Draithon and his fellow captives were transported to Cripple Peak and tested upon. The goal was to create elven vampires, using a modified elixir of life to the one held by Nagash, As a bargaining tool, one in many attempts to gain the upper hand over other rulers. They were by no means the first group of captives, hundreds had died in there. But they were the last. Nagash succeeded in this goal to an extent, as you can see with Draithon today, yet he doesn't have quite the same strength gains, toughness, magic ability or natural control over the undead. But it was then that everything went wrong for the vampires, a large Tombking army, persuaded by Malekieth, attacked the fortress, in the ensuing chaos the vampires escaped, right into the waiting arms of the tombkings. Weakened and crippled the army was decimated by a Darkelven counter-attack, apparently helping Nagash. In the process the vampires were ‘disappeared’.

They arrived back at Naggarond, and were set to be executed for the crime of unlawfully possessing magic. They all died on the turn of the month executed on Ghronds high altar after weeks of brutality. Their corpses were buried, as their bodies stubbornly resisted Khaines more holy flames. By the next year the sacrifices and slaughter had brought the vampires back, and finally, on death night they were strong enough to escape the city.

Thornheart currently reigns over a small Duchy near Marienberg, given to him by King Leoncour for his efforts in both great Arabian wars, in the second as Lord-Strategist of The Araby Recliamation Pact. It is a reasonably sized place, with two small towns and a castle town. It relies on trade up its wide river, as it is situated in mountains and agricultural land is sparse. The people are happy and the towns prosperous. The capital is castle Icekeel. The other Brettonian Lords seem incapable of seeeing him as anything but his assumed human role, perhaps this is a small scale visual deception, certainly unexpected, which is why it has not been picked up on yet. The next level of deception, which takes some time to prepare, takes a fellow caster and causes immense pain is truely impossible to see past, as Draithon reforms skin, muscle and bone into his assumed shape.

Thornheart is not well renowned, his work for the darkelves was of highest secrecey and he is but a prosperus Brettonian noble. He is fairly well known in Naggaroth, but despised by much of the population as a traitor, illegal magic user and half-breed, at least in public. In private he may be loved as an icon against chaos depending on their beliefs of Malekieths magical control, also as true to The Prime who was a loved and respected fighter against the highelves.

Physical Description: Like most darkelves, Thornheart has high and noble features, he is not man of the month, but comely non the less. He has chin length silver hair in a widows peak, which he sometimes changes back to black with magic, he still hasn't decided which looks better, though black is his natural colour. Unusual among his kind, he has almost glowing green eyes. His skin is even paler than normal because of his vampirism. On his left ear he wears a peculiar earring, a small Sapphire held in a net of silver with small dragon designs. The sign of a Lord in the Black Crown. He is tall and thin with long, seemingly over long (by about 1cm) fingers. On his right ring finger he wears an elegant silver and amethyst ring. In battle he wears a full body suit of dull grey, purple and black armour, built to accentuate fear and martial supremacy, with bulked out shoulders, highly detailed armour, small spikes in strategic places and threatening armour plate looks,with the described black robes. ]. His travelling garb consists of leather arm guards, and a black silk kheitan ( fairly tight fitting soft flowing robe) cut between the legs for movement, it flutters softly to an invisble wind. .Raised ithilmar pauldrons cover his shoulders. Shaped almost like splaying scimitars, yet slightly raised into a triangle, with the points pointing forwards. . As an assassin he believes in being prepared for every opportunity. To this end he has two silver knives in thigh sheaths, two poison powder packets sewn into the lining of his cuffs, tools of his trade( i.e posions) he carries in a box with his weapons (ie, on his back) except for a small amount of lockpicks and a small shard of null stone. For quiet work he carries a curved dagger, perfectly balanced for throwing and a repeater cross-bow, which fires a bolt per pull of the trigger.

Personality Description: Thornheart is introspective, cold, and almost always calm unless his vampirisim exerts a hold or someone has truly roused his anger. This is not to say he doesn’t show emotion, as emotion can be used the empower words. He is intelligent and practical yet slightly vain. Generally remorseless, a faint glimmer of concience sometimes influences his actions and sometimes black humor will come unbidden. He is also extremely determined in his goals, sometimes single minded to the exclusion of all else. Rarely does he drink blood, as he regards it as uncouth and primitive. Under almost no compulsion will he enter a torture chamber, the entrance of one will send him into a series of unmanning flashbacks. He regards most people as hypocrites, those claiming they are noble and pure but in reality all are crass humans or elves.

Revealed Drives:

Draithon joined the council as a means of furthering his war against Malekieth. Malekieth set him up betrayed and tortured him, generally that gets someones emnity. Furthering this far includes plundering the vaults of Nagash and verifiying rumors that Malekieth is supporting Nagash behind the scenes. Secondary goals include discovering what vampirism truely is, and how vampiric society functions.

Known Associates:
Elrielle Winterclaw- his lover, one of the remaining elven vampires.

Reyasaltien – a dragon that Draithon Thornheart befriended and saved from death in exchange for friendship and a great ally.

Thorgrim GrudgeBeard, Captain in the Dwarven Royal Navy- a loyal friend, they met eachother during the first great Arabian war, and have remained allies ever since.

Captain Darkwater: Thornhearts Lieutenant, an darkelven raider captain that Draithon gave the Bloodkiss. He is utterly loyal to Thornheart, a Dark Sentinel.

TVC Statistics

Speed: Draithon is a vampiricly enchanced elf, and as such can move around rather quickly as he wears very light armour. 6

Agility: His reflexes are extreme and his ability to use them unnatural: 8

Weapon Skill: He is an accomplished warrior and has trained with the most accomplished weapons masters in the world. 7

Ballistic Skill: Draithon has a fair eye, and some basic military training in ranged combat, he can hit the exposed areas on armour with a little time to aim: 6

Raw Strength: He has an average amount of strength, not as unnatural as other vampires, but still well built. 5

Technique Strength: See WS: 7

Toughness: Elves have slender frames, and though he can mentally persevere through pain, bodies can only take so much. His armour is also quite light :4
This does not reflect mental endurance, and for example under torture He has a skill level of 8.
To illustrate this, if he was stabbed through the abdomen, and not killed outright, he would be able to persevere for quite some time ignoring the pain. It is possible to wound him quite easily, but if it doesn't debilitate or kill him, he will likely be able to keep on going, probably causing further damage.

Tactical Knowledge: As a general under Malekieth he has a century of experience under one of the greatest soldiers of the time: 9

Skill: 3
Power: 3
Lores: Amethyst, Necromancy, Ice, Fire. Particular spells from each.

Skill Sets:

Skill level 6
Draithon is skilled at creating fortifications, and destroying them. Including some use of explosionives.

Skill level: 10
Draithon is above all an assassin, and as such nows the tools of his trade. He knows all poisons that exist, has most of theirs ingredients and many samples as well as a great skill in emplying them on his opponents.



Knows: Faily well:
Some ancient languages.

A hand and a half dark elf longsword.It is a blade given great care, embellished with a pommel in the shape of a dragons head and small guards that recurve forward resembling claws. Made from dark Ithilmar and folded an amazing 300 times the blade is especially sharp and resilient, rippled and a dusky silver in colour. The grip is plain dark blue leather. It is not magical yet a channel along the centre of the blade up to halfway is filled with obsidian to protect against the harmful effects of magic.

Versidian (Obsidian blade): A thin longsword created with a blade created almost entirely on obsidian, in the basic Darkelven sword shape with some slight embellishments. It is strengthened to more than that is required for a sword. The nature of the blade is that it is an anathema to magic. Ethereal creatures fear its touch, magic shies away from it, directed spells can be deflected and magic summoning interrupted. Created specifically for use during the Campaign against Nagash. Still, as a stone the blade is brittle, and Draithon prefers to use Cerillye.

Longbow: A tall, menacingly curved longbow. Its power is such that very little commonly forged armour can stand against it. Thorns and roses are caved along the full length.

Everyday Supplies: A series of pouches attatched by small cross straps around his body. They include poisons, knives, garrote, flint, some wine, antidotes, the null stone, lockpicks, even a few bandages.


Vampire Lord:
RedFury (blade skill)
Walking Death (a command Aura e.g Brilliant General)
Supernatural Horror (his reputation precedes him)
Walach’s Bloody Hauberk ( The Icekeel Cuirass)
Book of Arkhan ( again, Brilliant general)
Sword of Battle (The Moonlight Blade)


Dark Inquisitor:
As a member of the Draithon has trained for just over 150 years, under expert tutelage. His already entirely abnormal reflexes were enchanced by both this and vampirism. He is an skilled blademaster capable of besting most opponents by virtue of his reactions and precision, as well as a fairly good shot. He knows how to use most weapons of the world, from an empire duelling pistol, to a seaguard ballistae. As it was a primarily assassination organisation, he is also well trained in the diplomacy of the knife, and sneaking and assorted lockpicking and diversionary skills. His natural intelligence and strategical ability has been nutured.
|_ Stealth Abilities: Draithon is able to move nearly as queitly as a ghost, naturally stepping in the places least likely to create noise, wearing boots with steps muffled by cloth, and just being quiet.etc. He is also able to hide in nearly anyplace, using all shadows as cover. If getting close to the target is impossible, his bow is a fall back, or he can set up poison traps, in their sleeping chamber for example.

-Not particularly strong compared to other vampires. He is still about Str 5, but can't put the raw ferocity and strength that true vampires can into a blow, fueled by bloodthirst.
-Not the most adept with magic (Lvl 1.5-2 mage)
- Not a very fast runner
- Not particularly tough (He is an elf...) (T4, not 5)
-Can be unmaned by some flashbacks
-Suffers from infrequent seizures set off by injuries.
-He will do anything, ANYTHING for his revenge.
-He is still a compartively young vampire, and is therefore not as powerful as others.

Draithon is followed everywhere by six Dark Sentinels, extremely well trained darkelven assassins and soldiers, loyal to the core. Much like a varient of the Black Guard. They are dressed in long black cloaks with armour similar to Draithon's underneath. Armed with a repeater crossbow, a Draich and numerous knives. His armies consist of a Black Ark, housing just over 10 banners of darkelves (2000) as well as 20 banners of undead (4000). As a count of brettonia he can call on up to 50 knights and 1000 peasant levy.

The Black ark, The Blade of Midnight, is similar in shape to an enourmous tower ringed by smaller ones. It is capable of partial submersion. It is also capable of great fire support, enabled as it is with enourmous ballistae.

Quotes: “Honour is a shield that can only be used against another with the same shield” On the field of battle, to an enemy commander.

“I’ve died once, it wasn’t a pleasant experience, and I do not wish to repeat it.' To an assassin, also sent in a message to the assassins contractor, both deceased.

Current Location: Castle Icekeel.


Name: The Dark Sentinels
Based in: Castle Icekeel.
Current Membership:
4 Lords-Draithon (The Vengeance ) , The Ecstasy, The Wrath, The Finality and 5 Seneschal. 20 Initiates. 7 Bodyguards per Lord. Combined army of 2000 soldiers. Spy and informant network of near 1000. Total resources, approx 3000 men. This pales in comparison to the section loyal to Malekieth, who have over 100,000 soldiers alone at their disposal.

Name Origin: They were created to safeguard Malekieths throne. The Laughter comes from his generally uplifted attitude and wit and frequency of laughter. Yet when angered this is converted in a sadistic way, think Heath Leadgers Joker, but when unangered a merry wit. The Wrath comes from his method of using anger in a controlled way to fight. The Finality is named after his effect, he is a Sniper, and if you are his target, Khaine help you. The Lost comes from the fact that Draithon is an anomaly, alone in his kind and therefore lost,

Symbol: A Dark purple/black crown in the middle of a white background. The crown is seven ponted with a tear-drop sapphire in each point. The background is patterned by two faint silver longswords and a green poison vial.

Description: A separate entity to the Temple of Khaine, a safeguard created against them, should something happen to question their loyalty. Its members consist of specifically chosen dark elves. Each elf is a trained assassin, but unlike their temple counter parts, they have public identities, this allows for other uses than simply assassination. They follow the path of Aenarion.

History: Founded a 300 years before the Battle of Finuval plains, it continued on until about 50 years ago (Finuval was 200 yrs). It still continues but in different form now. It was split when Malekieth took serious steps towards closing the vortex.

Equipment: The true members of the organisation wear what they chose, however a common Druchii theme runs through them. The Laughter wears pure white cloak and light armour while covered with black and red roses and wields a shortsword. The Fury wears deep scarlet plate and wields an elegant longsword. The Finality wears a deep cowled dark green cloak and black armour as well as carrying an overly powerful and accuarate repeater crossbw. The 2500 soldiers each are armoured in black armour similar to a Black Guards yet gilded with white, the greaves and thigh guards instead of a mail skirt. Despite being fully armoured the armour is sufficiently well designed so that they can move easily. All wear a long white cloak for camouflage in Naggoroth, a staple piece of clothing that has not been given up. Most are armed with a pronged kite shield bearing the sentinels emblem as well as carrying a longsword. 500 are armed with repeater crossbows and horses. 250 are Shock Troops, Coldone Knights. The Organisation Commands Two black Arks and a fleet of smaller ships. (Draithons side, Those loyal to Malekieth obviously have more resources.)


-Initiate: You are being watched by the Dark Crown, they are considering you.

-Apprentice: Currently under training by one of the Masters. Your public identity is a lowranking noble.

-Seneschal: Journeyman, under part time training by a master, public identity is Highborn (favour of Malekieth). There a seven of these.

Lord: Master rank, teaching your apprentice, public identity is Lord Highborn. There are seven. A sapphire held in a silver net with dragon designs, worn as an earring is their mark.


Physical Description: An extremely long yet elegant black ice dragon, substantially larger than the newly bred dragons of today. Reyasaltien, like Draithon has glowing green eyes. All her scales are either pitch black or tinted slightly with violet, Reyasaltien's wing membrane is deep purple and her claws shining bone, sometimes coated with a slight film of ice. She breathes horribly cold wind and cold, black fire. Chilling to the bone, and essentially freezing most opponents to death, or cracking stonework and turning the air to ice.

Personality Description: As a dragon, Reyasaltien does show signs of honour in her actions. She is intelligent, vain, extremely proud, enjoys hoarding items and sombre yet can be cruel and a slightly insufferable know it all.
Dec 28, 2008
Burkhard Müller

Full Name: Antoine de Beauterne d'Arden
Associated Names: Burkhard Müller, Courtaud, "The Vicious"
Age: Appearance; 24, Actual; 497
Bloodline: Werewolf
Sire: Bisclavret de Gévaudan, the first Werewolf
Generation: 2nd Gen. Werewolf

Physical Description

Müller is a man of typical height at about 172.7 cm. He has brown hair which he keeps somewhat long and unkempt, and he has blue grey eyes. He typically wears a large coat. His body is covered in scars.

Müller's personality shifts like the phases of the moon. At times he is bloodthirsty and sadistic, with a very short temper, but at others he is morose, mournful and compassionate. He believes that strength of will can overcome physical weakness and boundaries through sheer determination and perseverance, but that might ultimately makes right. He values individuality and rebelliousness to authority.

Basic Stats

Speed: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 8

Agility: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 6

Weapon Skill: Human Form: 4 Werewolf Form: 6

Ballistic Skill: Human Form:6 Werewolf Form: 3

Raw Strength: Human Form: Human Form: 2 Werewolf Form: 8

Technique Strength: Human Form: 4 Werewolf Form: 4

Toughness: Human Form:4 Werewolf Form: 7(8)

Tactical Knowledge: 5

Werewolves, unless their Úlfhéðnar abilities say otherwise, cannot perform magic.

Skillset: Black Powder Ranged Weapons, Strung Ranged Weapons
Skill Level: 6

Pistols and Sword
Müller caries with him a pair of pistols and a saber.
These are completely mundane items, though the pistols are at times loaded with silver shot.

The Muzzle

The Muzzle is a magical device created for Müller by the Werewolf-Smith Völundr. The device takes the form of a large metal collar studded with spikes that protects the neck, and a set of serrated jaws that fit over Müller's snout when transformed. The device's terrifying appearance is justified, as any wound inflected by it refuses to heal unless it is exposed to the light of the full moon on Geheimnisnacht. Müller is currently not in position of The Muzzle, having left it in the position of Völundr.
Wound inflected by The Muzzle are extreemly difficult to heal. Even advanced regenerative powers and magical aid have a hard time healing the massive lacerating wounds caused by The Muzzle, and victims normally bleed out if they avoid getting ripped apart in their weakened state

The Armour of the Moon Chaser

The Armour of the Moon Chaser is a suit of mundane armour specifically designed for Müller's Werewolf form. The armour is currently in the safe keeping of its creator, Völundr.
The Armour of the Moon Chaser is a suit of Heavy Armour.

Úlfhéðnar Abilities
All Elder Werewolves are known as Úlfhéðnar, or at least among themselves. All Úlfhéðnar are at least one hundred years old and all have special powers or abilities that are unique to the individual.
Müller's ability is his extreme regenerative capabilities which far outstrip those of trolls or even other Werewolves. Several times over the centuries Müller had been thought destroyed, the world rid of his predations only for him to return, his injuries fully healed.

Müller is a beast made for taking the worst the enemy can throw at him and coming out on top through sheer physical endurance. Though prone to fits of berserk rage and sometimes a lack of tactical sense, Müller's astounding physical stamina and sheer brute strength is often more than enough to see him through a fight.

Like all Werewolves, Müller has sever allergic reactions to Silver and the plant Wolfsbane.
But perhaps his greatest weakness however....is a preternatural fear of dancing and public appearances.

Additional Notes
Müller was raised as a Bretonian noble and knows all the courtly procedures, requirements, duties and manners that are to be expected of an honorable house, even if he completely ignores them.
This my be because of his extreme fear of dancing.



Full Name: Völundr
Associated Names: "The Smith", Doc.
Age: Appearance: 30s Actual: 403
Bloodline: Werewolf
Sire: Bisclavret de Gévaudan, the first Werewolf
Generation: 2nd Gen. Werewolf
Place of Birth: The Southlands

Physical Description
Völundr is a black man, originally from the Southlands. He is muscular but not overly so. He is bald, and his back is covered in scars.

Völundr has an easygoing, likable and empathetic personality and he would like nothing more than to spend his afternoons napping. However, he is also dependable and would rush to the defense of anyone he considers a friend. Völundr is near impossible to anger or annoy, but on the rare occasion he does so, he makes Müller seem like a tame puppy.
While he rarely shows it, Völundr is in a constant state of mental anguish over his need to devour other humans, and will often prolong his predations for years or only target murderers or criminals for food.

Brief History
Völundr was born and grew up in the Southlands, until at the age of 15 he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He was purchased by a well known doctor who lived in Altdorf. At the age of 19 he finally managed to run away from his owner after several failed attempts.
He fled south, and soon encountered a small Dwarf community. The Dwarfs sheltered him and for the first time Völundr felt that he had a home. He worked as an apprentice for the Rune Smith of the settlement, and it was from this dwarf that he got his name. However, after living with the Dwarfs for more than a decade, an Ork warband passed through the area and annihilated the town, leaving no survives.
Luckely for him, Völundr had left on a trading expedition and was not in the town when it was destroyed.

Swearing revenge, Völundr tracked down the Orks and slew them with his forge-hammer. However,
Völundr had been mortally wounded by the Orks, and lay dieing over the mound of dead greenskins. As chance would have it, Bisclavret de Gévaudan, the First Werewolf had also been tracking the Ork Horde. Bisclavret observed Völundr destroy the Orks alone, and offered him the chance to join them and save his life. Völundr accepted.
Since then Völundr has traveled throughout the old world perfecting his arts as a smith, but also providing guidance and medical aid for the Werewolf society.

Basic Stats
Speed: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 6

Agility: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 5

Weapon Skill: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 5

Ballistic Skill: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 4

Raw Strength: Human Form: 3 Werewolf Form: 6

Technique Strength: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 5

Toughness: Human Form: 4 Werewolf Form: 6(7)

Tactical Knowledge: 5

Völundr cannot perform magic.

Skillset: Dwarven Magical Runes
Skill Level: 6

Skillset: Smith (Weapon, General)
Skill Level: 8

Skillset: Medicines and Medical Aid
Skill Level: 7

Úlfhéðnar Abilities
Völundr has the unique ability to produce, channel and direct electricity in his Werewolf Form. When Völundr transforms, he becomes a much more human-like Werewolf than almost any other, however in addition to the general regenerative powers all Werewolves have, Völundr's body has special modifications.

His body is able to withstand huge amounts of electrical energy with no damage at all inflected upon him, and he is also able to produce an astounding level of electrical energy that courses through his body. Völundr has no control over this. When he transforms, his body is constantly producing this electricity.

Several people (freinds and enemies) have been lethaly electrocuted by standing to near Völundr, and those wearing large amounts of metal are especially vulnerable and anyone brave enough to touch him is guaranteed to be shocked.

Völundr can also control electricity to some extent, able to channel it to his weapons and in rare instances direct lightning.

The Hammer
Völundr's main weapon is a massive, all metal hammer so large and heavy it can only be wielded with two hands. This hammer is engraved with several Runes that allow it to withstand extreme heat and channel the electric energy Völundr forces into it.
The Hammer is a magical two handed hammer made completely out of metal. It was specially designed by Völundr to channel his electrical abilities into it, and anyone unfortunate enough to be struck by it must not only deal with the astounding kinetic energy of being hit by a massive hammer wielded by a werewolf, but also the massive amount of electricity unleashed in the blow.

Völundr's Ring

Völundr wears a magical ring created by him. The ring is able to capture huge amounts of heat-energy.
Völundr's Ring makes it very hard to harm him through heat based attacks or weapons.


Völundr is considered by all Werewolves to be one of the most powerful members of their race, and also one of the most wise. He is a dependable voice of reason among a race that mostly consists of berserkers.

Völundr takes no joy from killing, and will usually provide mercy for most foes, even if it is generally not a good idea. He also has a fear of turnips.


Hati Hróðvitnisson Gévaudan

Full Name: Hati Hróðvitnisson Gévaudan
Associated Names: "The Dervish"
Age: Appearance: 16 Actual: 495
Bloodline: Werewolf
Sire: Bisclavret de Gévaudan, the first Werewolf
Generation: 2nd Gen. Werewolf
Place of Birth: Norsca

Physical Description
Hati has the appearance of a typical 16 year old girl with blond hair with the features of Bretonian nobility.

Hati appears to have the personality of a trouble making, excitable girl and when coupled by the fact she is almost five hundred years old she can become extreemly annoying at times. She seems to have something of a childish crush on Müller, despite the fact he almost always ignores her completely.

Brief History

Hati Hróðvitnisson Gévaudan the descendant of Bisclavret de Gévaudan's brother, who was banished from Bretonia and sent as a diplomat to Norsca, where his family remained. Hati was raised in Norse society, until one day their family received a very unexpected guest...

Bisclavret de Gévaudan, the first Werewolf and a small group of his brood came calling to his (distant) relatives estate seeking escape from the Empires bands of armed mercenaries hunting them down. This was in the early days of the history of the Werewolves, and their Elders had not yet become the powerful monsters they would become in later centuries.

However, Bisclavret's relatives betrayed his packs whereabouts, and in a single fit of rage Bisclavret killed the mercenaries and his entire family, except for Hati. The girl had somehow managed to survive Bisclavret's attack, and the transformation into a werewolf.

Basic Stats
Speed: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 6

Agility: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 6(8)

Weapon Skill: Human Form: 5 Werewolf Form: 6

Ballistic Skill: Human Form: 3 Werewolf Form: 2

Raw Strength: Human Form: 2 Werewolf Form: 4

Technique Strength: Human Form: 3 Werewolf Form: 5

Toughness: Human Form: 2 Werewolf Form: 3(4)

Tactical Knowledge:

Hati Hróðvitnisson Gévaudan cannot perform magic.


Úlfhéðnar Abilities
Hati has the unique ability to alter her enemies perception of time after they have looked into her eyes while in her transformed state. She can either speed up, or slow down their perception of time and in relation to just about anything at will.

This means she can trick her opponents into believing they themselves are moving quickly, when in reality they are moving extreemly slowly, or she can make them believe that she is moving slower than she is. This can be extreemly confusing to her enemies as the girl they thought they where striking is suddenly slitting their throat.

Claw and Fang
Forged by Völundr, these paired daggers are able to slice through metal and flesh with startling ease.
These knives can slice through most mundane armour with little trouble.

Hati is very observant and cunning, which combined with her abilities and appearance can make for a lethal surprise for her enemies .

Hati has the body of a 16 year old girl, and even in her transformed state is physically weak compared to most inhuman creatures. She also has a fear of heights and claustrophobia. As well as spiders. And anything classified as "Icky".
Jan 2, 2009
Full Name: Quezalat Ghorqalamor
Associated Names: Thalak Rei
Age: Original life: 1761, Semi-life: 2058, Vampirism: 1593
Bloodline: Blood Dragon (Large amounts of Strigoi)
Sire: Luthor Harkon
Place of Birth: Original: Temple-City of Xhotl, Semi-Life: Albion, Vampirism: Eastern jungles of Lustria

Description: Heavy scaly hide covers tarnished white bones in the few places where blades or age have worn through. Traces of his Stegadon-hide armour can be seen with an observant eye. His hide is black as night on the scales of his back, and brightens to the grey of worn steel in his underbelly. Bone claws extrude from his hands and a bone blade is strapped to his back at all times. He often rides Larekoth, his Cold One. Coloured a dark mottled green, bones sometimes show through his gromril-armoured hide. His fore-claws have been reinforced with the plundered metal, and his teeth strengthened with age. Such is Larekoth's size that he is often mistaken for a small Carnosaur.

Equipment: Bone claws
Vengeance of the Blasted Heart: A Stegadon crest-bone sharpened on the inner curve and spiked on the outer, augmented to bite deeply against any enemy
Magic-warding Stegadon-hide armour that has sunk beneath his scaly hide throughout the ages
Larekoth (Bloodscour): His giant Cold One, armoured with pitted and cracked plundered gromril with mail-shod claws and sharp fangs.

History: Quezalat was one of the original Saurus created by the Old Ones, a crop that included the great leader Kroq-Gar as well as many other mighty Scar-Leaders. Throughout his career as a powerful Oldblood, he was always drawn to the Slann out of reverence for his existence. He always pleaded for assignment to command the Temple Guard, and during the Great Sundering he guarded a trio of Slann known as Tlamanti, Adaha-Quel and Quazlatl, who were helping Caledor and his mages to close the Vortex. Midway through the ritual, they were assaulted by Druchii and Daemons led by Khelthrai, a vengeful Druchii spirit known as a Rephallim, who battered down the defenses of the helpless Slann while Quezalat butchered attackers, trying to make his way to stop the shade. He was ultimately unsuccessful, and the consequences of his failure were immediate as the breaking of the ritual released a wave of energy that shattered the body of the Scar-Leader and his faithful Cold One Larekoth. Their broken bodies lay on the shores of the warpstone lode of Albion until the Great Sorceror Nagash attempted his Ritual of Waking, when Quezalat and Larekoths' spirits returned to their bodies in a strange form of half-life. Suddenly sentient, the Saurus and his mount returned to the jungles of Lustria, draining victims' life force to regain their full lives. Near the completion of this monumental effort, Luthor Harkon's Zombie Pirates began their raids of the Lustrian Coast, eventually driving deeper and capturing both part-living creatures. In his madness, Luthor attempted to make the mostly-alive Saurus into a vampire like himself, and nearly succeeded. The insane semi-vampiric Oldblood tore away from his captors with one word imprinted in his torn mind by his mad sire: Strigoi. Somehow he managed to cross the ocean to make it to the Old World, where he hunted and drained every corpse-drinker he could find. After his largest kill, Quezalat curled up in the most remote cave he could find, and slowly regained his sanity and sense of self. But, buried in his thoughts was the mind of his victim, the vampire Makat Heartfang. For years he struggled against the vicious consciousness of the Strigoi, and finally mastered the presence, pinning him to a tiny corner of his mind, from which Makat would occasionally emerge, forcing the Saurus into a battle for his own half-life. His mind and body mastered, he made the journey through the World's Edge Mountains back to Lustria, where he revived and claimed the partially alive Larekoth. This done, he traveled to the Chaos Wastes, where he searched for the bounds of his bleak existence. Something not known to even himself, has called him back to the Old World. He hopes this sending will be a chance for him to achieve something in this material world, or else rid himself of this bleak existence trying.

Basic Stats:

Speed: Quezalat is, in matters of foot-speed, slower than a normal man, though his endurance will win him out. However, he also has possession of the giant Cold One Larekoth, which can carry him at a faster rate. Quezalat has a speed of 3, except when mounted on Larekoth, in which case he has a speed of 6.

Agility: Quezalat rarely chooses to avoid blows unless it gives him a tactical advantage; and against skilled opponents such as opposing Vampires he won't have the option. Quezalat has an agility of 4.

Weapon Skill: Quezalat is one of the oldest beings in the world, and has had millennia to practice and hone his skill. Quezalat has a Weapon Skill of 8, modified to 7 by the unwieldy nature of his primary weapon.

Ballistic Skill: Being a Saurus, Quezalat does not have the physical capability to use a ranged weapon. His Ballistic Skill is non-applicable.

Raw Strength: Quezalat is one of the First Spawning of Saurus and blessed by Quetzl; furthermore, he is a Blood Dragon of the Third Generation, boosting his strength to incredible levels. Quezalat has a Strength of 7, bolstered to 8 by the size and weight of the Vengeance.

Technique Strength: Quezalat, while having the brute strength to overpower nearly any enemy, knows he cannot always rely on this. As such, he has worked on finding weak points on any enemy and exploiting them as much as possible. Quezalat has a Technique Strength of 6.

Toughness: Being one of the First Spawning of Saurus and therefore blessed by Quetzl, Quezalat's scaled and worn hide is tougher than nearly anything short of Dwarf-forged mail. Combined with the Stegadon-hide armour that has now sunk beneath his skin, and his Vampiric resistance removing most vital points, he is now immensely tough. Quezalat's Toughness is 7.

Tactical Knowledge: While the Saurus are not known for their tactical acumen, preferring to defer to the Skink Chiefs in that sense, every Saurus acquires a basic knowledge of tactics and strategy. Quezalat has defined that knowledge more than most of his peers, but his skill pales in comparison to others of the First Spawning such as Kroq-Gar. Quezalat's Tactical Knowledge rank is 4.

Magic – Quezalat has little to no experience with magic, and his Saurus heritage stops him from accessing what little magic his Blood Dragon blood has granted him. Quezalat's only manifestation of magic is the empathic bond he shares with his Cold One, Larekoth.

Magic Items:
Vengeance of the Blasted Heart
This massive blade was made from the crest-bone of a massive Stegadon; Quezalat's first large kill. It has been enchanted by the Slann in order to take effect on anything; etherealness, regeneration, none of these will save the Oldblood's target. Furthermore, the biting enchantment causes armor to take even less effect than could be normally assumed.
This isn't much more than a sword; it, as above, works on pretty much anything. Its secondary effect is like a Biting Blade multiplied. Not really the sword, just the Saurus behind it that's deadly. The huge weight and size of this weapon (it's something like 11ft linearly from point to handle, more if you take the curve into account) reduces Quezalat's Weapon Skill by 1, and increases his Strength by a like amount.

Stegadon-hide Armour
This consists of the toughened and reinforced hide of the aforementioned (and quite unfortunate) Stegadon. Since his first donning of the armour, it has sunk beneath his skin and now could be considered part of his scaly defenses. The enchantment placed on it plants a weak null zone to magic around Quezalat, which has saved his (un)life against many wizarding foes.
This armor, as well as increasing his durability, presents a null zone to magic nearby. Anything within about five metres of Quezalat is dampened in this way. Effectively, all wizards in the area are reduced by one magic level. Any spells cast or targeted in the area are weakened, and spells cast by wizards of magic level 1 are negated fully. Items are effected in the same way as spells are.

Warrior's Heart: Having lived more than five thousand years in different states, Quezalat is one of the most experienced warriors to ever have existed, making sure that he is never surprised. He may not be the fastest warrior, or the most devious, but his experience carries him through.
Force of the Scaled One: Due to Quezalat's history as an Oldblood of the first spawning as well as his vampirism, his strength is immense, allowing him to use his blade to cut through almost anything. In the same manner, due to the blessing of the Old One Quetzl and the stegadon-skin armour that is now part of his own hide, his scales can repel blades and most human-sized ranged attacks.
Blessing of Itzl: While Larekoth is definitely not the most intelligent Cold One to ever exist, the blessing of the Old Ones has created an empathic bond between them, through which feelings and images can be transported.
Devoted Guardian: If a being manages to gain Quezalat's undoubted trust, he will protect them with every fiber of his being, having been created for this very purpose.

Blunt as a Cold One's Scale: Quezalat, while being reasonably intelligent and a good strategist, does not have the devious mind for intrigue sported by the majority of other vampires. While it would be an overstatement to call him naive, he is easily manipulated.
Unsubtle: Outside of their jungle environment of Lustria, Quezalat and Larekoth are easily tracked, spied upon, heard, or found, being unused to the Old World and its environs.
Vengeful Fury: In the full flow of battle, Quezalat is implacable, ignoring shouts, pleas, and physical restraint. Additionally, if one of the few he truly trusts are injured, his fury will be boundless, inextinguishable except for calming or sharp words from his Devoted Ones. Additionally, since he blames the Druchii and the minions of Slaanesh for his unique condition, his rage against these creatures is immeasurable.
Spirit of Makat: In the Saurus' worst times of anguish and stress, the mind of Makat Heartfang will often emerge and war with the Oldblood for control over his body. During these (generally brief) relapses, he rants and raves uncontrollably and will not respond to any outward stimulus.
Untouched by the Winds: Even with his vampiric state, Quezalat has almost no contact with the Winds of Magic. His magical abilities are just sufficient to bind the part-wight Larekoth to his will, and he cannot exert his will outside of that bond.

Got a couple questions about it that I included above, but generally I like the new system.


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Title of Character: Amadeus Valda

Full Name: Amadeus Valda
Associated Names: Scourge of Zhufbar
Age: 2500+
Bloodline: Unknown (Reasons have been given)
Sire: Also unknown
Generation: Also unknown
Place of Birth: Lahmia/Ghrond

Physical Description
A tall broad lahmian man in life, Valda has retained his imposing size in undeath. His hair is long, flowing and brown.

Valda has a very cold outer shell that is only increased by his talking in riddles. His intentions are never made clear and because of this he seems untrustworthy. It also has the side effect of making those on his side think he is brilliant. The truth is somewhere inbetween. He has shown compassion before, but rarely. Valda only seems to appear when the time is most bleak and he is needed most, his movements inbetween these times are rarely seen by others except those Valda wants to see them. Overall he is the wild card factor in the conflict between the Council and Nagash.

Brief History
Born in Lahmia before the great war against Nagash, he served on a quiet naval vessel that was part of a ramshackle fleet assembled to prevent Nagash from ambushing the Khemri forces from the sea and moving into unknown positions. While patroling his ship was seized by a Dark Elf pirate vessel that had lost its way and with that, he was taken back to Naggaroth and Ghrond. His time in Ghrond is not explained but it is known he entered human and left as a vampire. Since then he has forged a small empire for himself near the Moot in Sylvania, taking Castle Schwarzberg for himself. This seems to be a steping stone as he attempt to take the dwarfen stronghold of Zhufbar. Thus far he has been unsuccessful in taking the keep completely but his thralls and associates have established leeway into the keep and Zhufbar having a new master seems imminent.

From there Valdas history is covered in the chronicles and the Hammush peninsula incident. The intervening 3 years between the incident and now are not known.

Basic Stats


Speed: 5
Agility: 5
Weapon Skill: 9
Ballistic Skill: 4
Raw Strength: 6
Technique Strength: 9
Toughness: 6
Tactical Knowledge: 9

Magical Lores Known: Fire, Necromancy

Magical Skill: 5


The blade of the Supreme. A sword won in the heat of Amadeus Valda's last great battle with his mentor.
The sword seems to have retained some of the Supremes guile in and as such has only served to improve Amadeus Valda's already incredible combat abilities.

The Heart of Forever
The Gemstone the Supreme wore around her neck. It glows a dull red permenantly.
This gem holds in it the keys to the awesome Legion of Forever and control over their servitor, the lich known as Avatar. It allows the ghost riders to appear at will. It also allows Valda to teleport to Avatar at any given moment.

Blood armour of the sunken temple
Armour forged in ghrond from metal stolen from a sunken lustrian city, it is covered in the usual dark elf runes but emits a slightly golden glow when magic is employed against it.
This armour was a gift to Amadeus from his long time friend Korhedron. Stolen from the temple Valda served in, it was built for him but never given to him before his expulsion from Naggaroth.

Warpstone pistol
A pistol stolen from one of the skaven engineers during the Hammush peninsula incident.
Though he rarely uses it, Valda has this small pistol at all times. It has served him well and despite his lacklustre aim, it always seems to hit when it needs to.

Other Abilities

Infinite guile - Amadeus Valda always seems to know how to be in the right place at the right time. HE also knows when a cause is lost so he should retreat.
Puppet Master - Valda knows how to use nearly anyone to get what he wants, often without the other person knowing.

Twisted mind - Valda's mind is always considering every possibility at once and gets lost in his thoughts. It can cause him to become dispondant and distant.
Pride - If someone has wronged Valda he will not give up until his pride is sated.
Supreme - Valda becomes near possessed at any mention of his mentor.

Additional Notes
Right now, you'll only see Valda as being my occassional flit into this project, but theres SO much more to it than that.
Oct 4, 2009
Full Name: Huakroataxa
Associated Names: The Hunter of the Dead
Age: 320
Race: Lizardman, Saurus.
Rank: Scar veteran
Place of Spawning: Lustria, Quetza

Physical Description
Huakroataxa, put simply, is over eight feet of savage, dark blue reptilian muscle. Scarred from serving the Old Ones his entire life, Huakroataxa bears the blood-red crest of those blessed by Sotek. His savage, alien glare emanates from two bright yellow, slitted eyes and speaks the untold lengths of Hatred of the Unnatural that Huakroataxa’s simple tongue never could.

Huakroataxa is a Lizardman; thus, his thought patterns, wants and desires are different to any warm-blood. He is completely selfless, going to any length to accomplish his unending mission: to purge the world of the undead. He has no personal wants or ambitions other than to accomplish his goal. The fact that this mission is all but impossible doesn’t worry Huakroataxa at all; all that matters is that he is completing his task.

He has little consideration for personal safety, bar one qualm – should he die, the Old Ones would lose a valuable tool. This is common to all saurus, but even his stalwart brethren can sometimes be rooted to the spot by fear of the unnatural. Huakroataxa, however, has been fighting the untold horrors of undeath for over two centuries, and no longer fears them in the least.

Being a Saurus, his mind is entirely focussed on the Art of War. His mind fails to grasp the concepts of most other things; farming is beyond his conception, although he understands the importance of good nutrition to a soldier. He has no ear for music, other than the pounding drums used to relay orders around the Armies of the Old Ones. He has no eye for art or beauty – for him, beauty is Sotek’s sacred colour of red spread over, well, everything.

Highly religious, Huakroataxa’s faith in the Old Ones is unshakeable. He needs no evidence that they exist; after all, he was himself a blessing from Sotek. Huakroataxa believes that everything he kills is a sacrifice to Sotek, but to make the sacrifice more potent, he often feeds parts of his different kills to Mon-ti.

Now, thus far it seems that Huakroataxa is little more than a cold blooded (in more ways than one) killer. And in many ways this is true, but a common misconception is that Lizardmen in general (and especially Saurus) are bereft of emotion and character. This is simply not true. Whilst he mostly contains it with martial discipline, Huakroataxa has the natural rage needed to be a true warrior, that primeval fury that separates the predators from the prey. This is amplified even more by Sotek’s blessing. A brutal and vicious monster on the field, Huakroataxa lets his fury overcome him as he ascends from mere soldier to an unstoppable force of nature. He also experiences a combination of bitter nostalgia and deep sorrow, pining for his homeland and contact with others of his kin near daily. Saurus were built to fight in armies, not individually, and though he would never question his orders he often longs for the scent of damp earth, the unearthly howls of his home. Similarly, he also longs for the combined strength of arms and will of tightly packed ranks of the Old One’s holy warriors.

Brief History

Huakroataxa and his spawn kin, or “brothers of the same water”, were marked from the beginning as Blessed of Sotek. More vicious and aggressive, even when compared to their fellow saurus, like many saurus of such a blessing they were drafted into the Purging Legions of Lord Gargoq the Quaxocibiki, a fifth generation slann of great aggression and virility. Following the words of the Great Mazdamundi, Gargoq believes that it is the duty of the Old One’s servants to hunt down and crush all unnatural races that appeared against the will of the Old Ones, and unlike many of his peers he believes the time for that is now rather than later. Via arcane stone portals, Gargoq’s army travels all over the world, devastating those who they regard as unworthy of existence; beastmen, followers of chaos, skaven and the undead, returning to Lustria only after long and glorious campaigns have all but exhausted the armies.

Huakroataxa’s manifest destiny was not immediately apparent to Gargoq; he was just another Saurus foot soldier. Admittedly, he was the champion of his unit and a noble and ferocious fighter, but nothing especially out of the ordinary was apparent about him. However, it became clearer and clearer over time that Huakroataxa had an especial knack for dispatching that which would not stay dispatched. Using large, crushing blows to demolish the body entirely, removing the head and other tried and true methods of ending the unholy abominations of necrotic flesh and bone came naturally to this saurus when it had to be taught to others. Over the period of nearly two hundred years, Huakroataxa’s spawn kin died off one by one, the first by a minotaur’s axe, the next by a skaven’s poisoned blade. Eventually, Huakroataxa was the only one left, and was promoted justly to the rank of Scar Veteran; he who survives when all others perish.

It was at this point that his aptitude emerged from the chatter of the skinks into the respect and adorations of his fellows. Huakroataxa was charged with leading a small scouting party of skinks, Saurus and Terradons with the assistance of the Skink Priest Edi-Izard the Lizard Wizard. Huakroataxa’s immense fighting ability and strategic skill won his tiny army victory after victory, especially against the undead. Edi-Izard scribed for the Scar Veteran a scroll, of “Tactics against those who fall and refuse to stay thus.” The piece, which included assessments of the use of psychologically terrifying beasts such as Carnosaurs and Stegadons against the dead, methods by which a warrior could be sure never to see his opponents again, various tactical advice relating to the vital place of magic users against the undead and the need for modified, blessed poisons on skink weapons, amongst a variety of other inspired and useful information. The scroll was copied again and again, becoming a hit in the temple cities. Skinks discussed it over wriggly grub burritos, Saurus leaders had it read to them by attendants, nodding sagely and asking for the particularly inspired parts to be read to them again, and even a Slann passed his eyes over it, absorbing the information in seconds and delivering it to all others via the Sublime Communion.

Via that same duct of knowledge, the Slann all but demanded that Lord Gargoq somehow reward this intellectual warrior. This didn’t ire the comparatively hasty Slann in the least; he had been planning to anyway.

And thus it was that Huakroataxa was clad in the finest enchanted armour and weaponry the vaults of the Old Ones could spare, specifically tuned to the destruction of Huakroataxa’s chosen prey. And then Huakroataxa’s real gift was given to him; he was addressed by Lord Gargoq personally, with the simple but profound phrase “Hunt the Dead.”

This could have been interpreted in many ways, and indeed it was by the various skink priests in attendance. One said that it was a mere commendation; you’re doing a good job, keep it up. Another suggested that it meant that Huakroataxa’s role as a scout leader should be encouraged, with greater Terradon intelligence support and chameleon skink squads added to enhance its stealth. One Skink even went so far as to suggest that they should sacrifice Huakroataxa to sotek, so that he might be able to inflict unending pain on foes that the Lizardmen had already disposed of. He was not listened to.

Huakroataxa himself, being a saurus, took simpler and more direct approach to the command. Having heard the words of Gargoq himself, he believed he fully understood them. Huakroataxa believed he had been commanded to destroy the undead. All of them. By himself.

Shocked and horrified, the Skink priests in attendance tried to sway the great warrior’s opinion, providing logical and clear arguments backed up by the holy texts. But the Saurus could not be swayed, and even whilst they begged him to stay in high pitched, frightened voices, he left the eternity chamber of Gargoq. One priest even went so far as to beseech Gargoq to explain the true meaning himself, but Gargoq was already asleep again, and the skink was escorted out by the temple guard, a horrified expression frozen on his face.

And thus it was that Huakroataxa left his position of command and ventured forth into the world, alone. What was undoubtedly intended to be a reward for combat prowess and intellectual achievement instead turned out to be an unending exile. Internally he was deeply aggrieved, separated from his comrades, his peers, his homeland, but Huakroataxa followed his order in a staunch and disciplined manner, never questioning the validity of his quest. His only hope of seeing his homeland and people again was to fulfil his impossible quest, to destroy every last zombie, skeleton and tomb warrior. Only then could he return to Lustria with honour.

Basic Stats.

Speed: 4 (7 on Xalot)
Huakroataxa moves slightly slower than a man would, and his long loping strides while running are anything but swift. However, he can move like this for almost a full day. However, he moves much faster when riding Xalot, his Cold one. Cold ones are to horses what Saurus are to men when it comes to movement; slightly slower, but with an almost mystical endurance.

Agility: 3 (7 against lesser undead, 5 against greater undead due to Armour)
Huakroataxa strikes blows that are large and hefty, rather than quick and dagger like. He prefers quality of strikes over quantity. Additionally, he’s a cold blooded creature and his reflexes aren’t as swift as a warm blood, meaning that a swifter opponent could probably get a few shots in. However, his armour makes him

Weapon Skill: 6
Huakroataxa’s blade skill is derived from being born as one of the Old ones super soldiers, and years of honing his technique against enemies of the Slann. However, he is still in favour of using brute force rather than cunning swordplay to defeat his enemies.

Ballistic Skill: 1
Huakroataxa, unlike other Saurus has attempted on accasion to throw something at the enemy.However, after accidentally maiming a revered Skink chief he has learnt that this is a skill no manner of refining will perfect.

Raw Strength: 6
Raw reptilian muscle, rage and the blessing of Sotec make Huakroataxa a sheer monster in terms of bulk. Was known to wrestle with Kroxigors in the old days.

Technique Strength: 5 (7 against undead due to Blessed Blade of Purging)
He can aim his blows reasonably well and has developed blade techniques over the ages, but never the less he relies more on Brute strength than technique. However, due to its magical enchantments, against the dead he usually has the edge in combat.

Toughness: 6 (7 with eternal shield and 8 against the dead with the Glyph necklace)
Saurus’ are naturally tough, especially venerable Scar Veterans like Huakroataxa. However, when combined with the ability to regenerate damage, he becomes nearly unstoppable. Dead opponents, however will find themselves weakened by the Glyph necklace of secured soul, and their feebled blows will have a hard enough time scoring against his scaly hide.

Tactical Knowledge: 7, 8 against undead
Huakroataxa has combined instinctive understanding of tactics with genuine intellectual talent. He is reguarded as a military genius umonst his people, especially in concerns with fighting undead creatures, and any warrior of the old ones would be more than Glad to fight under his banner. Should he ever get an army, he might actually be able to use this skill!


Xalot: Xalot is Huakroataxa’s sixth cold one. She is almost as vicious as her master, but with a skull as thick as they make them. Whilst this makes for an excellent initial charge (or battering ram) it can be quite irritating when the creature attacks something it shouldn’t, wanders off in the wrong direction or does something completely moronic like suddenly leap of the battlements. Xalot gives Huakroataxa extra speed, protection and damage potential in combat, as well as a companion. Huakroataxa has been known to mumble the occasional phrase of Low Saurian to his mount, who, naturally, does not respond.

Mon-ti the python: Mon-ti is a snake, specie ‘Winged Crypt Python’. This is meaningless to Huakroataxa, who simply regards the reptile as a means of communing with his god. Winged Crypt Pythons are often used as such, as their winged forms make them seem to be avatars of the serpent god himself. Huakroataxa will ‘sacrifice’ by feeding pieces of the creatures he’s killed to the Python whilst murmuring prayers. One who is concerned about such things would be greatly concerned for Mon-ti’s health, seeing as most of Huakroataxa’s kills are, shall we say, far beyond their use-by date. However, Mon-ti is a Crypt Python, and Crypt Pythons are famous for devouring the corpses of dead, even long dead creatures. Their guts are quite capable of handling the putrid flesh, and this imbues their bite with a harsh bacterial agent. This bacteria induces necrosis and almost immediately puts the victim into shock, providing the venomous qualities that they are unable to produce themselves. Mon-ti has no use in combat, and mostly sleeps in a woven basket tied to Xalot’s flank (counterbalanced by another basket filled with various supplies) or hunts down large prey. Flying swiftly on leathery wings and bringing the deathblow by vicious bite, it brings down creatures such as boars, elk or other beasts for the three Lustrians to eat.

The Armour of Xokat (He the Dead Dread): Specialised glyphs of power, giving praise to the Old One Xokat are carved into Huakroataxa’s gleaming bronze armour. Whilst not turning tail and fleeing as they would under the rueful gaze of Harry the Hammer, when a creature of Undeath espies the Armour of Xokat (an Old One described by the glyphs as able to cause unending pain and torment to the unholy even after their passing) they become genuinely concerned. Perhaps he flinches or maybe even begins to shuffle backward. In combat, he may panic, and make stupid mistakes. It seems the armour feeds of the dark magic pulses that occur when a creature of undeath has been slain; as Huakroataxa kills more and more of the abominations, he will worry them more and more. On one occasion Huakroataxa, having survived a banshee’s scream, answered with a deep throated roar of his own that caused the cursed wretch to turn face and hide in a freshly raided grave. On other occasions he has used the power as a means of attacking higher undead, such as Tomb Kings, Wight Lords and Vampire Counts directly as their bodyguards part before the primordial fury of Huakroataxa, allowing the mighty warrior an open passageway and living arena in which to clash with these nexus points of dark magic.

Blessed Blade of Purging: Normally, this blade seems to be just any other Saurus obsinite blade: a huge, heavy, roughly sword shaped object with a vicious row of obsinite barbs down each side. A weapon used more for smashing than cutting or slicing, it would be a great weapon in the hands of warm-bloods but when wielded by a holy servant of the Old Ones it is a dangerous, if inelegant, hand weapon. Turning even normal armour aside under most circumstances, when the dark magic of Undeath is near the weapon becomes altogether more impressive. Starting as a mere flicker, the closer the undead approach Huakroataxa (or naturally, the reverse) the brighter and larger the blessed flames ensconcing the weapon’s blade grow. Huakroataxa has no need to fear the weapon’s flickering glory; this is no natural fire, but a holy fire, seemingly born of the very volcano Sotek first emerged from. These flames have no affect on natural creatures or items untouched by dark magic. However, these flames are more than potent against the undead. Anathema to the dark magic binding them, the blessing of the blade is that once something has been slain by the blade, it stays dead. Permanently. The corpse burns to ashes and no manner of dark magic may raise the corpse again

As a side note, The Blessed Blade of Purging continuously projects an aura of warmth, such as that that may be found on one of the baking stones on the top of a jungle ruin. This prevents the cold-blooded Huakroataxa and his animal compatriots from experiencing too much of an adverse affect from being in a much colder climate than their homeland.

The Eternal Shield: This is a Stegadon-hide shield, dyed purple with the three livid red strokes of war paint that are the symbol of Lord Gargoq’s purging war host. It is reinforced by bronze, and has large obsidian shards emerging from the front, used to slice and smash foes of the temple cities. Realising that he would not be able to receive new war gear for a long, long time, the Skink Priest Edi-Izard blessed this shield with a magic of regeneration; any damage suffered to any piece of Huakroataxa’s kit will swiftly heal (including the shield itself, which naturally receives the most damage), regenerating like the flesh of a lizard. This blessing extends to Huakroataxa and his animal compatriots as well. The Speed of healing varies depending on the injury; minor scratches heal near instantly, a blow around half an inch deep will heal in around a minute, and larger injuries, such as a missing hand or segment of armour, will take around a week.

Glyph Necklace of Secured Soul: This holy relic protects Huakroataxa against the dead even more than is already afforded. The undead’s blows will become enfeebled when directed against Huakroataxa, sliding off scale and armour plate. Weapons enchanted with the dark magics of undeath, and direct attacks with magics of undeath are similarly deflected, any enchantment or curse failing when directed against the Old One Sotek’s blessed servant.


Strong: Huakroataxa is a vicious and cunning fighter, and against the undead he is a virtually unstoppable force of judgement, channelling his wrath and grief into as potent a weapon as his blade, and with mighty blows from said blade carves a rent in any and indeed all undead armies. He is heavily muscled, and could easily go blow for blow with a larger creature not to mention being blessed by Sotek, the prime Lizardmen War Deity

Tough: As a saurus lizardman, Huakroataxa is gifted with natural armour the form of scaly skin. Combined with his shield, armour, glyph necklace and cold one he is near impossible to kill by natural or unnatural means. He is far too relentless to allow something as trivial as pain stop him in his duty, and will allow the healing properties of his shield attend to his wounds whilst he attends to everybody else’s.

Brave: Huakroataxa is completely fearless; he believes absolutely in what he is doing and has no fear of the undead. To back down would be to betray his duty.

Reptilian: Huakroataxa and his animal friends are reptilian, and thus don’t need to eat often, perhaps once a week. When they do eat though, they eat quite a lot. Being reptilian, Huakroataxa also heals faster than humans, and even faster than other reptiles due to his shield.

Smart: Knowing everything there is to know about the art of war, and being a particular expert in the affairs of the undead Huakroataxa proves to be not only a vicious and unrelenting predator but also a cunning and dangerously intelligent one.

Lizardmen are famous for their savage, sometimes seemingly foolish determination, and Huakroataxa exemplifies this noble trait. He will fight when exhausted, in immense pain, horribly outnumbered, partially dismembered, out classed and out numbered. For him there is only the mission, and when at first a lizardman does not succeed, he has eternity to try again and again and again.

Proficient General
Huakroataxa has both an instinctive and developed understanding of battle tactics, especially in concern with Guerilla warfare and fighting against the undead. His preference is for small, fast army groups, but recognises and appreciates the slower but harder hitting power of his Saurus kin when the time comes for it

Not a vampire: Unlike many other participants in this roleplay, Huakroataxa is not a vampire and thus is not subject to many of their weaknesses. He does not thirst for human blood (although he is partial to goat), he is under no vampires thrall (although he does follow his orders unflinchingly), he loves the sun (sometimes even worshipping it), he doesn’t need to control his appetites (satisfying them is pretty much his job description), he isn’t subject to selfishness and petty infighting, he isn’t hunted by witch hunters, he isn’t adversely affected by holy magics, he finds garlic a strange but pleasant flavouring and striking a saurus scar veteran through the sternum into the heart takes approximately the might of a steamtank, so even that is an unlikely prospect.

Stupid Mount: Xalot is a cold one, and that means thick. Huakroataxa’s mount often gets him into quite a bit of trouble, even though he can normally control this idiocy with a pertinent force of will.

Cold Blooded: Whilst warmed by the Blessed Blade of Purging, the mighty scar veteran is still a reptile and thus has rather slow reflexes, preferring large, mighty blows to small, swift ones. As demonstrated in Chapter 30, Ashes to Ashes if the Blessed Blade of Purging is removed, he is susceptible to all environmental pressures.

All Alone: Whilst the psychological affect of being solitary has already been mentioned, the martial aspects are also important. Huakroataxa is unable to call on reinforcements, call for covering fire, and will naturally be outnumbered in most fights. Whilst he is used to this and can usually hold his ground, undead forces of an especially large size will prove too difficult for even him to attack with notable success. However, this is by no means a permanent problem…

Not a vampire: How is that a weakness? The undead fiends are good for nothing but sacrifice! What does it matter if he cannot raise the dead, have an inbuilt master of necromantic magic, an ability to rise from the dead, command of the minds of weaker creatures and the weather itself? Huakroataxa is a holy warrior of the old ones and that’s all he needs!

Specialised: Brutally effective against the undead hordes, whilst Huakroataxa is still a formidable warrior against other foes he loses most of his magical aid. Thankfully, it isn’t often he must face a living foe.

Low Saurian: Huakroataxa can only understand and speak a single language; Low Saurian, the battlefield language of the lizardmen. Not only is this language poorly understood if at all anywhere but Lustria, but it is also quite limited in its descriptive ability, being limited primarily to terms and phrases used in battle. Whilst it could, in perhaps five syllables, command a legion of lizardmen to perform a pincer manoeuvre with heavy support units coming down the middle in order to drive the enemy into more difficult terrain so it could be picked off by ranged support from skinks and war beasts, it would take great effort and quite some time to, say, as for some knitting needles.

Additional Notes

Pronunciation guide:

Huakroataxa: Hoo-ah-crow-ah-tax-ah
Xalot: Zah-lot
Mon-ti: Mon-Tee
Gargoq: Gah-Gock
Xokat: Choh-cat

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
Mar 9, 2008
Full Name: Sweeney Todd
Associated Names: Benjamin Barker, The Vampire Barber of Fleet Street
Age: 600+ years
Bloodline: Strigoi
Sire: Anonymous
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: Pre-secession Marienburg

Physical Description
6ft tall, pale complexion, has the physical build of an average man. Always has dark rings around his eyes. Unruly jet black hair with a streak of white running down the middle. Usually seen wearing a well-tailored vest.

To others Todd is still the reasonable low-born tradesman that he was in mortal life before the events that led to his embracing vampirism. However beneath the surface lies centuries of pent-up rage and hatred that he unleashes on the battlefield. As a result of the bottled hate his face is normally frozen in a sullen mask. In addition he has also developed a sadistic streak that incidentally makes him a very enthusiastic torturer.

Todd has little patience for nobility and their petty politics. His vendetta against Judge Turpin and his secret coven of Lahmian vampires means he views most Lahmians(Lesa excepted) with suspicion. He is not bound by any martial vow or code of honour but there still remains within him a vestige of the good man he once was. This means he tends to keep his word and act in an honorable fashion. Lastly, he does not have much of an ego compared to many other vampire lords.

Brief History
The tale of Sweeney Todd,the Vampire Barber of Fleet Street is well-known throughout the Realms of Men. While based largely on truth, it is completely incorrect on several important details(as Sweeney Todd still being alive can attest...). Benjamin Barker left prison no longer a mortal, but reborn as a vampire. An immortal such as he would not be so easily slain by his own silver razors to the neck, and thus Toby, the foolish lad that tried to end Todd's reign of terror wound up becoming his and Mrs. Lovette's eternal undead slave instead. Having returned after spending more than a century training in the Far East, Todd is ready to finally embark on his own quest for vengeance.

Basic Stats
Speed: 6(8)

Agility: 7(8)

Weapon Skill: 8.5

Ballistic Skill: 6

Raw Strength: 5(8)

Technique Strength: 8(8.5 inclusive of his razors)

Toughness: 5.5(7)

Tactical Knowledge: 4

Magical Lores Known:Necromancy

Magical Skill: 4

Skillset: Weaponsmith
Skill Level: 5(This is basically an incidental skill that I think most warrior-types would have. More for fluff than anything else).

Skillset: Excruciator
Skill Level: 4(Not very skilled but very enthusiastic. Once again more for fluff than anything else)

Todd's Crimson Carress
As a result of constant exposure to necromantic energies, Todd's personal set of silver razors have manifested a sort of semi-sentience
These razors, once pure silver, now glow crimson and occasionally keen with the souls of those it has slain and trapped. In battle they enhance Todd's fighting style by seeking out veins, arteries, jugulars and other such weak points of his foes. The razors suck the life force of those they strike, and wounds inflicted by these blades have a tendency of greatly exaggerated bleeding and a stubborn refusal to heal. Also, being made of silver the blades are inimical to vampires, daemons and were-kind alike.

Todd keeps an assorted bunch of backup weaponry and usually carries one strapped to his back
These are exotic, but non-magical weapons such as Cathayan longswords, Arabian sabers and a naginata.Todd is skilled in the use of these weapons but he is still much better with his razors.

Elven armor
Enchanted chainmail of Elf origin, worn under his clothes. It is unknown how Todd acquired the armor
This is an enchanted set of light armor that is as tough and protective as Dwarf-made gromril plate without the penalties of the weight and encumberance. However it is nowhere as powerful as the magical armor other Lords of Undeath wear.

Other Abilities
The Beast Within
Training with the martial ascetics of the Far East has restrained the inner Varghulf lurking within every Strigoi. He can unleash the beast within when necessary, drawing upon it as a hidden source of raw power whilst reining it in with his iron will. Combined with his martial skill this makes him a fearsome foe indeed
Todd can summon forth the power of the beast within. In this state his strength, toughness, raw speed and agility are boosted to new heights(as shown in the bracketed bold numbers). Such is the kickstart his constitution gets that he also benefits from spontaneous regeneration. However, this state can only be maintained for about a minute without rest. Any longer and a high risk of permanently devolving into a Varghulf is incurred.

Iron Will
Honed by training in the mountains of Cathay and Ind, Todd's single-minded focus makes him proof against the illusions and mind games others would use on him
In addition to an extremely high pain threshold(for an elder vampire), Todd is resistant to seduction, illusions, hypnosis and other such forms of mental trickery

Master of razors - Slits windpipes and slices open veins almost as easily as he can breathe. His battlefield prowess with his very own pair of razors rivals those of the Blood Dragon line.

Speed - In combat Todd is very fast for his bloodline and can surprise his opponents however he cannot match the speed of Rask or those of the Lahmian bloodline.

Focused - Todd is very focused on what he does, to the point where he is resistant to pain and is very hard to trick either through normal or magical means

Unconventional warrior - Todd frequently uses martial arts from the Far East that are rarely if ever seen in the Old World. This can give him an advantage against opponents who don't know what to expect.

Poor Defense - Whilst he has a high pain threshold Todd has very little defense and such a powerful blow can do a large amount of damage to him.

Poor Tactician - Having little skill or grasp of tactics means Todd does not lead armies well and makes poor military decisions

Vendetta: His Vendetta rules Todd's life and as such can blind him to certain dangers or opportunities.

Poor Magical Ability - Some, but not much magical ability. Not inept, simply never underwent much training

Additional Notes
Todd is basically a hybrid Strigoi/Blood Dragon, with the strengths of both and the weaknesses of most Strigoi.
Aug 9, 2009
Full Name: Arg Bloodymaw
Associated Names: Da Boss
Age: Orcs don't keep track of this. However he's been involved in 1,254 engagements of various size. (Battles)
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Unknown Blood Knight
Generation: Uknown, pathetically low.
Place of Birth: Spawned in the Worlds Edge Mountains

Physical Description
Arg is a Vampire Orc. He still resembles the massive Orc Warboss he was before he was turned, being huge and muscled, but his skin has become a paler, sickly looking green. His huge tusks are capped in steel, and his mouth contains rows of smaller shark like teeth. He is around 8 feet tall and as broad across as two powerfully built men. His hands end in sharp claws, and fingers are the size of small bananas. His mouth is excessivelyly large, even for an Orc, easily capable of containing a normal mans entire head.

He's your typical Orc. Brutal, direct, uncaring for anything but a fight. He enjoys long charges across the battlefield, large dinners of slop made from the bodies of his foes, and impaling prisoners on pikes... then eating them. He also likes to knit.

Brief History
Arg was spawned the same way most Orcs were, in a spawning ground, where he initially fought with his spawn mates to establish dominance and prove his worthiness to join the tribe. Succeeding in that he was allowed in the Grey Toof Tribe, were he served under Big Boss Grot the Ugly Black Orc of Ugliness, who was a very handsome Orc.
Being an Orc his life was full of fighting, either with other races or with other Orcs. Overtime Arg grew bigger and stronger, and became a boss in his own right promoted by Warboss Drog Manslayer for "Bashin stunteez reel guud." Serving as part of the Warbosses retinue brought Arg into conflict even more often than before, and his penchant for biting off the faces of his opponents earned him the nickname Bloodymaw, "Cuz 'is mouf iz olwayz bloody, ya dum git!"
When the Storm of Chaos came the Warboss joined up with many other powerful Warbosses to go "Take it ta dat Archy git an' gif 'im wot fer!" Fighting constantly Arg continued to grow bigger and stronger until he eventually became a Big Boss, and was granted a small force of his own to go "Krump fingz cuz datz wot 'es guud at." That is exactly what Arg dig. He krumped many, many "Fings" which included a Juggernaut of Khorne, from which Arg's armor was eventually fashioned.
Eventually Arg split off from the Warboss and became a Warboss in his own right, after finding this wicked big "Hacka." During one of the constant battles Orcs find themselves in, Arg faced off against an unknown Blood Knight leading a small army of Undead. During the struggle the Vampire found himself temporarily immobilized, and in a frantic struggle bit the Warboss, taking a large chunk from the monsters neck. Arg, never one to let such an affront go, bit off the vampires head in its entirety and then "eated it. Unfortunately for the Warboss a second contingent of Undead, set to meet up with the first, shambled up towards the rear of the Orc force while they were celebrating their victory, "We wuz pickin up teef," and set upon them.
A few days after this disaster Arg woke up in the middle of the night and looked around to find all his boys "wuz sleepin." So he woke the "Lazy gits" telling them "Datz jus' scratches. Pickz up yooz gutz an' put dem back in soze we'ze ken get goin. Derez dis git in da souf wot Da Godz wantz us ta krump."

Basic Stats


Speed: 4. He is very big and bulky and wears heavy armor, so he doesn't move particularly fast. This is why he rides almost everywhere either on his boar chariot or on Muffin.

Agility: 5. Again, big and bulky, however he also knows how to use his body and create angles for attack and defense. Or at least he DOES it, whether he knows it or not.

Weapon Skill: 5. He's a Warboss, and fights as ferociously as one would expect of an Orc of that Magnitude.

Ballistic Skill: 1. "Shootin fingz iz fer gobos."

Raw Strength: 7. Even as mortal creatures Orc Warbosses are incredibly strong. Add in Vampiric vitality and it increases greatly.

Technique Strength: 7(8): Orcs might not be highly skilled combatants, but they know how to put power into their attacks. Add his Bloody Hacka into it, and well.. its not pretty.

Toughness: 6(7). Warboss toughness + Vampirism + Arg's Bloody Arma = Win.

Tactical Knowledge: 3. Charge isn't the only tactic he knows.. but its his favorite.

Magic – you can have different power level and skills for different lores

Magical Lores Known:
Raw Magical Power: Variable. Usually around a 4: He's the focal point for a lot of power, the bigger the WAAAGH! the more power that can be channeled through him.

Magical Skill: 1. He has no skill at magic. However as a focal point of WAAAGH! Shamans can tap into that power to increase the potency of their own spells.

Technology -
Skillset: Knitting: 10. He is the greatest knitter in the Old World.. capable of turning Stunty Beards into beautiful tapestries which are used as battle standards. Ok, thats the Orc scale, on the human scale its like a 2, a little kid could do better.

Arg's Bloody Hacka, unknown dwarf name.
Arg's Bloody Hacka is an ancient dwarf weapon, made of an unknown metal and encrusted with many powerful runes. It is a massive weapon that no single regular human could ever hope to effectively wield. Why the dwarf who created it made it is unknown at this time, for it would take a truly mighty Slayer to be able to use it. It fell into Orcish hands during the fall of a dwarf hold, and eventually passed into Arg's possession.
It has spent years being corrupted by the Orcs, and no longer resembles the weapon it once was, and with Arg's transendence into Undeath it has become infected with Dark Energy.

This weapon fits Arg perfectly, and when wielding it no armor or shield without powerful enchantments can withstand his attacks.

Arg's Bloody Arma
A suit of armor scavenged from what was left over when a Chaos Juggernaut was killed during Storm of Chaos by a group of Orcs Arg was commanding. A group of captured Chaos dwarfs were forced to make armor plates out of the pieces, which were then fashioned by Goblins into a crude set of armor.

The WAAAGH! power focused on Arg channels into the armor and forms a green aura around him during battle, stopping attacks from all but the most powerful enchanted weapons.

Other Abilities
Head Bite: Arg's favorite attack. He can literally snap the head off opponents man sized or smaller.

Willpower: Arg's willpower is as indomitable as the Orcish spirit. Incapable of casting spells, he simply WILL's things to happen. Such as: Raising his fallen troops, healing his troops, and regenerating wounds he's suffered.

Brutally Cunning
Cunningly Brutal

Incapable of advanced thought

Additional Notes
Arg Bloodymaw is a force of horrible, corrupted nature and possesses a terrible, unstoppable will. He takes commands from no one, save Da Godz themselves, and operates on his own agenda.

Commands Zomboyz as opposed to Zombies, which are more ferocious and agressive than zombies.

Has an enormous battle boar named Muffin, who is his "Most Favoritest fing in da 'ole wurld."
Oct 22, 2009
Full Name: Orcimedes
Affiliated Titles: Da Great Inventa
Bloodline: Da only bloodline dat mattahs. Da Orcs!
Sire: No one sires an orc!
Generation: Inconsequential
Age: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Orcimedes resembles a rather large Warboss although not nearly as bulked out or tough as one would expect an Orc of his size to be. His skin is a rather bright green and is scarred all over from both weapons and various kinds of explosions. His eyes are a beady red whenever not being covered by his trademark goggles. In addition, Orcimedes's face is mostly obscured by a rather long dwarf beard (makes him look much smarter).

Personality: While Orcimedes still enjoys the favorite Orcy past-time of crumping gitz, he is set apart from other orcs by his desire to create, test, and re-test various implements of destruction. These devices do not necessarily need to be efficient (although that helps) so long as they can crump people in new fangled ways, allow them to be crumped, or keep Orcimedes from crumping someone else.

Brief History: Orcimedes is truly ancient, predating even Sigmar by a large margin. Even when he started as a standard boy, Orcimedes was always impressed by magic. The ability to crump gits in so many ways with often spectacular results (both intentional and non). But tried as Orcimedes did, a mage he was not, so he promptly left his warband and began a series of travels throughout the mountains, trying to find a way to replicate the destructive power of magic. Over the course of his wanderings, Orcimedes made all sorts of technological marvels (most from trial and error) leaving walls scratched full of equations and the broken husks of failed devices. These schematics and devices were found by other races, most notably the Dwarves and Skaven (who found his more eccentric works). It can be said that Orcimedes is the father of all technology in the Old World. At least that's what Orcimedes says. Such stories cannot be proved beyond one side saying they did it first. Eventually, Orcimedes settled in the first Fortress of Orciness where he began a reclusive existence, making more and more weapons and devices, steadily gathering a horde of goblins for menial work. Despite his age, Orcimedes was never able to attract many other true orcs due to never initiating a true Waaagh!. After the destruction of the first Fortress, he finally set up shop in Karag Karaz where he has been ever since.

Stats: Basic

Speed: 4: Orcs are not renowned for speed, especially orcs weighed down by lots of armor and gadgets.
Strength: 5: While plenty strong, Orcimedes is certainly not an exemplary figure of Orcy strength especially considering his size. But he is strong enough to heft his larger creations without issue.
Agility: 3: He's an Orc with heavy stuff. Do the math.
Toughness: 4: While spending lots of time crumping, the rather unorcy nature of making stuff beyond a choppa haven't been to kind on Orcimedes growing tuff like the other Orcs.
Weapon Skill: 5: He knows his way around a choppa or more exotic close combat weapon.
Ballistic Skill: 9: Providing he's aiming, odds are Orcimedes will hit the target. Not that extends to a spray of shot, but the point is he's a crackshot when using anything that can be aimed in some fashion.
Magic Prowess: 1: No magical prowess to speak of.
Tactical Prowess: 3: While a genius inventor, Orcimedes never learned the finer points of tactics beyond sending in the next wave of his carious creations.
Tech Savvy (all fields): 10 (requesting 11): Providing you believe his stories, Orcimedes made the baselines for all technology in the old world. Whether this is true or not doesn't change the fact he can build, use, and repair any sort of tech whether Skaven, Empire, or Dwarf in addition to his own creations.

Da Feet of Gork:
One of Orcimedes’s favorite inventions, Da Feet of Gork are a pair of armored boots with with a pair of rokkit boostas strapped to the underside of each sole. Originally made to get him close to crump flying gits, their primary purpose has now been regulated to kicking people while engaging the thrusters (although he still uses them to fly from time to time) (with the jets engaged Orcimedes is Speed 10)

Foil Hat:
Designed to keep magic boys out his head, the Foil Hat achieved its name thanks to the dominator’s nature to shout out “Foiled again!” whenever the hat blocked their attempts at mental domination. The helmet is full plate and blocks all attempts at mental domination, trickery, or similar tricks used to cloud or assault the mind.
Da Goggles:
While they don't do anything practical, they certainly are stylish!
Ghost Busta:
Spirits and Ghosts always proved a problem to Orcimedes. They couldn’t be crumped or shot. The Ghost Busta was his solution. Firing a warpstone powered stream of energy, the Ghost Busta forces spirits into a specially prepared trap which is usually used to power other pieces of Orcimedes’s gear. Only one Ghost Busta exists, Orcimedes stopped making more when two Gobbos accidently crossed streams.
Usually used for Orcimedes to send gear to the Fortress of Orciness and vice versa, the Tellyporta can also be temporarily overloaded to send Orcimedes some 70m in any direction. The latter function is used sparingly due to the disorienting nature of the trip, often causing Orcimedes to lose sight of his target.
Hollygram Makah:
Capable of making exact duplicates of Orcimedes, this device has served to confuse the enemies of Orcimedes time and time again. While the repilicas are ultimately tricks of light, they are realistic to the point of being indistinguishable from the real thing. However, the massive power requirements keep it from being constantly used.
Earth Shaka:
While resembling a box with a large cylinder, the Earth-Shaka is designed to keep gits from runnin from Orcimedes. When deployed, the Earth-Shaka starts thumping the ground with incredible force, the resulting shockwaves knocking lesser men off their feat and greatly hindering the strongest. Each Earth-Shaka is only good for one use before its power source runs dry. (Everyone within the area of effect of the Earth Shaka has their speed reduced by 3. Those with a speed of 3 or below are rendered immobile)
Orcstone Shoota:
Orcimedes’s left (and sometimes right) hand is usually seen carrying his Orcstone Shoota. Compact (for Orcimedes anyway) and capable of firing shards of Warpstone (renamed Orcstone cuz green iz Orcy) in large numbers and in quick succession, this has easily become the favored sidearm for Orcimedes at close, short, medium, and (while ineffectual) long ranges. The shoota is capable of firing for a considerable amount of time before running dry and is capable of impressive bouts of devastation.
The Lobba is capable of holding one and firing one of Orcimede's many types globes that do anything from explode, set fire, freeze, and almost anything in between.
Orcimedes also has a set of hand forged full plate armor in addition to his other gear. He hasn’t had time to improve these just yet.
Note: Orcimedes has a myriad of other weapons at his disposal ranging from flame throwas, zappas, and good ole reliable choppas.
Minions: Orcimedes has a sizable army of Goblins to do his bidding, ranging from loading his weapons, testing new things, and other lowly maintenance. They never fight unless the Fortress of Orkiness is in danger of being breached or otherwise ordered by Orcimedes. Orcimedes also has a large amount of Snotlings and Squigs (all kinds) at his disposal in addition to his feared Slasha Giants (“Made loads bettah thanks me metal bits, gubbins, and mind tamperin ‘elmets!”)

Supa Smart Boy: Orcimedes is quite literally a technical genius. If he doesn’t have it, he can make it. If he can’t make it, odds are it wasn’t possible to make anyway.
I got just the thing fer ya…: Orcimedes has been around for a very long time and thus has access to a nearly limitless supply of guns, armor, and gadgets.
I’m Da Best at Wot I do!: And what Orcimedes does best is causing mayhem at varying distances. While not terrible in close combat, Orcimedes is capable of devastating attacks at a range (and even placing aimed shots if the spray doesn't work).
We need more zoggin’ Gobbos!: While he has a limited supply of big orcs, Orcimedes has enormous amounts of Squigs and Gobbos that can be used against the enemy with hi speshull gear if need be.

Taktics? Wot’s Dat?:

I'm a shoota! Not a fighta!

He ain't Dat Orcy...: While most Orcs would find Orcimedes a valuable asset in a Waaagh! no true Orc would willingly allow him to lead them into battle unless under the direst circumstances.

Additional Notes:
Orcimedes has a rather stylized fortress where Karag Karaz once stood, resembling a snarling Orc head with smoke pouring from the mouth and nose and protected by his latest and greatest inventions in addition to hordes of Gobbos and Squigs.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Name: Nekhlior the Unfading Scholar/the Antediluvian
Titles in Life: Liche Priest of the Mortuary Cult.
Previous Titles in Death: Priest of the Temple of Blood, Chronicler of Sorcery in the Great Library of Lahmia, Dark Lord of Nagash, The Forsaken (Against Sigmar)
Current Titles in Death: The Unfading Scholar (Personal), The Antediluvian (His Gets), The Traitor (Nehekhara), The Dark Alchemist (In Kislev), The Plague (In Tilea), Reaper of Souls (Estalia), Death’s Eye (Albion), Rival of Fate (Norsca), Morr’s Foe (The Empire, North), The Withering Shadow (The Empire, South).
Origin: Khemri (Mortal Birthplace) Lahmia (Siring location)
Age: 4,513 in 2523 (Born: -1990, Sired -1641) he is likely the eldest Vampire alive (Although a number of vampire's came into undeath before him, it should be noted he was a liche priest by the time he was sired).
Sire: W'soran
Current Location: Unknown.
V'azrin- A fellow Necrarch and in death he is Nekhlior’s younger brother despite being sired before. In life they hated each other and in death they are rivals.
Rahotep- His younger and weaker nephew in death, they got on rather well for vampires but he fears Rahotep's duplicity.
Nagash- A master he has served many times although not out of love or true loyalty.
Melkhior- His younger brother in total although often referred to as an older due to being sired before him. In life and death his talent was always great only ever came close to by his master W’soran and brother V’azrin. Despite poor relations in life the two are not foes in death.
Nekhlior’s Gets:
Nekhlior is incredibly picky in those he sires, like many Necrarchs he doesn’t believe in spreading the bloodline too thinly nor wasting his own purity of blood on many individuals.
Thepht the unholy- Nekhlior’s first childe, sired during the war against Nehekhara, in life he had been a favoured disciple of Nagash. He still lives today although independent from his sire, his home is hidden within Sylvania somewhere.
Naelash- Nekhlior’s second childe, sired during the war against Nehekhara and killed in the war against Sigmar, he was a powerful Pyromancer.
Makarian the Bleeding Axe-Sired from the Human tribes two hundred years before the war against Sigmar, he was unlike many of W’soran’s line a great warrior. He is a powerful spellsword/battlemage. He lives today within the borders of Norsca.
Vladimir Nelkerad- A noble of Kislev, he was sired in 2237 and was killed by V’azrin a few years ago.
Zombie Dragon- Inferipena
Abysmal Terror- Malumortus

Appearance / Mentality.
Before his siring he had been a man of lithe build and had not been an ugly man, he had been a priest, thus his body hair had been ritually shaved off. By the time of his siring however he was a Liche Priest and already rather corpse-like.
His current appearance is even more withered; his rotten flesh stretches tightly over his thin frame and his face resembles that of a skull with empty eyes sockets that at times glow with unholy flames. Despite being only average height he appears tall due to his thin frame and elongated fingers with dark, dirt encrusted claws that serve as nails.
He wears a white and black metal mask which obsures his features as he has a black hood pulled over his head also. This hood is attached to the black robe that he wears overwhich is a long white coat. As such the only flesh that can be easily seen is his withered lips through the mask mouthpiece and rotten flesh of his hands.
It should be noted that the white coat and Mask are a recent addition to his appearance and he doesn't always wear them.

His mentality is alike many Necrarch’s who see the world of death far more clearly than that of life, and he continues Nagash’s great plan in his own way. However this is not his first priority, instead he is more consumed with finding magical knowledge and artefacts of power. He also conducts his research in the areas of Necromancy and Alchemy.
He is intelligent and rather manipulative, he is also rarely friendly with others and can put allies in danger to meet his own goals.
He strongly believes every thing in life and undeath is a potential test subject including himself.
He is also less than stable, in his undeath he has suffered “True Death” two times and been brought back on all three occasions, once by Nagash himself and once by gets of his making, this has led to him having an even more strenuous grasp on reality.

Nekhlior began his life as a Priest of the Mortuary Cult, as Nagash rose to power he, like many other priests of the cult, swore loyalty to the Necromancer.
In time Nekhlior, along with others such as W'soran played the part of rebel and left Nagash to work in the city of Lahmia, here they spied in secret of their Dark Master all the time faking loyalty to the city's king.
After a lengthy period of time and the war with Nagash was done W'soran, alongside the Queen discovered the elixir of life and drank it becoming the trueborn vampires.
After a relatively short period of time W'soran sired Nekhlior.
Nekhlior went on to serve Nagash once he arose again and served the Great necromancer yet again during his battle against Sigmar.
For the last two thousand years he has conducted various experiments and searched for magical knowledge.

His numerous titles come from the fact that he has travelled to most lands with the exception of Araby, Cathay and Nippon.
He has accumulated names in other areas due to his attacks on the lands in quests of artefacts and knowledge. Some examples are The Dark Alchemist in Kislev due to his poisoning of a large estate belonging to a powerful noble many years ago, the poison caused them to die and rise again as walking corpses to bring him the families magical heirloom that the Necrarch coveted.
Others are due to more noticeable actions such as “The Rival of Fate” due to his battling with a large Tzeentch war band.

Facts and Rumours:
-Despite his habit for travelling all over the old world in search of magical items it is said he has a tower somewhere which is a wealth of arcane and historical knowledge and artefacts.
-During the War against Sigmar it is said he got on the wrong side of Nagash and this was exploited by V’azrin until Nekhlior lost his place as a Dark Lord.
-He owns either an original or a copy of one of Nagash’s tomes, the Liber Mortis and the Grimoire Necronium.
-Owns a number of Nagash’s lesser works.
-Has a library filled with mostly necromantic work but also with other arcane and alchemic texts.
-Once invaded the Pale Tower with two of his gets and an army of Undead, once inside the tower he battled V’azrin, Reshorn and a third get (killing the unnamed get in the process) and made away with a very important tome.
-Has been killed a total of two times, once by a Nehekharan Champion and Priest but was raised by Nagash and W’soran afterwards, once at the hands of a group of Sigmar priests and templars but was raised by his gets and necromancers soon after. In both cases he was dead for less than a month
- Hes had dealings with Melkhior after W’soran’s demise.
- Has made some sort of magical enchantment to ensure that should he die that his body will reform eventually in his true home and his spirit will find its way back. The Rumour goes he killed himself a third time to see if this worked and apparently it did.
- Helped Melkhior plan his sire's murder.
- Over the past 3,500 years he’s made a number of incursion in secret and in force into Nehekhara to steal ancient artefacts of both Nagash and the Mortuary Cult from those now known as the “Tomb Kings”, these Undead Kings still remember Nekhlior with much hatred.
- Hes had dealings with Vlad von Carstein and later Mannfred von Carstein, whilst he did not pledge his support for battle he brought the two counts Magical artefacts and knowledge that may assist them in their wars.

Current Status:
The Necrarch has always been searching for ways to expand his arcane power and his collection artefacts, he has searched the old world and beyond, some say he has travelled to other worlds.
However lately he was kidnapped by his brother V'azrin who alongside his two gets Rahotep and Reshorn invaded Nekhlior's home.
He has recently fled imprisonment from Nagash and is working with Settra.

Basic Stats
Speed: 6 As an ancient vampires he is faster than average
Agility: 5 With ages comes power for vampire-kind as such as he’s grown older his ability to dodge attacks has increased.
Weapon Skill: 4 He’s a scholar and has never learnt how to wield sword or spear
Ballistic Skill: 0 It would be wise not to give him a bow
Raw Strength: 5 Being an ancient vampire his physical strength is not poor
Technique Strength: 4 Definitely not a warrior
Toughness: 5 Perhaps due to being a frail Liche Priest before being sired he isn’t as durable as other vampires his age.
Tactical Knowledge: 2 Giving him command of an army would be a mistake, he left most of his force commanding to one of his gets. He can use horde like armies to overpower his foes but tactical awareness and a grasp of such tactics are far beyond him.

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy / Vampire, Dark Magic, Fire, Heavens, Metal, Shadow, Death, Beasts. (Despite all this knowledge he limits more than two thirds of his spell casting to Necromancy, Death Magic and Dark Magic.)
Raw Magical Power: 9 Being a Sorcerer in life his magical power was only expanded by the unique properties of his bloodline. He is almost totally sustained on Dhar and as such finds it easy to wield a lot of Power.
Magical Skill: 9 Having studied the Arcane Arts for more than Four and a Half Millennia his skill at working magic is exceedingly high.

Skill set: Alchemist (A concoctor of both magical elixirs and more mundane chemical mixtures.)
Skill Level: 7 (Very skilled in Alchemy both he hasn’t reached the pinnacle of his talents due to Alchemy taking a back seat to his Magic Experimentation.)
Skill set: Necromantic Artificer (As a Necrarch hes spent a great deal of time mastering the fusion of Undead flesh, he can create a wide variety of undead constructs, an example of which is his zombie dragon)
Skill Level: 10 (As a Necrarch the experimentation of the unholy realm of necromancy takes precedence over all other pursuits, as such he is a complete master of the dark art)
Skill Set: Artificer (His experiments often led to the magical creation of weapons, armour or just little devices)
Skill Level: 6
Skill Set: Runes (He has learnt many different types of runes e.g. Dwarves, Chaos etc)
Skill Level: 4

W’soran’s Staff:
A staff that once belonged to his sire it whispers to its wielder predicting the flow of magic and reveals the secrets of any foes castings.
The staff makes casting spells safer and makes magic duels easier and further enhances his already great magical skill.
Nekhlior's Blade
A thin blade slightly shorter than a longsword, when sheathed it hangs directly infront of him. It also has a conjuring enchantment which activates when Nekhlior says "Voco volo Inferipena"
A rather average blade with an enchantment to make it durable.
It does have one special property however and that is its ability to summon the Necrarch's Zombie Dragon from anywhere in the world.
Mask of Nekhlior:
The unholy headpiece invokes the protection of a dark kind.
Gives magical protection against attack.
Amulet of Blood:
An amulet wore by the Vampiric Priests of the Temple of Blood in Lahmia, it provides the wearer easier access to the fickle winds of magic.
The amulet provides a safeguard against the dangers of the winds of magic.
Various Scrolls:
Powerful counterspells are written within these ancient papyri.
Various scrolls of powerful counterspells.

Other Abilities
Get of W'soran
So ancient is the vampire that his teacher was not only his sire the great W'soran but he also studied at the hands of the Great Necromancer Nagash during two seperate wars. Manipulating the flow of magic comes as naturally to the vampire as breathing does to a living human.
In terms of the RP this shows why his Necromancy is so powerful, it allows him to control and raise a large amount of Undead and lets his seize control of Undead from lesser Necromancers. He can also manipulate the winds of magic to make it difficult for other wizards to wield the arcane.
He can use his dark magic to teleport as well.

Unholy Cynosure
The Necrarch can focus his power into a different plane to foresee the future and thus use his ability to change the present
This power allows Nekhlior to see into the future with varying degrees of success, he can not only see the far future given enough time and power but he can also use this ability to rectify short term mistakes. The power is very draining and can not be used often, also to see further into the future requires a trance like state to be achieved.

One with the Spirit Realm
Nekhlior no longer sees the mortal realm as most vampires do, like only the oldest of his line he perceives the world in a different manner.
Not truly an ability but it does allow Nekhlior to see spirits and the winds of magic at all times, this makes it easier to command spirits and to wield (and monitor) the winds of magic themselves.

Magical Capabilities:
Master: Necromancy, Dark Magic, Lore of Death, Lore of Shadows, Lore of Metal.
Adept: Lore of Fire, Lore of the Heavens, Demonology.
Average: Lore of the Beast.
No Knowledge: Lore of Light, Lore of Life. (Incapable of wielding both).

Ancient-Like all vampires he grows stronger as he ages and thus he’s grown quite powerful as he’s aged. He also seen much in his life and became quite intelligent and cunning over this time, he is said to be only about a decade younger than the great Nagash himself.
Second Generation-Sired by W’soran himself he is as close to the source of his kind as he can be.
Master Necromancer- Having spent the greater part of his existence on developing Nagash’s art he has became a master of the art. He can also create great wonders of undeath; examples are his Undead Dragon or his Abysmal Terror. He also claims to have created numerous Bone Golems.
Experienced Mage-Has many millennia experience of using magic.
Talented Alchemist- A great alchemist he can concoct almost any potion, elixir or chemical formula given the materials and time. He is skilled both in the chemical mixing process and in the adding magical properties aspect.
Necrarch: His magical affinity is boosted and his thirst for blood is lesser than other vampire bloodlines and when he does need blood a simple replenishment potion can work. As a vampire he is physically powerful also, although untrained in combat and has minor vampiric abilities such as Shapeshifting and Hypnosis.
Intelligent: Or in his opinion a Genius, he had a lot of knowledge on a wide number of topics but especially the arcane. He often employs his intelligence to work out how best to combat his opponents by studying them beforehand or gathering knowledge on opponents to strike at weaknesses.

Unarmoured- Wearing only robes leaves the Necrarch vulnerable to physical attack.
Scholar-Lacks any warrior training and whilst he has fighting experience from the wars and could slaughter rank and file humans its unlikely he could physically stand against any vampire with the slightest bit of training.
Necrarch- Like many Necrarchs his mental stability isn't what it could be, this could manifest as his talking nonsense to making a fatal mistake during an incantation to pure, common paranoia. He also can not hide his appearance efficiently for any length of time.
Sunlight- Without magical protection he can not stand the sun for more than a handful of hours and whilst in the sun he is severely weakened.
Silver- Hurts him to a far greater degree than any other metal.
Religious Symbols- The most effective against him are the symbols of his homelands ancient gods but the symbols of Ulric and Sigmar and similar gods work to a lesser degree. Chaos symbols have no effect.
Useless General- He has led a great deal of armies many times and is worst than mediocre when commanding at best, his skill in raising his fallen troops usually makes up for this.
Loner- He lacks any sense of true social skills.
Arrogant-One does not master the Deadly Path of the Necromancer and live for over four thousand years without gathering a certain amount of pride and self-confidence in themselves.

Additional Notes
Nekhlior’s sight
It is important to note that Nekhlior no longer sees the mortal realm as most vampires do, like only the oldest of his line he perceives the world in a different manner. He no longer sees mortal things but only the winds of magic, spirits and auras. He can still see everything a mortal could see but in a very different way, instead of people’s physical selves he sees only their spirits selves and aethyric echoes of physical things like buildings.

Additional Fluff can be found in Life of a Necrarch
Generation was Okeyed by DoN
May 30, 2009
Jason Nightwere

Full Name: Jason, Fintious, Nightwere
Associated Names: The Demon of the Shade
Age: 2527
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Sara Valarious
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: Bragath, ancient empire settlement.

Jason is rarely seen without the Robes of eternity around him it covers his body and face from view with tattered black silk.
Underneath is a darkly handsome man dark brown hair and Feral yellow eyes no more than 25 years old his body is covered in deep torture wounds some glowing with an ethereal energy from enchanted torture weapons.

Jason’s mental state is in part broken most of the time he is a calm and pleasant individual casually bowing to people showing a courteous respect. Although at other times he can become quite erratic and even uncontrollable developing an almost sadistic nature. He values loyalty as a vampire more than physical strength or magical prowess and so any creature that shows him disrespect would ether irritate him or send him on a mission to suck the life from the aggressor’s bones.
He is an extremely intelligent individual and has far reaching plans creating scenarios and manipulating those he doesn’t trust to his will. When he does indeed trust someone it is no small thing in Jason’s mind but a life commitment and when it comes down to it Jason may even sacrifice his self for the greater good.

Brief History

As a young prince, Jason was taught at an early age that respect can only be earned, but can be faked, and that human life was of little concern in the long run. His father Nathanial Nighthunt was a brilliant hunter, and wise king and Jason inherited his father's skill and wisdom, yet resented his people. He would curse his father in times of war and would mock him for his decisions blaming him for the people's deaths. When word reached his kingdom that the man god had slain the death lord, Nagash, it sparked Jason's curiosity, so he studied where ever he could to discover more of the history of the undead. He learnt much and became an apt pupil of magic.

When his father was slain in combat for his people, Jason was appointed king however instead of embracing his people, he rode out to find the legendary Queen of the vampires. He started roaming in the high society finding one of the Queen's spies Sara Valarious; she pointed him towards the silver pinnacle, but warned of the queen's hatred and evil. He entered the cathedral and struck a bargain with the sacrifice of his people for his immortality. Thus in one faith full night the armies of the queen stole every one form there beds as they slept. The queen wasn't impressed, and threw him into her darkest dungeons.

He stayed within the silver pinnacle for many years, tortured and given less and less food. In the end it was Sara who attempted to free him, But soon the queen sent her thralls to capture Jason, he was brought before her although he could not see her for she was behind many silk curtains, she commanded that Sara give him the blood kiss, so he may spend an eternity of torture imprisoned within the silver pinnacle.

At last it was done his immortality assured, for over 250 years he was the dreaded queen's prisoner his eyes grew a feral yellow color and his hair grew long, scars of enchanted torture devices riddled his body. Until it was one day 270 years since he had arrived that an attack form below was felt Shaven flowed past and set free the toured soul of Jason Nighthunt as he was released possibly to be eaten no one can say for sure, perhaps pity or a feral resemblance. But all the same He his eyes grew light and he attacked with a appetite for the blood of his victims he slaughtered hundreds and hundreds of the creatures in a fit of blood and joy.

He then entered the chamber of the dreaded queen and bowed before her "I wish an audience" he said slowly blood soaked his scared flesh and rose to greet the queen my queen I have slain the Skaven horde, I wish freedom and service. The queen replied and you shall receive neither a smirk upon her cold face. Again he was locked with in the dungeon this time with a message on the ground underneath was a black robe. The message read

Jason for your service, I give you this the robe of eternity the queen my not see it for she is blind to the strengths of men but you have power with in you and you must carve out your own destiny use this robe to escape this dreaded place and never return it is more powerful than it seams, And so are you I'm truly sorry Jason.

Yours sincerely Sara valarious

He put on the cloak and slipped away into the darkness of the cold night, over 300 years he had been a prisoner, at long last he was free. He continued to wear the robe of eternity, travelling aboard to discover the forgotten lore of the world. In his time at the silver pinnacle the world around him had changed much, but there were still many secrets to be found and it was his will to find that fuled him over the coming centuries. he tangled with many others of his kind most notably was Lesa, a vampire of great and exotic beauty how also quested for knowledge and artefacts, but when he was in her presence his scars would burn and sting his flesh there was something more about this vampire, that he did not fully understand.

Eventually his thirst for knowledge brought him to the colleges of magic, staying there for many centuries. He started experimenting on his cloak and enhanced its powers, he sowed the souls of the dammed into its thread until the cloak would scream in anger and pain, when ever Jason would command he also made it as black as night and unable to see him in darkness, adding Warpstone to the vile design he feared what effect this would have on him. It had become a massively useful device in his travels and was more apart of him each day. His power over the centuries had indeed grown and was revered as a powerful alchemist, and wizard. And he continued to study the lore and magic's of the college.

It was his vampiric nature that He was eventually discovered, missing people and a wizard realizing that he had not aged at all since he had got there. So fighting his way clear of a heavily armored witch hunter group, he escaped. He had discovered a legendary blade where about's. Hidden deep with in an ancient tomb submersed after centuries of neglect, and Worshiped by a race of ghouls that had worshiped the blade as a gift from the gods (vampires), the origin of the blade was unknown for it was only a reference to the ghouls but Jason knew well enough the location indicated in the text.

After taking the blade from its ancient home, he knew there must find a way of examining it without fear of any unholy enchantments bestowed upon it. And so he traveled to the city of Luccini in Tilea, knowing that the priests of morr could remove any side effects form the vampiric blade that could purge it of the curse bringing it before the priests they removed a curse of blood drain from it that would have almost have killed him, and gave it back to Jason.

After leaving the temple of Morr the black guard attacked him, seeking to end the accursed vampire's unlife. He fought them off each blow giving him new found strength. But He was indeed surrounded, it was at this point that the luscious black wings formed from his robes, screaming with delight at the new founds powers the souls had been mutated by the Warp stone leaving Jason unscaled and unmutated. With wings at his back he drove the approaching black guard back, and disappeared into the night's sky. The black guards now search for the daemon of the night, they call Nightwere.

After escaping Luccini in the 1800's, he traveled to Sylvania where he met Vlad Von Carstein. Only a new ruler, Jason agreed to work for him as both a spy and assassin for he was reminded of his father as both a fair and wise leader. It is believed that he was behind many of the ruling noble's grievous accidents and unfortunate circumstances, over the coming years. And in 2000 he was instructed to gather the meteorite Warp stone from the Mordheim ruins.

He was indeed a loyal servant of Vlad, but his job was not with out its dangers even to a vampire, one such time was a chaos raid from the world Edge Mountains. while he was out collecting alchemical ingredients within a low lying cave demons stuck and with a lightning series of swings were slain by Jason.

He did however enjoy the company of the other vampires; Mannfred von Carstien was one such individual and taught Mannfred some of the magical secrets he had gathered over his travels. He was an apt pupil and Jason saw that he had great power with in him. Unlike Mannfred Jason held a great dislike for Konnard von Carstien, and viewed the brute as a foolish drone of Vlad not much good for more that a berserk.

When Vlad began his war against the world of men, Jason warned him of Mannfreds treatuary over the years he have grown fond of Mannfred but never got on his bad side and knew of his scheming, Vlad paid no heed to Jason and continued and after his defeat he went searching for the illusive thief but to no avail.

Rather than return to the accursed Sylvain, and serve Konard, he ventured into the world once more searching for lore, knowledge and treasure. He one day hopes to save his sire and repay the favor for his release; she may be the only one that Jason truly feels for in the world. He has heard of the vampire council however and there accomplishments and agrees that the spoils would be great if an alliance was formed.

Basic Stats
Speed: 10
Agility: 7
Weapon Skill: 5(6)
Ballistic Skill: 6
Raw Strength: 4
Technique Strength: 5(6)
Toughness: 6(7)
Tactical Knowledge: 7

Magical Lore's Known: Necromancy / Vampire, Heavens, Shadow, Death, Metal.
Raw Magical Power: 8
Magical Skill: 8

Skill set:
Enchanter: Jason is a renowned enchanter of magical items and has spend much of his life finding new ways to improve items and materials.
Skill Level: 9
Cunning linguist: Jason has memorized many languages and speaks many of them quite fluently allowing him to decipher texts and understand many creatures of the old world.
Skill Level: 7


Robes of eternity
The robes of eternity are an ancient artifact gifted to Jason from his sire to allow him to escape the silver pinnacle. Its cloth masks the wearer completely and is impossible for it to decay. Over the years it has become more like a living thing hundreds of Jason’s experiments have been performed on this cloak and now has the ability to grab and deflect attacks absorb magical attacks (to an extent)And form black wings gifted with his bloodlines speed he is able to travel great distances very quickly. It is also able to store many items such as Jason’s personal tomb of knowledge and the spirits of literally thousands of dead.

Blade of the blood

Jason’s blade is imbued with great and terrible enchantments; he discovered this blade while researching within the colleges of magic and after he was almost killed after he was discovered he set out to retrieve the evil blade from a temple devoted to the worshiping of vampires deep within Telia.
This terrible sword has the ability to rip the soul from the enemy upon death and strengthen its wielder Jason during battle it also possess a bond spell which can rot creatures instantly this has no immediate effect of a vampire however.

Other Abilities

Spirit master
Jason has an extensive knowledge of the soul, how to bind it how to manipulate it and how to control thousands of them at a time.

Enchanted flesh

This ability allows Jason to recover from the more gravis wounds which can otherwise kill many vampires. Its unfortunately has a down side when Jason is in the presence of an individual with a strong will power or can control people’s minds his scars burn a bright electric blue and causes severe pain although he can deal with such pain it can become a strain on his own mind and cause him to lose his cool.


Very Powerful with magic
Jason has an extensive knowledge of arcane rituals and magical enchantments

after sustaining gravis wounds Jason’s cloak can bind his flesh together and use the dark magic stored within it to heal him. He also has a high pain thresh hold from the enchanted torture devices and now can be put through punishing injuries that would kill many vampires.

Powerful equipment
Allows him a benefit in combat the robes of eternity are now as much a part of him as his scars allowing him abilities of flight, stealth and deflection of serious blows.

Unbreakable will
when others try to control him it manifests as a burning of his enchanted scars, sustained within the silver pinnacle. This can be good and bad as when more will power the more pain Jason will be in.

Lahmian Bloodline
Jason is fast and agile and impossible to detect when combined with the robes of eternity and his bloodline.


Lacking in strength
Jason is not as strong as other lord level characters but could still rip the arms off a human.

lacking in combat skill
Jason is not as powerful as the other combat characters although he can still hold his own in combat.
Mental state is broken – Jason has somewhat of a personality disorder. This makes it hard for him to trust others will always be skeptical and never open up fully to others and can shift between calm to aggressive.

Uncontrolable Anger
If he is disrespected or something Interfears with one of his far reaching plans he will do everything in his power to destroy his aggressor or the person neares him.

Additional Notes

Neferata’s Nemesis
Jason has a crippling Hate for Neferata and can barely stand the mention of the Vampire Queens Name his life has been devoted to Knowledge and revenge against his grandsire.
During the last 500 years Jason and the Leaders of his bloodline have been engaged in a silent war against the lahmian's stealth and assassination there weapons of choice.
Apr 24, 2009
Zaak the Uncanny, Lord and Master of the Rolling Legions

Full Name: Zaak the Uncanny
Associated Names: None.
Age: 150ish
Bloodline: Unknown – killed the vampire who sired him before he found out.
Sire: Berek the Bloody
Generation: Unbeknown to Zaak, as he killed his sire before he had the chance to ask, he is 4th generation.
Location of Siring: Some small town in Sylvania, now gone.
Location of Resurrection: A crypt, buried beneath the same non-existant town.

Physical Description
Tall, dark and handsome (or at least he thinks so). He stands at about 5'10". He is slight of build but surprisingly strong (he is a vampire after all). His countenance is near always contorted into a mad grin, his turquoise eyes bright and piercing. When saddened, his eyes dim to a slate grey, and when angered they slide towards green. His skin is pallid, his eyes sunken, and his fangs sharp. His hair is black and short-cropped. He has an aura of authority, and strides with purpose. He is always attended by servants and at least two members of the Coven, and as such is never alone except on occasion in times of battle.

Frankly, Zaak is quite, quite insane. He was already slightly zany before his siring, and after that he became what he hated, killed his own loved one and failed to resurrect her. Coupled with the corrupting nature of dark magic and you have a complete and utter loon. He is capricious, making the majority of his decisions arbitrarily. However, the focus of his life is his daughter Cassandra. He will protect her with a vengeance, will grasp any opportunity that could possibly raise her again, and never agree to something that would put her in danger.

Brief History
In a village so small that it wouldn't appear on any maps, when beasts of the darkness and creatures of the night attacked, who did they turn to? The local hero, Zaak the Uncanny. A bold, courageous spell-sword, he cleft werewolves, swamp monsters and hundreds of zombies in his time, protecting the town from the perils of Sylvania. A dashing if slightly zany hero, he had a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter Cassandra, and the adoration of the town. Everyone knew of his deeds, and rightfully praised him for them. Even Cassandra benefited - everyone loved the sweet girl, daughter of the hero with flowers in her hair.

However, whilst away questing after Necromancer with a horde of ghouls, disaster struck. His wife was slaughtered in her home, two puncture marks in her neck and her blood drained. Upon his victorious return, Zaak found his wife dead, and a message written in her blood upon his wall - "COME FIGHT ME, BEREK THE BLOODY!". Blinded by rage, he ran from the town even whilst the body was being buried, leaving his daughter in the care of the village midwife. He searched the mires surrounding the village, following the trail of slaughtered beasts with drained blood. Eventually he found him in a dark cave, feasting on a large deer. The ensuing battle was bloody indeed, with both sides taking grave injuries. However, at the last, Berek managed to sink his fangs into Zaak's neck. Appreciating a good fight and a fan of poetic irony, he sired the hero that once killed creatures of the night.

Upon returning to the village, fueled by the red thirst, he ran into the midwife's house and drank her dry. Unfortunately, his sweet daughter Cassandra came down and saw him revelling in his feast. The red thirst took over, and he began to walk towards her, blood dripping from his maw. In fear, she backed away, and turned to look over her shoulder. Alas, in doing so she exposed her neck, and her father ran forth and drank her. As she fell unconscious, she let out a soft sigh. That one tiny noise was enough to bring Zaak back to his senses. He knew then that the only way to save her was to sire her, which he did.

Before long, the town found out. Finding the dead midwife and the unconscious daughter, they knew what had happened. The man they had once adored they now hated, and chased him down. Many were butchered, but eventually he was burnt. However, they still respected his actions somewhat, and as such they kept his ashes in the town crypt.

When the daughter awoke, they noticed a distinct change in her. They assumed that the horrible things she had seen her father doing had simply broken her mind, but the truth was far worse. She stayed in during the day and roamed the streets at night, preying upon the town and messing with their pitiful little minds. Eventually, she too was caught. They burnt her also, but it was a windy night and only half of the ashes could be taken. Those that were connected were placed in another urn, in the same crypt.

Many, many years later, a coven arose. Seven necromancers combined their magical powers, and reigned a minor empire of a few tiny villages. They yearned for power, and were corrupt and feeble of mind. In their search for power they thought that they could master a vampire, and bend it to their will. They found an ancient reference to a hero, turned vampire, whose ashes were kept in a crypt. They found two urns, one much larger. They combined their powers, and created a dark ritual to resurrect him. Surely enough, Zaak rose, but he would not bend to the will of mere mortals. His mind sharpened by the resurrection, his face twisted into an insane grin. With a sweep of his hand, all seven necromancers (weakened by their efforts) were slaughtered, but their souls lived on. Seven dark wraiths rose from the seven dead bodies, cloaked in darkness and their own malicious intent. Their power was now unhindered by their mortal bodies, and they pulsed with pure dark power. This was what they had always yearned for. However, where they searched to be the master, they became the servants. Eternally bound to the will of Zaak the Uncanny, they serve him in death.

The very first thing he did with his new, awesome power was attempt to resurrect his daughter also. Calling the power of his coven, he summoned forth her body from her ashes. However, they were not enough. Her body wavered, and then collapsed once more into ashes. He tried again and again, and all he ever achieved was to bring her to unlife for a few seconds, see her plaintive face and then lose her again. Finally, he tried a new spell - rather than bringing her back whole, he would create for her a receptacle, laced with magic, that would preserve her consciousness as her strength grew. He created a coffin made of glass, and poured in her ashes. Casting his spells, an ethereal, translucent frame of his daughter swum into view. She smiled weakly, and closed her eyes. She rested deeply, but was to a certain degree alive.

He summoned for her a Black Coach, that she may aid him in her incorporeal state. This became the epicentre of the legions to come. Finding summoning legions to his side greatly enjoyable, he began learning more and more secrets to summoning true legions of the undead. Aided by the Coven, he travelled from cemetery to cemetery, calling forth more and more zombies. Eventually, he was beset by armies, but whenever a foe fell, it rose up once more to join Zaak's side. Ever moving, constantly losing old and gaining new troops, this bloody crusade swept a morbid swathe of destruction.

But it plagued Zaak that he still could not restore his beloved Cassandra to unlife. She would drift in and out of consciousness, but she could not move, speak or touch her father’s skin. He yearned to see her whole once more. Finally, in a bid to call her forth he sucked all the magic from every zombie and skeleton in the entire army at once, and funnelled it into the coffin. Corpses fell to the ground, and yet more and more dark power swirled into the Black Coach. The timbers themselves blew apart, and the glass coffin was left hovering in mid-air, Cassandra a sleeping beauty waiting for the kiss of life. With all the power of a thousand zombies funnelled into the one body, surely she could return to the mortal realm?

No. It was not enough. She took it all, and needed still more. When no more did come, the coffin fell out of the air. Landing solidly on the earth softened by the blood of many, she fell dormant once more. Zaak wept for her sake, crying out to the heavens, where there was no response.

Zaak began pursuing his daughter's resurrection with renewed vigour. He began researching into ways to bring her back. One topic that particularly stood out to him was the crafting of magical artefacts. Perhaps he could create a frame for her to exist in. He continued his research, learning skills from masters long dead. He crafted his own armour and weapon, and many other things besides. But no matter what he tried, he could not bring his daughter to the realm of mortals.

Eventually, he left that topic as useless. There was nothing he could do. He decided to find more of his blighted brethren, other vampires, to see if they could assist him. With his new-found skill, he created a greater, more potent coach for her - a Black Carriage. Riding forth on this new construction with Cassandra and the Coven and spurring on the Hellsteeds he set to pull it into the skies, he journeys to find a way to bring his daughter to himself once more.

Basic Stats
Speed: 5 (7 when on wheels)
Agility: 5
Weapon Skill: 5
Ballistic Skill: 5
Raw Strength: 5
Technique Strength: 5 (6 from weapon)
Toughness: 5 (6 with armour, 7 when focussing on it)
Tactical Knowledge: 3 – he is insane after all. He does however have a better control over a small, compact army than most.

Magical Lores Known: Lore of the Vampires, level 1 spells from BRB lores (from his Spellsword days).
Raw Magical Power: 4 (7 when summoning or creating constructs)
Magical Skill: 4 (7 when summoning or creating constructs)

Skillset: Crafting/blacksmithing/enchantment
Skill Level: 8

Skillset: Creating constructs (e.g. golems)
Skill Level: 7


Loosely translating to "Bone Sword", this is Zaak's main weapon. Crafted and enchanted by Zaak himself, it is a bastard sword created from bone. It has many useful properties, and the potential to be added to.
As a Bastard sword, he can use it with one hand for flexibility or two hands for strength. It is very light, but very powerful. Where one would expect an ordinary sword to shatter normal bone, the Osgladius is strong and sharp enough to break most metal swords. He can use it quite effectively as he knows it deeply.

Adaptive Armour
After losing the Osarmatura, Zaak created the Adaptive Armour from some unique material with intriguing properties. It is liquid, meaning he can shape it how he wishes, and it can absorb great deals of magical energy. It has several other enchantments that can be summoned individually for restricted periods of time.
This armour, normally in the form of plate armour including boots, gauntlets and a helmet, can be moulded to suit various needs e.g. wheels. At a stretch, he could fly with it, but this is extremely draining and probably less effective then casting Steed of Shadows. It could be warped to protect him better from particular blows, or turned into a spike to attack a foe. It also has a number of minor enchantments such as heat and cold protection.

In addition, it is capable of absorbing raw magical energy. This cannot be accessed, but simple magical attacks will be absorbed. Of course, a fireball will still be hot, but the magic intent will be absorbed as soon as it makes contact. For this reason, any magic directly targeted at the armour itself (e.g. Rule of Burning Iron) will be nulled.

- Brilliant Summoner
- Crafting Skills
- Reasonably skilled at both magic and combat
- Adaptive Armour and Osgladius

- Not a master of magic or combat
- Insane, unpredictable
- Cares for his daughter immensely
- Inexperienced compared to other vampires (accompanied by weakness to sunlight, ect.)

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
Mar 9, 2008
Name: Mrs. Lovette(full name unknown)
Associated Names: N/A
Age: 600+
Bloodline: Strigoi
Sire: Sweeney Todd
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Pre-secession Marienburg

Physical Description
Similar in appearance and physical profile to the average human woman you can find on any street in any major city of the Empire. She is almost always seen with an overdose of eyeshadow. Her dark hair(almost but not quite raven black) falls down to her shoulder level in semi-unruly locks.

She is not strikingly beautiful like Lahmians tend to be, but she makes up for it by being well endowed in the chest area. The effect is enhanced by the frilly bustier dresses she always seems to be wearing.

An eccentric woman who, unknown to many, has multiple obsessive compulsive disorders, including an overwhelming urge to keep hers and Todd's living and work areas clean. Her main reason for faithfully following and helping Sweeney Todd all these centuries is an unrequitted love. This can make her a very cranky woman. She does not suffer other women getting too friendly with Todd and will not hesitate to use lethal force to express her displeasure. Ironically her constant failure to get Todd to reciprocate her feelings over the centuries means that she shares some of the bottled-up bitter frustration that drives her sire

Brief History
Originally the spinster baker who had moved in below Benjamin Barker's old barber shop, she fell for Sweeney Todd and got sucked into his grand scheme for revenge. Whether the former caused the latter or merely happened simultaneously, none can say. But either way, Todd allowed her to continue helping him and granted her the Blood Kiss.

Whilst Todd departed to the Far East, she reluctantly remained in the Old World to hone her grasp of the arcane arts. They were reunited more than a century later when Todd made the return journey and finally began his vendetta.

Basic Stats
Speed: 5

Agility: 5.5

Weapon Skill: 5

Ballistic Skill: 5

Raw Strength: 5

Technique Strength: 5(9 against Skaven)

Toughness: 5

Tactical Knowledge: 5(8 against Skaven)

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy, Fire, Metal, Shadow, Beasts, Heavens, Light, Life, Death

Raw Magical Power: 8 when using Necromancy, 6 when using Life, 7.5 for the rest

Magical Skill: 8 when using Necromancy
6.5 when using Lore of Life
7 for the rest

Skillset: Chef
Skill Level: 10

Skillset: Warpstone Alchemy and Poisoning(the former leads to the latter)
Skill Level: 9

The Rolling Pin of Doom(AKA Skavenbeater)
Mrs. Lovette's trusty baking tool is also commonly used to smite vermin. This impromptu weapon has taken the lives of countless Skaven over the centuries.
On the surface it looks like an ordinary rolling pin, although its mere touch is lethal to the ratmen. It constantly exudes the musk of fear and the trapped souls of the vermin it has slain are bound to it, creating a tiny but constant shrilling in the background as the tormented Skaven squeal in eternal damnation. This combines to create an aura that paralyses Skaven with sheer terror and saps their will to fight.

Warpstone meatpies
Mrs. Lovette is perhaps best known for her warpstone-laced pastries which have a wide array of effects, helpful or destructive, on those who consume them
For some strange reason she always carries a few about her person. Some of them(it must be the meat) have a strangely restorative and energizing effect on most vampires, though the side effects later are extreme. They also provide a small magical boost, giving wizards some extra energies to channel their magic with. These are not the only types however, many different varieties with an array of effects comparable to wizards' potions exist. To most non-vampires these pies are highly toxic.

Cookbook(with notations)
A book which ostensibly contains gastronomic formulas that have gone through several centuries of refinement, it is also a diary for much of Mrs. Lovette's arcane and alchemical knowledge
This is actually more of a grimoire than anything else and most of its contents similar to what can be found in a wizard's library. Some of the attached scrolls contain incantations that can be used to dissipate the effects of an enemy wizard's spell.

Lead apron and dress
While not literally made of lead her apron and the dresses she usually wear have an uncanny ability to absorb and dampen magic, helping her in her work.
As mentioned her apron and dress have are highly resistant to magic, and the stored energies within act as a form of protective warding against all attacks.

The Black Albatross
Seemingly a crow or raven pet, this is in fact a unique undead bird-construct powered by a combination of necromancy and clockwork mechanisms
A bird construct used by Todd and his helpers. Despite the magicks about it the Albatross is strangely inconspicuous and is in fact indistinguishable from normal birds when viewed from the ground, even to those with witchsight. It is capable of storing and transmitting messages telepathically, as well as relaying what it sees through its dead eyes to its controller. Mrs. Lovette is the only one who knows the full intricacies of the Black Albatross and uses it as her main means of long-range communication between her and Todd.

Other Abilities
Lore of the Skavenslayer
Mrs. Lovette is amongst the world's foremost experts when it comes to dealing with Skaven. She has learnt how best to interrogate Skaven, where the weak points of their physique are, and has gone to the extent of developing a branch of necromancy dedicated specifically to dealing with the ratkin
As above. Besides being familiar with how they think, how best to kill them and such, the necromantic variants developed against the Skaven are devastatingly effective at their job. One spell can rip the souls from the bodies of hundreds if not thousands of the ratmen and then turn them against their kind.

Skavenslayer - Mrs. Lovette has a pathological hatred of all vermin and this extends to Skaven. She is experienced with dealing with(mostly putting down) their kind and has pioneered the development of necromantic spells that work solely on Skaven.

Versatile spellcaster - As the title would suggest she is a powerful wizard and necromancer, though not as powerful as the eldest of the Council her sorcery far exceeds those not as trained or experienced like Mircea. She also has mastered the 8 Lores of Magic and unlike practically all other vampire wizards she can use the Lore of Life decently enough though she is not very good at it.

Dread Chef - She is a master of lacing pies(or other food if need be) with warpstone and has studied its effects on those who consume it. This makes her a master poisoner and warpstone alchemist.

No combat training - Whilst she has the intrinsic strength and speed of all vampires she is no warrior and is no match for any of the more warlike vampires.

Obsessive compulsive - Self explanatory. She has several of these, an overwhelming urge to keep hers and Todd's living and work areas clean being one

Pent-up jealousy - Mrs. Lovette's unrequitted love for Sweeney Todd can make her a very cranky woman. She does not suffer other women getting too friendly with Todd and will not hesitate to use lethal force to express her displeasure. Ironically her constant failure to get Todd to reciprocate her feelings over the centuries means that she shares some of the bottled-up bitter frustration that drives her sire

Additional Notes

Think Mad Scientist meets Helena Bonham Carter meets Nigella Lawson. Now Warhammer-ify that. That's Mrs. Lovette
May 2, 2009

Name: Peter von Krahe
A.K.A: The Lord of Ravens. The Raven of Swartzhafen.
Age: 660
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Walach Harkon
Generation: Third Generation
Place of Birth: Altdorf (sired in Blood Keep)

Physical Description:

6ft tall. Longish blonde hair. Although not perhaps handsome, is certainly a striking individual. He is almost always clad in his armour, but when spending time amongst humans, he dresses like a noble man.


Although hardened by centuries of war, Peter is still a sensitive man, taking pity on the helpless and those unable to defend themselves. He is also loyal to his friends, sometimes even a point many find ridiculous (see duel between Peter and Mircea von Carstein).

He is not arrogant like many other vampires. This sometimes makes him appear soft hearted.

He is a skilled warrior, but is not given to the blood lust of his fellow Blood Dragons. He is more of a tactician, and willing to take stock of a battle (not that he is unwilling to get stuck in like a true son of Harkon). He is open to many new ideas that other Blood Dragons find distasteful, for example the use of magic.

He also has a deep underlying loathing for the Priests of Sigmar.

Brief History:

1864- Peter von Krahe is born into a family of wealthy merchants. He has a happy childhood, but lives in the shadow of his older brother Karl.

1880- Peter’s father is killed by Beastmen whilst out hunting. Karl inherits the family fortune. Disgusted, Peter leaves his family home in Altdorf and journeys to Blood Keep. He is welcomed into their Order. He excels in every aspect of being a Knight, being a skilled warrior, but unlike the other young noblemen, is humble and compassionate.

1887- Walach Harkon arrives at Blood Keep. Peter is judged to be worthy enough to be raised into a Vampire. At first he is disgusted by his new form, but soon comes round to the ideals of honour that Harkon believes in.

1899- Peter leads a small band of Knights to Brettonia. The group of Vampires pit their skills against the Knights of the Realm. Peter is impressed by the Brettonians skill and chivalry. However when he sees the way the Dukes and Barons treat the peasants, he is horrified. He challenges one Baron to a joust after seeing him set his hunting dogs on a child for sport. Peter easily beats the Baron but is forced to flee Brettonia after the Baron’s knights pursue him.

1915- Whilst hunting a Griffon in the Grey Mountains, Peter is badly wounded by his quarry. As the beast was about to finish him off a raven attacked the Griffon. The monster batted it aside like a fly but the distraction was enough for Peter to kill the creature. Peter attempted to nurse the brave bird back to health but it was too badly wounded. Peter allowed it to drink a few drops of his blood, and the raven became blessed with unlife. The bird has been his companion ever since.

1922- Vekarin the Dark-bladed visits Blood Keep. Many knights join him and become the Knights of the Rose. Peter is tempted to join them. However he does not yet have the will power to break free from his sire.

1936- Peter fights another Brettonian Baron, the son of the first he killed. Peter is shocked by how poorly the Brettonian treats his mount, the finest pure breed warhorse he has ever seen. Peter’s own Nightmare is killed in the joust, as the Baron aimed his lance at Peter’s steed like a coward. The Vampire is eventually victorious, and takes the purebred war horse as his new mount. Strangely the beast is not scarred by the Vampire’s unholy aura. The steed is known as Firehoof. Peter uses his limited Necromancy to turn the horse into a Nightmare.

1943- The siege of Blood Keep begins. Peter fights on the walls for three years, but eventually the keep falls. Peter’s long hatred for the Sigmarites begins here. He is appalled by the brutality they carry out in the name of their God.

1946- On the night before the keep falls, Walach gifts Peter with the magical blade Soul Eater. The sword is similar to that carried by Vlad von Carstein, although it is unknown whether or not they were made by the same person. It devours the souls of those it kills and channels their strength into the user. The next day Walach sallies forth into the Witch hunter army. Peter, along with a small band of loyal companions, escapes. They spend the next sixty years fighting the length and breadth of the Old World as mercenaries.

1960- Peter is hired by a Tilean Prince to help defend his city state from raiding Dark Elves. Peter is blasted by a spell cast by a sorceress. Realising the need for magical protection, Peter seeks out a Dwarven Rune Priest who had also been hired by the Tilean. Unaware that Peter was a Vampire, the Dwarf works powerful runes onto Peter’s armour in exchange for a huge some of gold.

2002- After hearing of the opportunities for a mercenary in the ruined city of Mordheim, Peter leads his warriors to make their fotune. Whilst battling in the city, he crosses blades with Meyerling Faulsing. Realising that he is facing a fellow Vampire, Peter lowers his weapon. The Blood Dragon sees a kindred spirit Faulsing, who tells him of Vlad von Carstein, Peter journeys to Sylvania.

2003- Peter meets with Vlad von Carstein. Impressed with the counts plans for the Empire, and keen to strike back at the followers of the Man-God, Peter swears fealty to the count. Over the next few years, Peter practises Necromancy with Vlad’s pet Necromancers. He soon out strips them, but is still an amateur compared to other vampires.

2010- Vlad declares himself openly, butchering the aristocracy of Sylvania on Geheimsennacht. Peter gives into the beast within for the first time in many years, revelling in the destruction of the arrogant humans. In one of the opening engagements of the Vampire Wars, Peter attacks the Sigamrite fortress of Swatzhafen, near the border with Sylvania. He is horrified by the depravity of the Witch hunters and Priests. In the dungeons below the fortress, he finds Vampires tortured and experimented on. He kills many simply to put out of their misery. The rest he unleashes on the prisoners he captured whilst taking the keep. He raises the defenders of the keep, and adds them to his growing army. He takes the fortress as his own. One of the Vampires he frees, Lucia von Carstein, stays with him. After being exposed to warpstone by the Priests, she can unleash huge amounts of raw magic. She is the closest thing Peter has to a wife.

2015-2017- Peter is part of Faulsing’s failed attempted to take Wolfenburg. The pair fight side by side on the walls of city, but their forces are unable to capture it. Peter also meets Simon von Carsten during this time, although he does not get to know the poet very well.

2018- Peter again fights with Faulsing at the battle of Harroten Fields.

2019- Peter is commanded by Vlad to leave Faulsing’s army. They do not see eachmother until the siege of Altdorf. Peter fights along side the Count for the next thirty years.

2051- Vlad lays siege to Altdorf. Peter is fighting on the walls when the Count is slain. Peter leaps from the walls, narrowly missing the spikes in the moat which killed his liege lord. His legs are shattered in the fall, and he is carried to safety by his Blood Knight companions. He retreats to Swartzhafen to recover. Over the next few years he further fortifies the keep and develops his skills with the Winds of Magic.

2092- Helmut van Hal leads his forces to cleanse Sylvania. Swarthafen is besieged, but not taken.

2095- Peter fights alongside Konrad von Carstein throughout the Second Vampire War. Peter meets with some of his fellow Blood Dragons who are also fighting with the Blood Count. Some welcome him although many are distrustful of his new magical powers, so he keeps his distance for much of the War.

2100- At the Battle of Four Armies, Konrad is defeated but not destroyed. Peter loses much of his army.

2108-2121- Peter fights many battles as part of Konrad’s army.

2121- Peter abandons Konrad to his fate at the Battle of Grim Moor. As the Mad Count’s army crumbles around him. Peter breaks though the Imperial lines to make his escape.

2122- Peter is reunited with Faulsing (now calling himself Mircea von Carstein). The pair swear fealty to the new Count Mannfred.

2125- Peter sends Lucia into the Empire to spy on the humans. She plays little part in the fighting of the Third Vampire War.

2132- Mannfred launches his attack on the Empire. Peter is not part of the main campaign, instead attacking the South of the Empire.

2140- Lucia is captured by a Sigmarite Priest. She is taken to the Cathedral in Altdorf, and is held there to the present day.

2145- Peter is recalled to Hel Fenn by Mannfred. Peter only just manages to escape with Mircea. The pair go their own separate ways. Peter lays low for a number of years, rebuilding his forces and improving his magical abilities.

2256- Peter attempts to break into the Sigmarite Cathedral in Altdorf to rescue Lucia, but his almost captured himself. He only escapes by stowing away on a ship bound for the coast.

2302- Peter is part of the group of Vampire’s united by Mircea to fight off a Chaos invasion. Peter falls out with a number of the other Vampires, but remains as part of the alliance out of loyalty to Mircea.

2345- Peter once again attempts to rescue Lucia, enlisting the help of the Tilean assassin Dargo the Bloody. The human is almost killed in the attempt to break into the Cathedral. Impressed by his talents, Peter sires Drago, but the new Vampire betrays his sire soon after.

2506- Mircea arrives in Swartzhafen and asks Peter to join him once again at Mannfred’s side. Peter accepts and aids the new Marshal of Sylvania in ridding the province of greenskins.

2522- Present- Peter fights the Chaos horde invading Sylvannia. However he leaves Mannfred’s company soon after, and does not join him in his battles against the Vampire Council.

Peter journeys to Drakenhof after hearing of a new Count. On the way he assists the Strigoi Niklaus and the pair become unlikely friends. Peter swears fealty to Simon von Carstein and joins the vampire Council.

Basic Stats:

Speed: 5 (8 when riding his Nightmare, Fire Hoof).

Agility: Peter fights in a suit of armour, slowing him in comparison to many other vampires. 6

Weapon Skill: Peter is a skilled warrior, and has been fighting for most of his life. 7

Ballistic Skill: Peter does not use ranged weapons, believing they are cowardly. 1

Raw Strength: Peter his been honed after years of warfare. 6

Technique Strength: Peter has fought for many centuries with the same blade, so is skilled when wielding it. 7

Toughness: Peter is a tough creature, able to shrug of many injuries. This is further enhanced by the regenerative ability of his sword, and his magic armour. 5 (7)

Tactical Knowledge: Having served under Mircea for a number of years, he has picked up a few tricks. 7


Magical Lores Known: Necromancy/ Vampire, Fire

Raw Magical Power: 4

Magical Skill: 4


Soul Eater.

A blade taken from the vaults of Blood Keep, it takes the life force of those it kills, and feeds them to the user. It is similar to Vlad’s sword, and it is known if the blades were made by the same hand.

Heals Peter when it wounds the enemy. This benefit is incorporated into his Toughness.

Jason’s Armour Mk.2

Created for Peter to replace his old armour, this suit of armour was crafted by Jason Nightwere. An exquisite piece of work, it is far superior to the old armour Peter wore. It blocks magical and physical attacks with the Dark Magic woven into its construction as well as being able to slowly repair itself.

Provides a Ward against magical and physical attacks. Again this benefit has been added to his Toughness.

Other Abilities:

Lord of Ravens

Ever since the day this bird saved Peter from the Griffon, it has been his faithful companion.

Peter has a pet raven. The bird has been gifted with a few drops of his blood, so is undead. It carries messages for him, and distracts his enemies.


Tactician. Is a skilled general

An army. Has raised a sizeable force to aid him.

Warrior. As a knight of Blood Keep, Peter is a skilled warrior.


Compassion. Takes pity on those unable to defend themselves, he is still a chivalrous knight. He also tries to help his friends, and often takes stupid risks trying to protect them.

Mediocre magic. Not an extremely power spell caster.

Outcast. Since dabbling in magic, he as become more distant from his fellow Blood Knights.

Additional Notes:

Peter’s Army

Although small by the standards of the forces of the rest of the Council, Peter commands a powerful army.

Skeletons (raised from dead Imperial Soldiers. About 500)
Ghouls (The monks from Peter's Sigmarite fortress fed on tainted meat as punishment for the crimes. As many as turn up to fight really)

Black Knights (Raised Templars of Sigmar. 20 of these chaps)
Grave Guard (raised Greatswords. Around 50 of them)

Blood Knights (those who fought with Peter in his mercenary days. Only 5 of them.)
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